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JUNE 2021

At Least 64 People Died In Mall Blaze in Russia’s Kemerovo

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At Least 64 People Died In Mall Blaze in Russia’s Kemerovo

Photo: TASS/Danil Aykin

At least 64 people have died and 11 are still missing as a result of the blaze in Kemerovo shopping mall, Russia’s Investigative committee said on March 26. According to reports, many children are among the victims.

Earlier, 64 people was listed as missing, but authorities clarified that these included the victims whose bodies were already found but not yet identified.

The first reports of the blazr appeared on March 26 afternoon. Police encircled the area and started evacuating people. According to media reports, some 15 fire teams were deployed and over 660 people were engaged in emergency response activities.

According to, witnesses fire alarms and the fire-extinguisher system in the shopping mall, which were completely packed, failed to go off.

The official cause of the conflagration has yet to be determined. The investigative committee has launched a criminal investigation into the case. Four suspects, including the head of the management company, servicing the shopping mall have been reportedly detined.

“Negligence is the cause. All norms are written. But the way we treat these [security] norms is the catastrophic cause of the tragedy we have witnessed today,” child ombdusman Anna Kuznetsova commented on the situation in an interview with the state-run channel Rossiya 24.

Despite Russia’s notable achievements in many spheres, cases of criminal negligence, especially among bureaucrats, still cause such tragedies.

Some people see an analogy between the Kemerovo mall blaze and the 2012 flood in the Krasnodar Kray in southern Russia. In 2012, 172 people died as a result of the flood. These consequences were the result of incompetence and idleness of local and regional authorities. Planned measures to protect the territory against flood that should have been implemented in the previous decade were not implemented. No alert about the looming menace was issued.

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Rüdiger Preiss

This is sad News and I have seen it on RT yesterday. But why is it on Southfront?


why not? reports about russia.

John Whitehot

SF is about military themes, not about Russia.


you dont know SF :P

btw., did you send money them???

John Whitehot

“did you send money them???”

never in my life.


parasite :)

despite my critics i sent several times. i think, part of their work (not saker, craig and russian agitprop part) is important.


Yeah right… you are a janitor, you have no money…


sure. i am moneyless homeless :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Oh yeah – everybody believes your word, veloc-incinerator.

John Whitehot

i agree that part of their work is important. Also, my criticism has been directed only at areas where the “anti-nwo” part seemed to fall in contradiction, but of course it’s just my opinion.


SF is a kremlin propaganda outlet- which isn’t a bad thing, per se. I just wish our side was a damned sight less ‘jewed’.

SF’s ‘military’ flavour is just a hook on which to hang a coat.


‘…our side…’

Nice try, but no one is buying that Tel Aviv based ‘anti-Semitic’ troll room bollocks.


Yet Southfront constantly refuses to cover jewish atrocities in palestine, like the jew nazi treatment of the child Ahed Tamimi. The filthy jewish animals can carry out any atrocity against children knowing Putin the zionist appeaser will order his outlets to keep silent.

Rüdiger Preiss

Please don’t hijack my post for your baseless rant


Starlight is systematic troll. Pure anti-Russian content and with added
spice of loading SF forum pages with litany of self consciously
‘anti-Semitic’ comments that can be used against this site, and its
alleged users, in western media – now or later. Go not resond or trust
this bullshit.

John Whitehot

Starlight writes propaganda, what proves it is that this user has never spoken once in favor of one country, or organization, or anything.

i never trust those that go only anti- everything and never pro-.

I mean, it could be teenagery struggle, but the language and the carefulness in how the wording is put suggest a much different picture.


Because this was a sabotage, very likely. Just another episode of this undeclared war against Russia.


According to, witnesses fire alarms and the fire-extinguisher system in
the shopping mall, which were completely packed, failed to go off.

So, two systems in the same time. Again on oligarch is more rich, because saved the money and built in cheap system.
Yesterday i saw videos, olaso the rescue axits stood closed :( Typical shoddy work.
Also the very old Zil and Ural fire-engines were not enough.

very painful disaster, because lot of children died :(((((


These kinds of disaster were previously associated with China, as its industrialisation explodes. But China has the good sense to EXECUTE its corrupt business people when their corruption leads to the death of the innocent. In Russia these criminal business people are JEWISH, so Putin rewards them instead.


How many major fires has Russia now had in the last few years? This latest makes Russia look worse than even the lousiest Chinese crap-hole.

The Russian people know that spotting and raising concerns about shoddy or non-existent safety standards falls on deaf ears when JEWISH business people are behind the hyper corrupt work. Why do you think jews were allowed to steal the wealth of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union? When a group of people are organised and always co-operate with one another, and worse are recognise as ‘special’ by the state, their ability to run rough-shod over everyone else increases exponentially.

Weinstein proves just how dangerous the jews really are. Even tho Weinstein was always recognised as a serial rapist, the jews that control the film biz in the UK and France got their respective governments to give him their highest awards. The same happened with Roman Polanski, the child rapist, when he fled to France from the USA.

To stop these fires in Russia, all Putin has to do is arrest, convict and shoot those responsible, like the Chinese do. Jewish corruption in Russia cannot be ended by any other means.

Corruption is a cancer, and the people most effected by corruption are the ordinary people at the bottom.


Hey troll, this was a sabotage/terrorist act, by Ukies, or CIA (no difference anyway). This sick tactic is aimed to instigate fear, to undermine public faith in the government, and the ultimate goal is to repeat 1917. or 1990.

cowards are afraid to attack Russia directly so they try to demonize and isolate them, ruin their economy, destroy ordinary peoples lives… and the Russian government is afraid to tell the truth, if you say – CIA did this, then it means war, something that Russia desperately trying to avoid.

John Whitehot

typical jewish opportunistic bullshittery.

fires happen all around the world, just like bridges fall the day after being inaugured.

the larger the country, the larger the probability.

“Corruption is a cancer, and the people most effected by corruption are the ordinary people at the bottom.”

Corruption is present where money is present. Ziowestern countries and corporations, which you serve with no reserve, actually RUN on corruption.

But your kind talks of corruption only when talking about Russia, because God forbid that western people realize what their oligarchs are stealing from them while their dogs troll forums like these.


How the hell do you turn off alarms and sprinkler systems, as if they were connected? Whoever ordered safety doors locked is going to see jail time.

chris chuba

Until I hear otherwise, I’m in the ‘incompetence’ camp. This still makes it criminal, there is definitely such a thing as criminal incompetence.
1. Alarms and sprinkler systems have to be periodically tested, precisely because they may not be connected properly to begin with.
2. Doors, perhaps some idiot manager was more worried about the doors being used as a source for unauthorized entry. Again this is criminal,.

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