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As The Southern Border Dissolves, So Does Biden’s Agenda

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As The Southern Border Dissolves, So Does Biden’s Agenda

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Chaos at the Border, Chaos on the Hill

Written by William Stroock, observer, author of military fiction

Last week the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute held its annual ball, colloquially known as the Met Gala. This is the fashion industry’s annual celebration of itself, and it is a seminal event in New York City. Tickets cost more than $30,000. This year’s Met Gala was attended by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The unofficial leader of The Squad of young firebrand House progressives, AOC was resplendent in makeup, jewelry and a dress that cost more than most people’s cars. Across her backside were the words, ‘Tax the Rich’. AOC has been defending herself against allegations of hypocrisy and total lack of self-awareness ever since.

Also last week California Governor Gavin Newsom easily survived the state’s recall effort with 62.9 percent of Californians voting no on recall. This is not surprising. Once conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder became the main opponent, Newsom and the Dems could portray him as a rightwing extremist not aligned with ‘California Values’. California is a deep blue state and extremely pro-abortion and Newsom mercilessly slammed Elder for being pro-life. With their California victory, Democrats see a way forward in the 2022 midterm elections.

On the national scene Joe Biden’s agenda is stalled in congress. At issue are two spending bills. First among them is the $1.2 billion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate with Republican help. However this bill may die in the House of Representatives. Left wing Democrats led by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) say they won’t vote for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill until the Senate passes the second bill at issue, the massive $3.5 billion budget reconciliation bill. The reconciliation bill is loaded with items on the left’s wish list including universal Pre-K education, dental and metal health insurance and until this week amnesty for illegal aliens. The senate parliamentarian ruled that amnesty could not be included in a reconciliation budget bill, as amnesty has nothing to do with budget matters.

Passing the $3.5 billion reconciliation bill is proving difficult for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). As of this writing he only has 48 votes. The two holdouts are Krysten Sinema (D-Arizona) and Joe Manchin (D- West Virginia). Schumer must have both senator’s vote merely to get to a 50-50 tie in the senate.  Vice President Kamala Harris would cast the tie-breaking vote. Sinema has already told Pelosi to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill first or she’ll kill the $3.5 billion reconciliation budget bill. Manchin says he thinks the senate should put off the reconciliation bill till 2022. And just to complicate senate affairs further, the Treasury is about to bump up against the debt ceiling, which congress must raise so the Treasury can borrow more money to fund the government. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel stated this week that since the Democrats felt no need to consult the GOP on the reconciliation budget bill, they would have to raise the debt ceiling without GOP support. ‘The debt ceiling will be raised as it always should be,’ McConnell said, ‘but it will be raised by the Democrats.’ A government shutdown looms.

While congress seeks to add trillions more to the national debt, America’s Southern border crisis worsens. This month thousands of illegal immigrants crossed the Rio Grande at Del Rio, Texas. Federal Authorities have gathered these illegals in a makeshift camp under the International Bridge. Estimates of how many illegals are in the camp vary, but many thousands are held there. With little food or water and no shelter, these illegals await processing by Federal immigration authorities. Thousands of these illegals came from Haiti and many resist deportation. In one case a group of illegal Haitians seized control of the bus taking them back to Mexico and escaped. In another a flight full of illegal Haitians refused to leave the plane once it touched down at Port au Prince.

Texas Governor Kurt Abbot called on President Biden to declare a state of emergency. He, Arizona Governor Doug Doocy, and 25 other Republican governors are demanding a meeting with Biden to talk about the border crisis. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano a Democrat, slammed both Biden and Vice President Harris, who Biden put in charge of the border crisis. ‘The VP is able to visit the fun events across the country, while American communities continue to grapple with failed immigration reform. Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX?’ Tweeted Mayor Lozano. That Saturday the Vice President performed the ceremonial coin flip at the Howard University-Hampton University football game in Washington DC.

Having mentioned American college football, this observer would be remiss if he didn’t bring up what’s happening at college football games across the nation. Beginning the first week of the college football season, groups of unruly students saw fit to start obscene anti-Joe Biden chants. The phenomenon seems to have sprung up on campuses organically. There is no central organization and the chants weren’t planned. However the chants began, they are now a ‘thing’ and a regular occurrence at college football games. With Biden’s approval rating standing at 46% in the Real Clear Politics poll aggregate, there’s no reason to think the chants won’t last all season.


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The liberal agenda supports slave labour from poorer countries, it is part of their sick agenda. Why hire an american who expects better than minimum wage when you can entrap a migrant who has no options but unpaid servitude?

The americans could have secured their southern border many decades ago. Too many criminal groups are involved in drug, arms and human trafficking for the liberal perverts to care about “border security” in the south.

Last edited 21 days ago by block
jens holm

Those people arrives and insist hard themself. By that they must see better conditions in USA and in the develloped West then the have, where thye come from.

So what You write as liberal agenda support very much is a matter of, how many are needed and can be absorberbed and later on be integrated. So its a balance in an economic and social context.


Immigration or refugees are backbone of US economy and that is literally about all sectors of US economy specially farming-sector, both Conservatives and Democrats know this but they play politic with it, white Americans or even black Americans can’t live/accept the low wages that are paid to immigrants, every body that doesn’t accept these naked facts is either naive or lier,


Nobody stumbled and spilled AOC with red wine?


Ask Ivanka slut,


SF, publishing this kind of article shows that you are anti-working class, you are following RT which is anti-working class because Putin is anti-working class people,


“Putin is anti-working class people”

An ignorant statement. How many times has the average pension in Russia doubled? What about the average wage from year 2000 onwards?

Most importantly are Russian efforts to improve the demographic picture in Russia by promoting traditional family values.

jens holm

That makes no sense. Russia only has regained from their collaptic downfall.

As useul You comapre with no others and subtract inflation in 10 years too.

Things are not doing very well there at all and there hardly are any signs of improvements at all.

Its very visible in the socalled elections as well even Im sure Putin gets more votes in Russia then Assad do in Syria.


do you want to know MSM replacements for SF
i mean “south front” won’t die, basically once the real SF team can no longer support the project. the CIA will make their own version of it looking like the SF team was giving it another go, they will even put fake articles of US failure to draw out the regular SF Fans but the comments system will be full data collection racket.

hell some of their notes on SF regulars shows how concerned they are and how they need SF to die off so they can Correct the opinions of some people.

For example
Garga (********) is IRGC and Zion lion (******) Israeli reservist forming any respect for each other is considered a security threat. on grounds that Zion might have enough respect to shoot Garga dead rather capture him. As Zion may not wish for him to tortured.

The objective (**********) is a confirmed member of the Muslim brotherhood and may be trying gain recruits.

Jens Holms (********) is useful for driving away new people.

LRcaptain (************) Has a large knowledge of history and seems interesting in talking in tactics.


Grandiose vs vulnerable narcissistic personality,


??? im sorry i don’t understand
are you describing putin’s and biden’s personality

jens holm

Maybee he is a cannibal:)


um i have eating my skin before

Last edited 21 days ago by Lrcaptain
jens holm

Ha ha. Maybee. Its a good trick making copuies like that. Its a very old one too. Its also done in coins with less silver or gold.

jens holm

And one more thing. I comment spam and lies very much. And sure I have an own perspective but telling if the base is Nato, West, Denmark, My own.

Its very bad for the ME world so many people not even has the correct information about what west actaully are.

Here and there its like giving fish water to kill them.

ME has no chances unless they becomes more productive and make more, better consesus in realiticstructures. I see no sign of that but tell in a sober way about the needed tools.

jens holm

I see they bring that stuff because they dont have censurship in those matters and more then one oppinion aboiut it is allowed.

Where i live we for the moment has about 8 parties which are very different but also agree in a lot.

The base for that is we debate and by consensus find solutions in the country and local parlaments by other organisations and the right to strike and has a more peacefull and homogenized country.

We have a working class too, but working class is in a very high economic and social level compared to many others because we by all represented has to listen to each other and by that make stability with no trenchdigging and uprises.

Im sure this site is not made and supported by Putin at all. Maybee some russian non Putinist donate a little here and there. Thats allowed.


I am aware of your country and its class structure and you are basically right about your working class, your country has Liberal democracy (not to confuse with Neo-liberal) and this is why you can sit and discuss matters without cutting each others throat,

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