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At Least 2,000 Shiite Volunteers Killed in Syria & Iraq So Far – Report

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According to the director of the Iranian Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, 2,100 Shiite volunteers, fighting against terrorists, have been killed on the territories Syria and Iraq so far.

At Least 2,000 Shiite Volunteers Killed in Syria & Iraq So Far - Report

Liwa Fatemiyoun fighters are in Syria

Iran has mobilized volunteers from Shiite population of Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to support the Syrian regime and deter the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq, the Zone Militaire information portal reported. In addition, Tehran sent ‘military advisers’ from the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to the area of combat operations in Syria.

Foreign Shiite volunteers were included in the Zeynabiyoun and Fatemiyoun brigades before being sent to Syria, depending on their country of origin. Their monthly salary is 450 euros, and they were promised to be provided with Iranian citizenship.

In addition to these foreign fighters, some number of Iranian volunteers also decided to participate in the campaign in order to defend Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque, a Shiite holy place, located in the south of Damascus. But their number is not very large.

According to information from Tehran, these volunteer formations suffered heavy losses. In November 2016, director of the Iranian Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, Mohammad Ali Shahidi Mahallati, reported that 1,000 of them were killed in Syria, however, he did not specify nationalities and circumstances of the deaths of the killed fighters.

Four months later, these figures became even greater. On March 7, Mahallati said that 2,100 people had become ‘martyrs’ not only in Syria, but also in Iraq, where they defended the holy mausoleums, the graves of followers of Prophet Muhammad.

But these Shiite volunteers fought not only to defend their holy places, they also held a strategic corridor, which connects Iran and the Hezbollah movement. In addition, a large number of them took part in the battle for the eastern part of Aleppo. Evidence of the Iranian participation was the visit of head of the Quds Force, Major general Qasem Soleimani, to the ruined neighborhoods of Aleppo after the end of the fighting in December 2016.

This means that in contradistinction from previous cases, the head of the Iranian Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs voiced losses in Iraq, where the Shiite militia, backed up by Iran, fights against terrorists. This partly explains the significant increase in casualties among Shiite volunteers and military advisers from the Quds Force.

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May those heroes rest in peace

Behold a Pale Horse


Free man

All foreign invaders are the same no matter what their religion is.

Good humble citizens of the world. Reminds me of the American minute men who fought the oppressive UK-terrorist invaders. And the Jackson-Militia who saved Illinois from the same evil-UK enablers of terrorism. And the white Russians who valiantly defended mother Russia from the evils of the atheist Red Beast. Every generation must resist the terrorism which is funded by the advancing globalism. Every generation must defend Goyim from being ethnically cleansed from the earth. We are all one this day. Today, we are all Shia-minorities.


fatemiyon are true heroes who fight to protect resitance against true enemies of islam and middle east people. i know some of their families most of them already are citizen of iran or europian countries but still fight for this great purpose. hope that terrorists finally defeat in this war and people beware that this war has begon just for separatin muslim nation


To the Iran and the ‘Axis of Resistance,’ its a price worth paying than to see a gradual isolation and destruction of all their interest and allies. The idea here is to be a long standing thorn in the a** of those who oppose them, that’s hard to remove.

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