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Tens Rockets Were Launched From Gaza Strip At Israeli Targets (Videos)


Tens Rockets Were Launched From Gaza Strip At Israeli Targets (Videos)

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UPDATED: According to pro-IDF sources, a total of 90 rockets were launched.


At least 50 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip at Israeli targets in the morning of May 4, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). According to pro-IDF sources, “tens” rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system.

Especially intense explosions were reported in the area of Ashkelon.

There are reports that the IDF’s aircraft delivered strikes on at least two supposed Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

The May 4 rocket launchers took place one day after two Israeli troops were shot and injured during patrol along the contact line with the Gaza Strip. In response to the shooting, the Israeli Air Force struck an alleged Hamas target, killing two people.




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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    the populations around war zones, slowly they are learning that weapons does not make warriors, commitment to be free at any cost, is what make warriors. Simple message… get of your fat ass and do something against what enslaves you, or shut up and accept the destiny others impose on you.

    YOU, are a slave.

  • hvaiallverden

    Tell me, SouthF, whom is running this sites, incl yours this days.
    Go to Russian ugh…. sites, like the despecable rotten RT and Sputnik, etc, where somehow, Palestinians are the scums, and poor Joohos have nothing else to do than retaliate, yeah, evil, evil Palestinians whom is so rotten they acutally do something back at the most piss… sorry peaceful humans on this earth, right RT.
    The same idiot propaganda, as in Norway another Jewish run shithole, where truthfull, and never ever lying nor fabrikaing bollocks orgs, as SPLC is as we speak used an an org where they tell us the “nothing but the truth” about everybody else, right VG and Dagbladet, as RT, they always have something that is meant to show how anti-semtic we are, because, yeah, why, RT, huh.
    The second thing is, Arabs, my patient have run dry, now I know what they are.

    To use a Somali monkey as an cowbar on issues as Islamaphobia, is noting but an joke, that Somali bitch is everything BUT an Muslim, thats why I have zero problems with hammering their bigorty, and to me, she isnt anything but an lying sack of shait, like the AmeriTrads claiming to be Christians, when the Pumpeous is an good christian, yeah, only in an society where people are indeed ignorant and downright stupid, is this even considered as normal, and they whine about Muslims.
    But the Jews control of our MSM is shining thrue, like the stupidity of beliving Russia will be an savior, that, idiots, is an ilution.
    And Putin is an real Jew, not crypto or whatever, but an real Jew, because Khazaria is/was Ukraina and whats to day, Polan, and the Russian state was made possible thru the Khazars, just ask Putin.
    No wounder the Russians is closing their files, to hide the truth.
    Why do you think nobody cares, not an single f…. western Gov cares, nobody, but is siding with the scums of this earth, The Jews, and I dont know how many times we have to explain, that this scums arent Arabic, they are Russian sewage rats, and thats why the east dont lift an finger, they, Putin and the inbreed cockroatch crawling out from an rock in Siberia dont do anything is because they dont shoot their own, unless you are an christian.

    Never forget this, while you whine about Islam, The “christian” Russians have killed more people than most, the only nation that have killed more, is UssA.
    Never ever trust the Russians, never, I never have, and never will, and this latest shows in Syria tells me everything, like the last attack on the airfield, yeah, the reason the stopped it was it was NOT ISISraelis that did it, thats why, if ISISraeli did it, the Russians would do what they have done for years, turn of the systems of defence, and Syria is right now highjacked by Khazarian sewage rats, aka Russians.
    The Slavs, an people worse that African monkeys, low life rats, they are humantys problem, the Khazars.
    So, I dont expect anything else than more killing by ISISrael, poor f…. have to defend them selfs, right Russia, we arent anti-semtis are we, huh, Russians whom brags about been educated, acoding to another raving loonie Saker.
    To me its more like simple treason, nothing else, and every day the Russians confirms it, every god dammed day.

    Yup, the shoah must go on.

    ( PS: so, you stil dont get it do you, people, tell me, how many countrys did Russian jews/comies attack before Germany retaliated, huh, do you even know, like Finland, Poland, the BallTick states, Iran, etc to the eastern worlds, and how many times did France/Khazars, attack Germany, and all this before 1939/40, f….. Adolf Hitler, the last standing european, since then its been an decline, in intellegence and truth)


    • You can call me Al

      Get some sleep and stop waffling incoherent shite.

  • Miroslav Beran

    It is very bad modus operandi for these Semitic people (Palestinians).
    They cannot fire rockets. They must 15 years be in silence, keep patience and look at another land steal by Khazars.
    Only Abbas passive method is good. Gandhi and Abbas with their passive method recorded big victories.
    Or no?
    If something is missed in my comment, please taught me!

    Khazars have no rights to murder Semitic people! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f3bf64ba45cf4a93687a21b4144816440e3949add2ed3dc77f0093018b5cac2.jpg

  • Lena Jones

    They’re NOT “israeli communities” as the first photo depicts – THEY’RE ILLEGAL JEWISH COLONIES!

    • You can call me Al



      • Lena Jones

        Sorry Al pal but the fact remains that they are illegal JEWISH colonies, with jew-only roads. The only difference between israeli jews and the neturei karta jews is that the later still wants Palestine, just not yet.

        • You can call me Al

          I do not know what to say to that as it makes a lot of sense; therefore agreed and my apologies, I was and have been wong.

        • You can call me Al


  • NobodysaysBOO

    50 rockets from Gaza and 90 total so where did the missing 40 come from and what was destroyed by the 90 rocket barrage?
    Smells fishy , like spoiled geflida fish.
    NOTHING was hit or hurt?

    just let the Matzo BALLS roll.

    • verner

      50 or 100, it ought to have been 1000 with better reach – for the squatters there is just one end and that is to depalestinate the entire country and if they, the palestinians, can’t escape out of the land the squatters have stolen, they will be killed, slowly and efficiently by the squatters, who are helped on the way by moronistan (aka usa – home of useful idiots) which is directed by guys like adelson and aipac and zillion of jewish organisations around the world transmitting zillion of shekels to the squatters for the palestinian holocaust, i.e. the complete annihilation of all palestinians, just like hitler tried 80 years or so ago. and the world stays mum (except turkey)

      • NobodysaysBOO

        a jew pig just stole all my up votes ban this stinker 12000 in 3 years!

        go to this site and see .

        Discuss Disqus

        Bug Reports & Feedback: UPVOTES DISAPPEARING

        On 4-27-2019 I had almost 25,700 upvotes. Now it’s 4-28-2019 and I have less than 8300. So, 2/3 of my upvotes, gone in one day. That can’t be somebody closed an account

        CaliCheeseSucks Mod • 16 hours ago

        Antisemitism is not welcome here and you are banned for it.

        this jew pig stole all my up votes ban this stinker 12000 in 3 years