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JUNE 2023

Asylum Seeker Attacks 3 Swedish Female Police Officers (Video)

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A video, showing an attack of an asylum seeker on three female police officers in Sweden, has been published online.

Asylum Seeker Attacks 3 Swedish Female Police Officers (Video)

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Jonathan Nackstrand

A video, showing three female police officers, suddenly attacked by an asylum seeker, whom they attempted to take into custody outside an asylum home, has been published online. The incident occurred in Fagersjo, south of Stockholm. Reportedly, the video was taken two weeks ago, on 20 March, but was published only on Sunday afternoon.

Reportedly, the immigrant had tried to set fire on migrant accommodation and the police arrived to arrest him. The footage shows a young man, approaching a car and starting to smash its windows. After this, he walked away and smashed the back window of another car, a white Volvo, parked nearby. Then, the asylum seeker approached a police car with three female officers and started to attacke them, carrying a large piece of metal in his hands.

The young man attacked one of the officers and was quickly detained by another male asylum seeker, who allowed policewomen to try to place handcuffs on the attacker. However, three of the female officers failed to get him into their car. The asylum seeker broke free of all of them and started to fight with them. One of the female officers was punched to the ground. The immigrant threw several more stones in the window of the police car and walked away, as those filming, likely also asylum seekers, laughed at the Swedish police.

As the Swedish Friatider information website reported, the police managed to apprehend the asylum seeker after the video ends. However, before this, he attempted to set several fires on the asylum home.

Since the 1990s, a gender-equality policy has been followed by the Swedish police, which has invested time and money into recruiting more women into the service. Feminism is popular in Sweden, but the heavily migrant-populated suburbs have become a test for feminists in Sweden, some of whom are now moving away due to Islamic fundamentalists, who do not tolerate their presence in the areas.

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Uncuck Sweden


I hope the rather smug Swedes enjoy their ever increasing ‘diverse society.’ that thousands of years of religious conflict has shown to be flawed.

Jens Holm

That has absolutely nothing to do with religiosity but big very local problems handled bad. You dont compare with how many which has went in and how different they are to us.

You also see this kind of reaction all over the world with violent civilians and most of the time, its handled 100% better than this example.

Seems You dont know christianity has hardly been in sweden for 1000 years as well as Islam is not thousens of years old but only 1400.


Will you be so smug when you are robbed I wonder?


I half expected her to apologize for having offended you! Guess you have faced Swedish rage!

Jens Holm

The others in sweden rob too. If You make in crimerates incommers are 90% non criminels, which says 90 of 100 are never in any crime at all.

It You take sweedes its 95% saying 95 of 100 are not in any crime.

(I have taken the very small crimes away).

And old Swedes is th wast priority. Might be 8 mio to 2 mio.

Crimes also are concentrated in social groups, så focus is not on all. That make no sense.

A main way around police in sweden is, that the police is trusted and make mainly make peacefull solutions – by the laws and courtsystem Not with violence in the streets or jails.

Its kept in more calm then in many other country and a part of scandinavian and northern europe being like that. That has improved in most EU countries as well.

We like that way here. One big reason so many come here is, they fell safe compared so where they come from. Safe, roof, food, close, medical care.

To me its sometimes too much, but we have most UN and EU convensions at guidence not som fuckinbg violent sharia, where people are too often are treated as sheeps and spendables. I like that.

Some swedes dont like that. But the wast majority ether like that too or are indifferent.


Yes Scandinavia was traditionally a pagan culture – but Sweden was a powerful warring European nation for centuries from middle ages to eighteenth century. Now, it is but an international immigration cautionary tale. A well meaning socialist immigration policy that was grossly naive, in the assumption that third world, wildly different and often violently experienced individuals, would settle into Swedish harmony with advent of state welfare resources. These were largely immigrants from extremely dysfunctional and traumatized societies – from Palestine to Somalia – and they carry that dysfunction with them. The most basic personal psychology suggests that this was a terrible concept. That the state was introducing at very minimum a range of disturbed and troubled individuals that were a social liability by any standard, and actively introducing a larger scale social welfare dependency hitherto unseen in the society. Naivety is utterly blinding in some instances.


Feminism is like pacifism. Those who turn their men into sensitive cucks are doomed to be conquered and have their women plowed over by those who haven’t.


You’re wrong. Instead women will turn unto she-males , then bearded women will go after you and kick your ass.



Jens Holm

Its no feminism at all. Those are working as anybody else. Men would have done the same according to their accredentials, but You are right in, that they probatly are fysical weaker.

So what happens. Are we in Your primitive world, where all are in honor and revenge.

Whats wrong in keeping asylums alive even they behave bad. Well, others too.


They should have been kept alive. In the refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Where they would go home as soon as the war ends. Instead of being immigrants here, what most will do when this war ends. We could have made life there very comfortable for all Syrian refugees for less money then it takes us to house and integrate only a portion of them here. But that’s what you get when you let emotion, not reason, dictate policy.

There is nothing sad about these socalled asylum seekers in Sweden, Germany, or the Netherlands, other then the way they had to get here. But the one thing they are not is asylum seekers, but immigrants. By letting them stay we reward bad behavior and invite others to do the same. That’s why we have problems with asylum seekers, and why they will prove a demographic time bomb.

Jens Holm

I agree. very hard to see which had need for protection.


You are assuming the perpetrator is Syrian – but in 2015 due to Merkel’s open and uncapped immigrant invite into EU, with the prior 2011 NATO destruction of Libya’s border controls, and the ongoing Syrian war, it was an absolute free for all. Tunisians, Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans and an array of central Africans all flocked into EU from the uncontrolled Libyan coastline into Italy and Greece. Whilst Afghans, Syrians, Kurds and Iraqis surged out of Turkey, due to Turkish state complicity, corruption and outright political manipulation into same destinations either by boat, or separately by foot due to Turkish open borders into the Balkans.


No – men would have had their natural hormones and adrenaline kick in, and pound that dude to the ground – biology is an actual concrete reality. In any other country than Sweden, failing that, they would have shot him – either with taser, or with 9mm pistol round.

Jens Holm

Well, we are not other countries in several matters, and we avoid unneeded violence and use brains as well as own tradtions for it.

We dont hire polices for adrenalin kicks. Too many primitive psycopates are rewarded in many other police forces. And we also dont have that kind of infected kind honor and try first hard to talk persons like him down. They learned it and much damage of the polices and civilians are avoided ny that. Police is not a fighter club, but they usually can, when its needed.

That kind of fellow of course will pay for all damage and be given jail and pay to the Goverment a high amount of money.

And Yes, as I have written they do have 9 mmm guns and could have shot the amok fellow. I dont thin they have teasors/tasors but they do have peppersprays as well as batons.

I can only say our crimerates are rather low and our BNP is rather high.

Its came at Yotube, because it was and unusual failure.

They dont show normal arrest of drunken people going into the policecar themselves saying sorry, sorry, holding hands so handcuff are easy to put on and still excusing, when they go into the policar by themselves.

chris chuba

Sweden is a nation of Hens battling the other Hens to let the foxes into the Hen house. Their stupidity is pathetic.

Jens Holm

Thats why people are not just spendables there. The easy way just killing people is far out.


Sweden is a dead country walking. Soon to be followed by the idiotic germans.

Jens Holm

No, its not, most other things are working very fine incl. BNP in the top.

You and we are right in those things could be handled better, but none had expected incommers as so many´and so many at them same time.

Much would be solved better if We payd You to setle in another country, if any will have You.

Julius Meinel

I have no sympathy whatsoever for what ever evil these goat fucker have been or will be perpetrating in Sweden. The Swedes get exactly what they serve. I nation of brainwashed lemmings for which I have zero respect.

Jens Holm

Well, You seems not to think constitution, parlament, goverment and laws are ok. We dont shoot You too even it now and then could be tempting.


I saw the video clip. Respectful Swedish polis! They could have shot him right from the beginning but they didn’t! Brave women! Respect!

Oscar Redondo

Where is that f… video ?

art poirot

Pepper spray, tazer, beanbag rounds or live fire warning shots.. none of these measures were attempted. Luckly the only consuquences this time around was a 80 pound girl being punched in the face and a broken Volvo windshield, along with a pissed off violent arab still running around! But if and when an unfortunate swede encounters god forbid someone with the intent to kill or blow shit up, i wouldn’t be feeling any better knowing that 15 minutes after his 911 call(or whatever they dial there), that this is who’s going to come and attempt to save their life!

Jens Holm

Yes, tuff situation ended well. Better than others incl. americans just shoot for kill.


“Americans just shoot for kill” Of course we do, is there any other reason to shoot a person other then to kill them? Also who gives a shit if they had! This was one guy, angry with a few rocks, what the hell is Sweden going to do when a real problem shows up? When a guy throws a 12 pound bolder in your direction you shoot that fjcker on the spot! Unless you want to eat through a straw and have your diapers changed for the next 30 years.

Jens Holm

It was taken in because it was unusual.

art poirot

Didn’t end well for that girls nose or that Volvo. Meanwhile one pissed off Arab asshole is still running around breaking shit. What if that same scenario happened in a school zone or had actual civilian victims involved instead of broken windows, would those women’s failure to stop a violent criminal still be celebrated!? Again, would of been a lot better if it was 3 Swedish men that arrived instead!

Jens Holm

But they are allowed to shoot him in the legs right away, if he was a treat to others. They are armed with at least 9 mm.

And if he was armed with the smallest knife or even a rusty razerblade, they are allowed to kill – or body all over – hard wounded, stopping right away.

art poirot

Thats good, i think a tazzer and a little bit more muscle from the feminist squad would of been the appropriate response. However we instead saw no response. We saw 3 girls retreat and a violent suspect smashing up an police car infront of 3 cops! Again, should of been a man there at least.

Jens Holm

Different culture in those matters. Might be because we pay our police better because of higher taxes.

But the statistics also say, we are nr 15 or something in criminel activity and Your are about 60.

Strange enough we are bad in suicide.

art poirot

And to intercept what I already know is coming.. i detest our American police a lot more then you do! I have my own personal experiences with our police going back to 16 years of age and I don’t like their use of force policies. But I also don’t like violent assholes! And as an American taxpayer I expect an police force of big tough professional law officers to take these violent assholes away, not 3 beautiful women in a hatchback! But, its your country and your money, not mine. So if feminism is more important to you then peoples ability to walk the streets without being beat up, robbed or rapped, then so be it!

Jens Holm

Its not about any feminism at all and we dont divide woman as well as men in if they are beautilfull or not.

Its about they do their job well. I also know that our police is more well educated than most of the american and they also have to be brighter.

We also have people treated bad by the police, but its my impression our bar is much lower for that.

I will repeat once more. thats on Youtube because its very, very unusual here. Female polices often are better than men to calm down violent types and some woman can talk better with them, then with the men.

art poirot

“Its about they do their job well.”

Right.. so please tell me how an 100 pound woman is going to force a 150-200 pound violent man to go anywhere or comply with anything!? Or maybe you are trying to tell me that 3 women responding to violent incident was a coincidence and had nothing to do with Swedish feminism policies?

” I also know that our police is more well educated than most of the american and they also have to be brighter.”

I agree.. your society in general is easier to police so that helps too. But yeah, most American cops actually get their degrees from specially designed “online colleges”.

“Female polices often are better than men to calm down violent types and some woman can talk better with them, then with the men.”

Agree, but this is also do to the fact that your society is overall less violent, especially against women(minus your new Arab guests of course). I actually observed very similar trend in Ukraine and Russia, despite higher violent crimes, i got the impression that they were legally a lot more restrained then American cops overall!


I did not read the whole header, just grazed it and got ( three swedish women attacked and video) I assumed it was going to be porn. I bet they have to pay him a lot of money for breaking his rock with their Volvo. That one snowflake even tried to put her face in front of his fist when he was showing her his throwing arm!

Well sweden what did you think was going to happen when these immigrants have to assemble that IKEA all by themselves! Anyone who has had to install 90 cam screws per drawer is going to flip his lid!

gfsdyughjgd .

Goatfucker vs hens.


Wow, that is some seriously embarrassing law enforcement – are these officers armed – tasers or pistols? Just use them already.

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