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Assad Says Current Disagreements With Turkey Are “Illogical”


Assad Says Current Disagreements With Turkey Are “Illogical”

President Bashar al-Assad during the interview with Russia-24. Source: the Syrian Presidency

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called that the current disagreements between his country and Turkey “illogical.”

In an interview with the Russia-24 TV, al-Assad sent a friendly message to the Turkish people, questioning the motives behind their country’s military intervention in Syria.

“I ask the Turkish people, what is your issue with Syria? what is the issue that a Turkish citizen deserves to die for? What is the small or large hostile act that Syria took against Turkey during the war or before the war? completely nonexistent,” the Syrian President said, according to a report by RT on March 4.

Al-Assad went on to say “there are intermarriages, there are common families, there is a daily interest relationship between Syria and Turkey, there are groups in Turkey of Syrian Arab origin, and there are groups in Syria of Turkish origin … So it is not logical that there will be a dispute between us and them.”

Last month, Turkey became directly involved in supporting Syrian militants, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda, in Greater Idlib. The Turkish military supplied the militants with heavy weapons and went on to provide them with direct fire support.

Turkey’s aggressive behavior in Idlib provoked a response by Syrian government forces, which have killed more than 60 Turkish service members, thus far.

Al-Assad’s remarks appears to be meant to de-escalate the tension with Turkey, while holding the Turkish government responsible for the recent escalation in Greater Idlib.

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