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Assad Congratulates Syrian Army With Victory In Western Aleppo, Vows To Continue Fighting Terrorism

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Assad Congratulates Syrian Army With Victory In Western Aleppo, Vows To Continue Fighting Terrorism

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Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reports (source):

President Bashar al-Assad said on Monday that Aleppo gained the victory and Syria as well, adding that the Syrian army will never hesitate to carry out its national duties.

President al-Assad added in a televised speech on the occasion of the latest liberation wars that the Battle of liberating Aleppo and Idleb countryside is continuous regardless of some sound empty bubbles coming from the north.

President al-Assad began the speech by saluting the people of Aleppo for their steadfastness, faith, bravery, and sacrifices.

His Excellency said “When Aleppo city was liberated at the end of 2016, I said that what was before the liberation of Aleppo city will not be the same as what will be after that, and I based that on my knowledge of where the members of our Armed Forces are aiming with their hearts and minds. I based that on my conviction that the patriotism of the people of Aleppo and their fealty to their homeland and the homeland’s army will overturn the calculations of the enemies.

“This is what happened, but Aleppo had to pay a great price equal to the greatness of its people and the patriotism of its position; years of violent and barbaric shelling that affected most neighborhoods, tens of thousands of martyrs, injured people, orphans, people who lost children, and widows. Years of siege without water or electricity or other life necessities, all for Aleppo to kneel and for her people to surrender.

“With every treacherous shell that had fallen, the enemies’ hopes would grow that Aleppo would become another Aleppo, one that never existed throughout history, an Aleppo that does not constitute with its twin Damascus the wings by which the homeland soars; rather an Aleppo whose people would stand with traitors in front of masters, kneeling and prostrating themselves before them, beginning for a few dollars and much disgrace.

“That was in their dreams; but in our real world, with every shell that fell, fear fell and the will to challenge grew. With every martyr, nationalist spirit grew and faith in the homeland became stronger. In our real world, it remained the real Aleppo, the Aleppo of history, nobility, and authenticity. And because it is so, its people did not settle for steadfastness just in the sense of bearing of pain and suffering and acceptance of the status quo; but rather in the sense of work and production that persisted throughout the years of the siege despite the conditions that contradict any economic sense.

“Despite that, this city kept contributing – even if at a bare minimum – to national economy, and I am confident that this type of steadfastness which reflects a concrete will and a deep-rooted sense of belonging is what will raise Aleppo from the ashes of war and restore its natural and leading position in Syria’s economy,” President al-Assad said.

President al-Assad added “It is true that liberating the city in 2016 did not achieve the desired safety for the city at the time, and it remained under the threat of treacherous and cowardly shells, and it is also true today that victory in one battle does not mean victory in the war, but that is by the abstract military logic which is based on endings and results; however, by national logic, victory begins with the beginning of steadfastness even if it was at day one, and by that logic, Aleppo is victorious, and Syria is victorious. We are all victorious over the fear they had tried to instill in our hearts, victorious over the delusions they tried to instill in our minds, victorious over fragmentation, hatred, betrayal, and all those who represent or bear or practice these qualities.

“However, we are fully aware that this liberation does not mean the end of the war, or the failure of schemes, or the disappearance of terrorism, or the surrender of enemies, but it certainly means rubbing their noses in the dirt as a prelude for complete defeat, sooner or later,” the President affirmed.

“It also means that we must not relax; rather we must prepare for the coming battles. Therefore, the battle to liberate the countryside of Aleppo and Idleb will continue regardless of some empty sound bubbles coming from the north, and the battle for liberating all Syrian soil, crushing terrorism, and achieving stability will also continue.”

His Excellency went on to say “Our Syrian Arab Army will never hesitate to carry out its national duties, and it will be as it always has been: an army from the people and for the people. Throughout history, no army has emerged victorious unless the people are united with it in its battle, and when it is united with the people in their vision and cause, and this is what we have witnessed in Aleppo and other Syrian cities, where you embraced the army it protected you, defended you, and made sacrifices for you.

“While we are experiencing times of joy, we must remember that these moments have been made possible by years of pain, heartache, and sadness, for the loss of a dear one that gave their life for the lives and happiness of others. As we bow in honor of the greatness of our martyrs and injured people, it is also our duty to stand in honor of the greatness of their mighty families. If victory is to be dedicated, then it is dedicated to them, and if anyone should receive credit for it, then they deserve the credit. I salute them for the children their raised, and salute their children for their sacrifices. I salute every one of the heroes of our great army and the allied forces begin them. I salute the strength of their bodies in the cold and frost as we bask in warmth and safety.”

President al-Assad went on to salute “our brothers, friends, and allies who stood shoulder to shoulder with the army on the ground and were guardian eagles in the sky, their blood intermingling with the blood of our army that was spilled in Aleppo, Aleppo the faithful to its homeland and history, which will never forget the blood of those who made sacrifices for it, and which will return as it was and stronger.

“Our beloved people in Aleppo, I congratulate you on the victory of your will, the will by which we will wage the greater battle: the battle to build Aleppo. By the will of all the Syrian people we will build Syria, and we will continue liberation, God willing,” His Excellency concluded.

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Damien C

A real president, not some plastic soundbite guy with no passion

Codenamed 'Gordon'

For example Juan Guaidò :))


This guy is a joke anyway.

Liberal guy

He is a joker

Zionism = EVIL

Dr, Assad is a good decent man who has weathered the worst terrorism the Americunts, NATO lapdogs and the Wahhabi gutter trash could throw at him. He has stood tall and unlike despots like Mobarek, Kaddafi duck and scum Saddam, he has massive popular support and respect among his people. He did not flee, the Assads held out and so did the Syrian Arab army. His father, the late great Hafez al Assad the LION OF DAMASCUS would have been immensely proud of him along with Maher al Assad.

Liberal guy

Hey dont u dare call them nato lap dogs they are nato pigs

Liberal guy

Hey why u think assad will win the wahhabis golani coward insane bastard along with the fat Saudi coward pig says we will win against the saa Russia China Iran hezbollah and every enemy of theirs as the are on the right path and will liberate the people of the world against backward thinking kafirs hahahahaha what’s ur opinion as we are kafirs according to worst creatures ever the wahhabis (L. A)


and assad is to be congratulated when he refused to bow for the disunited states of A and it’s kow towing lapdogs – france, uk, poland, denmark, sweden and norway and instead held fast knowing fully well that the syrian people supported him and that the opposition were bought and paid for by the disunited states of A and that the jews were the source of all malcontent the opposition claimed to be labouring under and together with russia they avoided another libya. what could be better – a victory for the alliance of resistance and an astounding defeat for the white house and more or less nato and it’s bj-administering director general, stoltenberg.

Christian S

Compare this victory with august 2013, in where last lines of defend at aleppo airport were barely holding in a two year long siege with even a whole month completly cutt of from khanasser supply lines which have led to seven year long fight for liberation is a victory that will echoes for an eternity

Zionism = EVIL

History will judge Dr. Bashar al Assad as one of the greatest Arab leaders of 21st century. He is a decent man with a spine of steel and the average Syrian and Arab understands that. It is largely due to the Assad brothers that the Syrian Arab Army stayed cohesive and there were not even company sized defections despite the Americunts and Saudis spending billions on trying to encourage defections. It is a testament to the respect Syrians have for the Assad family. His father Hafez was the greatest Arab leader of the 20th century, a man with a vision and strategic acumen who held the ethnic and sectarian mix of Syria together. I visited Syria right after the October 1973 war as a young officer and was amazed at the respect and admiration the average Syrian and Arab in the streets had for Hafez, who despite being double crossed by the pimp Sadat held firm and fought the Zionist scum and Americunts to a standstill.

Christian S

aye brother, most respectable leader in this time of the world.


Powerful speech Mr Assad.

Clyde Cash

You can tell by the sound of his voice that he’s in a pretty good mood.
And that the morale of the Government is at an all time high in the war.


Dr.Assad is 100% right.


And when will we hear from the criminal imperialist media about the suffering of ordinary people in Aleppo during these years of bloody terrorist siege…?

We recall now how they made an undeserved legend about the supposed Serb siege of Sarajevo during the criminal west’s war to destroy Yugoslavia in the 1990s…I expect the scumbags in the west will never become real humans…they will only support terrorists and rats, but never ordinary folks…even in the USA itself…

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Truly frightening what we’re up against. Perhaps one of the top reasons I won’t bring any children into this world.


I really liked this unequivocal statement which not only nails Al Assad’s determination but that of his Government, his army, his allies and most of all the people who elected him and have stood by him in Syria’s darkest hour to where he now stands and can now say with reasonable conviction……..

“We are fully aware that this liberation does not mean the end of the
war, or the failure of schemes, or the disappearance of terrorism, or
the surrender of enemies, but it certainly means rubbing their noses in
the dirt as a prelude for complete defeat, sooner or later.” The only way to salute a fighting speech like this, is with….Hip hip, hurrah… Hip hip, hurrah… Hip hip, hurrah.


God bless Bashar

Assad must stay

my also congratulations to the SAA for securing Aleppo and all their victories and condolences to all the soldiers who gave their lives so that Syria would not perish from the earth


Beautifully written.

Lee Vanderheiden

Yes, so much! No speech writer for Assad. Not necessary. Assad can tap into his own strong intelligence and soul and combine these into an incredibly hopeful, and as you say beautifully written, and meaningful speech for the people of Syria. A rare kind of leader these days.

MeMad Max

The battle of aleppo seems like a long time ago, but to put into scope the damage caused by these foreign funded terrorists: aleppo finally got their airport up and running again.

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