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At Least Four Vessels Broadcasted Warning Off UAE Coast

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At Least Four Vessels Broadcasted Warning Off UAE Coast

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At least four vessels have broadcasted warning under unclear circumstances off the coast of the United Arab Emirates .

The oil tankers Queen Ematha under the flag of Guyana, Golden Brilliant (Singapore), Jag Pooja (India) and Abyss (Vietnam) reported a loss of control at different times on August 3.

According to Sky News, the Asphalt Princess tanker under the flag of Panama was also seized in the Gulf of Oman. According to the report a group of eight or nine armed people boarded the ship.

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office claimed that the agency was investigating “an incident on a ship off the coast of the UAE.”

Later on the same day, the UK Maritime Trade Organization announced another incident off the coast of the eastern UAE emirate Fujairah, without clarifying the vessel. It considers the incident as a “potential seizure” that was not a piracy.

Meanwhile, The Times, citing sources in the British government, claimed that Tehran or its allies might be involved in the incident with Asphalt Princess.

In response, the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, called the reports of incidents with tankers in the Gulf of Oman a “very suspicious situation.”

Tehran proclaimed its readiness to help in the investigation.

The reports come a few days after the Mercer Street tanker was attacked off the coast of Oman. The U.S. and U.K. hurried up to accuse Iran of being responsible for the alleged drone strike on an oil tanker.


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Looks like Israel/Saudi Ops are intensifying their false flags…. Keep messing around, and y’all gonna find out.


oh yeah…….that same ol mysterious tanker attack drama being revisited……lol…….so sick of bullshit.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
Raptar Driver

Amazing what the war pigs are willing to go through to have their little bloodbath.
If they weren’t such cowards they would just come straight.

cosmo kramer

they would get raped by iran LOL

G2 Man

Iran can not be militarily attacked, unless the US wants a suicidal global nuclear war. The ship of intimidating Iran sank a long time ago. The US needs to tone down its counterproductive policies vis a vis Iran and the region in general as it is playing a 19th century passe intimidation game with a very weak hand. A bankrupt failed state like the US which is in perennial decline and societal meltdown simply can not fight China, Russia, Iran and vast majority of the world at the same time. The US humiliating defeat in Afghanistan should be good time to reflect on its self-inflicted disasters.


How much longer will underwriters continue to insure these cargoes?


I don’t think they have balls to wage war against Iran.
No more than 8 minutes !

they are bunch of barking dogs that’s all they are!


Israheel yahudi will never attack Iran…….they owe their existence to Iran…….can’t even make eye contact out of shame…….lol…….Jew below the Aryan…….lol

Americunt LOSERS

Americunts and Jewcunts are telling fibs, nothing has happened.


In the real world, Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi has officially been inaugurated as the President and the official ceremony later will have heads of state and dignitaries from over 60 nations. Hardliner original revolutionary Mr. Raisi is barely 60 years old and widely slated to be the next Supreme Leader. He is expected to focus on charging Iran’s economy by focusing on self sufficiency, closer ties with China and Russia and regional engagement.

Religion destroyed nations Muhammad is fake

You Fucking idiots here…
You can check the tracking of the ship and see that 1 vessel is in Iran port already….
Don’t you worry we will rip the heads of Iran if this is true…

Ashok Varma

The only frustrated idiot here appears to be you.

Ashokk Varma

This is all nonsense and part of the US and UK effort to malign Iran for their Zionist masters. In real military terms these are worn out cuckolds and can’t really do much as Afghanistan and Iraq have clearly shown. They were not expecting the great loss of face the Zionists have suffered lately, so have to invent fiction.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ashokk Varma
G2 Man

This type of desperately crude psy-ops is called asymmetrical propaganda which the losing side creates fiction to escalate tensions. The US and UK are controlled by extremely vicious Zionists, who operate like stand over criminals by bluster, bullying, threats and intimidation, but when that crude strategy fails, they resort to sheer lies and fabrications. The US and its NATO vassals are in global headlong flight and marginalization as Eurasia rises and a more mature multi-polar world takes shape. Therefore, expect more of this sort of crass disinformation from the losing side.

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