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As the G-7 Implodes, SCO Meeting Confirms the New Century of Multipolarity

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As the G-7 Implodes, SCO Meeting Confirms the New Century of Multipolarity

Written by Federico Pieraccini; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

The historical changes we are witnessing have never been so evident as in the last few days. The G7 summit highlighted the limits of the Atlantic alliance, while the SCO meeting opens up unprecedented possibilities for Eurasian integration.

At the G7 meeting in Canada in recent days, we witnessed unprecedented clashes between Trump and G7 leaders over the imposition of tariffs on trade. We must now conclude that the event has been relegated to irrelevance, as the G7 has heretofore derived its clout from speaking as one voice. Trump even went further, refusing to sign the final draft of the organization’s joint statement after Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau lashed out at Trump’s trade decisions. Trump showed how little he cares for his allies, leaving the summit a day early to arrive early for the meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore to make preparations for the long-awaited encounter between the two leaders.

In terms of geopolitical contrasts, it is easy to highlight the differences that have been seen between the G7 meeting and the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), held in China and, for the first time, including India and Pakistan as new members. While Putin and Xi met and exchanged praises and medals to celebrate the Sino-Russian strategic relationship as well as their personal friendship, Merkel and the various leaders of the G7 were in animated discussion with Trump over his “America first” policies hurting EU member states economically.

Returning for a moment to Trump’s escape from the G7 (also to avoid further clashes with his “allies”), it should be remembered that in this shifting puzzle of international relations, Assad was poised to meet with Kim Jong-un right on the eve of the US-DPRK summit. Whether or not the meeting between the leaders of Syria and the DPRK will go ahead, it nevertheless confirms the alliance between Pyongyang and Damascus, underlining how adversaries of the US still try to coordinate and manage between themselves their approaches to Washington’s policies of chaos.

Clearly both Putin and Xi have every interest in seeing Trump and Kim Jong-un reach an agreement. But at the same time, they are well aware of the situation in the Middle East and Iran that risks plunging the whole region into unprecedented chaos. Putin and Xi are clearly trying to manage the chaos emerging from Washington, as are Assad and Kim in their own own way. In this sense, the repeated aid of Russia and Iran to Qatar is part of a Sino-Russo-Iranian strategy to contain the chaos created by Washington, which has even extended to the Gulf states with the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar. In this regard, even Berlin is beginning to be enticed by the opportunities for the European Union beckoning from the east, this temptation made stronger by the reality that the Atlanticist relationship is hurting Europe through the tariffs and penalties imposed on American geopolitical opponents like Iran.

European companies have suffered major economic losses as a result of Trump’s suspension of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), with European companies facing US sanctions should they continue to do business with Iran. This is only the latest example of undue pressure being placed on the energy strategy of sovereign countries that are theoretically allied to the US. In the same way, the sanctions placed on the Nord Stream 2 project are further widening the cracks in the Atlantic alliance.

To understand the level of disorder within Europe, the North Atlantic and the Middle East, it is enough to consider the attack on Mohammed bin Salman almost two months ago, with Israel on the one hand boasting about agreements with Iran for a mutual abstention in the Daraa affaire and Trump finding nothing better to do than to break every alliance in sight through his commencement of a trade war.

It is clear that the old unipolar order no longer exists and that we now find ourselves in a multipolar situation, courtesy of the isolationist direction of the United States. This enables the further smoothening of existing divergence between nations in Asia, the Middle East and part of Europe.

Europe has the opportunity to use Trump’s “America First” policy as a pivot to expand its network of relationships and convergence of interests with more countries outside of the EU or NATO. For once, the EU could use the weapon of its union of many moderately powerful countries to increase its negotiating power with the United States.

But the reality is very different at the moment, with Europe being in the middle of an internal struggle that has been ongoing for some time now. The wave of new “populist” parties, both of the right and left, has served as a repository for an inevitable transfer of votes following the disasters of the unipolar period (1989-2014). This has also upset the previous balance of power within the European elites.

The root causes of this “populist” political change lie in the new multipolar world order that has had a ripple effect on the policies of individual European countries.

The neoliberal ideology, broadly acquiesced to by the “left”, has remained anchored to the diktat of the “old” unipolar world order, which saw Washington as the only hegemonic force.

What remains in the European political landscape seems to be divided into two streams. On the one side, there is a minority clearly eyeing a sort of neoconservatism 2.0, a sort of rehash of Reaganism. On the other side, there is a complete rejection of any of the faces currently participating in the political system.

For Europe it is a question of seeing what this new political phase will produce with regard to international issues like the sanctions against Russia and Iran. The behavior of European governments will give an idea of the extent to which they intend to obtain some sort of independence in conducting multipolar relations that are not necessarily linked to Washington.

In a sense, Berlin, London, Paris and Rome are now at the center of the concept of multipolar relationships. It is interesting to look at how strategists and newspaper editorialists in China and Russia look at what is going on in Europe, particular in Italy. While there is trust, there is also the awareness that there is still a European reluctance to favor development towards the East at the expense of relations with the US.

The take-home message that Trump seems to be giving Europeans is that it is pointless for them to remain as butlers who wait on Washington. We are living in a defining moment that will shape the the near-term future of vast areas of the world. There are many situations that are moving forward, bringing us closer to the moment where the West will either find common ground or splinter. Factors hitherto appearing unrelated are now serving to have different countries coalesce into a common destiny.

The summit between Trump and Kim Jong-un will lay the groundwork that will reveal whether Washington really wants to start talking or is only buying for time. Given the recent behavior and attitude of Trump and the political figures around him, the summit, like the foreign policy of Trump’s administration in general, becomes unpredictable and difficult to decipher. If there is one thing that unites the leaders of the G7, the SCO and Kim Jong-un, it is precisely the difficulty of relating to a declining world power and a leader who has no strategic vision; the common suffering stemming from an internal struggle within the United States to impose upon the world its antiquated and declining strategic vision.

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It seems the Whole World starts to realise that the U.S. has become a Loose Cannon…perhaps it will be best if the U.S. becomes even more isolationistic… raise their import-tax with 1200%…and take their Democracy & IMF with’m….then We are free to do things Our Way… without Bloody Wars & Terrorism….and SKIP THESE STUPID SOCIAL BONUS POINTS….always said that a Eurasian Alliance would be a Good Plan….Russians are me Brothers….


What we need is a US without Jews. So that an America First policy can be implemented that gets along with humanity, rather than trying to destroy and enslave it for evil Jews.


That is the Doubt I have at the moment…. Will the U.S. or it’s Citizens ever be able to rid themselves of that Yoke of “Jews” “NeoCons” “Illuminati” “Banksters” “Wall Street” “KKK” “Freemasons” “Slavery” “Genocide of Native Americans”…118 Wars in 200 years…a Nation Build on Agression & Conquests…can they ever become a Friendly Nation, that is Not trying to be the Psychopathic Emperor of the World or is it to deeply Rooted in every Vein of American Society?… because they will never be able to reach their Target of being the World’s Emperor anymore…They failed to Grasp that opportunity….


Most Americans have turned on the DC and NYC war mongers. And support rational foreign relations and defense policies. Now the deep state miscreants need to be replaced with people more in line with what most Americans and the rest of humanity want. It will involve infighting at the upper echelons of power. And the reformers will have the advantage of public support. But that alone will be insufficient. They’l also need skill and cohesion to work together as a team on an as needed basis to accomplish agreed upon goals.

The high ground that people like myself are working on. Is the high tech tech ET/ED nexus. The deep state is in part the deep state because of inroads that it’s made in these areas through crime and subversion. Dr. Greer talks about senior government officials not having access to sequestered projects because the people in control of them have more advanced military and other technology. And in a push comes to shove confrontation are able to keep conventional forces at bay.

I’m working on being able to leap frog that by developing working relationships with positive off planet elements who can help even up the playing field on an as needed basis.


As long as there are positive powers at work in the U.S. it is good… it doesn’t really matter from what side it comes…it is in the choices people make… go left or go Right….that is the question…Good has always been a Stronger Power than Evil…Evil could take over with Lies & Deception and the people bought their shit…


That’s why the public at times needs an attitude adjustment. And while 911 was an inside job for the Jew world order that the public bought into despite the evidence that it was a scam. The 2008 financial crisis and Gulf and Afghan war debacles were also inside jobs to give the public the attitude adjustment that they needed to get back on the right path.

Hisham Saber

Did you know that the Iraqi invasion in 2003 was on the Jewish Purim day. The Odessa fire massacre by Kiev junta Jews, was also on Purim day. There are other dates of human death and destruction, war and suffering that fall on Purim day.


No, I wasn’t aware of that, but it makes sense. They’re into that occult kind of stuff.

This picture was taken during a trip that I made to the middle east in 2012. It was taken on December 22, the winter solstice, about an hour after the 26,000 year precession of the equinoxes galactic alignment. It’s the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. If you blow it up you can see that there are 4 vehicles parked in front of it. It’s usually open to the public, but that day it was closed. But the second big pyramid right next to it was open. And I spent a half hour meditating inside of it in the central chamber before, during and after the alignment meditating.

Some people think that I got a high dose of dna altering cosmic energy that provides me enhanced capabilities. If it did and I can use it to get up on the big ships to take a look around and talk with whoever is there and spend some time on their computers. That works for me.

I can’t help but wonder what was gong on inside the Great Pyramid. Because it was obviously closed for a reason. And it looks like there were people inside of it doing something.
comment image

Wise Gandalf

For each day fall dozens of wars and suffers.

Hisham Saber

You have about summed it up.


But you don’t need US without jews. You just need the majority to wake up to the tricks that have been played on them and find a way to return to normality. Otherwise someone else will just take their place. US was deliberately targeted for takeover by the erstwhile zionists and subsequent trotskyist/neocons. It could only be done in secret. The Fed Reserve pre-foundation meeting on Jekyll island was shrouded in secrecy and highly organised. These things require passivity and lack of awareness from the majority, and that is the root of the problem. When people understand just how they’ve been robbed and conned they will develop resistance to that bacteria. Know the Truth and it will set you free.


The only thing that you’re skilled at is displaying your ignorance. Jews are a parasitical disease by design. They need to be eliminated from the host that they’re feeding off of.


Although Jews are the stereotype, lots of Christian Americans play exactly the same game. Trying to blame Jews for Americas problems, when you elect them to do what they do is hypocritical.


America First is fundamentally anti Jew.

Electing Jews is a democrat problem, not a US voter or America First problem. Republicans and America Firsters almost never elect filthy Jews. Yes Republican candidates sell out their constituents to the Jew filth. And yes there is a problem with the evangelical branch of the Protestant denomination concentrated in the SE US that supports Zionism. Catholics and conventional Protestants are much less likely to support the Zionist criminals. So blaming US voters and Christians is off base.


I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so harsh. You have a name similar to another member who has been extremely rude to me. And I mistook you for them.


The highlight of the meeting was when Trump rubbed in their faces that Russia should be in the G7 meeting. Not long ago it was the G8 including Russia.

Putin responded with “We never left”.


Putin, “Not interested”


Well put.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

western bozos lmao

S Melanson

Trump is smashing relationships even quicker and more thoroughly then I had predicted in the process of the US becoming more isolationist. One of Trump’s minions said, without any rebuke from Trump, that there was a special place in hell for Trudeau. To say that about an enemy would have raised eyebrows, but an ally! I think we can draw some conclusions.

While still somewhat sceptical, the return to a multipolar world seems to be happening and this will make the world more balanced, and safer.

Wise Gandalf

SCO Meeting Confirms the New Century of Multipolarity

we will see.


The old powers and their minion(Canada) will think they can out wait Trump.
They think 2 more years and the fool on the hill will be gone. But what if Trump gets a second term, he only has to destroy some little country to get reelected.
The old powers are all printing money like Zimbabwe, and rely on each other to keep buying the debt of the other printers, if they break ranks, they all go down.
Trump knows this, and knows that they will do whatever he wants, or they all go Zimbabwe.

Yes the US will also go down, but he is gambling that they are saner than he is.

Meanwhile, the SCO countries are cash and gold backed, so they can just sit back andenjoy the show.

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