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Assad Is Destroying Last Seedlings Of Idlib Democracy

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Assad Is Destroying Last Seedlings Of Idlib Democracy

The bloody Assad regime is threatening the last seedlings of democracy planted by Mr. al-Julani and his foreign backers in the Syrian province of Idlib.

On February 3, regime forces attacked peaceful al-Qaeda activists in the villages of Nay-rab, Tor-naba, and cut off the M4 highway west Saraqib. Idlib and Saraqib are well-known strongholds of tolerance and diversity, where vetted members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party, Horas Ad-Din and similar non-governmental humanitarian organizations operate.

Assad forces, backed up by the Russians, deployed approximately 7km from Idib city and continued developing an advance in order to outflank Saraqib from the northwestern direction. They likely seek to capture Saramin and cut off the last direct road linking Idlib with Saraqib. According to some pro-Assad sources, the army even attacked Saraqib itself.

Earlier on the same day, regime forces conducted a ‘treacherous attack’ on Turkish troops deployed near Saraqib in order to protect their local partners. In response, the Turkish Armed Forces reportedly struck over 50 regime targets ‘neutralizing’ at least 76 pro-government fighters.

Nonetheless, the young Idlib democracy remained in grave danger.

Turkish forces are now establishing additional positions near Saraqib in order to protect the town and local humanitarian activists from political repressions.

All these come amid an indiscriminate bombing campaign by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces that intentionally target armoured ambulances, weapon hospitals, underground sewing clubs and storytelling spaces recently established across Greater Idlib with assistance from Ankara.

Another point of the Assad expansionism is southwestern Aleppo. Forces of democracy are fiercely resisting the advancing Syrian Army. Nonetheless, they are slowly losing ground because of the numerical superiority of the pro-government forces.

On February 4, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the White Helmets were preparing a chemical provocation involving 200 people and 400 liters of chemical agents. The military said that the preparations were ongoing in the village of Maaret al-Artik.

Fortunately, mainstream media already denounced this as ordinary propaganda. For any real journalist it is obvious that there can be no staged chemical provocations in Syria, even if OPCW leaks scream about this. This tyrant Assad just likes using chemical weapons on video every time when his forces make important gains or are about to achieve a large victory.

Thankfully, Turkish state media and their western counterparts are always on the alert. They will be here in time to sniff Sarin or other chemical weapons from backpacks belonging to victims of the bombing. They already reported hundreds of thousands people displaced by the Assad offensive. So, there are a lot of backpacks to sniff.

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uhuh ironic article!!


Who hacked Southfront ? Who wrote this garbage ?

Neo Onh

garbage – yes, if it was not satire…

northerntruthseeker .

This obviously is satire….. “Underground sewing clubs” made me howl….



Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Satire at its finest

Scott Miller



Lol that irony nice one.


Great satire! I love it. It is funny on one side and sad on the other side to see that some people with no single idea about what’s going on are not able to assess anything in this ugly game of warmongers. And in this condition they cry around about “Assad the gas-man” or “Assad the tyrant” and similar BS. Thx SF to give us insights into the real reasons and sceneries of this undeclared war of globalists against the Syrian people. Hopefully there will be an end sooner than later.

Smith Ricky

Alot of bagpacks to sniff ?


best thing ive read all week. gotta love the smell satire in the morning

Lee Vanderheiden

Surely, this is an Onion piece. Works as farce. Idlib a “democracy” ? Underground “sewing” clubs? Sniffing backpacks? What is true is the tenacity of the SAA and Russian forces to rid Syria of the terrorist occupation.

Rhodium 10

Idlib is an Al Qaeda nest protected by US NATO, Turkey,Saudi Arabia and Israel!…therefore these countries are also responsible for the false flag terrorrist attacks 9/11…Twin Towers and Pentagon.



Gary Sellars

It woz his nose wot did it…

The Man

Jacob’s nose is so far up the Zionist arsehole, that it is full of shit.

Rüdiger Preiss

Mwwwaaahahahahaha this was well entertaining !!


leave him to it and when he and russia are finished with idlib they can concentrate on israel, an illegal settlement that needs to be destroyed to the last squatter – together turkey, syria, iraq/iran and hezbollah will wipe the squatters off the face of the earth and peace will be all over the middle east for the first time since the thieving, lying and murdering jews moved in about 1920.


Must be written by Erdogan himself

Willy Van Damme

I love the comment. Certainly when this journalist is trying to see if she could smell some Syrian made sarin. It all reminds me of George Orwell: Peace is war and war is peace. Jolani for US president.




Looks as if the 1st of April has come early this year…………………….


LOL… It was rumored that a Russian submarine crew from the Russian navy was reading this SF article. According to the story circulating, he fell from his chair and he rolled on the floor inside the Borei nuclear submarine while laughing so hard that he almost pressed the Bulava nuclear missile launch button whose target coordinates had just been set to hit Tel Aviv and Ankara. That’s the rumor … ??

Mustafa Mehmet

And no 1 retaliate to Russian action…. ???

The Man

F*ck you, turdy Turk. WTF are you yapping about? The Turds are now shitting themselves and are basically ‘f*cked’. They are going to get well and truly shafted in the next few days. The might as well take their undies off, bend over, and point to their buttholes and say, “Please fire missile here!”


LOL. On another note, 50 certified Sarin sniffers graduated from CNN ivy league academy.

Karen Bartlett

Hahahahaha! Go, SAA!

Arch Bungle

Southfront reposting CNN articles?


Whoever is the editor of South Front must be fired or must return to Israel. There is NO REGIME in Syria. What you do have is a Syrian government or the Syrian Administration, but never a regime. You are using the language of the Israelis and their vassals.

Daily Beatings

Hey, if you’re gonna gaslight do it with style.


Don’t be surprised if the NYT lifts this article, as a confirmation of all they have been saying. :P

Great stuff, you nailed it SF. :)


All of the Jew world order miscreants that took bus rides to Idlib now want to go to Turkey. And the Turks don’t want the terrorists that they’ve supported for the entire war. Just like the blood sucking Jew baby rapers didn’t want them. There was no humanitarian disaster in Southern Syria. Just like there won’t be one in northern Syria, unless the Turks and their pet terrorists manufacture it.

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