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At Least 10,000 ISIS Members Operate In Afghanistan – Russian Envoy

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At least 7,000 ISIS militants are currently active and about 3,000 are in reserve in Afghanistan, Russian Special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asia Department Zamir Kabulov said on March 29.

“We say that there are 7,000 active [ISIS members] plus about 3,000 reserve militants, though the information we possess may be outdated and there may be more of them already,” Kabulov said, according to the state-run news agency TASS.

According to the diplomat, ISIS is creating a network of bases in the country where it recruits new members.

Kabulov said that ISIS expects to get access to drug trafficking in order to gain new sources of revenue after losing their positions in Syria and Iraq.

“They are fighting with the Talibs for business and control over drug laboratories,” he said.

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Look like Afghanistan is f#cked then.


Lol. Because it stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.

javid soltani

whoever funded isis ,they are goofs the enemies of islam , whoever intervene in someone els,s life they are number one goof in the world , even me have some goof enemies they always intervene in my life , they are really bothering me , I always pray to god and asking him to get my revenge , I pray to god that their chiderings get sick or born sick that’s always give their parents hard time and also want they have family problems with their wifes and husbands sons daughters , I don’t do anything about it because I let allah takecare of it , karma is bitch oneday ill be laughing at them wile they are down

javid soltani

only goofs intervene in others .s lifes

Peter Jennings

10,000 US made ISIS militants currently active in Afghanistan. Sounds about right.


Yep, 10,000 ISIS killing Afghanis with the help from the US military contractors who feed them intel about Afghan deployments. This is how they worked over the Iraqi Army too, until the Popular Mobilisation Units were started who did not share intel with the Americans. It was the way for them to become effective. It worked well. The Afghans need to do the same.


Uh, how this news? We already knew there were ISIS cells and enclaves there and the number of militants can very widely depending how you count. Judging by news reports of significant clashes the majority of the fighting is between pro-Taliban and pro-government forces.

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