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Assad Warns: EU Should Fear Jihadists It’s Backing In Syria, Not Refugees

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In an interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad warned European nations that they should fear jihadists that they are backing in Syria rather than refugees.

How can you fear those few millions, the majority of them are moderates and they have few terrorists, while you support those terrorists directly in tens of thousands at least and maybe hundreds of thousands in Syria and you don’t fear that they’re going to go back to your country?” Assad pointed the hypocrisy of  European nations.

Let’s say that sending those Syrians and other refugees is dangerous, the most dangerous [for] Europe is to support the terrorists in Syria, this is the most dangerous part.”

Speaking about the state of the Turkish-EU relations, the Syrian presient said that EU states “hate” Erdogan, “but they want him.”


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Jacob Wohl

this average opthamalogist turned butcher has a lot of nerve calling freedom fighting moderate rebels, “jihadists” just because they oppose him and dont want to live in a dictatorship that loves mullah iran


When the world needs some real delusional commentary, they turn to Jacob. You are a laugh man.


But Donald Trump himself called Assad “pure animal” in his cry for the children speech. What more proof could you want!

Jens Holm

More Middle easters trust Trump then americans do :)

I dont trust any of his ranso babling unless I see its done. Next I mainly dont like it at all. That doesnt say I like some one like You instead as well :)


The intact David’s sling missile that you left in Syria is now being dissected. One weakness all ready discovered is that it often fails to blow up. OUCH :)

Jens Holm

Solomon divided him.


No, mercenaries have a lot of nerve calling themselves “freedom fighting moderate rebels”. The jihadist part is just their legend.

Jens Holm

Names unfortubatly too often is like that. Syria is named as arabic even 30% is not.

stan van houcke

freedom fighters? don’t believe the propaganda.

Hasbara Hunter

Jacob the Nose is a Hasbara-Cockroach from Hell Aviv…Cockroaches are stubborn little feckers…hard to eradicate…

Jens Holm

I wonder where they deported him to.

Hasbara Hunter

Well a lot of European Jews moved to the U.S. or were deported to ISraHell after WWII…so my bet would be: One of those two countries..

Jens Holm

They do fight. The rest is a relative. Slaves are free because their duty is insisting in deciding nothing making hem an easy life.

Hasbara Hunter

You Fucking ZioNazis created ALL Headchopping Jihadists Cunt… together with your Assmunching Buddies the U.S.A. & U.K….you Lost…how does it feel to be a loser?



Jens Holm

There we go again. You name Mr Non Well Ja wohl and next een create pictures and texts supporting that.

Thats creationisme of worst kind.

Jens Holm

Many of them are and they are the organizers using effective Jihadisme with Sharia as structure.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Here’s a question for you, what’s the difference between the political system the Iranians use and the one the Muslim Brotherhood [Isis, Al Qaeda Jihadists] uses, both have democratically elected representatives and both use Sharia Law as a foundation for their judicial and religious laws, so what’s the difference, in reality the only difference between them is that one is Sunni and the other is Shia, but apart from that there’s not much difference at all. On the other hand Assad’s government is non secular and not beholden to any secular laws, and is also multi party too thanks to new amendment to the constitution back in 2012. You need to look up what dictator really means, I think you’re mistaking that term with the term freely and fairly elected representative, or political leader, or maybe even head of a government, because dictator means something else. Assad being born the son of a dictator meant he could’ve chosen any career path he wanted, military leader, business leader, social leader, anything he wanted, but instead he chose to become a Doctor, I wonder how many other dictators sons around the world chose to also become doctors, not many I’ll bet, they mostly chose the military leader or business leader careers instead.

Concrete Mike

I dont know what the bigger joke is, you calling al nusrah moderate rebels, or you saying the reason the saudi.patriots didnt work was they werent pointing the right direction.

Lol whos is your drug dealer?? Hes got some.good shit!!

Tommy Jensen

WHAT JIHADISTS???? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1826b334441772d569d726d3eac449b4f6ec85775866570d3bcbafca43baad2a.jpg


I can’t see any either. I thought that they are all moderate rebels.

Mustafa Mehmet

Man this is hilarious the best one I

Hasbara Hunter

My Fucking Dutch Government Sponsored Fucking CIA-Mossad-MI6-Al-Qaeda-ISIS-Muslimbrotherhood-Wahhabi-Headchopping-Terrorists with brand new Toyota Hiluxes, Nightvision-Goggles & other Big Boys Toys & Dropped en passant a couple of Bombs here & there on Civilians under the pretext of fighting “Terrorists” ….Operation Gladio one, two & three….Who are the Real Terrorists? Fuck Western Governments….for they are the True Terrorists & Filthy Traitors! Hang’m High

Jens Holm

“Maybee Dutchland” should not be home.

I dont know Your background and fx how old You are, but even me as almost retired could go to somewhere else, if I wanted to.

The Dutch Goverment are elected by the people there or at least have a temporary majority for doing it until next election.

I also again and again reflect that muslims comming here or being born here for generations prefare fx Holland for where their ancisters came from and has more freedom then ever and even has an income i syead of unimplyent, so they as hard working or on “govermenthal” well fare can send money and needed thongs their far out relatives.

Hasbara Hunter

My “Dutch” Bloodline goes back at least 900 years…that is longer than most of the Filthy Traitors in “My” Dutch Government…So spare me your bullshit…I will keep reminding those Treacherous Trojan Horses that they are Terrorist-Lovers & Satanic Babykilling M*therfuckers…call it freedom of speech…

Jens Holm

That makes no change. It is allowed to find another country, if You find that bad about Your own.

Hasbara Hunter

The World is mine….it is my World…


This commander in chief “Assad “” talks only the truth and pure reality of the future.. I am from Europe and I do really fear what could happen if this jihadists will come back… If my country will even try to take back the Scumbags of the world, I will definitely fight them ..that’s a promise. This people they renounce the right to life itself They have no place in society They are worst of the worst what world could create I will look for them even if it takes 20 years from my life, but I will find them 1 by 1 and I will put a bullet through their forehead I love to see a group that hunt down this scums,because myself I cannot do hell a lot..I am 1 person only..

Jens Holm

I dont have that fear. I think we now are prepared to take care of that kind of people. I think many many of their Leaders and base in Europe and in those part of the world are gone and they therefore cant make a more or less hidden build up.

Its very diffiicult to make that expertice incl. the economic part from nothing once again.

So I am back in statistics, which tells me 1000 or more get hit by a car and die, every time any terrorist hardly hit one of us.

I dont like the extra control of all civilians we have now and the build up even I am no criminel and try to make a better level for it be debating it.

I felt it very much several years ago. I was driving around in the low populated countryside as a kind of vacation on my scooter with my little tent having extra food and water with me – fuel as well. I suddenly fid not know, where I was. 4 clocks on my android and then I know exact where I was with street name and names for hamlets nearby and a proposel for possible shopping 8 km from there.

And same thing for using the train. If I think Iam alone, I sometimes schratch my back. Why should that be on video. Who is looking-everybodyor none. Not even my behind is my own anymore.


The damage jihadist cause is not so much they’re bombing and killing it’s the policies our governments bring in to further they’re evil agendas under the guise of stopping the terrorists. problem reaction solution as well as the fear and distrust and division it creates which the empowers those in charge

Hasbara Hunter

Our European ZioNazi Governments together with the U.S.A., ISISraHell & Wahhabistan have Created all those Headchopping Raping Parasites…they can have’m Back…Better get rid of those Filthy Infiltrated Treacherous Governments…Eradicate the Traitors!

Jens Holm

Assads certainly is isolated incl. himself. We do keep Jihadists down as well as we can and has better and better tools after the first many years in more or less surprice.

The main problem is one like himself,which makes them and what happens next. We see the same for Turkey making PKKs.

Only jobs creating wellfare and human rights can reduce those Jihadists, but Assads even deny to talk and change things about it. The sick antagonisme to that therefore often can be Jihadisme.

Assads made it easy. Many are just very very much against Assads. We see the same kind of mechanismes here in west creating nazis, neo-consevative and before that the collapsed communisme.

Those are reactions to the bad sides of conservatisme and liberalisme.

I am kind of lucky in this. In Denmark enough has made something in the middle. The Capitalisme and Liberalisme pays a lot in tax and help the loosers, so they have an acceptable life. They and we are born with the same possibilities, because so much is free by the tax. As a minimum even poor children has the same possibilities as the rich ones.

Those poor by that are included and by the normalmethods can be high ranked.

Thats the same thing SDFs/PYD has in their programs which are denyed by so many in ME and goes for fx Turkey as well.

In the most infantile way most MEs deny to see taxes are at least 2 kinds. The main part here and by SDF are an investment , where the money also make more education and a higher income as well as helping all, so they as children, as ill or as old have a descent life.

Descent cant even be translated into Your dark world having michty representatives such as Assad. And of Course he has semilar friends such as Putin, Ayatollas of Itn as well as one legged Lebanese naming themselves as “Hesbollah”.

Assads dont see that they are pest and a try to make changes is to help cholera. I dont support that but support reducing all kinds of crime by including people.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

As much as I admire and respect president Assad I have a huge problem with this comment he made,

“the Syrian president said that EU states “hate” Erdogan, “but they want him”.

I hope what he meant to say is this, the EU absolutely hates both Erdogan and his political party, but they desperately want to retain good relations with Turkey, so they currently pander to Erdogan hoping he won’t release a flood of refugees on the EU.

Assad’s living in the past, the EU has had a major turn around in policy which he’s either failed to mention it or possibly doesn’t even recognise it [but I doubt it]. Just a few short months ago the SAA had the Jihadists on the run in Idlib, they’d surrounded the Turkish OB post at Murak kicking out all the rebels in the area, and taken back heaps of territory from the rebels/terrorists. At the same time the anti Assad civilian population was moving towards Turkey threatening to swamp the Turkish border, nearly 100,000 had already crossed with nearly 500,000 more still stacked up at the border, and nearly a million more people thinking about doing the same thing, and what did the US, EU, or NATO do to help Erdogan out of his plight, NOT A DAMN THING. They didn’t condemn Assad’s offensive or call for it to stop, they just said this, “Assad should be careful not to harm civilians when attacking terrorists”, that’s not helping Erdogan in my books, it’s allowing him to fend for himself, and the EU just stood back happily watching Erdogan implode without lifting a finger to help him. In the months prior to this latest Astana enforced ceasefire, Turkish media was reporting on numerous Turkish delegations being sent to the EU and NATO all asking for help, even the US was approached several times to help out, BUT NOT ONE OF THEM DID A THING TO HELP ERDOGAN. The only thing that saved Erdogan was the new ceasefire the Astana agreement imposed, that stopped the SAA advancing and stopped the refugees from fleeing to Turkey, which allowed the terrorists to remain where they were. But the EU didn’t lift a finger to help Erdogan, that was all Putin’s doing, he was the one who saved Erdogan’s collapsing border, while Erdogan’s NATO allies all stood back staying silent, and also happily watching the flood of Syrian refugees break down the Turkish barricades, paybacks are a bitch, LOL.

What is going to happen to the 3.6 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey, where will they all end up, in the new Russian/Turkish safe zone, or maybe the US/Turkish safe zone, or will it be the Russian/Turkish/US/EU safe zone, I’m getting confused, or could they possibly be rehoused in their old homes, which would make them much safer than they would be in any foreign proposed safe zones [that will most likely be under constant dispute]. Perhaps Assad’s not quite as smart as I’ve always thought he was, he should be pushing the UN, the EU, and the US, into a proposal to resettle the refugees himself, and he should be coordinating with the UN and it’s relevant bodies to do it, and also getting their help to pay for it too. And to anyone who’s knowledgeable on the matter, I’m sure Assad would reconsider his decree concerning refugee applications to return to Syria, [the one allowing them to legally regain ownership of their old homes within a certain time frame but the deadline’s way overdue], meaning that even if their old homes have already been sold, I’m sure Assad would consider just compensation for their losses of their homes and land, and also offer them the opportunity to return to and live in the same areas or regions that they originally came from [if they wanted to], which would have to be way better than them living in an unsafe safe zone some foreign party is trying to create for them.

Tommy Jensen posted a photo of someone with their head in the sand and with the caption reading “WHAT JIHADISTS????”, but the guy in the photo has the same stature as Assad and is attired in the same way Assad dresses, dark trousers and a white shirt. So I can’t help but think it looks a lot like Assad with his head in the sand, and I can nearly hear him saying “NO, I won’t go and talk to either the US or NATO, look at how mean they’ve already been to me, why should I go ask them for help now, they’ll only do what they always do, slap me down again”. But I feel like dragging his head out from under the sand and saying, grow up you big crybaby, in world politics no one likes you or anyone else, they’re all out to get you and everyone else, even the US and Israel have been caught spying on each other, so get in there and be a man, say what you have to say and make some compromises where you can, calling names and pointing out past injustices does nothing helpful in the grand scheme of things, but using common agendas to facilitate your own agenda does usually work, so do that instead.


The world absolutely hate Erdogan and is to reluctant waiting for his decease, elimination, colocation. They tolerate the brute because they can not impeach him. The refugees should return and any normal leader knows the country must be rebuild and needs all people they can get, but there is politics and common sense and both are each other enemy, plus most refugees have now a luxurious live abroad must do nothing have healthcare, education, a house and a income without need to work, they are still able to send some money abroad, if they want even more they do some criminality. And all of them Putin, Trump, Erdogan, Assad, Europeans, Persians, Iraqi, Saoudi etc all of them are nonhuman greedy predators, the one even more then the other. Now-days Erdogan is the worst of the worst to keep a peacefully settlement at bay.


Assad just can’t trust the EU US or NATO and I wouldn’t either they have made it quite clear they want him gone so no stay strong Mr president

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad just trusted the UN to implement all the new amendments he demanded to the old resolution 2254, and guess what, they did exactly what he wanted them to do, convoluted or mutual interests win again. And if you want to ask me what the convoluted or mutual interests were that caused the Syrians to accept the new version of UN resolution 2254, after 5 years of rejecting the unamended Russian/Turkish/Iranian version of resolution 2254 you can find out for yourself. Just do some research on both versions of 2254 and work out which one you think is is the best for Assad and Syria, the old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version, or the new UN/Syrian amended version, it should then be obvious why Assad trusted the UN this time, he had no choice.

I’ll say again, Assad’s been rejecting the Russian/Turkish/Iranian version of resolution 2254 for 5 years now, but on the very same day the UN offer Assad another deal, he not only accepts the deal the very same day, but also gets it up and running within just one week. Who did Assad actually trust when he switched offers, the Russians, Turks, and Iranians, or did he trust the UN instead, some might think he trusted the UN but he didn’t, he trusted in convoluted and mutual interests, the only thing he can trust in. So obviously Russia and Syria’s interests have divulged and Syria and the UN’s interests have become somewhat convoluted, making Assad’s sudden and totally unforeseeable acceptance of the new UN proposal, an obvious sign something was wrong with the old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version, what does that say for trust. Since June last year the US, Israel, the EU, and the Arab league [Saudi’s included], have all been saying Assad could remain in power, but Erdogan has from that day until now said Assad has to go, now the UN is also saying Assad can stay in power, but Erdogan is still saying no. Who can Assad trust, no one, he can only trust the ever changing convoluted and mutual interests both parties have, at least until the interests are no longer convoluted and mutually beneficial.


Would you trust a bunch of lying theiving pshycopaths hell bent on your destruction

Willing Conscience (The Truths

NO, but if you’re going to trust in anything at all it’s got to be in convoluted or mutual interests, that’s about the only thing you can trust in. I wonder if Assad trusts Putin every time Putin tells him, “just trust me, this time Erdogan’s promised to do exactly what he says he’s going to, don’t worry about a thing”.


What mutual interests have they got the EU seems hell bent on destroying Europe and Syria too look at the number of migrants they’ve let in you seem to be assuming that the EU NATO etc are controlled by sane rational people who have the best interests of the people of Europe at heart

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Who says the UN is rational or sane, not me, read some of my prior post about the UN, the only person the UN is a little more sane than, and also acts a little more rationally than, is Erdogan, apart from that they’re all as mad as rabbits, and also the biggest liars in the universe. Assad wants the Turks out of Syria and so do the UN, the US, Israel, the Arab league, and the EU. The UN, the US, Israel, the Arab league, and the EU, all say Assad can remain in power, and all of them except for the UN have been saying it since June last year, but from June last year until now, Erdogan’s been saying Assad has to go.

Both parties don’t have to be sane to have mutual interests, in fact they can both be insane and still have a workable agreement, that’s if it’s mutually beneficial. As you pointed out look at the deal the EU made with Erdogan, 2 insane parties working out a deal that actually worked well, despite the fact it became a regrettable decision with hindsight, not that any of the anti LGBTQI EU nations capitulated to the mad womens decrees, the whole EU isn’t insane just the richer EU nations, LOL. The UN’s insane but Assad isn’t, I’m sure he could work out a deal that would leave himself and Syria in a good position concerning any possible future Turkish aggression in Syria, it’s not like the Russians are stopping the Turks from doing anything and everything they want to anyway, so the UN can’t be any worse than the Russians are. And at least the UN has the all the rest of the world on their side, Russia only has Turkey and Iran to support their cause. Assad’s only just recently accepted the amended version of UN resolution 2254, that was something no one was expecting, not even me. So what makes it hard to entertain the thought that Assad might do something similar when and if he has to a second time, the precedent has already been set afterall, turning to the enemy for help once means it can happen again, and Assad hasn’t said even once he’s regretted accepting the UN offer, so he must be happy with the first result he had with the UN.


I know you have to be pragmatic but I think Assad should wait until his hand is stronger

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad was being pragmatic when he accepted the UN proposal over the Russian/Turkish/Iranian proposal, he accepted the best of only 2 available options. And I’m afraid Assad’s hand hasn’t been getting any stronger since the latest Astana enforced ceasefire, it’s actually grown weaker, stalemate in Idlib, Turkish invasion, Russian/Turkish MOU. Assad’s running out of options when it come to the new Russian Turkish partnership, the only options he has with them benefit the Turks and harm Syria. But when the UN made that proposal to Assad and he accepted it, he opened up a whole new branch of options, so at least now if the Russian’s continue to pander to Erdogan’s demands and try to force Assad into agreeing to things he doesn’t want to, he at least has other options available to him.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

absolutely correct, cant mossad the assad :))))

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