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Assange Could Die In Prison For The “Crime” Of Exposing Government Crimes And Corruption

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Assange Could Die In Prison For The “Crime” Of Exposing Government Crimes And Corruption

Written by Mac Slavo; Originally appeared on SHTFplan.com

Julian Assange is in danger of dying in prison, according to 60 medical professionals from around the world.  If he does, he will die in prison for the “crime” of exposing the government’s crimes against humanity.

Sixty medics from around the world warned in an open letter that Assange’s health is failing. He may not even be fit to stand extradition trial, given the years of denial of proper healthcare all because he used his free speech to let the public know what the government is doing to them and in their name.

Assange, the founder of the whistleblower site WikiLeaks, is currently in British custody at a top-security Belmarsh jail. In February of next year, he is set to stand trial over an extradition request from the United States, where he may be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison.

In an open letter addressed to British Home Secretary Priti Patel, over 60 medical professionals from across the world voiced their concern over the physical and mental health of the publisher, arguing that he may not only be unfit to stand a trial but even at risk of dying.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the corrupt and violent sociopaths that run the government will care.  They’ll be all too happy to see the man who exposed them for the crime syndicate and enslavement scheme they are running dead because of their neglect. The illusion of free speech should no longer be an illusion.  We don’t have free speech, and if you disagree, perhaps consider Assange’s predicament.

“We have real concerns, on the evidence currently available, that Mr. Assange could die in prison. The medical situation is thereby urgent. There is no time to lose,” the letter says, according to a report by RT. The threat of an arrest made it impossible for Assange to get treatment at a proper hospital over that period of time, even as living in confined conditions and increasing isolation took their toll on his health. The medics that did get a chance to examine him at the embassy did so against the background of a “climate of fear and intimidation”, the letter said, which was most likely created deliberately.

“If it was deliberate, we as medical doctors condemn such behavior as reckless, dangerous and cruel. That all this has been played out in the heart of London for many years is a source of great sadness and shame to many of us.” –open letter

At this point, there aren’t many people alive who don’t think that neglecting Assange is anything less than the torture of a man who used free speech to expose those now deliberately harming him. Several governments and the politicians running them have many reasons to want Assange eradicated from this Earth.

U.S. accusations of Assange filed under the Espionage Act stem from WikiLeaks publishing of classified materials embarrassing to the U.S. government. Supporters of Assange view his mistreatment as a major attack on freedom of speech with disastrous consequences for whistleblowers and journalists, who consider exposing wrongdoing by governments which claim authority (enslavement) over people (which is all governments on the planet.)

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

everyone please pray this man is released or saved somehow


the US would much prefer him to die in a british prison saving them the court case, which is a gamble. who knows how the court will reason, within the constitution and release of assange or not and a lifetime to kill him in a federal joint somewhere. remember that the unhinged states of A never forgets (a slight or worse) and never forgives and being exposed as war criminals for the entire world to see is entirely unforgivable.


If he goes to the US the opposite will happen to him! It is the UK holding him hostage in return for the US to stop outing the Royal family for its Pedo and human trafficking! There is much more going on than this site alludes too! Assange will be PROTECTED in the USA and most likely Pardoned! Why? Because he single handedly can destroy the “Russia collusion” scandal and put Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party away for good! The USA will not treat him badly! He is an ally to Trump right now! He is a bargaining ransom for the royal family!

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