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At Least 150 killed In More Than 450 Acts Of Gun Violence Over 4th July Weekend In The U.S.

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At Least 150 killed In More Than 450 Acts Of Gun Violence Over 4th July Weekend In The U.S.

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At least 150 people were killed over the 4th July weekend in the United States.

In total, there were 450 acts of gun violence across the entire country.

New Yorkers saw 21 shootings that injured 26 people between July 2nd and 4th, a slight dip from the same dates last year when 30 people were shot in 25 acts of gunplay.

In Chicago, 92 people were shot over the holiday weekend, 16 of whom died, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The victims included a Chicago police commander and a sergeant who were wounded while dispersing a crowd on the city’s West Side early July 5th.

One of the 14 people killed was a member of the Illinois Army National Guard, CNN affiliate WLS reported. His family identified him on social media as Chrys Carvajal, though the Cook County medical examiner has not officially released his name.

Lt. Col. Brad Leighton confirmed to CNN that Carvajal was assigned to the Company L, Recruitment Sustainment Program, Recruiting and Retention Battalion, of the Illinois Army National Guard.

“(Carvajal) was new to the Illinois National Guard and was to be assigned to a transportation unit. He had recently completed Army basic training,” Leighton said. “Our hearts go out Pvt. 1st Class Carvajal’s family and friends.

Two Chicago police officers were injured in an overnight shooting as an individual opened fire while officers were dispersing a crowd of several thousand people and made more than 60 arrests, police said. Both are expected to survive.

Another mass shooting was reported in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 2nd when four children were shot by a 15-year-old boy, police said. All are expected to recover and the teen boy was arrested.

In Dallas, five men were hit by gunfire in a mass shooting, with only one person surviving Sunday. Another 61-year-old man died in another shooting in the Texas city on the Fourth of July, when he was blasted “multiple times in the street during a disturbance,” cops said.

Two were killed and three others were injured in Cincinnati, Ohio, where a gunman opened fire at a holiday party Sunday, according to police. No arrests have been made and cops are unsure what sparked the gunplay.

There were several mass shootings over the holiday weekend. CNN defines a mass shooting as an incident with four or more people killed or wounded by gunfire, excluding the shooter.

Eight people were injured early July 4th in a shooting near a car wash in Fort Worth, Texas, after an argument between a group of men, according to a Fort Worth police news release.

One of the men left the scene during the argument, returned with a gun and began firing “toward groups of people,” Fort Worth Police said in a news release. Multiple people returned gunfire, the release said.

Most of the victims are believed to have been innocent bystanders who weren’t involved in the initial argument, according to Fort Worth Police. All were taken to local hospitals and are in stable condition, police added.


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Americunt LOSER ar$eholes

Seriously, the dumbass Americunts are morons, they have squandered trillions on Jew fanned endless lost wars, their deadbeat economy has imploded, their HDI is lower than most African failed states and at par with India in terms of income inequality, they have no universal health care and declining life span with more gun deaths than all of the current global conflicts combined. The US is a exceptional failed shithole.


I find it funny that most people, from other countries, who verbally attack the u.s. do so because the don’t think it is liberal enough when in fact it is the liberals who are destroying this country.

Just goes to show that stupid knows no borders.


This is correct. The Democrats are destroying systematically the USA culturally as well as economically while they are trying to export a totally failed ideology to other countries. This US elites are such clowns. Can you see how they manage to be silent on all this serious issues like anti-Asian hate crimes and gun violence? First big campaigns are started and then when videos appearing online that the perpetrators are majority black Democrat voters the campaigns are discarded instantly. In the US you live in a Matrix vastly controlled by the Democratic Party. And this beasts are totally fine with killing, starving and torturing even their own people, who are even no more able to buy food because the stores are closing in this areas in big numbers and the schools are so bad, that the majority from certain districts is not even able to read and write corretly after years as pupil. Who is attracted to this sick satanic system is really nuts.

Jim Allen

US Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of London. The two pollutical party’s are an illusion, created to divide the people, and keep them divided. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal is the only pollutical party in US Government, which serves it’s masters unquestioningly. US military protects Israel, and bully’s, destabilizes, attacks, and provides regime change services to uncooperative countries at the direction of the Cabal. The resources it steals are for the benefit of the Cabal.
US Government is destroying it’s own country, and orchestrating UN Agenda 21 Sustainability Development Guidelines. The 90% reduction of the worlds population by
2030. US population is to be reduced 81% by
2025. (280 million) UK, and EU countries are to have their populations reduced by 2025 as well. The people in these countries are just as brainwashed as those in US, and are just as blind to what’s coming as those in US.
There is strong resistance to the Globalist plan’s by powerful countries that take exception to the Globalist’s playing God, and their one world Government.

Bobby Twoshoes

I find it sad that Americans are so easy to manipulate. There is no such thing as a US liberal, you have two factions of a single Corporate Party who use slightly different ideological marketing but neither of them give a shit about the ideologies they use to sell their corruption to the plebs.

Just goes to show that you don’t even need your peasants to be stupid when you can short circuit their brain with 24/7 propaganda and an uncompromising absolutist narrative.

Fog of War

Which race is responsible for most of the gun violence in the US ?


You have to admit that Americans know how to celebrate! Many of these idiots probably don’t even know the year the 13 colonies broke from the British. Once again, guns in the hands of completely stupid people and criminals is the problem, not the need for more laws.


Celebrate what? the ultimate fake holyday, just as all their bullshit holydays including “Juneteenth”. Their “revolution” was an illegal terrorist rebellion organized by freemasons, criminals and slave owners, and fully supported and funded by French. France eventually won the war, the only thing the rebels did is to slaughter loyal colonists. Probably the only war in history where Britain was actually right.

Last edited 26 days ago by N007
Jim Allen

Bullshit, the colonists used the Courts to sue for independence from the Crown, nothing illegal about it. If nothing else the colonists kept British troops tied up here, when otherwise they’d have been fighting the French. England was also fighting another war at the time. The colonists got an ass whuppin’, did not win the war. But did manage to grind the British forces to a standstill. It was the King that sued for peace, and the country was negotiated in the Courts.
You moron. The founders got more than they sued for.


Dipshit, you are the only moron here, everything you said is ridiculous bullshit and total garbage. So-called the Declaration of Independence was not only totally illegal and illegitimate but actually treasonable. No one granted them anything, ‘country’ wasn’t negotiated in the courts you crazy idiot, but recognized under the Paris peace treaty. What other war you clueless moron? Other European countries Spain and Netherlands joined France, GB was forced to accept humiliating peace, all thanks to France. It was all the same war, there was no other war. Moron. France paid for the war and ultimately won the war. Keep your fantasy Mickey Mouse Mel Gibson patriotic stories about Washington and Franklin and other freemason scum for your two daddies. They were a bunch of rebels, traitors, criminals and terrorists, perfect founding fathers for your terrorist, criminal ‘nation’.
Now sod off you brainless fukin moron.

Last edited 26 days ago by N007

This is life in the Jewnited ShitHoles of Ameriqua, Homo Habilis hordes rule the streets of the ShitHoles and you better not attempt to enforce order or even defend yourself, lest Black Lies Matter and other CultMarx entities pull some Cultural Revolution on your ass

Raptar Driver

American cities have become wastelands.
This is what we get for moving to the suburbs and now out into the country.
We just keep giving up territory to non Americans.
Mexicans, Muslims from the middle east, our indigenous former slave population.
America is no more.

Chess Master

Let me guess, the orcs…


american degenerates celebrate their own stupidity. Still trying to “figure out” 9/11?

To summarize the entire nation in one word…… lost.

Lone Ranger

Sounds like a warzone…


It is a warzone. Last year 19,141 in the land of freedom, democracy and human rights had their lives ended by criminals (Source: US Center for Health Statistics). Put in perspective, the US has approximately twice as many murders as China annually. China has ~1.44 billion people compared to the US with ~332 million. US murder rate is more than 8 times that of China.

Jim Allen

It is thanks to gun control laws. The highest murder rates come from cities with the highest gun controls. Self-defense is pretty much illegal in US, like in UK. This isn’t about gun control. It’s about control. The same methods used by the Bolsheviks in Russia, are used in US by the Bolsheviks that run this country. They came from Manhattan,financed by Schiff, and others, sent to Russia. When they fled Russia they returned to Manhattan.

Tony B.

Not mentioned by this commie site is that THEY WERE ALL BLACK


No, they were Niggers. Black-American don’t do this to each other. Niggers can’t help themselves.


To repeat this propaganda verbatim is to repeat Jew propaganda. 450 niggers shot each other in continued turf wars within the Jews’ US Tyranny’s “War on Drugs.” The “War on Drugs” nothing more than a war on the American country and world, and a society destroying system that also funds the Jews’ Z(C)IA’s operations against the good people of the world.

Remove the number of niggers shot in their turf wars and the Jews’ propaganda of “gun violence” evaporates.


Thx I am a Jew and laughing about you. Even the german language is from yiddisch


Non-parasites would “Return.”


The more Amerikastanis who have guns, the more they use it on other Amerikastanis, so there are fewer Amerikastanis. Therefore I am very strongly in favour of unrestricted gun access for Amerikastanis.

Last edited 26 days ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
Tommy Jensen

A proof weapons to ordinary Americans dont work. Ordinary Americans go berserk if they have weapons.
Its better to weaponize Al-Qaida and ISIS. They know how to handle weapons in hand…………..LOL.


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