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JUNE 2021

At Least 3 Dead And 16 Wounded After More Than A Dozen Rockets Strike Kabul

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At Least 3 Dead And 16 Wounded After More Than A Dozen Rockets Strike Kabul

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On August 18th, 3 were killed and 16 others were wounded in rocket attacks on Kabul, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior said.

Two of those killed were government employees, there were children among the wounded.

At least 14 rockets were fired in Kabul city, including eight launched from PD16 and six from PD17, a security source said on Tuesday, adding that “all rockets were launched from two Toyota “Corolla” vehicles.

Eyewitnesses said that the rockets landed in Wazir Akbar Khan, Sherpur, first Macroryan and Shashdarak areas of Kabul.

They were primarily aimed at the Presidential Palace where at least 7 of the wounded were hit.

The rocket attacks started after President Ashraf Ghani placed a wreath at the Minaret of Independence at the Ministry of Defense building to mark Afghanistan’s 101st Independence Day.

Interior ministry spokesman Tareq Arian said that two suspects had been arrested.

“Most of these rockets have hit civilian houses in Kabul,” Arian said.

“Unfortunately, 10 civilians including four children and one woman have been wounded.”

Witnesses said some of the rockets fell near the palace and the defence ministry in a heavily fortified area that also houses several embassies.

Sources told the Reuters news agency the diplomatic area was quickly placed under lockdown after the blasts, as workers in embassies took cover in safe rooms.

The attack came a day after the government said it would not release the last 320 Taliban prisoners it holds until the armed group frees more captured Afghan soldiers.

Despite that, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said he was not aware of the attack in Kabul.


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