ATGM Passes Just Centimeters Above Euronews Journalists’ Jeep In Nagorno-Karabakh


ATGM Passes Just Centimeters Above Euronews Journalists' Jeep In Nagorno-Karabakh

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On October 26th, Euronews published their video report on the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia for Nagorno-Karabakh.

It covered the usual jazz, except for one point – in a part of the footage an ATGM brushes probably centimeters above the jeep the journalists are travelling in, barely sparing their vehicle, and likely their lives.

The exact moment takes place around 1:55.

The video below is a snippet of the exact moment:

According to observers, this was an Armenian ATGM that barely hit the vehicle, as the journalists appear to be on Azerbaijani side.

This also goes contrary to claims by Armenia that Azerbaijan have allowed no journalist coverage on the front.




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