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JUNE 2023

Assad: Current U.S. Policy Strongly Resembles Nazism

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Assad: Current U.S. Policy Strongly Resembles Nazism

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the US resembles the Nazis in their current policy, in an interview with RIA Novosti and the TV channel Russia 24, on November 14th.

In the interview, Assad further spoke of how Damascus views the Russian-Turkish memorandum on the situation in the north of the country and how these agreements are being implemented.

He further spoke about how the Syrian authorities are in dialogue with the Kurds and who is standing in the way of this, what is being done to return refugees to the country and how to return the Kurdish population to normal peaceful life in Syria.

Assad also shared his opinion on why the US is stealing Syrian oil, what Damascus will do in this regard.

Finally, he spoke of who could benefit from the death of one of the founders of the White Helmets organization, James Le Mesurier.

First off, he began by saying that regarding the recent Turkish-Russian agreements, Damascus put very little faith in Turkey. According to him, Ankara didn’t adhere to any of its obligations under the Astana and other formats, rather there was a lot of confidence in the beneficial influence of Russia’s participation in the issue.

Because, according to him the situation could develop into three possible scenarios if Russia hadn’t been involved:

  • The first is the Turkish plans and agenda, formed on the basis of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood Association and Ottoman ideological thought;
  • The second is an American project related to the Turkish invasion in order to complicate the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and to delay the achievement of a solution that was close to actually happening;
  • The third is the initiative put forward by Germany to internationalize the region to ensure international security there.

All of these, according to Assad were dictated by the US leadership and Russia’s positive influence can be seen in impeding the implementation of any such scenario.

Furthermore, Assad elaborated more on why specifically Russia assists Syria:

“Russia is a great power, which has its obligations and faces important tasks in the international arena. It carries them out in the interests of the whole world, as well as her people. There is no other alternative before Russia, other than to play the role of a great state or confine itself to the role of a very mediocre country.

The latter is not in the interest of peace. Based on this, Russia’s military presence in Syria is aimed primarily at maintaining a balance in the world, since today’s world does not live in accordance with legal criteria, but obeys the principle of force. That is why Russian military influence is necessary to maintain a balance in the world. This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, the need to fight terrorism, which has two aspects. The first is the moral side of the issue, including the legal aspect in the form of international law, since terrorism is supported by well-known states. Another aspect is the need to protect the interests of Russia. This terrorism has no borders, including political ones.”

And a separate aspect is that Russia is forced to occupy a position that is absolutely opposite to the West, because the Western establishment believed that international law serves its interests, according to the Syrian President.

Regarding, Turkey’s much-advertised plan to return 3 million Syrian refugees to the country, Assad said that it should be taken with a grain of salt, the size of the moon, since it was all an illusion.

Since that would mean returning Syrian people to locations in which they haven’t lived before and there are already indigenous people living there and that would in itself create conflicts throughout.

A second option, proposed by Assad is that Turkey aimed to return terrorists that operated in Syria earlier.

“The main goal of the Turks is to bring to these lands terrorists who acted on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and were defeated, together with their families so that they form a new radicalized society in accordance with the vision adhered to by the Turkish regime of Erdogan. This is its real purpose. In any case, both options are very dangerous and aimed at destabilizing Syria, so we categorically reject this.”

Assad further elaborated on the situation in the former ISIS caliphate and what role the US played in it, much to the benefit of the Kurdish population and the Kurdish forces and the misrepresentation of the population in those areas, where the Syrian Democratic Forces operated.

“I want to clarify a little, because ISIS appeared by the will of the United States and acted under the cover of the United States. We are convinced, and we have evidence, that America controlled ISIS directly as a military tool to strike at the Syrian army in order to divert forces that are fighting terrorism, especially Syrian forces.

Speaking of Kurdish forces, it is necessary to clarify the picture. There is a negative use of this formulation, it is used by the West to create the impression that the forces that are there are Kurdish forces and that this area is a Kurdish region.

First of all, I want to clarify that these areas in the north and northeast of Syria, they are mostly Arab. Over 70% of the population there are Arabs, and not vice versa. And even the units that fight there are made up of Kurds and representatives of other nationalities.

But the Americans supported the Kurdish units and made the Kurds commanders, so that it seems that these areas are Kurdish.

To drive a wedge between the Kurds and other groups in Syria.

We remained in contact throughout the war with these groups, despite our knowledge that some were being used and directed by the Americans; they were armed and funded by the Americans and their public statements were dictated by them.”

The president added that the predominantly-Kurdish groups in northern Syria have officially told Damascus they are not ready to join the government’s army, but would like to keep their weapons. The Syrian government is attempting to persuade them to give up their weapons and join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army.

He further said that the Kurds have been living in Syria for decades without any issues and that the issues in northern Syria were predominantly caused by an external influence.

“The same groups that receive US support say that the situation has changed after the war. Of course, the situation has changed, this is natural. Any war changes a lot in society. But war is not a reason to divide the country and does not give the right to separatism, the destruction of the constitution and the weakening of the state. War should make our homeland stronger, not weaker. We strongly disagree with the separation under any circumstances.”

Furthermore, Assad elaborated that glorifying only the Kurds in the fight against terror was wrong, since many of the citizens of Syria had to pick up weapons and fight for their villages and cities and protect their families and singling out a specific ethnicity was wrong to begin with.

“When a person feels a threat to his existence, he needs to defend himself, this is obvious. I do not put this defense of the country in the political framework. If I do this, it is tantamount to handing the United States a diploma for good behavior, for supporting the forces that fought against ISIS, and thus the United States really is fighting terrorism. And we all know, and have already spoken about this in Syria, and in Russia, and in other countries that the USA supported ISIS.”

About the return of refugees, jobs for them and normality in everyday life, Bashar al-Assad said that great effort was being exercised, but the pace was slow, much slower than the government and people would like it to be, but there was no other way.

He furthermore spoke of rehabilitating fighters who have given up their weapons and would simply like to return to normal life. He primarily spoke of rehabilitating children, and having them go to school and learning that living outside of the law and following a radical belief is not the proper way.

“There is another point – this is religious extremism, which has been promoted and invested in the minds of communities for several years, where the ideology of al-Qaeda and Salafists reigned under the signs of ISIS, Jebhat al-Nusra and Jaysh Tahrir Al-Sham, Jaysh al- Islam – different names.

It does not matter. The bottom line is one.

In Syria, religious institutions play a very important role in this matter. Before we start talking with them about the basics of patriotism and humanity, they must understand that the religious ideas that were embedded in their minds are distorted ideas that contradict true faith.”

When it comes to Kurdish children, Assad said that mechanisms were being established to allow children to join the Syrian education system and have equal opportunities with everybody else in the country.

When it came to the US presence in the country, Assad said that it was permitted because it has some agents in the local population, but it is possible that if its prolonged too long it would lead to a rise of military resistance, similar to what is happening in Iraq.

In regard to the US occupying Syria’s oilfields, he said that this equaled nothing more than common banditry.

“Not only because they steal oil, but because the United States is a state built as a political regime on bandit groups. The American president does not represent the state, he is only the CEO of the company, the CEO sits at the board of directors, the board, in turn, represents large American companies that are the real owners of the state: these are oil companies, arms manufacturers, banks and other lobbies.”

He reminded that one of the main reasons Hitler attacked the Soviet Union during World War Two was oil.

“Today, the United States does the same, imitating the Nazis, and, more simply, we can liken today’s American politics to the policies of the Nazis: expansion, conquest, undermining the interests of other peoples, violating international law, humanitarian foundations and so on, and all this only for the sake of oil. What is the difference between this policy and Nazi methods? Will one of the elements of the American system be able to answer this question? I think no.”

Whether Syria would raise the question at the UN regarding Syrian oil, Bashar al-Assad said that it was possible, but it would not lead to anything since according to him, and his opinion was shared by many is that the UN “doesn’t exist,” since there is no such thing as “international law.”

“All complaints filed with the UN are on the shelves, as this is a semi-state controlled by gangs based on the principle of force. As we said earlier, they are a bunch of thieves, and the conflict between them is a struggle for profit, gain and loss.”

According to him, the world currently is closer to the one before World War Two and not after it, so the rule of force is the important factor and that complaints to the UN wouldn’t lead to anything, but they would be deposited regardless.

Moving on to James Le Mesurier’s death, Assad said that a longer elaboration was needed, even mentioning the death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his “suicide” in his prison cell, because he knew important information regarding some important figures in the US and Great Britain.

He reminded that one of the key members of the White Helmets was in Germany and he, also, died in prison. He also allegedly committed suicide.

Finally, Le Mesurier also died, and he worked with NATO in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon his entire life, as part of MI6.

And the question is how was Le Mesurier connected to humanitarian activities, when he has never taken part in such an endeavor before Syria.

In Assad’s opinion all three of the above-mentioned, in addition to bin Laden and al-Baghdadi were killed because they knew a lot of very important secrets that needed to remain hidden.

“They became a burden after fulfilling their roles. After they played their part, there was an urgent need to get rid of them.”

Finally, the interviewer asked if whether protests in Iraq, Lebanon and even in Jordan in recent months were similar to what took place in Syria in 2011, which Assad denied.

“In Syria, the following happened: groups of people – and this is confirmed – were paid money for going to the processions, and there was a small part of the people who went to these demonstrations, as they had a goal to change something. However, in general, the situation was not the same, the killings began from the first days, shots. This means that the demonstrations were not spontaneous.”

And if the protests in the surrounding country are really sincere and to fix the economic and social situation, then they need to remain national and shouldn’t be meddled in by the US, or any other country in that matter, Assad added.

The most important thing is that the situation remains within the national framework, in which case it will be positive, as it expresses the desire of the people in these countries.


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Toronto Tonto

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Simon Bernstein

amen to that

klove and light

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Toronto Tonto

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Ricky Miller

You’re nothing short of evil. Really, go to Ukraine and join the Azov battalion. You’d fit right in. I’m not Jewish but if you and people like you ever rise up to slaughter a whole people on the basis of their faith or ethnic identity I will join those who fight you. One cannot make the world a better place by repeating the darkest parts of our past. And we cannot diagnose the source of our economic and political problems by scapegoating people.


it’s enough of a quest to rid the world of the illegal settlement called israel – ukraine is bankrupt and can’f find its way out of a paper bag whereas israel is as bad as hitler and some other reprehensible and disgusting personage out of history and the urgency with which israel needs to be terminated is sickening. and not only do they need to be kicked all the way to hell, all their embedded/entrenched siblings/cousins etc need to accompany the squatters on their voyage into the abyss (diaspora replete with gruesome pogroms) so that the world can live in peace, a peace which the squatters have ruined throughout the last 100 or 500 or 1000 years – no one needs the squatters and the world will be a better place once they are gone.


“murdering terrorist POS dicktater ”

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Ricky Miller

Go away. Bashar al-Assad is no murderer. He is the President of a country who decided to fight back when large and powerful states began arming and shipping in foreign jihadi fighters to try and take over the country. These thugs began by murdering police officers in the streets. And then graduated to destroying whole neighborhoods and placing the residents of said places under jihadi control. It is that simple and if you can’t see that than you are simply a propaganda mouthpiece for the Empire, which is driving all collective human civilization into a firestorm.

Hasbara Hunter

Circumcision at a young age & Mental Health problems are related…did you know that Nose?

Black Waters

I have no doubts about this anymore, the coups are out of control the whole U.S is out of control at this point in time, even their police is a “gestapo” style military police.


yep the neo-nazis rule in washington dc and the present garbage are about as bad as the guys adolf hitler surrounded himself with.

klove and light

his Name was schickelgruber….. a small dumb Boy from Austria with rothshild blood from Salomon rothshild from vienna , Austria….bankrolled by them in Germany to become Adolf hitler…. Check out the following in the internet

The Haavara Agreement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will open your eyes…..

NAZI = NA= NSDAP (hitlers-schickelgruber- Party) ZI= ZIONISM

they worked Hand in hand

klove and light

ps… check out,, Google….. speech of Netannayu regarding hitler and the jews…..it is on Video..were bibi netannayu clearly states and i Quote from the speech/video “hitler never intended to kill jews but rather make them leave europe and go to Palestine…..”

Haavara Agreement between NSDAP and Zionism!!!!!

as Long as the biggest lie in human history is not resolved, the power structure on our planet will not Change 1 %.period.

Derek Johnson

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He was making up history by blaming Haj Amin al-Husseini for the Holca$t


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Haven’t you read the books of Raul Hilberg, “The destruction of European Jews, ” vol. I, II, III ? Just read them.


Yea but everyone is so fucking ignorant about it and when you try to educate them they throw the old anti-Semitic crap at you and it doesn’t help that the Jews control the media so it is going to be very difficult to resolve

Jacob Wohl's Nose

you know something is deeply disturbing and fucked up in the USA when its generals refuse to investigate the matter of a foreign state (israel) attacking a US Naval ship for over 1 hour straight, killing 35 and almost sinking it, while knowing fully that its an American ship. Radio communications show Israeli operators identified it beforehand as American. The Navy refused any investigations into the matter, and the US Airforce/Naval pilots were told to stand down as the attack was happening. Those men were left with no one to help them, because those who were attacking them were God’s Chosen People and were the victims of the holocaust :( and this was back in 1967. The zionist stranglehold is even more strong now. And some of you guys think it will change? :)

Simon Bernstein

antisemitic russkie propaganda. this incident was an accident, the IDF thought it was a russkie naval vessel. plus it was a recon/spy ship. No country, not even the US, has or had business spying on Israel. It was a tragic incident and Israel apologized immediately.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Except it was no accident, RAT FACE. Intercepted communications showed the Israelis identifying it as American and ordering the attack, even ordering for it to be sunk by subs. “No country, not even the US, has or had business spying on Israel” Here you even implicitly admit that Israel did it. Nice job. Israel never apologized to the sailors or their families either, you’re full of KOSHER SHIT.

Had you kikes done this to a Russian ship instead, they would’ve retaliated and blown you guys to kingdom come. I wish you did, your terror state would’ve ceased to exist back in 1967 :)

Never forget the USS Liberty

Simon Bernstein

more antisemitism, didn’t even bother to read it

Jacob Wohl's Nose

when the kike cant argue, he resorts to the “muh antisemitism”

Hasbara Hunter

They aren’t even Semites…just more Bullshit from these AshkeZioNazi Cockroaches….

Jacob Wohl's Nose

exactly. calling them semites is antisemitic in itself lol

Decatur Guy

Alert! Tel-Aviv’s elite Pedo-defense brigade has been deployed behind an impregnable wall of computer keyboards.

Ricky Miller

Not to worry, the rest of us read it for you. I don’t like or approve of his tone but there is something of substance to his argument. There is way more to the USS Liberty story than you are admitting here. And really, after Jonathan Pollard was handled by Israeli intelligence into providing U.S. technology and state secrets to Israel (proven in a court of law) you have no basis in saying that no one has a right to spy on Israel. Do onto others, no?

Simon Bernstein

Israel developed every technology using their own resources and brains! Israel’s nukes were 100% strictly domestically produced. Stop the antisemitic, anti-Israeli, fake lies you’re spreading on here

Ricky Miller

I’m not antisemitic or even anti Israel. I am anti Israeli behavior, though. I believe in an International order where everyone has security and follows the rules. The United States and Israel are at the forefront of violating that order even though their signatures are on the United Nations Charter. This chaos and disorder screams out for decent people and governments to oppose the violators. That’s what I am, a dissenter to empire. End of story. I do, however, understand quite well exactly what you are, too. And everyone else here can grasp your identity and agenda as well.


Ha ha ha you know when you start believing your own propaganda you are doomed to fail

Concrete Mike

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Hasbara Hunter

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Ricky Miller

Russia is not antisemitic. Far from it and that statement is so absurd it displays your ignorance like fireworks in the sky, screaming look at me, look at me, I just asserted something beyond stupid. The Russian government has repaired synagogues in Kaliningrad Oblast and even in Syria. One of Russia’s greatest war against the Nazi’s (Great Patriotic War) heros was Jewish and led the mass breakout at Sobibor and Jewish officers were plentiful in the Red Army and there continues a Jewish community in Russia which remains vibrant and safe today. Unlike Ukraine. Jews are safer in Russia than they are in the U.S.

Simon Bernstein

Jews are the safest in Israel or Ukraine. Not Poland or Russia.

Concrete Mike

Lame excuses from la lame excuse of a human being.

Israel spies on everyone, so expect to be spied upon, like how far up your ass is your head?

Duhhhh were israel no one is allowed to touch us, criticise us or even look at us, because we are god’s chosen people, yup god sure chose something alright.

The liberty mess was intentional and deliberate, stop making excuses like the pussy you are!

Hasbara Hunter

You are the Antisemitic Filth….you folks are killing Semitic Peoples….


“the IDF thought it was a russkie naval vessel.”

First Israel said they thought it was an Egyptian vessel not a Russian one.

Second when you read the testimony it was obvious that the IAF knew the ship was American ….. they claimed it was an Egyptian destroyer ….. they USS Liberty didn’t even have deck guns.

I grew up in a military seaport with a view of the harbour. I could tell a 1960 era destroyer from a ship like the Liberty using just the silhouette even as a child. It had masts fore and aft, no deck guns and a FORECASTLE for Christs sake, tno one could mistake that ship for a destroyer and more than you could mistake a Cessna for an F-15. You believe trained IAF pilots close enough to strafe and bomb the Liberty couldn’t tell it wasn’t an Egyptian destroyer? They continued attacking the ship even after they raised a US flag.

I don’t blame the Israeli’s. I think it was a false flag agreed upon by the USA and Israel to get the USA into the war just like the Gulf of Tonkin was used to get the USA into Vietnam. The USS Saratoga was in the area, received the SOS and launched aircraft but the US navy countermanded the order.


That’s just fucking pathetic mate

klove and light

John F. kennedy Robert kennedy John Kennedy jr. Martin Luther king Malcom X and the list gos on and on and on

as far as the USS liberty is concearned……the Information control concearning the murder by IDF of 35 US Navy men was a piece of cake…..the Military is a pyramid organization….the captain of USS liberty got promoted, and the survivors got split up around the world so that no discussion can be Held on a wider scale……..look at the chelsey Manning Episode….clear Videos showing warcrimes commited by US Forces….and Investigation??? lol again everything concearning the Military is closed.period. watch the Videos of 9, and 10 th of September 2001 concearing the 1 Trillion Dollars missing in Military Funding at the Pentagon(rumsfeld press conferences etc.)…Military = closed closet.

what is much more disturbing are the “civilian” assasinations on Broad daylight with no reprecussions…why….that just Shows how closed off the US Society truly is……latest episode

EPSTEIN…….and ..investigations??? nope not in a liftime….latest revelations ABC blocked all Information concearing epstein and clinton etc…. with full Knowledge…any Investigation hahah not in this satanic jew Zionist controlled planet…and as Long as nobody important (leader/president/prime Minister of another Nation) takes away their JOKER Card Nothing will Change on planet earth. jew Joker Card is the bs Fantasy Holocaust…..as Long as they are allowed to Keep their bs Fantasy Story of , first 1 Million jews, then 2 then 3 now we are Standing at 6 miilion jews and Overall 10 m,illion gassed People.. Nothing will Change.


Something pretty drastic needs to happen in pretty sure all the governments of the world despise isreal but just can’t say no to them there’s also the nuclear thing if there was a concerted effort by a number of countries to take isreal out by force they won’t hesitate to bring the whole world down with them

klove and light

perfect spot on Mr. Assad………. NAZI…… is a word that Shows the partnership between hitlers Party and zionism from 1933 onward…..

NA= NSDAP (hitlers (schickelgruber his real Name) party ZI= ZIONISM

hence NAZI

Simon Bernstein

YOU sir, are a nazi. Your Germanic ancestors killed 6,000,000 of my Jewish ancestors in Europe. Thank God that they were defeated

Decatur Guy

Sir, we both know that 6 million figure has been bandied about since the 1800s. Further, that 6 million figure was from an deliberate transliteration from either the Torah or that piece of satanic trash, the talmud, stating “six million won’t return” to Palestine. You can only paper-over the truth with lies for so long. God’s chosen my foot!

When a historical event is so unquestionably true you send people to jail for questioning it. Radical Revisionist Zionism Weaponized!

Ricky Miller

By Russia. 75% of the Red Army was Russian. 75% of all German losses were fighting the Soviet Union and 75% of those losses were inside Russia proper. 75% of all Russian war material was manufactured in Russia and the lend lease supplies were paid for, off, in full with interest by the Russian Federation in 2006. Defending St. Petersburg (Leningrad) the Russians lost more people (2.1 million) than the combined WW2 losses of the U.S., France and the U.K. At it’s peak the front between the USSR and the Reich was expansive reaching more than two thousand kilometers and involved 8 million Germans fighting 11 million Red Army of which between 7.5 and 8 million were…Russian. Please send your thank you card to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Simon Bernstein

russkie troll alert

Ricky Miller

Respond with facts, please. Insults make my case for me, though as it demonstrates that you’ve got…nothing.


Don’t even bother to get an answer from this soap bar.

kurdan xeniqînin ?

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Concrete Mike

Care tonexplain where 6million comes from, i only found evidence of 4 millions jews in europe, where did the 2 other million come from?

Keep bleating piggy.

Derek Johnson

What are you prattling on about? showing up your stupidity?

Mehmet Aslanak

I don’t like Trump, but I appreciate his fight with industrial-military-media complex of the US. By confessing that US fights only for the oil, actually he revealed that invasion of Iraq was also for the oil, hence 9/11 was planned by US elite, in order to end year 2000 recession, so economy would boom again with the new wars against poor enemies.

Hasbara Hunter


Tudor Miron

Knowing how US and UK “elites” funded Hitler’s rise to power there’s nothing new in what Assad is saying but this truth needs to be repeated.

Concrete Mike

Agreed, every interview Assad gives are really good. He is a smart eloquent man.

With the western press being populated by intellectual prostitutes, one has to find the truth other ways, as they dont have the courage to tell the truth.


Except the Nazis had more class

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Reading the full article instead of just a few quotes is way more informative, here’s some excerpts of the interview and a link to the full interview, and I’ve also added an interesting interview with Lavrov, … Lavrovs interview.

Question: You just said that the best ISIS fighters are the former Baath Party members. I just returned from the Syrian-Turkish border, where, as you know, last month Turkey launched, with Russia’s official or unofficial okay, Operation Peace Spring. My question is: you mentioned the Kurds in Iraq quite a bit but what about the Kurds in Syria?

Sergey Lavrov: Operation Peace Spring was not endorsed by Russia. It was endorsed by the United States, if you are accurate with the facts. They tried to negotiate with Turkey but then said they could not reach the deal so “Kurds, you are on your own, we are leaving.” Then, after they left the Kurds and left Syria, they said they do not have any more obligations to the Kurds but they are coming back for oil (not for the Kurds). It is an interesting zigzagging in foreign policy. Back to Churchill, who said that the Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else.

The Kurds in Syria must have a place in the political dialogue. But the Kurds in Syria must be consistent. If at the beginning of the conflict they decided that they can go unilateral with the support of the United States, when they declared the creation of this federation of Rojava and they thought that they would always be supported by the United States in this separatist movement, it was their decision. We tried to explain to them and to the Syrian government that it is important to start a dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds. The Kurds were not interested. They believed that they would always be covered by the United States. When the United States made this twist, the Kurds started asking us to help them start a dialogue with the government, which we were ready to do. But then, when the Americans said they are coming back to control the oil fields, the Kurds again lost interest in this dialogue. So we need some consistency.

https://www.mid.ru/en/press_service/minister_speeches …

If the Turks hadn’t started this new invasion the SDF would most likely have been well on the way to reconciliation with the Syrian government, but not after the Turks got both US and Russia’s permission to invade they didn’t, that gave the SDF another excuse to beg for the US’s help and placed an obligation on the US to stay. After all if the Russian’s weren’t going to protect the SDF after the US pulled out and just leave them to the Turks mercy, what other choice did the US have but to stay, giving the SDF one last lifeline to hang onto. I nearly laughed when Lavrov said this though, “Back to Churchill, who said that the Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else”, by right thing I can only assume he’s referring to protecting the Kurds from Erdogan.


Assad’s interview …..

Question 3: Going back to Turkey, what do you think of Ankara’s intention of repatriating the Syrian refugees to the areas under the control of the Turkish army and the militants which support it in the northeast of the country, taking into account that these refugees might number about 3 million people?

President Assad: Nobody believes that Turkey will repatriate 3 million Syrian refugees to this area; this is a deceptive humanitarian slogan. Even if they wanted to, this is not possible because it would create a conflict between the owners of the land, the cities, the villages, the homes, the farms, and the fields on the one hand, and these newcomers, on the other; those who own these places will never renounce their rights in these areas, so this would create an ethnic conflict. However, the real reason behind Turkey bringing the militants and terrorists who fought and were defeated in Syria, is to move them and their families into this region in order to create a new extremist community in line with the vision sought by the President of the Turkish regime, Erdogan. This is the real goal. In either case, both are dangerous and aim at destabilizing Syria. Therefore, we certainly reject it. …..

Question 4: The Sochi agreement contributed to normalizing the situation in northeastern Syria and prepared the ground for the return of the legitimate control of the Syrian government east of Euphrates and some areas in the northeast of the country. But the population in those areas has been cut off from the state’s central authority as a result of ISIS’s behavior. What are the steps you intend to take in order to engage the local authorities of the Kurdish autonomous administration? This is because fighting ISIS was carried out by both the government forces in that area and by the YPG.

President Assad: I want to separate the two cases, because ISIS was created by American will and carried out its activities under an American cover. We are convinced, and we have information, that America has used ISIS as a military tool to strike at the Syrian Army and to distract the military forces fighting terrorism, at the forefront of which is Syria.

With regards to the Kurdish forces, we need to correct certain concepts. The term is being misused and it is being promoted by the West to give the impression that the forces operating there are Kurdish and that the region is Kurdish. First, I would like to make it clear that this region in the north and northeast of Syria is an Arab-majority region; over 70% of its population are Arabs, not the other way around. The groups fighting there are a mixture of Kurds and others; the Americans support the Kurdish groups and installed them in a leadership role in order to give the impression that it is a Kurdish region and to create a conflict between the Kurds and the other groups in Syria. We remained in contact throughout the war with these groups, despite our knowledge that some were being used and directed by the Americans; they were armed and funded by the Americans and their public statements were dictated by them. This does not mean that the Kurds are not patriots; I stress that most of the Kurds are patriots who support their state and the Syrian people like any other segment of Syrian society, but some of these groups are Kurds, some are Arabs, and there might be others working under American command. These are the groups we have continued to engage.

Since the return of the Syrian Army to these areas, there is currently a dialogue to convince them that stability is achieved when all of us are committed to the Syrian constitution, because this constitution reflects the will of the people. And when the Syrian Arab Army returns, it does so together with other state institutions, which are also an expression of the Syrian constitution and people.

Some progress has been achieved recently after the Turkish invasion in this area. Russia plays an important role in this issue based on the same principles that I just mentioned. Sometimes we move forward, other times we move backward partly because of the American pressure on the armed groups in Syria not to respond to the Syrian state; this is expected. Now we are more optimistic that things are moving in right direction, because after nine years of war, I think that most people understand the importance of embracing the state regardless of political differences, or differences with the government or the ruling party. The state in every part of the world embraces everybody; I believe that we are moving in this direction.

Question 5: Have I understood you correctly, that the status quo in the northeast of the country is as it is because of outside interference? I mean, the views that there are problems with the Kurds that can never be solved.

President Assad: The problems are with some of the Kurds; I stress once again that most of the Kurds have been in Syria for decades and there are no problems with them. There are however, extremist groups, extremist in the political sense, which are making propositions closer to separation. Some of these propositions are related to federalism and Kurdish self-rule. As I mentioned earlier, this is an Arab region, and if anyone is to talk about federalism, it shall be the Arabs, because they are the majority; this is self-evident. Unlike, the situation in northern Iraq and southeast Turkey, there is no Kurdish majority in this region of Syria.

As to cultural and other rights, I always give the example of the Armenians because they are the latest comers to Syria – about a hundred years ago. They have their schools, churches, and full cultural rights. Why would we give cultural rights to one segment of Syrian society and not to others? Simply, this group has made separatist propositions which we shall never accept, not today, not tomorrow, not as a state, not as a people. This is the problem. Today, all these American-supported groups claim that the situation has changed after the war – of course the situation has changed. It is normal that every war will result in a lot of changes in society. However, war doesn’t mean dividing the country, or moving towards separation; it doesn’t mean throwing out the constitution or weakening the state. The war should be an experience from which we come out with a stronger, not weaker homeland. We shall never accept any separatist propositions under any circumstances.

Question 15: In Istanbul, one of the founders of the White Helmets died a few days ago, the organization whose involvement in producing fake videos on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria was uncovered several times. And now there are hypotheses that this founder of the White Helmets in Syria did not die, but was rather killed. What do you think of that? What happened in Istanbul?

President Assad: In order not to look at this as an isolated case, we must look at it in the broader context of similar incidents. The American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was killed weeks ago; they said that he had committed suicide in prison. He was killed because he had many important details and secrets about prominent figures in the American and British regimes, and possibly other countries as well.

One of the leading members of the White Helmets was killed in a German prison; they also claimed he committed suicide. Now the main founder of the White Helmets is killed. He was actually an officer and worked throughout his career with NATO, in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, and Lebanon, and later he founded the White Helmets in Syria. What is the link between the history of this individual and humanitarian work, which is supposedly the domain of the White Helmets, but you and I both know, that they are part of Al Qaeda. If we take into account the killing of Bin Laden and recently al-Baghdadi, I believe these individuals were killed because they had important secrets and thus had become a burden; and since their role had expired, it was necessary to get rid of them. Therefore, if we look at all these stories as parts of one panoramic picture, we cannot believe that they committed suicide or died a natural death. All these names, and maybe others, were killed because their role had ended and it was necessary to bury their secrets with them. Why were al-Baghdadi and Bin Laden killed? Because were they to remain alive, there may have come a time or circumstance where they would have revealed the truth. Maybe the founder of the White Helmets was writing his memoir and this is not acceptable. These are all probabilities, but they are very likely probabilities, because the alternative is not convincing for me.

Intervention: So, you believe that Western intelligence agencies are behind the death of the former MI6 agent?

President Assad: Of course, these are the acts of intelligence agencies, the question is which ones? In general, when we refer to Western intelligence agencies, including the Turkish and some other intelligence agencies in our region, we know that they are not run by independent states. Rather, they are branches of the main intelligence agency, the CIA; this is the reality. They all work under the orders of one master in coordination and in harmony with one another. So, there is a high probability that the Turkish intelligence carried out the hit under instructions from foreign intelligence agencies. Once again, these are probabilities, but this is the nature of relations among Western intelligence agencies or those working with them.

https://sana.sy/en/?p=178449 …………………………………………………..

You get a completely different take when you read the full interview, the quotes given by SF are only directed at promoting the Russian narrative, but by reading what Assad actually has to say, and by the little truths that came from Lavrov himself, we can see the big picture is much more complicated than we might realize. And to all the Kurd haters out there why do you hate the Kurds so much when Assad himself doesn’t hate them, he’s pointing out that most of the Kurds are as patriotic as the next Syrian is, and further points out that segments of the Arabs and minority groups are just as equally responsible for the separatist problem now.


But not the “current.” USA policy has always resembles nazism, but right now, this is felt by Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Why is even Assad ignoring the one plain simple undeniable fact, Erdogan is a devious backstabbing opportunist that no one can trust, Putin may have forgotten it and it seems Assad may be forgetting it too now.

Let’s say the Russian deal does manage to implement the Turkish safe zone in its entirety, all the territory claims [32 km], exclusion of YPG/PKK forces, repatriation of the refugees, regular Turkish patrols to a 10 km depth, and infrastructure to facilitate it all, what then? Does Erdogan then pull out his occupying forces and just leave an agreed upon smaller security force in place, or does he have another option if he wants it, of course he does, he can do to Russia exactly what he did to the US, EU, and NATO, change his mind and do a backflip. And what could Russia really do if Erdogan, along with his new S-400’s, suddenly turned up at Trump’s front door and suddenly started saying let’s do a deal my old friend, not much at all I’m assuming. Erdogan offers his loyalty, the S-400’s, and a continuing NATO presence in Syria courtesy of his own forces [saving the US money], all in exchange for the right to legally remain in Syria, as well as a resumption of the [lucrative to the US] arms deals they had before the split, and what’s Trump, the EU and NATO going to say, no. LOL, Erdogan might even demand that the EU finally accept Turkey into the EU as part of a new deal, since he solved the refugee problem [he created] with his new safe zone. I can’t understand Assad’s trust in Russia, even if he does trust Putin to do his very best to implement the new agreement with Erdogan, there’s not even one bit of a chance that Putin will be able to hold Erdogan accountable to any of his promises if he doesn’t hold to them, so what would happen if Erdogan did a backflip. Here’s my nightmare scenario that neither Putin or Assad seem to be considering.

Just as Erdogan gets everything he wants from Putin and Syria, he backflips and turns to the US/EU/NATO and they accept him back, they then allow him to remain in Syria legally, also give Turkey EU membership, then begin shipping Saudi/Qatari oil and gas to Europe through Iraq and Turkey via pipeline.

Where will Turkey make more money, trading with the EU and the US, or trading with the Russians, many EU countries have even bigger economies than Russia has. So the EU and the US win there.

And who will Turkey make the most out of in oil/gas transit fees, Russia or the Saudi/Qatari deal, the Saudi/Qatari deal of course. And it’s not that the Turks will make more profit per barrel from one source over the other, or the fact that one source will be more plentiful than the other source is, it’s just the fact that the Turks will be able to sell twice [20 to 30% more] the amount of oil and gas if it’s from the Saudis/Qatari source. Many EU countries refuse to buy Russian oil or gas because they have a security pact which prohibits their nations becoming dependent on an enemies resources [becoming dependent on Russia], so selling Saudi/Qatari gas opens up new markets into the EU for Turkish transit oil/gas [more fees]. Big win for Turkey if Turkey backflips to a US/Israeli inspired Saudi/Qatari venture.

And what about world politics, which side is it best to be on, the one that most of the world is behind, or the one that most of the rest of the world isn’t behind. Now you might say that isn’t a fair comment, but most of the richest countries in the world, and the most militarily powerful [China excluded], are mostly all on the US’s side, so I’m afraid from my perspective, I think the Turks would be thinking they would be better off on the US’s side too.

So if you think what I just said is nothing more than mad ramblings about highly improbable eventuations that’re not likely to happen at all, then you haven’t been paying enough attention to what Erdogan’s actually been doing for the past decade or more. This is a gamble I wouldn’t put a wager on, but if I had to put my money on anything at all, I’d put my money on Erdogan doing a backflip. And that’s not just because I think he’s the most untrustable and devious person in the race, it’s more because I realize just how much he and Turkey would actually stand to gain if he did do a backflip. I hope Assad doesn’t gamble Syria’s future on Erdogan’s compliance to Russia’s demands, if he does he may regret it.

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