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Assymetiral Warfare, High-Tech Wars In Space And Information Confrontation: Chief Of Gen Staff Comments On Russian Military Strategy

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Assymetiral Warfare, High-Tech Wars In Space And Information Confrontation: Chief Of Gen Staff Comments On Russian Military Strategy


Chief of the Russian General Staff and First Deputy Defence Minister General Valery Gerasimov participated in a conference on developing a military strategy on March 2. During the conference, he made several remarks, which are worth to be taken into account to understand the current Russian military and security posture.

General Gerasimov pointed out that Russia’s geopolitical rivals are preparing to wage wars against a “high-tech adversary”, using high-precision air- and space-based weapons and actively conducting information confrontation.

“Therefore, the search for rational strategies for waging war with a different adversary is of paramount importance for the development of the theory and practice of military strategy. We need to clarify the essence and content of military strategy, the principles of prevention, preparation for war and its conduct”, General Gerasimov stated.

He added that under these conditions, the Russian Armed Forces must be ready for armed conflicts of a new type, which would involve both “classical” and “asymmetric” methods. He said that it is necessary to develop further the forms and methods of using the armed forces, primarily in the sphere of strategic deterrence as well as to improve the state defence structure.

The Chief of the General Staff revealed that “all the commanders of military districts, integrated combined arms forces, air force and air defence units, as well as 96 percent of the commanders of combined-arms units and formations, have combat experience“.

At the same time, the share of modern weapons in the Russian nuclear component has reached 82%, according to General Gerasimov.

He added that Russia “must, by all means, ensure technical, technological, and organisational superiority over any potential adversary”. The reason of this is the complexity of modern weapons, which makes it almost impossible to organise their production in a short time in the event of a war.

Commenting on the US military and political posutre, General Gerasimov noted that the US and its allies have set an aggressive vector in their foreign policy, are working on offensive military actions and aiming to eliminate statehood in countries they dislike, like in Venezuela.

“The United States and its allies have determined the aggressive vector of their foreign policy. They are working on offensive military actions, such as global strike, a multi-sphere battle, they are using the colour revolution technology and soft power. They aim to eliminate the statehood of countries they dislike, undermine sovereignty, change the legally elected bodies of state power”, he said.

The general added that the US is developing a new warfare strategy focused on actively using fifth columns to destabilise the situation in the targeted countries while simultaneously striking the most important strategic facilities with high-precision weapons.

“The Pentagon has begun to develop a fundamentally new strategy of warfare, which has already been dubbed the Trojan Horse. Its essence lies in the active use of the protest potential of the ‘fifth column’ for the destabilisation of a situation while simultaneously attacking the most important facilities with high-precision weapons”, he stressed adding that Russia is ready to deal with any of the new strategies.

“In recent years, military scientists, together with the General Staff, have developed conceptual approaches to neutralise the aggressive actions of potential opponents.”

According to General Gerasimov, the core of the Russian response is an active defence strategy, which provides for a set of pre-emptive measures to neutralise threats to the security of the state.

“The justification of the measures that are being developed should constitute the scientific activity of military scientists. This is one of the priority areas for ensuring state security. We must be ahead of the enemy in the development of military strategy, one step ahead”, the Chief of the General Staff said.

He added that the expirience of the Syrian conflicy allowed to develop and employ a new practical sphere in the Russian defense strategy. This means undertaking actions aimed at defending Russian national interests beyond the state borders in the framework of the “stragtegy of limited actions”.

The basis of this strategy is the creation of a all-sufficient mobile force grouping, which is capable of complete assigned tasks and missions. In Syria, the Russian Aerospace Forces became the core of such a force.

The key compnents of this strategy, according to General Gerasimov, are infomrational advantage, rapid and secret deployment of forces and readiness of the managing systems in advance. He also emphasized the importance of information technologies in the modern warfare.


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“””The Pentagon has begun to develop a fundamentally new strategy of warfare, which has already been dubbed the Trojan Horse. Its essence lies in the active use of the protest potential of the ‘fifth column’ for the destabilisation of a situation while simultaneously attacking the most important facilities with high-precision weapons”, he stressed adding that Russia is ready to deal with any of the new strategies.”””

Trojan horses are useless as they are kept outside of the country, fifth columns can be dealt with harshly and be neutralized from being a useful tool, while attacking with high precision weapons can be an embarrassing exercise in futility against a peer adversary.
Events in Venezuela and Iran will show the American play look being ineffective against self determined countries helped by multipolar powers that counterbalance any political, economic and military bullying.


What “fifth columns”?
Handful of Dagestany and Chechen Jihad fanatics maybe or some Tatars ?
in the case of the NATO aggression they would not have even support of their own ethnic groups.
As for “precision weapons” you have answered that one already

Harry Smith

“5th column” are individuals, paid by USA State Department through several organizations like USAID or NED. And also those who foolishly follows the individuals.


Mr Smith I hope that you are not trying to say that some “paid individuals” and handful of suicidal adventurists could possibly put Russia in danger?
They will have absolutely NO support from Russian population whatsoever in the case of NATO aggression on Russia.
Russians are not blind to the hatred filled anti-Russian propaganda over the years…They know very well who is their enemy.

Harry Smith

Mr. Jako I’m Russian living in Russia and I do observe individuals that are ready to act in favor of USA. It’s only 10% of population needed to make coup d’tat if most of the population is inert. Right now Putin’s rating is around 30% so all is possible. In fact we have a lot of internal issues, like any other country in the world.

So if you would ever try to read the manual I’d suggested you, there is a possibility you would look at the situation in more objective way. The US State Dept is in permanent search of an internal issue that could lead to a massive civil unrest in Russia. Couple of years ago it was majoring of taxes for truck drivers, I.E. And it was hardly covered by the Western news outlets and lead in that movement of truck drivers took a man never drived a truck, but he had some links (including financial) to Russian opposition, sponsored by State Dept.


You are Russian citizen of Anglo Saxon origin living in Russia.

This is nothing new…the things you were saying.
Anybody that knows little bit about Russia knows those things.
And Russia (as you know) was in much worse, much more difficult situations than this one.
So no need for panic yet.
Almost every country on the planet is passing through the crisis at the moment.
I would love to see those “individuals” try to do something.
It would only give Putin perfect excuse to get rid of them.

Harry Smith

I’m Russia citizen of Russian origin. I’d say 100% of ethnic Russian origin. Harry Smith is the mot-a-mot translation of my Russian name.

And I have no panic. I just speaking with people, sometimes with police officers or military officers and I see that Putin has no solid support from a some part of Russia population. Try to understand me. I’m not anti-Putin neither pro-Putin.


Thank you

Harry Smith

Trust rating is 32.8% while approval rating is 64.8%
(sorry it’s in Russian)


Give me ONE western politician with “approval rating” of 64.8% and I’ll buy everything you say.

Harry Smith

Russia is not the West and many western methods are not applicable here.

And you do not have to buy everything I’m saying because I can not be objective over the situation in Russia. I’m living here so my point is quite tendentious. Just saying my personal observations.


I’ll buy that any time.
All I’m looking for are subjective opinions and not “objective” ones.

As for “buying” all …I wanted to emphasize how rare is to have such high approval (while in office) for politician here in E.U. and in U.S. also.
So if Putin is not stable in power than who is?
Of course not all of them have CIA & MI6 against them, but still…


It’s true that if we did “trust ratings” for Western politicians none of them would beat single digits, except maybe Jeremy Corbyn. But it’s wise not to underestimate the US. They’ve fucked over a lot of places. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and all that.


Always useful those reminders.
Never ever I had anything against common sense advice.
But I suppose… if they survived a decade of US-UK and Western
anti-Russian propaganda campaign.
They will survive at least little bit more, while Putin is in power.
I doubt very much that Russians are not well prepared for those
CIA “surprises”


What the general is missing is the financial warfare. Venezuela, for instance, would be a lot stronger and more unified if it weren’t for the sanctions–the cutting off from the financial system, the effective theft of assets and proceeds of sales, not to mention the currency destabilization.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Saudileaks 29: Docs Unveil Riyadh’s Intention to Strike at Iran’s National Security
TEHRAN (FNA)- The documents released by the Yemen Cyber Army after it hacked the Saudi Foreign Ministry in May showed that former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in a letter to Chief of the Royal Court Khalid al-Tuwaijri has proposed adoption of a plan to harm Iran’s national security.
The Saudi Foreign Ministry was hacked by the Yemen Cyber Army in May, and a copy of its information was sent to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

In the letter, Faisal mentions an article in a Persian-language daily, Keyhan, that has covered the Saudi rulers’ cruelty against its population and the existence of several torture and interrogation centers in Saudi Arabia.

Then the former minister proposes different means and methods to stir unrest in Iran with the help of opposition forces, social media, newspapers, magazines and websites.

The former Saudi foreign minister says he has received a letter from the Saudi embassy in Tehran that has offered 7 ways to foment unrest in Iran and damage the country’s national security.

The 7 ways are as follows:

1. Launching propaganda campaign on events happening in Iran,
2. Shifting media focus on Iran’s role in Arab states,
3. Establishing TV channels, in addition to the present Saudi media outlets, and inviting experts for negative campaign against Iran,
4. Setting up Persian-language analysis and news networks,
5. Using Salafi TV and Radio networks and sending religious missionaries to Iran,
6. Preparing and briefing Saudi pilgrims on how to influence Iranians,
7. Receiving aid from Iranian dissidents to gain intelligence from inside Iran and using them to fight against Iran’s political system and movements in the region.

At the end of the letter, Faisal writes that proposal number five is not possible at present, given Iran’s high intelligence superiority over its internal affairs.

He also says that with regard to proposal number 6, care should be taken in order not to inspire anyone with the idea that the Hajj rituals are turning political.

And on using Iranian dissidents, he says, the Saudi spy agency should decide.

Late in May, the Yemen Cyber Army released a portion of the information and documents that it had gained in its recent cyber attack on Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministries.

The Yemen Cyber Army announced that it has hacked the website, servers and archives of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense ministries and would release thousands of these top secret documents.

The group claimed that it “has gained access to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) network and have full control over more than 3000 computers and servers, and thousands of users. We also have access to the emails, personal and secret information of hundreds of thousands of their staff and diplomats in different missions around the world”.

The hackers’ statement, which said the cyber army has also attacked the Saudi Interior and Defense ministries and vowed to release their details later, was carried by several globally known hackers websites.

Following the hack in May, the Yemen Cyber Army sent a copy of its information to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

“WikiLeaks released over 60,000 documents on Friday and vowed to release the rest in coming weeks, but we plan to release the documents in separate news items since many of them contain the names of foreign nationals who have demanded visit to Saudi Arabia, for example for Hajj pilgrimage, and their names have been mentioned among the Saudi agents. Thus releasing the list of names and documents might hurt innocent individuals who have done nothing, but applied for visa at a Saudi embassy for doing Hajj pilgrimage,” FNA English Editor-in-Chief Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm said.

“The number of the documents is way beyond the 500,000 that has been announced by WikiLeaks, but they need to be checked first to make sure that they do not contain misleading information and are not harmful to innocent people,” he adde.

Rodney Loder

The US has got quite a reasonable fifth column if it’s own, and when the first and second column realise war is not just firing it’s also being fired at, I would exiece the ranks to move in the plus direction.


What the general describes is what he’s been watching happen to not only to Jewmeirca’s victims, but to the US itself. The Jews are the fifth column and the precision strikes with declared and undeclared weapons hit the Pentagon and WTC. The color revolution is the anti American swamp traitors running the US into bankruptcy and dissolution as a Jew parasitical host to the detriment of the American people and humanity. The US suffers from a possibly terminal case of cancer called Judaism and needs to be dejudified.

Jacob Wohl

US military will have 100% superiority in space warfare pretty soon. Meaning they can easily counter ICBM, satellites, and even launch attacks from space. US Military will not just have 100% naval, infantry, and aerial superiority, but soon to have its own Space Force! MAGA!

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