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Assad Orders Amnesty To Military Deserters Inside And Outside Syria


Assad Orders Amnesty To Military Deserters Inside And Outside Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad. FILE IMAGE: Michael Klimentiev/TASS

On October 9, President Bashar al-Assad issued the legislative decree No. 18 for 2018 granting a general amnesty for military deserters inside and outside the country. This amnesty does not include fugitives from justice unless they turn themselves in within 4 months for those inside the country and 6 months for those outside the country.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described this step as an effort aimed at supporting the reconciliation process in the war-torn country.

“Touching on the issue of pardoning deserters, probably, this is a step towards national reconciliation, towards creating conditions, which would suit those refugees who want to come back to Syria and internally displaced persons,” Lavrov said. “We actively encourage this determination of the Syrian leadership.”

Earlier, multiple media and pro-Western experts speculated that the refugees returning home would be discriminated and immediately drafted into the army, and no security guarantees would be provided to them.



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  • Ilya Grushevskiy

    Assad Supreme Defense Force?

  • Cleverson Santos

    Who will be crazy to return it might be a bait… It is a good move from Assad, but I dont think many people will comply.

    • Bill Wilson

      They might come home if they know that Assad has restructured the military leadership where brigades are now led by professional career officers that will obey orders from Damascus and no longer by local strongmen that considered the brigades as their private armies.

  • Attrition47

    Good decision; sceptics will wait and see but time will tell.

  • Barba_Papa

    That fiendishly brutal bastard Assad. How dare he give people amnesty and not lock them up and torture them? How else can the MSM paint him as a cruel and bloody dictator and justify the war to overthrow him?