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Assange Held At “Britain’s Guantanamo Bay” As UN Urges Fair Trial

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces a likely extended extradition battle after this week’s dramatic end to his seven-year asylum stay holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy.

He’s now in a British jail, and though UK authorities have yet to confirm the precise place of his detention, multiple reports suggest that he’s being held in what’s dubbed “Britain’s Guantanamo Bay” — or Belmarsh Prison, given its reputation as a holding facility for terrorists and high profile criminals.

Assange Held At "Britain's Guantanamo Bay" As UN Urges Fair Trial

Julian Assange is believed held at the Belmarsh Prison, London

Crucially, the United Nations human rights office has now weighed in, on Friday urging that the UK government holds a fair trial as a US extradition request hangs over the proceedings.

U.N. human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told a Geneva news briefing: “We expect all the relevant authorities to ensure Mr. Assange’s right to a fair trial is upheld by authorities, including in any extradition proceedings that may take place,” according to Reuters.

Meanwhile WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has stated days after Assange being dragged from the embassy on Thursday that he now is confined to a cell at Belmarsh.

The WikiLeaks editor noted that there are some advantages to the location, however, including access to medical care and outdoor time. Hrafnsson also noted it will now be easier for Assange to meet with his legal team, compared to the more restricted environs of the embassy.

“There are medical facilities there, access to dental care I would assume and a garden to go out into,” he said.

An RT camera crew has maintained a presence outside Belmarsh Prison since it came to light Assange is being held there, where protests by WikiLeaks supporters are also gaining momentum.

The detention facility is described as follows:

Belmarsh is located on the eastern outskirts of London, about 5 miles (8 km) east of Greenwich on the southern bank of the Thames River. The prison opened in 1991, and has been used to imprison high-profile inmates such as Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada and Salafist preacher Anjem Choudary – but also former Labour MP Denis MacShane, convicted of fraud, and former Conservative politician Baron Jeffrey Archer, convicted of perjury.

Belmarsh was also used as the holding facility for around 17 individuals detained under anti-terrorism laws since 2001. Some of them were held in solitary for 22 hours a day, “entombed in concrete” without charges for months, their attorneys told BBC in 2004.

Assange Held At "Britain's Guantanamo Bay" As UN Urges Fair Trial

Belmarsh Prison, via The Times

The high-security prison is known to have a capacity of around 900 and contains a mix of inmates on remand serving short sentences alongside those convicted of the most serious offences. But some recent reports say it’s been subject to overcrowding in recent years.

The AFP noted on Friday that Belmarsh has housed “some of Britain’s most notorious inmates,” according to a UK legal source.

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fair trial in moronistan (aka usa) – what a joke. the concept fair doesn’t even exist in moronistan, but fixed and/or rigged is well known in the common parlance.


He will do no better in Britain, ever seen “in the name of the father”



Dušan Mirić

What fair trial!? There’s no God and there’s no more justice!


my friend, Don’t lose hope. God showed us that he became part of human suffering nailed to a cross. Does anyone think that Christianity could have gone viral in that day if Jesus had not risen from the dead. OR that believers in Jesus would have given their lives rather than renounce him. Even under torture. Nero crucified many and burnt them alive as torches to light the Apian way. Julian will get justice if not here, in the life to come
“Vengeance is mine; I will repay”, saith the Lord.

Mr Bray

A heads up to be on the lookout for signs of reprogramming when Assange eventually emerges.

I would suggest that readers brush up on how far MK techniques have progressed since Paperclip and MK Ultra, because I assure you the Assange that has gone into Belmarsh will not be the same Assange that comes out.

Intensive mental deconstruction (if not yet also reconstruction / reprogramming) at the hands of the various ‘MK’ experts sent by the UK/US/Isreal will by now be well underway.

By the time we get to see him again he will have become anything they want him to become.

If the ‘MK’ programmers masters want to publically humiliate Assange (in addition to whatever other ‘cruel and unusual’, ie illegal punishments they want to visit upon him), they will likely do a ‘Bradley Manning’ style reprogramme.

They will get him to believe he is a gay or bi tranny who enjoys dressing as a woman, has always dressed as a women when given the chance (they will find an old party photograph to prove this, or just create one as ‘evidence’), enjoys wearing make-up, and call himself ‘Julie’ at the weekends (the name ‘Chelsea’ has already been taken).

They (the puppet masters behind his handlers and programmers) will attempt to use him (as per Bradley Manning) whilst continuing to humiliate him (as per Bradley Manning), and make it clear that modern MK techniques will be used on any other whistleblowers (most will be well aware of this sort of stuff and fear it more than old fashioned beatings).

Basically, Assange will leave prison actually believing anything he has been programmed to believe.

Perhaps Assange will leave Belmarsh (or the real Guantanamo) claiming to be a genuine Russian or Iranian agent who has always identified as a female and respects Bradley manning for ‘comming out’ (amazingly the US have already tried linking the two in some bizzare ways!).

However Assange emerges, he will NOT be the same man that went in. Yes, modern MK techniques really are that powerful.


A fair trial? In Britain? Don’t make me laugh. The Brits trapped him in the embassy for all those years at the behest of the Americons… Assange ain’t getting no fair trial.


British politicians are saying he should be extradited to Sweden, so the Swedes can hand him over to the torturers. An election coming up in Britain, and they don’t want to carry the can for the horrors that await Assange in the US.
If you see a British politician, egg the fkr.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Britain taught the US how to torture. During the first World War the US did not torture. However the British did torture. The British were torturing people even 500 years before that.
Even seen all of their famous torture devices they parade in museums?
Even in Korea the US did not torture, whenever when persons of interest were turned over to the British, they went to town torturing people.
By the time Vietnam came about, the British had finally worn off onto their US puppets, and Americans began emulating what they had learned from their worlds British-overlords.


The US dropped Anthrax and Bubonic plague bombs in Korea, and they targeted civilians, not the military.
Also check out what they did to journalist John W Powell, and his wife.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Anthrax was developed by England. US planes were used to drop it.
The British and French started the Korean war just as the British and French started the First World War.
The British and French hijacked the American media to make us fight their wars for them.
American should have fought against the French and English in the 1st world war.
Americans are slaves fighting for the British.
American had nothing to gain by fighting for them in either the 1st or 2nd world wars.
Britain had everything to protect, as the UK had global conquest already.

Real Anti-Racist Action

He will get the same treatment and trial as Rudolf Hess did. 100% innocent as incarcerated before any alleged camps were made. Never convicted of a single thing. Yet held into his 90’s till Mi6 agents went into his cell while Rudolf was holding a bible, strung him up and murdered him.
This is the same British treatment to the man who co-led Scotland to freedom, William Wallace.
Then the satanic-Brits coped up his body parts and hung them for show at different parts of the Empire, and mounted his head on the devils-London-bridge.
Assange is juts the latest William Wallace, just the newest Rudolf victim of the global-Empire who does not allow any nation to remain free and independent of the UK-empire.

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