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JULY 2022

At the gates of Europe: Radical Islamists buy land in Bosnia

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At the gates of Europe: Radical Islamists buy land in Bosnia

Screenshot from Youtube

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

The terror is shifting its territory to Europe: Radical Islamists have bought several hectares of land in Bosnia. The money comes from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The plots are located on the border with Croatia. From here you can completely undisturbed bring the Sharia to Europe. The Italian security authorities are alarmed.

A very disturbing report brings the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera: Radical Islamists have acquired, with money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates several hectares of land in Bosnia. In that region about 2,000 Salafists and Wahhabis are supposedly residing. Croatian media had already reported two years ago about the development, apparently it played no role in the Germany decision to open the borders. That could prove to be a serious mistake.

In northwestern Bosnia, in the canton of Bihac between Velika Kladusa and Bu, the Wahhabis have organized themselves into numerous groups. The groups are led by a Bosnian who became radicalized. The choice of location is no coincidence: The village of Bosanska Bojna is just a few hundred meters from the Bosnian-Croatian border. The Corriere was there and portrays the “border crossing” into the Schengen area as a small dirt road with rotten beams and a “Stop” sign. This is how the repeatedly touted by Angela Merkel “EU external border” looks like – a video of Bosnian television shows the state of the border (video at the beginning of the article).

The unchecked entrance to Croatia is practically child’s play. From here, anyone can enter the Schengen area. Because Germany has given up its border security, each of the groups by the Italian authorities classified as a very dangerous can freely enter Germany.

At the gates of Europe: Radical Islamists buy land in Bosnia

Location via Google Maps

Headed is the Islamist European branch by Husein Bosnic, who is by now an Imam and called Bilal. He is the main recruiter of European jihadists. He is said to have been active in Sweden, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. In December, he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in Italy, because he recruited men who should commit terrorist acts. The Corriere quoted a former officer in the Bosnian army, who knows Bilal since childhood. He was formerly a preacher like himself. His father worked as a cleaner at the train station of Stuttgart. Eventually he became radicalized. This was particularly easy in Bosnia because in the Yugoslav Civil War, Catholic Croatia and the Muslim Bosnia faced each other. There were many atrocities on both sides. Until these wars the Bosnian Muslims were moderate and in no way radical. But radical inciters had already come from the Gulf region to Bosnia during the war in Yugoslavia. Against the backdrop of the brutal war, that radicalization was easy to accomplish.

In that region because of the Balkan war are still large stocks of arms and ammunition. Igor Golijanin, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Security in Bosnia: “The bullets of the attack on Charlie Hebdo were made in Mostar, the Kalashnikovs of the November attacks originate from the former Yugoslavia. Paris has asked us to inspect all, we work together.”

The financing of the cells is carried out by the Gulf States: Golijanin says that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are investing in the region. Meanwhile, there are around 2,000 fundamentalists like Salafis or Wahhabis. “They start in the forest, collect the best army and then die as a martyr”, are the findings of the Bosnian investigators. For the branch office in Bosanska Bojna, Qatar has paid $ 200,000. The Salafists are controlling the enclave Gornja Maoca in the Northeast; more centers are in Teslic, Osve, Maglaj, Gluha Bovica, Mehurići and Zenica.

Zlatko Popovic, a retired policeman tells the newspaper that it was no coincidence that the imam and his followers have settled in the area. The piece of land is not visible from the outside, there are no controls and it is located very close to the Nordic countries. This is well known according to Popovic, both to the Imam as well as his sponsors from Qatar, thus the interest in Bosnia.

From Bosnia, Wahhabis whose ideology is to spread Sharia throughout the world can expand to Europe. Although the Bosnian authorities are saying, one cannot claim that all of these men are terrorists. But Adil Lozo, the attorney of Bosnic, makes no secret of the intentions of the group: “Democracy has failed, the democratic systems have shown this. The perfect law is Sharia law. Nobody steals, nobody is cheating, and no one kills. In Medina Jewels are simply guarded in a tent, which I myself have seen. Imam Bosnic wants all this too – and nothing else.”

The Italian authorities are alarmed, the Corriere writes: The port of Trieste is only 120 kilometers away. The arrests in Italy show that Italians are on guard to prevent that Sharia is brought into the country. Italy is quarreling the longest of all EU countries with the refugee policies of Angela Merkel. The Italians realize clearly what is brewing before the open gates of Merkels of Europe.

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Merkel is really the worst traitor in european history.A total puppet of evil jew George Soros.


Yeah, next to the half Jew Winston Churchill, Merkel probably is the worst traitor in European History.

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