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JUNE 2021

At Least 31 People Killed, 54 Injured In ISIS Suicide Bombing In Afghanistan – Reports

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At Least 31 People Killed, 54 Injured In ISIS Suicide Bombing In Afghanistan - Reports

A screenshot from the video

At least 31 people were killed and 54 injured in Afghanistan on April 22 when a suicide bomber struck a voter registration center in the country’s capital of Kabul. According to authorities, the attacked detonated an IED inside the voter registration center.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack adding that over 100 people were killed and injured in the attack.

Reprots also appeared about another blast at a voter registration center in Puli Khumri in Baghlan province. According to reprots, at least six or seven people were killed and several others wounded in an IED blast.

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US/UK/France/Saudis through ISIS have slaughtered 200+ in Afghanistan Kabul. They have lost war in Afghanistan so now they accuse Afghani nation for their defeat and are taking revenge from them.

Roger Snellman

50 years of war? When exactly did the US get involved? Don’t get me wrong I want US completely out of Afghanistan too.


15,047 to 25,000 troops as of April 2018 of which 8,475 to 15,000 are from US.

this name is better

i feel sorry for afghans they have dealt with instability for decades


I too felt sorry for the afghans.. but those idiots in the government seems to ignores the reasons of what’s exactly happening in their country.. they should had overtly or covertly discuss of their country with taliban to share power and get to the bottom of the problem (the muricunts) for the sake of their people.. and at the same time kicked those bastard Yankees out of their country.!
Isis will always be the muricunts objectives to justify their stay there and that goes for Iraq as well.. Just burnt down all those poppies and starts slaughtering those muricunts..

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