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At Least One Israeli F-15 Was Damaged Additionally To Downed F-16I In Recent Encounter With Syrian Forces – Media

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Additionally to the downed F-16I of the Israeli Air Force, at least one Israeli F-15 warplane wad damaged by a Syrian missile and was forced to make an emergency landing on February 10, the Al Arabiya TV network reported citing own sources.

According to unconfirmed report, in total 3 Israeli warplanes were damaged additionally to the F-16 which was downed by the Syrian forces earlier on February 10.

If these reports are at least partly confirmed this will be one of the biggest Israeli failures in the recent time.

In turn, the Israeli Defense Forces claim that the February 10 encounter was a kind of success because they had been allegedly able to deliver a significant damage to the Syrian military and its allies.

Meanwhile, some Lebanese activists set up a banner recalling the F-16I shotdown at the border with the Israeli-held area:

At Least One Israeli F-15 Was Damaged Additionally To Downed F-16I In Recent Encounter With Syrian Forces - Media

At Least One Israeli F-15 Was Damaged Additionally To Downed F-16I In Recent Encounter With Syrian Forces - Media

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  1. MD Ranix says:

    israhell playing with fire – will be the one burnt in hell fire forever

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      It will be a Holocaust in Hell for Israel I trust , after what has been done to the Palestinians.

      1. jerry hamilton says:

        The trouble is that now Israel have a bloody nose, they will take it out on the Palestinians.

        1. Joe Doe says:

          Damage means very little. Shut down sounds better, but for that Assad needs get better Air Defense System

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            For every action by Israel there is a reaction inn due course.

            I hope you are not as impatient with your wife/partner Joe. If you are ‘she’must be very frustrated :)

          2. Joe Doe says:

            I don’t have wife and I am safe. Otherwise I will be conquered and slave

          3. FlorianGeyer says:


        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Sadly that is true and the action of all tyrants.

          The world has watched and made ineffective declarations in the UN for 70 years and Israel is still able to control the largest concentration camp the world has ever seen in Gaza.

        3. Starlight says:

          Nah- the jews don’t even care about those ‘sub-Humans’. The ‘master race’ considers palestinians safe and reliable perfect victim class already. When the jews next holocaust Gaza, it will be purely for a little bit of ‘fun’.

          The jews want to take out the ‘sub-Humans’ they consider an actual regional impediment to ‘greater Israel’. The jews really want Pakistan and Iran- but those are ‘problems’ for the true forces of the Deep State, never Israel. So Israel has to settle for second best- Syria and Lebanon.

          The jews have laid out in great detail their planning for the coming jewish genocide in Lebanon. But they want to murder so many they do NOT wish to begin before America starts direct strikes on Iran. The jews want a real holocaust in Lebanon, and fear even the most jewish controlled nations of the West would balk at the mass murder of hundreds of thousands there UNLESS over-shadowed by a much bigger war.

          Understand the actual psychology of death cults and power cults like present day judaism. Judaism is NOT an organised religion- like ISIS it merely masquerades as one. Most powerful jews openly boast their ‘atheist’ position.

          The real deal is the coming Iran war, the the regional wars it will trigger and over-shadow- allowing the regional wars to be infinitely more bloody than otherwise. The nearly here Iran War will mark the true beginning of WW3.

          1. Merijn says:

            There will be no WWIII with whom? Retards Against the World? Who is going to fight for them Retards? Cyborgs perhaps…. Darpa might have created a couple of’m in the meantime…….I see two options either they push the button & create the second coming of Christ …….or them Evil Demons will be Rounded up, and after a democratic and of course fair trial executed……

          2. Ivan Freely says:

            With whom? Against the China-Russia-Iran camp.

          3. Merijn says:

            I ain’t going to fight no Russian, Chinese or Iranian Camp!! Why should I…… for Queen & Country….???!!!!! Bwahahahaaa…. Besides that I have Russian, Chinese & Iranian friends….. they are good folks

          4. Ivan Freely says:

            Who knows. If you’re an American, the draft could be brought back. IIRC, Obama made it possible for women to be drafted. It’ll be interesting to see lady-boys and princesses on the front lines fighting.

          5. Merijn says:

            Yeah, a lot of Veterans in the States ain’t to happy about the way they were treated by “their” government after service…..you gotta try something different

          6. Merijn says:

            We all know what Mister Obama did…… or didn’t….or was…..or wasn’t….did they fix that birth certificate by the way…..?? Perhaps they can arrange me one too…. maybe I like to be President some day….. you never know….

          7. fun fact , obama’s wife was accused as transvestite by a famous entertain media person .. not long after she made the comment she was dead..

            coincidence ? no such thing

      2. François says:

        Yes, some day Israël will harvest what it has been sowing

  2. Irebukeu says:

    This will not end well for Syria. They had better seek some kind of peace with Israel before it is too late to stop the grinding wheel. If the Russians find the risks to their aircraft too great or find some deal on Ukraine what will become of Syria? America and Israel will undercut its ability to fly anything.Then al-Qaeda will do what they do. This will not end well for Syria. They had better seek someone kind of peace with Israel before it is too late. Sykes-Picot are rolling in their graves.

    1. Joe Doe says:

      Without better Air Defense System, most likely Assad will have no choice, as Russia become punching bag and paper tiger. Assad need to look for other options. Maybe China could provide better protection

      1. Deo Cass says:

        Iran and Hezbollah are good enough. They are the only true friends of Syria and the Palestinian cause. All other Arabs and Turkey have sold their souls to the Zionist anti-Christ.

        1. Joe Doe says:

          Most likely you right, but without better military hardware they have very little chance to succeeds. Defiantly SAA or Hezbollah need better Air Defense System

    2. François says:

      How could Syria could seek peace with Israël knowing that Syria is part of the Yinon Plan for the “Great Israël”? Also, please understand that even under peace treaties, Israël is not faithful with its allies

      1. Joe Doe says:

        Syria is alone against many enemy’s and has very little chance to survive. Assad has two choices, find better protector or seek peace, which will not bee 100% secure

        1. Deo Cass says:

          Syria has God on its side and Syria is much more powerful than Lebanon which defeated the Zionists twice.

          1. Joe Doe says:

            Well, than good luck! Syria will be divided and conquer

          2. electron says:

            Will? They have already lost 500,000 people killed, as many wounded, 5 million left the country; 8 million IDP’s, $500 – $600 BILLION in infrastructure damages; lost 90% of its oil reserves, hydro electrical reserves, and its best arable land; and 40% of its territory! They are under crippling economic sanctions that prevent even the basic medicine and oxygen for pre-born babies to be imported, while some neighboring countries are using their borders to arm and assist the tero wrist gangs.

            It is up against the wall; like a cornered beast, it has nowhere to back down to.

          3. Irebukeu says:

            Yet they claim they will defend all of Syria? Its time to make peace with Kurds and Israelis. Save something of Syria before its all gone.

          4. Robert Duran says:

            Is it always raining and overcast where you live?..You seen to exaggerate everything negative with dubious statistics

          5. FlorianGeyer says:

            And will not I am sure.

          6. velociraptor says:

            god does not exists

            i believe better in might of 25×10 megaton

        2. Irebukeu says:

          All factions in Syria has god on its side.

        3. Tudor Miron says:

          Better protector? Who might that be?

          1. BMWA1 says:


          2. Tudor Miron says:

            На Бога надейся, но сам не плошай ;)

      2. velociraptor says:

        Like Egypt and Jordan. The yinon plan is bullshit. In each country are stupid nationalists, who dream abou mega version of their country. IL can not control 100 million arabs. IL is not able to control common state with palestinians.

      3. Irebukeu says:

        Stop agitating for its destruction. Stop with Hezbollahs rocketry programs. Make the peace so Syria can fight the war it has right now. Without Iran, Hezbollah and Russia Syria would be Overrun by Sunnis by now. Do you think Russia will stand shoulder to shoulder with Assad always?

        1. 1691 says:

          His “agitating” has nothing to do with the destruction of israhell. It will be self-inflicted. What goes around comes around.

        2. François says:

          In that context Israël has agressive position in Palestina and has been supporting terrorists in Syria since the beginning, hence the Hezbollah defense position. Sunnis in Syria are not against Assad, the antagonism between Shia and Sunnis is the secret dream of Zionist-US empire, so to trigger Muslim world collaspe in the benefit of Israël.

          1. Irebukeu says:

            Sunnis in Syria are not against Assad ? huh?

          2. Robert Duran says:

            No they are not..

          3. François says:

            The facts are here: Before the famous “Arab spring” in 2011, Sunnis never rebeled against Assad. The war only started under Zionist-OTAN instigation.

          4. Graeme Rymill says:

            The Sunnis rebelled against Assad’s father – Hama 1982

          5. François says:

            Yep, but in the following 30 years?…
            If the problem was so deep, civil war would have started much before.
            Furthermore, Sunni that are the 75% in Syria are nowadays supporting Assad against terrorism.
            Without that, Syrian Army would have collapsed a long time ago

          6. Roddy Wehrmacht says:

            Majority of the SAA is Sunni, hasbarat

          7. Irebukeu says:

            So there are thousands of people, Sunnis, trapped in Rebel held areas just waiting for rescue? Waiting for the government of their birth to be restored?

        3. Robert Duran says:

          “Syria would be Overrun by Sunnis”

          Syria is overrun by Sunnis…Can you please try to differentiate between ordinary Sunnis and Wahabbi headchoppers?

        4. FlorianGeyer says:

          60% of the SAA are Sunnis loyal to their country and President Assad .

          Are you deliberately trying to be rather silly ?

      4. zman says:

        Yes, peace with Israel would create a 2nd Palestine. Neither Israel nor the US can be trusted to honor any agreement, as their record speak for itself.

    3. Joe says:

      You are talking pure bull .

      How the heck can Syria not ending well? In what way? I know you have no answer before you answer this. Assad’s soldiers and allies are too strong for Israel.

      Attacking from the air is now a cost event not like before. Before long Israel will not be able to fly over Lebanon too as Iran will help to empower Lebanon . The west talked only , but no action.

      It is Israel better seek peace with Assad or face the consequences when Assad has fully secured Syria with the US out too.

      if not Iran may be right at the border ever ready to defend Syria and Lebanon to stop all future Israeli misadventure.

      1. Irebukeu says:

        Joe, Israel is flying over Syria and Syria can do nothing to stop it. American troops are flying flags over Syria? what is the response? America wants you to fight it. Israel wants you to fight it. What is the Syrian response to this challenge?

        1. zman says:

          They can do nothing about it? Are you stupid or unable to read? 1 dead F-16, 1 dead Apache, 1 confirmed damaged F-15 and 2 more damaged, but not yet confirmed. Then there are past reports of an Israeli sub lost, possible damage to F-35 (bird attack) multiple shoot-downs of missiles/drones. What kind of idiotic point are you trying to make? That they are out-numbered by terrorists? Who doesn’t know that?..and you think they should give up after being warred on for 7 years by Israqe and friends..to what end? Total subservience and the possibility of ending up like Libya?

          1. Irebukeu says:

            You use a lot of ‘ones’. I will ignore your ad hominen. You think this has been going on for seven years? I’m not sure what to tell you except that you seem to think the Syrian regime has a winning hand. Very well, if its war you think they should seek then I say let them seek it’ Put everything into the fire. Men, women, kids, young and old. not a moment of let up until the entire world is whipped. Teach the children how to reload RPGs as they may be too young to actually use them. Its Syrias war so let them decide how young children should be to hold weapons on battlefields. All of Syria will become a battlefield. Turkey is in Syria. Syria does nothing. USA in in Syria, Syria does nothing. Good luck If they anyone decides on perpetual war like you want, it will all be over quick. The USA hopes the Syrians try to attack them with airplanes so they can destroy every Syrian aircraft. Why does Syria not Bomb the Turks or shoot down the F-16s in air to air combat?

          2. zman says:

            You continue to make retarded comments: “if its war you think they should seek”…when did anyone say they should seek war? They have had it thrust upon them. All of Syria was a battlefield. According to you they are losing. Well, if what they are doing is losing, why is Israel interfering? Why is the US doing everything it can to de-rail Astana? If they are in such bad shape, why have they regained the vast majority of Syria from IS/etc.? I’m sure you’d answer some crap about east of Euphrates. They only reason they have yet to take it is because Assad saw fit to save the people, rather than to save the oil fields. I don’t know where you got your training, but a logical argument is not your cup of tea. Repeating the same manure over and over means you are out of arguments. You stated that Syria can do nothing about transgressions against them and you are wrong, so you come up with your long winded BS pretending to be concerned about the women and children. If you were truly concerned, you would not want Syria to end up like Libya, which is where they would be if they gave up. IS/KSA would be back with a vengeance, Turkey would carve off the entire northern sectors and the US/Kurds would never leave and starve what is left of Syria of revenues. BTW, this HAS been going on for 7 years (2011-now). Also, I did not use an ad hominem, I simply questioned your intelligence or your ability to read, which is justified after reading your tripe. Now, if I wanted to do an ad hominem attack, I would have just called you an lying ignorant-ass fool spewing non-sensical Zionist crap in the face of facts. But, I’ll try not to do that.

          3. Irebukeu says:

            OK, lets watch what happens next.

          4. FlorianGeyer says:

            Well said Zman. You have explained it all very well.

          5. velociraptor says:

            This is fanatic russian commie. So stupid, that he uses the name of elite SS unit, which members massively killed his ancestors. :)

            I did not block him for single 1 reason: manytimes he makes my day with his brutal stupid comments. :)

          6. FlorianGeyer says:

            Part of the Syrian Government strength these days is that even the peaceful political opponents of President Assad who have been living in terrorist occupied Syria are pleased to be liberated from the US proxy terror gangs of criminal thugs.

          7. velociraptor says:

            And 12 other strikes, no other IL plane shot. During last 10 years this was 1 plane. Looks as coincidence. Ofcourse you all will masturbate during the next 15 yers, how big was tha sarian AD, becasue every 2 decades shot down one IL plane.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          The wise response is not to do what Israel and the US want.

          1. velociraptor says:

            But Cremlin always does this.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            I always look before I cross the road. Is that not the sensible and adult thing to do ?

          3. velociraptor says:

            War is not safety road.

      2. velociraptor says:

        The war has just begun.

        1. Tudor Miron says:

          And what it was for last 6-7 years? Walk in the park? If you think that we don’t realize that Syria was fighting US/Israel/UK irregular armed forces than you’re in a world of illusions. The fact that Israel and US are already taking casualties to their regular armed forces is a good sign for Syria. It simply means that irregulars (Daesh and the rest of the scum) are actually finished.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            The US Coalition sponsors of terror never visualised any of this .

            Its possibly because they spend too much time literally up each others arses. :)

            And smelly and poxed places they must be.

          2. velociraptor says:


          3. BMWA1 says:


    4. velociraptor says:

      “They had better seek some kind of peace with Israel” – First big truth

      ” If the Russians find the risks to their aircraft too great or find some deal on Ukraine what will become of Syria?! – Second big truth.

      Putin shit on Assad and Syria for years. Ig yanks would be not too greedy and begin witj Ukraina issue parallelly with Syria, Russia would not help them. Kiev maidan fucked up Putin. Only therefore went in Syria. But now he is looking for how to elude from too expansive war.

      I would like to give to you 100 upvotes, unfortunately, i can only 1.

      1. zman says:

        What a load of manure.

    5. anonim says:

      This will not end well for Israel. They had better seek some kind of peace with Syria before it is too late to stop the grinding wheel.

    6. Starlight says:

      ‘Peace’ with world jewry- HQ Israel, Britain and the USA- is willingly placing your head beneath the jewish jackboot- not something many ‘sub-Humans’ are willing to do surprise suprise.

      But most jews are so thick, and believe the propaganda spewed by their leaders so perfectly, they really think the ‘goyim’ will do this. And the rise of immoral and undeserved jewish power across the globe is the psychological ‘convincer’. Classic ‘master’ thinking in any master slave relationship. “I wouldn’t be ‘master’ unless there was a real property of existence that made that my destiny”.

      The ONLY real problem Syria has is that ‘muscular vicar’ Putin will not punch the America bully firmly on the nose and resolve the issues once and for all. So the bully still thinks it has a way to ‘win’. And thus every ‘crack’ is located, examined and exploited.

      Today Putin has issued Israel with a few ‘hints’. Problem is, the Deep State has hinted far more strongly- especially with Trump’s slaughter of Russian mercenaries in Syria a few days back- completely unanswered by Putin.

    7. Tudor Miron says:

      Is that you, Bibi?

    8. Rmat52 says:

      “The world powers established this filthy bacteria, the Zionist regime [Israel], which is lashing out at the nations in the region like a wild beast.” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  3. Joe Doe says:

    Assad needs better Air Defense System, including MANPAD such VERBA. If Putin afraid defend Syria, at last what he should due is provide S-400, Pantsir-S1 and VERBA man-portable air-defense system to Syria. The SAA Tiger Force would be the best unit to have VERBA man-portable air-defense system

  4. Wegan says:

    As predicted, the Russians activated all long range detection for the Syrians. Air strikes will be costly for the Israeli.
    They up the ante, and will calm down (read admit defeat)

    1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

      Russia use NEBO-M multiestatic AESA radar linked with SAD( Pantsir,BUK,New Pechora) and Russian operators….the purpose is not only shot down or damage Israeli jets..it is to destroy 90% of israelies long range air to ground missile as it was happen!

      1. BMWA1 says:

        Sbogem NEBO-M!!!

        1. Wanklord says:



          1. zman says:

            #3..I have not seen any description of the amount of damage , if any, caused. Do you have a link for that?

          2. Robert Duran says:

            Are you going to trust a guy who likes his own comment?

          3. zman says:

            Now, why do you think I asked for a link?

          4. Zvjezdan Svemirković says:

            Who does not like his own comment? If he not consider it good, why to post it? Do you like your comments?

          5. Tudor Miron says:

            Hmm… don’t want to offend but if you can’t grasp such simple things than there’s no point explaining it.

          6. al quaida says:

            But here’s a clue: N-RC-SS-ST

          7. Bob says:


          8. Bob says:

            There is a big difference – and a user etiquette involved – when someone up-votes their own comments, it is an obnoxious attempt to artificially bump the popularity of, and perception of other’s consensus with, their own comment. It is both a fraudulent and disrespectful use of an open comment platform.

          9. Vitex says:

            Good nickname at least eh

          10. Ronald says:

            “An utter failure” , Israeli jets had to drop their weight (bombs) and return .
            VeteransToday.com Intel-drop/Israeli/raid.utter/failure/

          11. Ronald says:

            Yes a link from VeteransToday.com Intel-drop/Israeli/strike/on/Syria/utter/failure/

          12. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

            Facts: Put your glasses and look at photo of “F-16 shot down today”..it looks like F-15 with grey colour…I think that one F-15 have been shot down beside F-16…this last is sand colour and one seat….

          13. Prince Teutonic says:

            And you can clearly see two engine nozzles…

          14. Tudor Miron says:

            That one (F16) was two seat version.

          15. George King says:

            You are not up to date on the rest of the story in the region and alliance/s.

            Yemeni Air Defense Force and the Missile Forces [both allied with the Houthis] conducted a joint operation and destroyed a MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3 air defense system of the Saudi-led coalition in the coastal town of Mocha in the southwestern province of Taiz.

            The Russian news outlet Sputnik news revealed that the Yemeni Air Defense Force attacked the Saudi Patriot PAC3 system with an unspecified “attack Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)” while the Yemeni Missile Forces targeted the system with an unspecified “ballistic missile”.

            Experts believe that the Yemeni Air Defense used a suicide UAV to target the Radar of the Patriot PAC-3 system. A report released by Conflict Armament Research (CAR) group in March 2017 revealed that the Houthis had attempted to attack the radar of a UAE Patriot system deployed in Yemen with a suicide UAV named “Qasef-1”. This UAV is a copy of the Iranian-made “Ababil-2” UAV armed with 30kg warhead.

            Seems like Israel should take note before it is swarmed with drones taking out radar sections of the defense systems while thousands of missiles from upgraded scuds and newer surface to surface Iranian designs.

            Russia has allowed the Syrian Alliance/s to build up its capabilities so they can stand on their own against all comers. They will.

          16. there’s no such thing as ‘suicide’ UAV , it is remotely controlled platform like a guided bomb/missile that can be led to enemy target.

          17. George King says:

            Really? OK lets call it a kamikaze drone as it is a one time use expected to be destroyed when it is sent (guided) into the target. What exactly is the point? Did you read the article?

          18. UAV that have dual purpose already existed. Calling it a suicidal drone is a misnomer as it have no intelligence AI to decide when it need to commit suicide for the mission.

          19. George King says:

            How old are you? Did you read the article? You professional expertise? I will talk very slowly, the article quoted Russian news outlet as “Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)”. It also quoted “Conflict Armament Research (CAR) group” saying “with a suicide UAV named “Qasef-1”. This UAV is a copy of the Iranian-made “Ababil-2” UAV armed with 30kg warhead.”

            You must be an armchair gamer or something. Please restrict your comments to your abilities there is too much happening and escalating in real time for such banter in my opinion.

          20. the term ‘suicide’ UAV is a misnomer as a remotely controlled vehicle are not capable of suicide..

            it is your knowledge that suspect in this issue , because you try to cover up for your ‘mistake’ by making more and more nonsensical off topic post.

            if you care not current on UAV/UCAV tech update then please educate yourself on the recent capabilities of operational UAV . so you wont be so gullible to swallow every article that post nonsense in the internet.

          21. zman says:

            He is playing a game called ‘semantics’…otherwise known as word games. He knows exactly what is meant, he is just trying to show that he is ‘educated’, but not exactly bright. Who does not know that suicide drone is not an accurate term? But it is an accepted term and gets across the idea for such a vehicle. He knows it as well as you or I. I try to ignore comments of this nature, as they are a waste of time and effort. You are correct, there are more important issues to discuss.

          22. Tony T. says:

            The Airdefences have been firing like crazy and repelling Israeli attacks….the result – Bibi has gone crying to Putin looking for ‘de-escalation’

          23. the syrian have the weapons to destroy Israeli airbase from where IAF jets launched their ops against syria , pretty easy too considering the israeli jets been operating in peacetime conditions aka no underground shelter for jets and open ammo/fuel storage..

            the israeli been fighting one sided battles and now arrogantly believe it is superior to everyone in the region..

            it just like a big grade school bully who scared everyone in his class and think he is the best , until a high school student smack him into reality .. there’s always a bigger fish..

          24. Pave Way IV says:


            They’ve destroyed dozens of ‘Iranian’ UAVs the last year or two – the ‘fact’ that they claim to have taken one down yesterday is insignificant. Whether it’s the truth or another lie does not change the ‘fact’ that they had a long-planned mission to destroy air defenses around Damascus and T-4. They could have used any pretext as an excuse – ‘Iranian UAV’ works as good as any.


            Iranians were part of shooting it down? [chuckle] No doubt with a Sarin-filled SAM. No, Syria did all the shooting here, period. Maybe some pointing help by the Russians, but no damn Iranian SAMs. And this should have been #3, because the Israeli aircraft involved were part of a larger pre-planned scheme that likely involved CENTCOM watching earnestly. The Israeli attack on the Iranian UAV control trailer is – once again – a convenient and lame-assed excuse.

            Anyone familiar with SEAD knows this entire charade was an operation targeted Syria’s air defense network, not a UAV trailer. Russian ‘help’ with radar feeds isn’t going to help Syria when it has no more SAMs or launchers to fire at Israeli aircraft. They are not going to to be buying any replacements any time soon. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Israel knows that.

            Seriously, I would have to be an idiot to think this was just a few Israeli F-16s making a mad dash for T-4 and Damascus. Israel is more than willing to pay the price of a few aircraft/pilots to further destroy Syria’s remaining air defenses. And they’re far from over. They just have to wait to see how successful their ‘another Iranian provocation’ propaganda plays in the US. I see the US MSM forcibly restraining themselves from over-reporting on this, but have predictably planted the ‘justified retaliation for Iranian UAV’ message. I expect to see many tearful pictures of


            Which Israeli al Nusra/al Qaeda ground forces failed to do to the degree necessary despite years of efforts. Their paid head-choppers took out the Golan-facing section and outlying air bases/air defense sites, but got their asses handed to them in the mountains overlooking Damascus. It has been Israel’s goal since before the war started to eliminate all Syrian air defense so they can violate Syrian airspace at will in their self-declared war against Shia and Iran.

            CENTCOM is also licking their chops at the thought of destroying more critical infrastructure and (further) ruining Syria economically to punishing those God damn disobedient Syrian civilians! Has the Pentagon’s strategy really changed at all since Libya, Iraq and Iran? Psychopaths always stick with what they think worked before.

            “…The more we make those God damn Syrian little people suffer, the harder it will be for them to keep supporting Assad. We just need to punish them harder so they understand…”

          25. Ivan Freely says:

            Why wouldn’t Syria purchase more SAMs / launchers? Why would Russia want Damascus to become vulnerable to US/Israeli airstrikes?

          26. Mortal says:

            It’s called dependency, that is the reason. Who would be stupid enough to just go and play the good guy in the field of geopolitics, without asking for returns? Certainly not Russia. I think Russia can establish no fly zone in Syria, it is just not politically feasible. Proven by the S400 that haven’t even been used yet.

          27. Joe says:

            For your info, Russia is in Russia not because they love Assad or Syria. They ate there to save their own economy and country. Syrians had died and their country destroyed because of saving Russia….. the pipeline .

            Who do you think Western countries sll want Assad out. He made the biggest mistake.. no pipeline.

            Otherwise Syria would be receiving huge royalties and no war.

            So go figure…

          28. zman says:

            Because they cannot afford them right now. Their economy is in a shambles. The Syrians are doing their best to get their fields up and producing again to generate income. Russia has provided them with some S300 systems, but they are deployed to very sensitive areas and not used for general defense at this point, as they don’t have any to waste. They do have a fair arsenal, but they are older and in the process of being updated, but they cannot afford to waste even these. Contrary to some comments, Russia does not want Syria endangered, as they have very big stakes in Syria’s survival, as does Iran and Iraq.

          29. Ivan Freely says:

            re: big stakes

            All the more reason for Russia to donate weapons to Syria. The cost of these weapons shouldn’t come anywhere near to the cost of losing Syria.

          30. zman says:

            You question was not why didn’t they have them, your question was why wouldn’t they purchase them. You also have to remember that T-90 tanks, ammunition, etc are more important than AD at this point and Russia has been supplying some of them. There are some new T-90s headed to the coming battle, as as is being shown. Russia has upgraded their AD into potent weapons, regardless their design age. They are not anywhere near losing Syria, no matter how many think so. Putin has no intention of losing Syria for the reasons we all know. If Syria should be in real danger from these Israeli raids, I think you will see a policy change…or maybe the Russians will just do what it takes to secure Syria and do as the US does and deny everything. At any rate your concern is understandable. My thought is that Russia knows far more than I as to what is actually going on and is not likely to abandon Syria after everything Russia has invested in Syria, not to mention what that would mean in the long run. What and how they have been doing things seem to be working very well, the Zionist interference not withstanding. I have faith in the Russians to actually do what they say and not do the western thing (throw them under the bus-Kurds) because they have no choice.

          31. wwinsti says:

            Still holding to the idea that Israel destroyed the bigger part of Syrian air defense? They claimed 50% just today.

          32. zman says:

            I agree with your post, with some notation. Point #2…https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/02/10/intel-drop-israeli-strike-on-syria-utter-failure/ this link also shows Syria’s AD arsenal. Syria does have plans to acquire newer AD systems, but at this point do not have the economy to do that, although they have acquired some S-300s. This is why the Russians and Syrians are rushing to get as many oil and gas rigs up and producing…to be able to start rebuilding and to purchase new weapons.

          33. Rmat52 says:

            And why should we trust a jewish wanker?

          34. Melotte 22 says:

            If you did not like your own comment, you would earn much more shekels.

          35. i thought the hasbara propaganda arm of Israeli govt already outsourced their astroturfer job to indian ? witness the sick display of indian PM paying respect at israeli zionist grave and how indian masses worship israel as if it is an unbeatable military , which may give one sign on how low the intelligence of indian masses ..

          36. Igor Dano says:

            there are other facts, which you do not have on the list
            for you the list starts with the point one. For me it starts, using your nomenclature, the list starts with the point -10, Balfour declaration, as the Britons sold territory, which they did not own, to turkotatars, living in Small Russia (vulgo Ukraine) and Poland and Kaspian Sea.

          37. Superfly says:

            Total nonsense. IDF has been sulking since the much heralded F-16 was downed by a Soviet era SA-2 and another F-15 severely damaged. The pilot of the F-16 is dead now. I would hardly call this a glaring success.

          38. IDF dont destroy anything except the UAV which was flying inside syrian territory. They tried to attack Syrian AD sites but got ambushed by SAM trap , suckered into the SAM attack envelope and then got salvoed by multiple SAM , unable to afterburner out from the kill sack.

          39. Joe says:

            and a few Israeli planes damaged pilots lucky to be alive.

            Well point is Israeli pilots now know they can die in a war .

            Doubt they will be as care free anymore.

          40. Luke Hemmming says:

            Hmmm seems like your name is appropriate for the comments you write. Indeed it seems like you spend to much time wanking and not enough checking facts.

            FACTS – 1 Actually there is no confirmation that a Iranian UAV was ever shot down. Iran says it wasn’t a UAV commanded by them. So whose was it? Was there even a drone shot down? I have heard reports it was unarmed, used for surveillance and wasn’t even in Israeli airspace! But that’s beside the point.
            FACT 2 – The point is Israeli lost a jet, got it’s ass kicked by a recently upgraded air defence system, a couple more jets got damaged and that’s all that matters.

            FACT 3 – Israel should not be in Syrian airspace in the first place, so whatever happened to the Israel AF is bought upon by their own hands. Syria was doing what any sovereign nation is allowed to do, protect it’s own territory. I’m sure Israel would do the same back to anyone who flies into their airspace. In fact in the past Israel has flown into Lebanese airspace then into Syrian airspace to avoid detection by air defence systems in Syria for as long as possible.

            FACT 4 – No Syrian/Iranian air defence systems were destroyed at all from all the reports I read but overall the Israel operations were a COMPLETE FAILURE! Both of them! I read that most of the Israeli jets dumped their bomb loads harmlessly over Southern Syria because the heat from the Syrian air defence was scaring them and they couldn’t use their ECM’s because they failed to counter the Syrian radars. Israeli jets limp home with tails between their legs. FAIL!!!

            On another issue, Netenyahu may be resigning tomorrow. Seems the heat from his corruption investigation is coming home to roost and resigning is basically him admitting he is guilty. He deserves everything coming to him, but as we all know people like him don’t serve time in a jail cell. Pity thou cause I bet Bubba would have loved to have Netenyahu bend over and pick up some soap for him in the shower Hahaha!

          41. Freespirit says:

            I suspect he is a British Jew and “Wank” is short for “Wanker:, which I suspect you already realize

            Truth about himself “Hidden in Plain Sight”

            The Jewish way.

          42. Freespirit says:

            Why do you give YOURSELF an “UPVOTE” ?

            Trolling by chance !

      2. Graeme Rymill says:

        No Russian Nebo-M deployed to Syria.

        1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

          Putin told you?…SAD have shot down almost all air to ground missile and hit 3 warplanes!…NEBO-M can track the true targets among false echos and support via-track-guide of S-200..without this system Syrian air defense cannot know what is the true target as consecuence of countermeassure!

          1. Wanklord says:


            Putin tells Israel’s Netanyahu new spiral of violence in Syria should be avoided
            On Saturday, the Israeli military said their helicopter downed above the Golan Heights an Iranian UAV, which had entered the Israeli airspace from Syria. In response, Israel conducted air strikes against Iranian facilities in Syria and destroyed the Iranian UAV control center.
            During the operation, the Syrian air defense launched a few missiles to hit Israel’s F-16. The pilots ejected – one of them was badly injured, while the other received minor wounds. After that, Israel delivered a heavy strike against Syrian air defense and Iranian facilities in Syria, hitting twelve targets in the neighboring country, Israel’s Defense Forces said.
            In the autumn of 2015, Israel and Russia agreed to exchange data in order to safeguard their militaries against any accidental engagements during operations in Syria. A special coordination center was set up at Israel’s General Staff for the purpose.

          2. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

            Nop my friend and I am sorry to hurt your pro-Israeli pride but today’s events have a far greater impact than the material losses between the two bands.
            The myth of being untouchable of the air force of the state of Israel, literally went to the drainage humbling him deeply in the eyes of all enemies and fanes in the area, weakening his figure as a untouchable local military power, emboldening Iran and Hezbollah in a possible distant or near future confrontation stage .
            In other words, the manhood of Israel was severely outraged today by Syria and irrevocably staining their national pride from now on.
            Just simple like that, my friend.

          3. Deborah says:

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          4. jferal says:


          5. Bob says:

            Simply screaming it doesn’t make your point any better or more convincing.

          6. Joe says:

            Syrian air defences did not appear to be degraded.

            The second of attack were faced with Syrian Air defences and hit nothing.

            The defensive SAM systems are most likely from the Iranians rather than from the Russians who will not do anything to stop Israel as they have a pact .

            So for the FIRST TIME you see Iranian missile defence system working and it is effective . Better than the old Russian S200 . Russian S400s are ONLY for defence of Russia Assets …not for Syria

          7. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

            Nop my friend and I am sorry if I get to hurt your pro-Israeli pride too,
            like maybe I deed with another one before you.
            But in the second waves of Israel atack retaliation again Siria, 13 Israeli missiles out of 15 missiles was intercepted and destroyed before hitting targets on the ground.
            ( http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13961121001451 )
            and in the last third waves atacks, 70 percent of missiles was intercepted and destroyed too.
            ( http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13961121001410 )
            And faced with such a response from Syria, Israel had no more choice but to call on Washington and Moscow to meddle and take control over the situation.
            Faced with his impotence to not be able to do more against Syria, with its big ally Russian military presence there, so shame is the current and real situation of Israel in the hour that I am commenting right now, my friend.

          8. Joe says:

            That proved my point that the missiles came from the Iranians and not the Russians who protect only their own bases.

            Fact that Iran stated with such confidence means they already have huge stock .

            This then can be a warning to the Americans in Syria to leave or be forced out

          9. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

            I find the hypothesis in your comment very good and solid.
            The rapid improvement of Syria’s anti-aircraft system is somewhat suspect, taking into account the always passive role of the Russians as you comment in your comment, the only explanation remains on the Irani side, who, could well use the pretext of the ongoing Israeli aggression in Syria to prove their own anti-aircraft hardware with Israel and with some success doing it.
            I congratulate you my friend for the logical and objective of your last comment.

          10. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

            Israel told one month that they have been destroyed S-200 air defense system….and S-200 have shot down Israeli F-16!…Thats why Jews have a long nose…

          11. klove and light says:

            wow what r u smoking dude? I´ll give you an example that EVERYBODY understands..plain and simple .
            what happened in syria.. with the destruction of 1 f-16 and the damage of several f-15´s….is a nightmare for israel…why???….the same nightmare occured to iron mike tyson…with his first loss against james buster douglas….u see mike won 99% of his fights before they stepped into the ring…his enemies were SCARED SHITLESS…after the loss..well we all know what happened from there on…same with israels air superiority….they lost and their enemies r not scared anymore…ITS WHOLE NEW TOTAL DIFFERENT BALL GAME NOW DUDE!!!!!

          12. Freespirit says:

            On the Other hand, Israel and U.S. can NO LONGER BULLY Syria et al In fact “Israel moved forward and got their tiny little yarmuka’s stuffed up their behinds”.:https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/02/10/intel-drop-israeli-strike-on-syria-utter-failure/

            “Russian pilots, we are told, are begging to burn Israel. Russian
            planes in the sector outperform the F15 and F16 by some margin and hatred for Israel runs high in Russia’s military after years of seeing Israel work closely with ISIS”.

          13. Graeme Rymill says:

            Google it if you don’t believe me

    2. Merijn says:

      It has been a very succesful test for both parties….. the Russians found out that their Missile Systems are operating accurate and with high performance…… The AngloZioNazis on the other hand found out that the Russian Missile Systems are operating accurate and with Devastating Performance……..how many planes do Zionazis have? If the SAA heads east they should bring a couple of’m…..some fine piece of craftsmanship…..

    3. Feudalism Victory says:

      One can hope

    4. MartinA says:

      Syria can not count on to much russian support against Israel.

      1. Ronald says:

        You have not seen today’s score sheet obviously .

        1. Joe says:

          Are you sure it was from Russian SAM or maybe from Iranian SAM?

          Russia has a pact with Israel so it is very unlikely Russia provides any help .

    5. Freespirit says:

      Are Syrians finally waking up0 the FACT that one cannot reason with PSYCHOPATHS ?

      The DOWNING of the ISRAELI F16 is the BEST news yet and hopefully, a sign of BETTER news to come, which hopefully is the coming TERMINATION to that FAKE entity, which Zionist CRIMINALS call, “Israel” and routing of those Ashkenazai back to Europe,where they belong

      Will the “Head of the Snake”, the House of Rothschild be next

      One can only hope

    6. Icarus Tanović says:

      That was such a blow to all Zionists, man.

  5. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    I have seen photos of F-16 shot down…and the jet has clearly grey colour….F-16 dont have grey colour and not 2 seats( only por training purpose)…si it is posible that 2 seat F-15 have been shot down…above all when sources told that parts of the plane have been dinamitated to destroy pieces…

    1. GSi2018 says:

      Wrong. Israeli’s use the F16I two seaters for attack. The grey parts can be the nose cone and external fuel tanks.

    2. peter says:

      Manuel,do you thing,that Israeli training above Syrian land?hih..

    3. BMWA1 says:

      Fort Russ was also claiming an Apache downed but as yet unverified.

    4. Ivan Freely says:

      Dual-seat fighters can be used for combat as well.

  6. ZioFascist says:

    king bibi is about to get indited. would not surprise me if this was intentional.

  7. peter says:

    Israeli training is over,everybody waiting for Israeli warplanes ! Russian specialists too!

  8. Michael Qiao says:

    and victim card in 3 2 1

  9. LR captain says:

    lol, that banner

  10. Serious says:

    Imagine Syria with S-300.

  11. Smith Ricky says:

    Major fail.

  12. Alex says:

    Well, how do ya’ like them apples :)

  13. Eskandar Black says:

    This is a strategically significant event, things can develop from here, or stop here.

  14. richardbraverman says:

    Is this the Deep State (one world government crowd) trying to ultimately trigger a confrontation between the US and Russia? They are loosing in the battle against Trump and the economy is on its last legs, don’t they usually start wars in this position?

    1. javier says:

      so stupid, trump just a prop and is just as much a part of the deep state as obama, the bush scums and the clinton crooks

      1. richardbraverman says:

        but not all insiders are created equal
        Trump is not a saint but he is enough of an unknown to make the usual rulers uneasy. Was Kennedy an insider, absolutely. Was Nixon an insider. Was Jimmy Carter an insider. Was Ronnie? Was Ross Perot?
        The Deep State destroyed or damaged all of those men.
        Maybe they were not 100 percent down with the agenda.
        Maybe they did not take the pedophile challenge.

  15. EoF says:

    I can’t stop laughing

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      I have also been laughing all day EoF. :)

  16. Drogba says:

    That adds up to about 40 million $,in exchange for a non existent drone.The American taxpayer will be picking up the bill,as usual,lol

    1. Serious says:

      Americans have no other purpose in life than to pay israel. XD.

      1. Drogba says:

        The Jewish leader of the SPD party in Germany Schultz, said that Germany only exists to serve Israeli.

        1. Serious says:

          Unlike Americans, Germans will never live to serve israel. The german gov is israeli puppet but not the people. Americans are truly israeli slaves.

          1. Merijn says:

            We are ALL enslaved! (at least the Majority) It started at least 2000 years ago…..the European System Was finished before they discovered “America”. Kill the Good Rulers ( if you can’t Bribe them, you Bully them, if you can’t Bully them, Kill them) and replace them with Snakessss…..it’s all inbred

          2. King_GeorgXIII says:

            Dont worry the next holocaust will be in the USA! So many guns in the hands of patriots!

          3. Joe Doe says:

            Just release all the prisoners in America and give them weapons an orders. They will created chaos and conquer majority of america. This what I will include in my plan

          4. guns are useless in the hand of out of shape fake patriots ..

          5. Melotte 22 says:

            The thing is, no one in government ask German people for anything, let alone for their opinion. German people certainly serve Israel ever since the end of WW2. Hitler, losing the war, made generations and generations of German people become Israel’s hostages.

          6. Igor Dano says:

            they love Israel, they have been entazifiziert. AFD voters have not been.
            why did not germans vote in AFD? Why do they vote in Merkel, who is also jewish on matrnal line?

      2. Bobo Voxar says:

        so Muricans must be happy because they print their money…

        1. Merijn says:

          Nope….. Zionazis print their money……something doesn’t add up here…..
          PS They print our money too…..moneyprinting business is very profitable……..

        2. Tudor Miron says:

          Not exactly. Federal reserve (jew owned private company loan money to US government.)

  17. Hrky75 says:

    …move along, nothing to see, just some birds running into planes…move along…

  18. Rob says:

    This time Trump and Netanyahu both together have prepared a huge airstrike on Syrian nation.

    Trump and Netanyahu have also prepared another chemical attack on Syrian nation.

  19. Starlight says:

    Jewish terror ESCALATING at an explonential rate. Each lost jewish weapon of mass destruction is IMMEDIATELY replaced with ten more by Israel’s allies in Russia, France, Germany, USA, UK and Canada- paid for by the ‘sub-Human’ non-jewish taxpayers of those nations. And yes even Russia gifts Israel billions of dollars of FREE military toys each year.

    Yet everyone here wants to ignore these facts, and take minor pin pricks against Israel as ‘proof’ of something greater. Just like the suckers did denigrating Hitler and the nazis in the run up to WW2, by HIGH-LIGHTING nazi ‘failures’.

    Yes, of course Israel alone is a very nasty nothing. But Israel is Russia and Israel is the West. An unthinkable vile evil entity backed up by two Empire powers.

    Does Putin want Israel to go buck wild in Lebanon, and murder one million+ there as the jews have recently promised to do? Of course not- but what does Putin do to stop jewish terror? Hints. Begging on his knees. The promise that if only the jews will cut him a break, he’ll give them even more stuff.

    Helping shoot down jewish terrorist jets is a bit stronger of a hint- and the jews being the world’s most depraved cowards we may see why Putin thinks the hint will work. But this thinking is FLAWED as it does not take into account the influence of the Deep State on world jewry- jews thinking they are on the verge- nazi like- of gaining all their depraved wishes via the massive use of military power.

    1. Serious says:

      WW2 was a plan against the Germans because the Germans will have never became slaves by their own unless the rest of Europe.

  20. alejoeisabel says:

    That F-16, 15 that was shot down by Syria’s defenses has cost US taxpayers $50,000,000. This is food that is taken out of hungry American children, so Israel can destroy its neighbors. Hungry children go to bed so that Israel can have its expensive killing toys.

    1. zman says:

      The billions that we give them as annul tribute could pay for the national healthcare the people need. Chopping the Pentagram could rebuild the entire national infrastructure. The only ones that benefit from a war economy are the war mongers themselves. The rest of us don’t even get a chance at the hind teat.

    1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


  21. Rob says:

    Trump and Netanyahu first create a fake allegation on Syria and then airstrike. This is their old habit.

  22. alejoeisabel says:

    How many real or imposter Nazis and anti Semites are working for Israeli intelligence, and posting here. Beware, many are imposter anti Semite and Nazis.

  23. FlorianGeyer says:

    The usual sceptics here of Russian strategy in Syria all bemoan that President Putin has not used his S400’s to destroy Israeli aircraft.
    There is reasonable explanation for this I think.

    If Russia were to destroy Israeli aircraft it would open the door for the US and Israel to directly and overtly attack Russian bases in Syria. That would of course detract greatly the Russian ability to combat the US/Israeli terrorists in Syria who are now losing territory.

    In my opinion , this is what the US/Israel are attempting to do and the counter to that is the modernisation of Syrian defences by Russia and a calculated increase in Syrian air defence abilities .

    1. Serious says:

      The modernisation of syrian defense by Russia ?? XD. Keep dreaming. Russia is with israel. israel tries to destroy Syria-Iran alliance because as I said so many times, the only ally of Syria is Iran.

      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        The oxymoron here is your nikname !

        1. Serious says:

          Why people always talk about the future to hide the bare truth ??? Why will Russia do in the future what Russia didn’t do in 30 years ?? XD.

          1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Russia is in Syria because Assad invited them, their purpose and goal is to help Assad in any way … Their priority by no means is being friends with Israel !
            You having a laugh right ?

            Israel has one and only friend the U.S. And it seems that the U.S. also has one friend , the way its going , and thats Israel, thanks to president Donald Trambo !

          2. Serious says:

            israel has no friend. As if being a slave is being a friend. XD. USA used to have no friends. But, now, USA is just a shithole. And I truly don’t understand why people are so eager to live in this shithole. Give 1 billion dollars, I will never go to USA.

          3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            ok, put ‘friend’ in brackets then if you prefer, lets call them partners in crime …
            I d love to visit certain places for tourism is the states my self but I would never want to go and live there permenantly either …
            The only country thats made it a profitable business to put people in private prisons !

          4. Serious says:

            What do you want to visit as a tourist ? USA has no culture. There are nothing to visit in USA unless McDonald and Disneyland.

            You better go visit Macchu Picchu in Peru, the pyramids in Egypt, the great wall in China, ….

          5. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            New Orleans, San Franscisco, The Kanyon, Vegas (baby) … Drive through route 66 on an open top Ford Mustang …

            Been to the Pyramids …

          6. velociraptor says:

            Assad invited Russia much, much earlier. Russia did not went. Russia is only for Ukraina in Syria.

          7. RichardD says:

            With “friends” like this, who needs enemy’s?

          8. velociraptor says:

            Nice queastion. In psychology, in criminology it is basic question: how can you predict the future activities of somebody? So, that you know his past activities.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        How do you explain then the recent integration of the Syrian radars with the Russian network and you also forget that in the air defence sphere the old Soviet era missiles have been upgraded and the successful defence against Israeli missiles and of course today’s destruction , with pilot, of an F16 are testament to Russian modernisation .

        Reports are also circulating that 3 more Israeli jets were damaged. :)

        1. Serious says:

          It’s a failure of modernizing syrian army in the past to please israel. Now, the situation is critic and russian bases are in danger so Putin has to do something. But, it’s nothing. After the destruction of one israeli planes,; israel made others airstrikes and destroyed military facilities.

          So, maybe for you it’s a victory to down one israeli aircraft and let 10 others destroying syrian facilities. But not for me. Don’t expect Russia to mordernize syrian defense. I better bet on Iran to do so.

          1. Hrky75 says:

            …failure to modernize SAA was Assad’s decision not Putin’s fault. And Assad simply understood Syria can’t pursue an arms race with Israel that got 4-10 bn USD for free every year for last 50 years – nobody can…

          2. Melotte 22 says:

            And imagine if that money was used to improve US roads, hospitals, decrease the number of people receiving food stamps….

          3. Sinbad2 says:

            Never happen, the American people will starve before the MIC gives up a single cent.
            That is why China has chosen to defeat the US economically, and it’s working.
            By the end of the year the US won’t be able to pay its soldiers to kill women and children.

          4. Merijn says:

            Syria (with the help of loyal friends) has done a great job..and served the world a Big Favor (at the cost of much Syrian blood and Suffering) No need for an arms race…….! AngloZioNazis & their Headchoppers should have stayed out of Syria!!!!!!

          5. RichardD says:

            The Egyptians are doing a pretty good job of peer modernization to the baby rapers.

          6. Hrky75 says:

            …really with US licensed and heavily downgraded equipment bankrolled by second US BBF in the region – the Saudis. Now be honest and answer what would happen to that deal if Egypt decided to, I don’t know, threaten war if Israel continuous to invade Syrian air space…

          7. RichardD says:

            Show me the numbers of baby raper superiority over the Egyptians.

          8. Hrky75 says:

            Just the heavy stuff: 3.300 tanks – 2.800 of which US made, 2.500 APC all either bought from NATO or made in Egypt with US help. Aircraft: 43 Apaches, 18 Mirage 2000, 14 Rafale, 220 F16s and 15 Mig-35s. And guess where the spare parts for all this hardware comes from…

          9. RichardD says:

            Thank you, you’ve just illustrated for the readers that you don’t know what you’re talking about:

            – 2017 Egypt Military Strength –


          10. Hrky75 says:

            Nope. You just proved my point of you being a kindergarten general. Comparing number of tanks and planes to see what country would win a possible 21th century war is – childish. One example. With all of it’s modern planes Egypt needs IAF to air-support it’s anti ISIL campaign in Sinai – 50+ sorties already. And you would have them fight Israel. In addition, is there a site that compares countries and their willingness to fight. If it existed I think Egypt would be somewhere in the bottom half. Modern warfare also requires stable economy and a lot of cash and Egypt is totally dependent on Saudi handouts.

          11. RichardD says:

            You’re a complete idiot:

            “is there a site that compares countries and their willingness to fight. If it existed I think Egypt would be somewhere in the bottom half. ”

            Egypt fought Israel in 48, 56, 67 and 73. And the Jews had nukes.

          12. Hrky75 says:

            …and the last time they fought was 45 years ago – that’s 2 generations of soldiers ago…Yeah that proves they are itching for a fight…Pls keep embarrassing your self …

          13. RichardD says:

            You’re the one embarrassing yourself, they’re currently at war over the Gulf of Aden and are also involved in military actions in Sinai and Libya.

          14. Hrky75 says:

            …hey dimwit you were listing Egyptian wars with last being *73, not me…and the truth is that last real wars they really fought was 1977 with Libya and Golf War No. 1 – against their Arab cousin…
            …and when you say they are involved in “military actions” you mean they are paid by Saudis to act as mercenaries in Zio-Neocon-Wahhabi massacre of Yemen and they are mostly losing their skirmishes against Al Qaida and ISIL, so much so that fucking Israel has to help them fight. And you would have them fight against those same Zio-Neocon-Wahhabi interests because you kinda really, really really wish they did. What are you – 9? Do you parents know you are on line without supervision…

          15. RichardD says:

            You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. Are you suffering from schizophrenia? First the Egyptians are cowards, and then they’ve been involved in multiple wars to the present day.

          16. Hrky75 says:

            …they are involved in police actions together with their close allies – the same people that they should be fighting against according to you – and losing miserably…in essence in order for Egypt to start fighting all the people you want them to fight – they would have start with themselves…

          17. RichardD says:

            You’re a liar, I never said any of these things:

            “the same people that they should be fighting against according to you – and losing miserably…in essence in order for Egypt to start fighting all the people you want them to fight – they would have start with themselves”

            Your posts are becoming increasingly irrational and detached from reality. You’re a head case. Your contention that the Egyptians are cowards and weaklings is absurd. They are one of the planet’s leading military and diplomatic powers. Who have shown great bravery and skill in the face of adversity.

          18. Hrky75 says:

            By “securing” Mandeb you mean enforcing naval blockade of Yemen. Pls remind us whose idea was to attack Yemen and submit it’s people to starvation and cholera because some of them practice “wrong” version of Islam…You’re beyond desperate now – it’s easy to scroll down and see what were your comments that i disagree with. You claim that there’s a realistic chance that Egypt might: A) fight Israel and B) win the war. I claim that A) they are close allies with Israel and Saudis and that the chance of them fighting is zero and B) that numbers of tanks and planes notwithstanding, Egypt is in dept, dependent on Saudi cash and oil. Other point of contention is quality of Egyptian army -I claim that it’s hardware is mostly US made and done so with a reason – so they depend heavily on US spare parts, upgrade kits, training and replacements. In a ’73 (and any future large scale scenario) engagement with 100s of tanks and planes being damaged on both sides Israel was saved by US airlifting ammo, replacement equipment and spare parts – to claim that in a future conflict US would do that to both Israel and Egypt is a whole different level of stupid…

          19. RichardD says:

            I’m not going to waste my time trying to conduct a rational fact based debate with a proven liar, fool and idiot with an impaired grasp of reality talking out of both sides of his mouth who thinks that the Egyptians are cowards and Russia isn’t a military super power. If you want to have that type of cloud cuckoo land debate. Find another delusional arm chair general like yourself who doesn’t want or is unable to deal with real politics and real weapons.

          20. Hrky75 says:

            Bye by knobhead…

          21. RichardD says:

            Your tactic when proven wrong is to change the subject to divert attention from your lies and failures.

          22. FlorianGeyer says:

            Modernising an Army is never a fast fix and takes years even in peacetime.
            Training advanced highly technical skills also requires well educated soldiers . This also takes time.

            Russia has done tremendous work with the SAA and the results today are way in excess of the early days of the war.

            Iran is also learning a lot and theirs is as big a transition as Syria’s has been. Russia began to modernise around 2005 I think, funnily enough with programmes installed in Russia by a large German corporation.

          23. King_GeorgXIII says:

            Or China, because russia is not willing to finish this war by all means! So the big player in the background will step up!

          24. Serious says:

            China is isolationist.

          25. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Not recently… They are upgrading their navy and they got a base in Eastern Africa too … Not to mention those islands they v been building …

          26. Serious says:

            They do that to protect their providers. But, China is still isolationist. USA forced China to behave like this but it’s not in their temper and they will never make a war far from their base and never engage for other nation interest.

          27. Ivan Freely says:

            I agree with Serious. The Chinese have, thus far, proven to be isolationists; confined to their region of influence (i.e. SE/E Asia). Their bases in NE Africa and SCS and the one in Pakistan (under construction) will be about protecting their Maritime Silk Road project, part of the BRI (or OBOR).

            They have no choice to modernize their military as their equipment is approaching “ancient”. FYI, their air force (PLAAF) still fly Q-5, J-7/8 (variant of the Mig-19/21 respectively).

            I don’t expect the Chinese to be militarily active in the Middle East. They likely see it as Russian/Iraian’s backyard.

          28. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Check those 3 links and see if you still think the same about CHINA…

            Inside China’s High-Tech Space-Based Laser Arsenal


            China Claims Its New Anti-Stealth Radars Can Detect the F-22


            China’s claim it has ‘quantum’ radar may leave $17 billion F-35 naked

            CHINA claims its ‘quantum’ radar can detect stealth fighters. Does this mean our ultra-expensive F-35 is obsolete before we get it?


          29. Ivan Freely says:

            Are you saying that modernizing their military make them anti-isolationists? If so, I disagree. We’ll all know, once they form and do with their first Carrier Battle Group.

          30. Sinbad2 says:

            Carrier Battle Groups are so WWII.
            Dying empires are always fighting the last war they won.

            You could destroy a whole Carrier Battle Group with one nuke, or a few Corvettes could launch enough Klub cruise missiles to sink the CBG conventionally.
            Remember when Russia launched a missile attack from Corvettes in the Caspian Sea?
            The whole US 5th fleet fled the Persian Gulf, it seems they didn’t know they were parked under Russian guns.

            There is as much chance the Chinese will build sailing ships as building CBG’s.

          31. Sinbad2 says:

            Google Photonic radar.
            Nobody paid much attention to stealth until the US used it in its war against Yugoslavia.
            Since that time Russia China and Belarus have developed counter measures to stealth technology.
            Ironically, the US has no way of targeting stealth aircraft, so stealthy Chinese aircraft could bomb the US unopposed.

          32. theres a clear reason why F117 got retired after the shotdown..

            theres also a clear reason the neocons stop their fantasy of easy bloodless bombing of iran, after US modern stealth drone was hijacked , hacked , and captured intact by iranian.

            if iran can detect a small unmanned stealth drone , then any B2 penetration of iran will met a warm persian welcome

          33. Luke Hemmming says:

            Yes I read those articles a few weeks ago too. Very interesting indeed and a game changer in terms of military dominance. The bloated and corrupt US military industrial complex have no weapons presently in production that could effectively counter such technologies. China is a smart country. It doesn’t go around bellowing out to the world how great and wonderful it is and how everyone should be like it, unlike some other country that we know of and is talked a lot about on here.

          34. Sinbad2 says:

            Check out the J20 strike fighter.
            China is in a similar position to the USA before WWII, a bit lacking technologically, but with a technically advanced ally.
            The US was still using bi planes until the British taught Americans how to build modern aircraft. China has learned a lot from Russia.
            Russia has the technology, and China has the manufacturing capability.
            When Russia stopped the sale of S300 systems to Iran because of US pressure, China supplied Iran with missile guidance modules. Those modules made Iranian missiles more accurate than American missiles, not as good as the Russian ones, but good enough to get the job done.
            If the US ever did start a war with China, China would build more ICBM’s in a day than Ford builds cars.

          35. Ivan Freely says:

            Yep. I’ve been following China’s modernization efforts. I’m curious to see what they do with SAC’s FC-31. I read that SAC is planning to unveil a navalized version of the FC-31 for their 3rd aircraft carrier. For those that don’t know, the “J” designation means that the PLA haven’t endorsed it.

          36. not many ppl realized or want to realize the fact that US industry today cannot manufacture weapons like during WW2..

            people have hard fact to accept that china already eclipses US in industry and manufacturing , as evidenced by chinese navy new ships , made in very short time period..

          37. Sinbad2 says:

            Yeah sure, that’s why it’s spending trillions to connect to the rest of the world?

            Or do you mean the American definition of isolationist, not bombing countries?

        2. Sinbad2 says:

          The problem is the Syrian air force, they control the AA gear.
          The Syrian military was governed by lazy fat fools. Since the US/Israel invasion, the Syrian army has improved 100 fold, but there are still a lot of fat fools in the Syrian air force.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            There are in all armies and always have been. Troops that have no purpose except to play soldiers, often for all their military careers are not fit for war and even in war many are loathe to get involved.

            The Syrian air defence brigades have had little to do until this year really BUT the successful use of old but updated Syrian ground to air missiles today will I am sure improve morale hugely.

            Its the first Israeli plane shot down by Syria since 1982 :)

      3. Hrky75 says:

        With all due respect to Iran, but Iran is supplying some ammo and artillery, few drones and 10K tribal fighters from Afghanistan. Russian air force, SOF and teams training Syrian forces turned the tide of war. Florian is right – US and Zios desperately want to provoke direct confrontation with Russia because Russia wouldn’t be able to defend it’s Syrian outposts. And Putin manages to evade all of the traps and still successfully pursue his agenda.

        1. Serious says:

          Everyone gives what he can. Iran is not a military superpower and can barely defend itself.

          1. Robert Duran says:

            Iran can barely defend itself? Man where do you get your information from?

          2. Serious says:

            What weapons will Iran give to Syria ??? XD.
            And Iran can’t help Syria diplomatically because Iran doesn’t have a permanent chair in the UN.

          3. Robert Duran says:

            just one question..How old are you? You are beginning to sound like a 5 year old.

            “And Iran can’t help Syria diplomatically because Iran doesn’t have a permanent chair in the UN.”…??????? what the hell is that??

          4. Serious says:

            Give Iran a permanent chair at the UN and you will see.

          5. Robert Duran says:

            oh boy.. this is a waste of time..

          6. velociraptor says:


          7. Sinbad2 says:

            The security council was created by the victors of WWII, you won’t see any changes until after WWIII.

          8. FlorianGeyer says:

            Desperation I suspect Robert.
            It is difficult to defend a narrative when its so infantile :)

          9. Sinbad2 says:

            Iran doesn’t need a seat on the security council, I assume that’s what you meant, because the free nations of Russia and China will not allow the evil empire to pull another attempted genocide, like it did in Iraq.
            As for weapons, well the Iranians have a lot of missiles, it would only take a single strike on the Israeli WMD stockpiles to erase all life in Palestine.

          10. RichardD says:

            I don’t know about erasing all life, you’d need nukes for that, but for the Jews the stone age for a while would be possible.

          11. RichardD says:

            How much has Iran spent on Syria? A lot.

          12. velociraptor says:

            Look at the quality and number of their weapons. The yugoslavia/USA ratio was better then Iran/USA. And how ended that war?

          13. Sinbad2 says:

            “yugoslavia/USA ratio was better then Iran/USA”

            Care to quantify that bold claim?

          14. velociraptor says:

            Google is your friend. In that time the whole yogoslavian army was moere developed then is the iranian now. And in Yugoslavia the defense sitems were in higher amount /km2 thn in Iran. It is difficalt to control large territory/border. If somewhere is leak, then all is lost. Moreover, in case of Yugoslavia was only limited attack, in Iran would be full one.

          15. RedBaron9495 says:

            Iran makes it’s own Ballistic missiles….even launched it’s own Satellite into Space…..Serbia has no such capability. You would be surprised how much military hardware they produce …because of sanctions.

          16. Steve Bell says:

            Yeah, like iskanders, kalibrs, nuke armed drone subs, hypersonic gliders (5 years ahead of U.S.)… times change, but the IQ of bone-heads remains in single digits.

          17. RedBaron9495 says:

            The Iranians have 80 million….can call up a massive Army to defend their homelands…..Serbia unfortunately quite small with 7 million (8.5% of Iran)
            Due to all the embargoes and sanctions….the Iran’s have created their own medium size Military Industrial complex …..and capable of producing enough hardware to defend their lands.

            If US made a pile of shit out of their escapades in Afghanistan and Iraq……it will end up being another Vietnam for them should they ever decided to invade Iran.

            Also Iran is one of the most mountainous countries in the world…..it’s borders are flanked with 3 different mountain ranges which makes it a fortress….and favours very much the Defenders from invaders.

          18. Sinbad2 says:

            Exactly, if war broke out between Iran and Israel, the Israelis would be ordering up their US army real quick.

          19. Hrky75 says:

            …Russia isn’t a military super power either. And they were basically a failed state 15 years ago..Yet they manage to out-diplomat the US every time they try to screw Syria and out-gun all US proxies. Give credit were credit is due…

          20. FlorianGeyer says:

            Russia does though have the antidote to US and Israeli nuclear threats. The CERTAIN destruction of the US and Israel.

            M.A.D. in conventional parlance.

            Russia will never start that process but Russia is all that stops the US and Israel from their dream of a One World Government (tyranny) ruled by Crazy Zionist Jews.

          21. Sinbad2 says:

            Whatever you choose to call Russia, they still have the power to obliterate the USA/Israel.

          22. Hrky75 says:

            But being a supper power means influencing the rest of the world at a whim, without having to blow it up with nukes just to prove your point. By that definition US is the only super power – unfortunately – but in a sharp decline – fortunately. And Russia is one of several great powers that will hopefully create a new multi polar world order – if Mad Dog Mattis doesn’t blow us all up before that happens…

          23. RichardD says:

            You need to do a reality check. Russia is the only nation on the planet capable of obliterating the US in 30 minutes. And Russia has the planet’s largest NBC armored force capable of withstanding a nuclear first strike. The US and Russia both have underground preparations for their citizens. In Russia it’s an NBC civil defense shelter. In the US it’s a grave.

          24. Hrky75 says:

            …having a bunch of nukes does not make a country a super power. Russia is a great power that can defend it’s interests, but so are China and India and no one in his right mind would call them superpowers. China might be one day but today they still can’t produce most of their hi-tech weapons on their own, for example. India can’t even make a decent rifle. No Russia will never reach the level of influence and power status it had during the times of the Soviet Union – and that’s good. Remember that in the end the costs of being the supper power first and a home to it’s citizens second brought SU to it’s knees…

          25. RichardD says:

            You lack basic military understanding and are an arm chair general. Any military that can defeat the combined power of NATO in a toe to toe, which the Russians can do, is a super power.

          26. Hrky75 says:

            And you are a professional soldier I presume. Your understanding of military matters and geopolitics is at kindergarten level. Being superpower means perusing your interests and making other people follow your orders, without having to blow up the whole world – because blowing up the planet would be kinda counterproductive.
            And being able to fight NATO means, among other things, being able to support the effort of your army financially and logistically – again, without having to use nukes and blowing us all up. Russia is strong, but not as strong to stand alone against NATO using only conventional weapons. Russian nukes are a deterrent and when they come into play then it’s all over for all mankind…

          27. RichardD says:

            I live in the world of real politic and real weapons. You live in a fantasy land where wars are fought using rules that you make up as you go along that wouldn’t apply in real life.

          28. Hrky75 says:

            …in your reality only number of hardware win wars – you are a bean counter that thinks he’s a general… I’m sure there’s a name for your disease and an appropriate combination of colorful pills to keep it under control…

          29. RichardD says:

            Coming from someone who thinks that a single nation capable of defeating the combined might of NATO on NATO territory isn’t a military supper power. Your opinion on military matters is about worthless.



          30. Hrky75 says:

            …Pakistan has enough nukes to blow up most of NATO countries – so they are super power too according to you…man google “super power” first…

          31. RichardD says:

            You’re a confused and disturbed individual with an impaired grasp on reality. Pakistan wouldn’t stand a chance against NATO. The Russians defeating NATO includes defeating the US.

          32. Hrky75 says:

            Hey moron – nuke the planet to hell and there wouldn’t be anyone left to declare victory…You are beyond help…

          33. RichardD says:

            You’re a liar. I never said that Pakistan was a super power.

            Your immaturity, ignorance and inability and unwillingness to understand modern warfare involving conventional and nuclear weapons makes you a fool unable to conduct a rational and realistic debate of the issue.

            “models from the past decade consider total extinction very unlikely”


          34. RedBaron9495 says:

            Russia has more nukes than US and far more modern too!
            They are 1st with nukes and 2nd in conventional weapons

          35. Hrky75 says:

            I agree. But as I already argued number of nukes alone doesn’t make you a super power and neither does number of conventional assets. It’s also overall economic and political influence on other countries and ability to be pro active in asserting your interests. And currently Russia is mostly reacting – successfully- to US policy …And I think that as far as conventional weapons are concerned they are behind China at this point – an other world power but not classic Super power…

          36. RedBaron9495 says:

            US has influence….because all their so-called allies are in fact obedient vassal states that are tied into the U.S Zion financial systems which their capitalism relies upon.
            Having said that, although all the Govts are subservient to Washington….most of the normal people hate it very much and are not pro-USA. People are beginning to realise what warmongers the Americans are….largely thanks to access of information on the Internet and turning away from their MSM #FakeNews media.

          37. RichardD says:

            Iran has the conventional throw weight to level much of Israel pretty quickly.

        2. velociraptor says:

          US and Zios desperately want to provoke direct confrontation with Russia
          because Russia wouldn’t be able to defend it’s Syrian outposts

          then Russia is no more pwer. France is better, because they are able. also UK was able to defend the far, far Falklands.

          all rught, you told the same thing as is my opinion: russia is meddle power, no more international player.

          but how will this accept, jesus, florianSS, tudor, etc. ???

          1. Hrky75 says:

            You are extremely uninformed about the whole situation. Russia didn’t pick this fight, they reacted to an act of aggression on their ally despite the fact that strategically the were never going to be in a good position. Yet they managed to rearm and reorganize SAA, bomb the shit out of US/Zio proxies and drain Saudi and Qatari resources and will to fight to a point where those two turned on each other. France, on the other hand, would probably surrender after a month of fake war and joined ISIL…

          2. velociraptor says:

            All NATO countries go in strategically wrong positioned wars. For Russia would be enough send 1 Akula or let cruise strategical bombers with nuclear weapons. THIS IS good deterrent step. If everybody knows, that Russia is willing to fight only in low level situations, then will be checked out everywhere. Russians never were enough tough. Therefore lost the cold war, lost USSR and lose now everything rest.

          3. Hrky75 says:

            You need a determined ally if you decide to fight a hot war against an alliance as large as NATO. And who can Russia count on – Belarus maybe. Because China would never risk it’s commercial deals with the West engaging in a hot war. Besides, these semi hot proxy engagements are the way modern 21 century warfare will be done. You’ll try and attack your opponent’s interests and even kill his people all the while maintaining normal economic ties. Because a full stop in international trade like the one during both world wars would pretty soon bankrupted both sides. And you can’t afford to be bankrupted in times where a basic AT launcher with 10 spare missiles cost 1 million USD. Don’t you worry, Russia is playing by the new rules, winning and even writing some of the rules along the way…

          4. RichardD says:

            And Russia has no debt to speak of and $385 billion in foreign reserves to pay for a Syria war costing them $1 billion a year.

          5. RedBaron9495 says:

            Now increased to $450 billion foreign exchange reserves

          6. John Whitehot says:

            solomon it’s you?

          7. yep , his posting pattern coincide with tel aviv work time.. just another hasbara looking for few coins

          8. Luke Hemmming says:

            He might be the same troller that trolled VT facebook comments a few weeks ago but he has dissapered since from VT. Maybe his FB account got closed, or his IP was blocked or he simply gave up. Who knows, but yes he does sound like Solomon under a new name.

        3. RichardD says:

          The Jewmerica inside the DC beltway and a 50 mile radius of NYC and the America outside the DC/NYC evil Jew occupied territories are two different places. Most Americans want Jewmerica circular filed into the trash can of history where it belongs.

      4. FlorianGeyer says:

        If you keep saying the same thing enough Serious you will even believe it yourself :)

        1. Orcbuu says:

          Its Called “Verlogen”

      5. RedBaron9495 says:

        You must be a Hasbara Jew…..always crying Iran, Iran, Iran!!!!!

  24. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    The best that could possibly happen in Syria is that they unite with Libanon into some sort of union.

    And at the same time the creation of an independent Kurdistan from Kobani to the Syrian – Iraqi borders and along the river to the south …

    That Kurdish state would later also unite with the Kurds in Iraq and in Turkey to form a bigger solid Demovratic Republic of Kurdistan …

    1. RedBaron9495 says:

      You’re completely mad….will never happen!

      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        Yeah, thanks for the analysis, I m mad and obviously you are mr Laconic cousin of King Leonidas !

        1. RedBaron9495 says:

          Do you think Turkey or Iraq will allow their country to be carved up?????
          Think again…..it’s not going to happen.
          Look what happened to Kurdistan Referendum vote….it went nowhere and the whole world bar Israel condemned it.

          All those gained lands the Kurds stole from the Iraqis….whilst they were engaged against ISIS….has now been repatriated again, back to the original Kurdistan borders….and a big loss of all the Kirkuk Oilfields.

          Kurdistan is not self sufficient (even less os without Kirkuk Oil fields), is now $17 billion in debt and requires Iraq Govt funding to keep it alive.
          Read the below article.


          1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Turkey has been getting curved up, as you put it, since 1821 and the Greek revolution…

            With ‘Sultan’ Erdy as the head of state Turkey’s diplomatic relations basicly dont exist, (no chance to get in the EU and they v been accusing the US and Israel for everything thats wrong in Turkey), its only Russia that stands with them and that is because they d love to puss Turkey out of NATO … and it looks there is a good chance of that happening too…

            The Kurds will not stop till they get an independent state. Its now or never for them and they know it very well.

            They fought better than anyone else against isis, they have proven them selfs in combat and the Turks are beggining to feel it in the form of coffins with dead Turkish soldiers returning home …!

            There is 20-25 mil Kurds living in Turkey, about 3-5mil Kurds living in Syria, around10-15 mil Kurds living in Iraq and a few more mil living in Iran…

            They are a force to be reckoned with…if only they could unite !

  25. Z-man says:

    Shoot those JJ’s* down!!
    Not to worry Izruels puppet ‘US’ will replace them two for one.
    I’m all for arming Assad to the hilt now, war crimes and all.
    *Jew Jets. (Big grin)

  26. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    It is my opinion that the democratic majority of the world population (including Europeans and Americans) are ready to face Zionism from street to street and house to house.
    The Century of Zionism (The 20th century) is at its close, and the 21st century is ready to end Zionism for good.
    Monotheist United! Let us stand together and face our common enemy.

    1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


  27. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    Israel is war instigator terrorizing Syria,Palestine and Lebanon.No one likes racist Israelis.

    1. Brad Isherwood says:

      The Palestinians in Jordan can certainly obtain and get into occupied Palestine,
      MANPADs, …ATGM,…Sniper Rifles. ..explosives and digital detonators .

      The Platform Shoe midget King of Jordan has enjoyed ease as his Kingdom oppress
      Syria,Iraq….West Bank and Gaza.

      True Palestinians in Jordan must cease betray their brothers in occupied Palestine,
      And cease betray All Islam.

      Next creepy group of bought off knuckle daggers are the Fugging Egyptians.
      SISI grew up either in or next door to Crypto Jews living in Egypt.
      Rumor us….He is either Tribe or sympathetic to the Tribe.

      Nasser would stomp his balls if He were alive today.

  28. King_GeorgXIII says:

    Did they destroy air defences and waht kind of systems? Any info?

  29. Xanatos says:

    1) upgraded s-200 exports will now sell like crazy
    2) exports of F-16s will plummet like two Israeli pilots
    3) these planes cost Israel nothing. They are paid for by America. US taxpayers lose a fortune every day.
    4) Russia and China are unlocking the secret to destroying any number of F16s. Valuable lessons learned. American security threatened.
    5) destroying Syrian air defense batteries is an excuse to upgrade their air defense. Israel is squandering their air superiority to help terrorists. Short sighted strategy. Israel was safer before the war.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      S-300 would likely be sought after. The F-16 are still capable fighters, in the right hands. However, I doubt there is any secrets to unlock regarding the F-16.

  30. Harry Smith says:

    What is written on the banner?

  31. Vauxhall Astra says:

    Time for peace between israel and syria.

  32. electron says:

    Was this a message sent by Damask to the exceedingly feeble RF leadership, appearing to exploit the horrible situation in Syria for own political salvation.

    Leaked conversation between Russians discussing 180 to 215 killed by kurds/usaf in DZ. (We need precise translation): https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/962427200883625984

  33. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Could be Hezbollah prime time ticket.

    1. Brad Isherwood says:

      Iran has several Mobile SAM systems.
      It would be a huge move on their part to place some in South Lebanon with Hezbollah.

      Israel would stroke out… like those Be’atches on the View TV program.

  34. Brad Isherwood says:

    Will be of interest to learn what Syrian SAM systems got on the IAF jets.
    Syria may have used a vector response targeting which got proximity hits near the IAF jets.

    If Mobile Syrian SAMs such as BUK M2E got in on the Vampires. ..that would be awesome!.

    Iran has several Mobile SAM versions …are any in Syria?.
    If not…Kick in Iran for the win. ..

    Let’s go kill Vampires : )

    1. Merijn says:

      I thought you had to kill Vampires with wooden sticks….. but if SAMS do the job…. fine by me

      1. Brad Isherwood says:

        You can burn them alive. …
        They don’t reborn again like Phoenix from the ashes.

        Israel used to throw their own children into the fires of Molech.

        Israel/Hebrew/Jews …YHWY is complete made up BS from the Tribes death cult penchant history ways.

        Fire is a great answer to their lies…
        Iran…send some Mobile SAMs to Syria and Hezbollah.

        Let’s roast these Globalist Vampires.

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          Presidents, except for Trump, are merely actors playing a role.
          The Bush’s no more Governed the USA than Harrison Ford was really Han Solo.
          Presidents are just part of the circus to keep Americans under control.

          1. Brad Isherwood says:

            Trump gets …1 more chance with me.
            His portrait of Andrew Jackson better be Audit the illegal Jew Jeckyl Island Federal Reserve. …and end the money printing out of thin air.

            The US stock market is a Ponzi which has surged near 30% since Trump.
            So ya…the 1% and others party on the ride.

            Still. ..US taxpayers are crushed under personal and business debt .
            The debt economic system model has them by the balls.
            Under Obama. ..Millions of Americans lost full time paying jobs,
            Replaced by part time jobs with illegals ahead at the que.

            First Nations people’s of America know exactly what awaits the sheeple who salute the flag.
            They will be used up,betrayed….And discarded.

            At least TV series jike JAG reveal how the Annointed warriors of America get power washed into the street gutter of life.

            Russia’s people are just now realizing that Putin and the 1% Oligarch Jews there are screwing them over. ..Just like Wallstreet and US Oligarchy who own US Politicians ,
            ….like coins in their pocket!

          2. Sinbad2 says:

            I think Trump means well, but he’s an arrogant fool, who is no match for Americas true rulers.
            The oligarch Jews you refer to were imposed on Russia by the USA, after the Soviet collapse. Putin has been removing them, that’s why the US hates Putin and Russia.

      2. Sinbad2 says:

        With these vampires all you have to do is take their money, without it they are powerless.

  35. alejandro casalegno says:

    what was the missile in the shot down??? A Buk, a Kub. Neva a Vega???………..the only thing sure is was NOT a Triumf from Lattakia.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Who knows, it’s not in Syria’s interest to divulge what did the good deed.

  36. Rob says:

    Whole Syria belong to Syrian and not to Washington. The Washington should move their asses out of Syria along with their foreign terrorists
    Washington should not take land from Syrian nation. The whole world eyes are on Washington that taking oil and gas fields rich land from Syrian nation. .

  37. PZIVJ says:

    IAF F-16 going down in flames is great news !
    Seems US and Israel lunatics are getting desperate to undermine Astana agreements, and to provoke Syria. After US air strikes in Deir Ezzor area, it’s looking so obvious.
    Godspeed SAA

    1. velociraptor says:

      (H)Astana vista! :)

  38. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    So sad…

  39. Superfly says:

    It is quite surprising that a Soviet era Guideline SA 2 downed the most advanced US taxpayer donated IDF F-16I. Perhaps, Russia needs to go back to the USSR. The much vaunted S-400 seem to do squat.

    1. wootendw says:

      They haven’t used the S-400. They are saving them for a real attack.

  40. Nigel Maund says:

    The key to neutralising Israel’s capability is for them to suffer serious losses of IAF aircraft and missiles. Once this happens the regional bully, who is essentially a coward, will lose heart and quietly retreat to reconsider his position. Therefore, the obvious thing to do is equip the SAA and SAAF with all the kit they need to render the IAF essentially powerless and counter mass Israeli

    1. velociraptor says:

      “The key to neutralising Israel’s capability is for them to suffer serious losses of IAF aircraft”


      Kill the pilots. Yanks replace also large IL losses in planes within 24h. But the dead pilots you can not replace.

      1. Nigel Maund says:

        You cannot be sure of killing the pilots when you shoot an aircraft down. I agree with your sentiment that killing the trained pilots is a bonus. However, with modern ejection seats this is by no means a guarantee and you cannot be sure of killing them. To kill them on the ground as ISIS does would be a serious provocation with even more serious political damage to Syria which they certainly do not need. This would play into Israel’s hands with unknown implications which no one needs.

        1. velociraptor says:

          This is the role of palestinians.

          1. Nigel Maund says:

            What the Palestinians do is up to them. They would kill a Israeli pilot if they got a hold of him as they have so many reasons to hate them. The main jist of my post is that the efforts of the US Deep State – read the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal in Syria are comprehensively defeated. If serious attrition of expensive IAF aircraft, drones and missiles is achieved then Israel will be forced to rethink its highly agressive actions. This is the equivalent of a military defeat.

          2. velociraptor says:

            They should learn from PKK. ;)

      2. Ivan Freely says:

        True but there are a lot of unemployed pilots in the US. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find replacements.

      3. goingbrokes says:

        No. The pilots that are shot down should be captured for later negotiations. Anything else is folly.

  41. The next israeli move will be to use their latest american-taxpayer-paid F35 to try get past Russian integrated AD network..

    it would be a fun day if the F35 got shotdown by legacy Syrian AD systems.. last time they met each other , the F35 got damaged by a ‘bird’ with syrian marking..

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Short LockMart’s stock?

    1. Graeme Rymill says:

      That photo wasn’t taken in Syria. It was taken before the Russians deployed the s-400 to Syria. I am sure John Whitehot will confirm that that isn’t Syrian grass in the background!

        1. Graeme Rymill says:

          Seriously Richard?

          Let’s take the Sputnik article and accompanying photo as an example. It is announcing the future deployment of the S-400 to Syria. Yet you maintain the photo was taken in Syria?

          1. RichardD says:

            Where was it taken?

          2. Graeme Rymill says:

            The Russian Su-24 was shot down by Turkey on Tuesday 24 November. MEHR news agency (i.e. the link you provided) states the Russians decided as a result of this to send the s-400. This decision was made on Wednesday 25 November and the missiles were there within 24 hours – on Thursday 26 November. However the Sputnik article is dated 25 November. There is no way, based on the sources you have provided, that this could be a photo of the S-400 at Hmeymim air base in Latakia prior to 26 November.

          3. RichardD says:

            You didn’t answer the question:

            “Where was it taken?”

          4. Graeme Rymill says:

            Anywhere but Syria

          5. RichardD says:

            You haven’t proven that.

          6. Graeme Rymill says:

            I haven’t proved it. I have though provided a pile of evidence that strongly points to the photograph not being in Syria. You, on the other hand, have provided me with the sources that have given me the evidence I need. So thanks for that!

          7. RichardD says:

            You’re the one who admits to making fraudulent posts that they can’t prove:

            “That photo wasn’t taken in Syria.”

          8. Graeme Rymill says:

            “Governments deploy personnel and equipment in war zones every day and take pictures of them, prior to making public announcements for security reasons.”

            Your MEHR source says the S-400 was deployed in response to the shoot down of the Russian plane. If that it true then there is simply no time in this timeline for photos to be taken prior to a public announcement. The missiles arrived, according to MEHR, just 2 days after the shootdown. This arrival date is one day after Sputnik published its photo! For your theory to be true your own source would have to be wrong. Somehow Russia would have to have got the missiles from Russia to Syria within just 24 hours of the shutdown. Still within the 24 hour time limit the missiles would then have to be assembled and driven and set up where the Sputnik photograph was taken. The photograph doesn’t yell “coastal Latakia” to me but I am waiting to hear from John Whitehot on his assessment of the grass.
            Or perhaps your own source is totally wrong and the S-400 had secretly been in Syria for months. There is zero evidence to support this but that shouldn’t stop you!

          9. RichardD says:

            There’s a lot of evidence that governments have personnel and equipment in war zones before making public announcements that could jeopardize the operations. It’s an integral part of military planning and operations and always has been.


          10. dontlietome says:

            So where are they now Graeme ? Other than being buried up the tailpipe of some IDF Warplane maybe ?

  42. RichardD says:

    This does not look good for the baby rapers. In the eyes of Joe six pack, they shot down a model airplane and the Syrians shot down a jet interceptor. Many people are laughing at the IDF and Zionist thieves.

  43. Steve Bell says:

    Well, the IAF can’t explain away this one with a bird hit or bury it, as it almost hit an Israeli town/village. Syrian AD skills will be in more demand now.

  44. Papo Machete says:

    Best news in a long time !

    1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

      Yes my friend, in a long time,
      after so many unjust as well as unfounded aggressions towards Syria without anyone putting a stop.

  45. Deborah says:

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  46. RichardD says:

    The Jews violate their neighbor’s airspace everyday. And when they claim that a single drone entered their airspace, they use it as a pretext to attack their neighbor. Israel is probably the only scofflaw crime state on the planet that would do this. Which is one of the reasons that they have 100+ UN and other international law resolutions against them. Because they’re criminals.

  47. Rob says:

    In the whole Middle East the most ugliest people are of Israel.

  48. D.R.Phantom says:

    I trust Syria’s reports. During the 7-week-air raid-NATO-campaign in Serbia, with the technology of second generation (of the 60s); without systems to protect radars and air-defence batteries (Panzir, Tunguska, and the like), Serbian air-defense downed two airplanes for certain (F117 and F-16; + likely 4 more, yet there is no material evidence since they fell on the territories of neighboring countries) and damaged about 60. So, I do not have any doubt, that well trained and equipped Syrian air-defense may make Israelis excursions in Syria extremely costly.

  49. Simon Steil says:

    not news just unconfirmed blatter from a troll

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