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MAY 2021

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

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The pending confrontation over the fuel shipments from Iran to Venezuela, likely to occur in the next couple of weeks, will almost certainly cause a major conflagration in at least one and possibly two regions if the US attempts to intercept the shipment by force. Iran would almost definitely take a proportionate response – as its responses to the British capture of an Iranian tanker last year and the US assassination of Qasem Suleimani earlier this year made clear – and Venezuela may well do the same given the frequency, arrogance and destructiveness of US military and paramilitary attacks and provocations. Venezuela has announced that it will provide a naval escort for the vessels transporting the fuel shipments once they reach the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone, though its naval forces are no match for the US in a worst case scenario (unless the country has managed to obtain intermediate range missiles, and/ or long range anti-ship missiles, from one of its allies, namely Iran, Russia or China)…

According to Resumen Latinoamericano one media report on the oil shipments:

“According to oil and security analysts, Iran’s shipment of 5 gasoline-laden ships to Venezuela could generate a scenario of unprecedented confrontation with US-led allied forces in the Caribbean.

Five Iranian oil tankers that appear to be carrying gasoline and similar products with a value of at least $46,000,000 were sailing to Venezuela on Sunday, part of an agreement between the two nations sanctioned by the United States amid mounting tensions between Tehran and Washington…

All five ships were loaded at the Persian Gulf Star refinery near Bandar Abbas, Iran. They then travelled through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea, according to data collected by the Automatic Vessel Identification System (AIS), which serves as a tracking beacon.

One of the ships, the Carnation, has been heading to Caracas since May 12, according to the AIS and according to data from the naval tracking portal MarineTraffic.com. Two days later, the ship changed its stated destination to “what is ordered”, although the ship maintains its route, in which it will leave the Mediterranean Sea and sail towards Venezuela.

Another vessel, the Forest, changed its AIS destination to “South America as ordered” on May 14.

The other three, the Faxon, the Fortune and the Petunia, appear on routes that could take them to Venezuela. Given the strong sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran, Venezuela seems to be the only country that would have nothing to lose by accepting shipments. Any other country could otherwise become the target of the economic and financial sanctions that the United States has applied incessantly since Trump was president.

Refinitiv Eikon analyst said the company does not have prior data on any previous Iranian gasoline shipments to South America…”

An editorial in Resumen Latinoamericano has analysed the strike force the US sent to the region last month (all translations from Spanish by the author).

“Destroyers, coastal ships, littoral combat ships, helicopters, patrol planes, aircraft capable of launching and directing attacks, ground troops of the Security Force Assistance Brigades … This is the deployment that Trump has launched against the Venezuelan government and people, with the crude excuse of an ‘anti-narcotics operation’…

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

The intention is to achieve a naval blockade against the government of Nicolás Maduro. Donald Trump promised to ‘double the capabilities’ of the Southern Command to carry out the operation. From the Pentagon they announced the support of 22 countries, as well as the European Command and the Pacific Fleet. An unprecedented deployment that will feature the following force of sea, land and air:


As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

The Department of Defense has not specified which models it will use in the operation, but it is already known that the United States Navy is the most powerful in the world. Its destroyers are known around the world for being fast, manoeuvrable and resistant warships. Those of the Arleigh Burke model are the most popular. The only ones said to be operational at this time. These are 155-meter-long ships capable of ground, submarine, and anti-aircraft attacks. They displace up to 9,200 tons of weapons, and can be equipped with up to 900 missiles.

Coast guard cutters

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

They are boats of about 20 meters in length, conditioned for the crew to stay on board for extended periods. The US did not specify the models it sent to the Caribbean operation, but it is known that they have multiple functions: patrols, medical treatment, transport…

Littoral combat ships

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

They are relatively small vessels designed for offshore operations. The Navy website explains that they were designed to “be agile, stealthy and capable of facing asymmetric threats on the coast.” They are designed to execute offensive and defensive missions.

Security Forces Assistance Brigade Company

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

They are special units of the Army to “train, advise, help, enable and accompany operations.” They are made up of 800 soldiers. They are trained as a standard infantry brigade combat team. They are selected from the regular units of the Armed Forces and have received special training at the Georgia Academy of Military Advisors.

Patrol aircraft P-8

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

These planes are known as the P-8 Poseidons. They are developed by Boeing and carry out anti-submarine, anti-surface and intercept operations. They are armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles. They also launch and track sonobuoys, which probe the interior of the oceans. This aircraft can also operate drones.

Air Force E-3 AWACS

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

They are sentinel planes. They are also designed by Boeing. They provide surveillance, control, communications, and command functions. They have an “early warning and control system” (hence the acronym Awacs) that detects planes, ships and vehicles over long distances immediately. They are also capable of directing combat aircraft attacks.

Air Force E-8 J Stars

As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

This aircraft also carries out surveillance missions. They track ground vehicles, planes, collect images, and provide “tactical images” to commandos on the ground and in the air. Its Stars technology “detects, locates, and attacks enemy armour at distances beyond the area of troop advancement”.


As Showdown Looms Over Iran’s Oil Shipments To Venezuela, US & NATO Forces Poised For Possible Interception

Click to see the full-size image

The US did not give details about the helicopters it will use in the operation, but these will be incorporated into destroyers and ships of the coast guard.

In addition to the recent deployments of maritime forces to the region, the US can count on the support of several military and intelligence installations located on several colonies of the Netherlands located adjacent to the Venezuelan coast (Bonaire, Curazao, Hato and Aruba). Meanwhile, its NATO allies France and the UK have also recently sent large military ships to the region, supposedly as a measure to counter the Coronavirus.

On the 9th of April Manlio Dinucci wrote:

“While NATO is dedicated to ‘fighting the coronavirus’ in Europe, two of the main European members of that military alliance – France and the United Kingdom – send warships to the Caribbean Sea.

In  effect, the French amphibious assault ship Dixmude (L9015) of the Mistral class set sail on April 3 from Toulon – in southern France – to French Guiana in what French President Emmanuel Macron defined as ‘an unprecedented military operation’ named ‘Resilience’, supposedly linked to the“ war against the coronavirus ”. The Dixmude can play a secondary role as a medical facility with 69 beds, 7 of them equipped for intensive care.

But the essential role of this great French Mistral-class warship is that of a helicopter carrier – almost 200 metres long, it has a take-off and landing runway of 5,000 square meters [can carry 16 heavy helicopters or 35 light helicopters] – and an amphibious assault naval unit. Already positioned near the “enemy” coast, it can attack with dozens of helicopters and landing barges capable of transporting troops and armoured land vehicles.

Although somewhat smaller than the French warship, the British ship RFA Argus (A135) has similar characteristics. The RFA Argus set sail on April 2 for British Guyana.

Ultimately, these two European warships will be positioned in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, near Venezuela, where a US fleet – which includes several coastal attack ships – is being sent by President Trump, officially to “block” drug trafficking. Trump accuses the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, of “taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis to increase drug trafficking through which he finances his narco-state.”

The objective of this entire operation, backed by NATO, is to tighten the noose on the “embargo” that strangles the economy of Venezuela…

The final objective is to overthrow President Maduro – democratically elected by popular vote but for whose head Washington is offering a reward of 15 million dollars – and to establish in Venezuela a regime that would put that country back under the domination of the United States…” (With respect to the latter point see: https://maps.southfront.org/preparations-for-the-final-phase-of-regime-change-in-venezuela-will-the-united-states-resort-to-a-multilateral-military-invasion/)

TASS reported of the US maritime deployments:

“The US Navy and Air Force activity in the Caribbean Sea looks like attempts to impose a sea blockade of Venezuela, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

According to the Pentagon’s information, the US Navy has set up a strike force in the Caribbean Sea and also redeployed three destroyers accompanied by a littoral combat ship and anti-submarine aircraft to that area, the Russian diplomat recalled.

“There has not been such a projection of forces in the region for a long time. Notably, a report published by the US Southern Command on the training of personnel indicates its preparation for landing on large floating craft rather than for the interception of small fast-speed boats, which, as was stated, are used as part of the operation’s goals declared by Washington,” Zakharova pointed out.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman addressed the following question to the US side: “Are you ready to confirm that the naval and aviation forces amassed in the Caribbean basin have no other goals except those stated as part of the so-called operation to prevent the illicit activity (drug trafficking)?”


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  1. occupybacon says:

    If Iran and Venezuela manage this, they prove not only US and NATO are pussies but also Russia and China.

    1. klove and light says:

      what do u mean “manage this”…? there is Nothing to manage…as if your Hands are tied to the back, waiting if somezhing will happen.

      The ball IS, and ALWAYS has been on the court of the americans.That will NEVER Change.

      the americans ARE now choosing to intercept or not the tankers.PERIOD. if they choose, it will happen.period.

      the americans Chose to invade iraq in 2003.WHAT OPTIONS DID IRAQ HAVE:? Zero..the ball is Always by the americans.

      the americans decided to invade Vietnam.what Options did Vietnam have? Zero,the ball is Always by the americans.

      the americans decided to invADE SYRIA.
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc …..

      ps. there is only 1 Nation where the playingfield is even with the USA.


      1. paolinks says:

        The ball was on the court of Rome. Yet Rome is no more. The US which invaded Iraq, is not the same as today. They have various trillion dollars of more debt, a less efficient military, they are badly losing the hypersonic race ( and who the hell knows what other things the russians are hiding ), their reputation is under their feet, half the world hates their guts, and the world factory is enraged because of their persistent meddling in Asia. They look like Hitler’s Germany. Just less determined and efficient.

      2. Rhodium 10 says:

        North Korea

      3. occupybacon says:

        Exactley, but Russia don’t care that much about Iran or Venezuela, they run bigger businesses with EU

    2. John says:

      Nah, China and Russia have backed them all the way. This op by Iran and Venezuela was a long time in the making, carfefully thought out and they are not doing it alone. China invested a lot in their economy and Russia repaired and updated weapon systems that are absolutely lethal to US units. Iran is not putting all of their tankers on the line lightly. It´s all or nothing now, victory and shutdown or loss and the next phase begins. That is why Venezuela is ready for this. My take. A good weekend to you Bacon.

      1. occupybacon says:

        Ok then if US Navy intercept them in Atlantic, Russia and China will be there to save the day aaahahahahah

        1. John says:

          lol ………. come on Bacon, keep it sane.

          1. occupybacon says:

            It’s funny cuz they don’t get it

      2. The Objective says:

        China and Russia are not involved in this. They don’t need to hide behind Iran. If they want to help Venezuela, they will without the U.S doing anything.
        Iran is really risking those tankers and the lives of the crew. If this ends in a U.S seizure or damage of Iranian tankers, a war is very likely. Iran will do the same and the U.S navy will respond. The Iranian navy retaliates. And so it begins.

        1. Swift Laggard II says:

          China and Russi are cowardly money loving nations that will never defend anyone.

          1. AM Hants says:

            Guess you are muddling them for the nation Washington DC squats in?

          2. JIMI JAMES says:

            And you homosexuals nato built the nations i suppose utilising such kweer logic.
            liar!russia and china house all their peoples,and familys from demented sick incest spawned debtmonging facist kweers,go back to thy californicators kweer bar,save the crap for they who just love nothing but sht!


        2. John says:

          Not even dude. You didn´t pay attention to anything I posted. Go back and read it, do a liitle looking around…. and then go report in at the troll farm.

        3. AJ says:

          Iran is engaged in perfectly legal trade there is no risk to the lives of the tanker crew by seizures. Any action taken by the US will show the world they started any conflict when Iran responds

        4. AM Hants says:

          They are involved and have been for years. They are supporting Venezuela.

        5. <> says:

          Every Iranian asset in the ME will be targeted, including by the IDF in Syria and Lebanon. It’s not a joke now, the IDF will use a brutal force to crush Hamas, Hezbollah or other IRGC forces. Iran has no chance next o our borders and they know it, let the show begin.

          1. Fantax says:

            Italian say: barking dog does not bite

          2. <> says:

            We are not the Italians, are we? watch for yourself when the time comes.

          3. Séamus Ó Néill says:

            But these will be men with guns….soldiers. You’ll not be shooting unarmed children in the concentration camps in Palestine ! Will your IDF be wearing nappies/diapers or just spiked shoes for running away. Everyone knows how cowardly the IDF is !

          4. <> says:

            Come here and find out for yourself if we wear it or not.

      3. AM Hants says:

        There is an article on Russia Today, that states Venezuela is warming up the Russian toys, just in case the US try to do something stupid. Hasn’t Rosneft handed there shares in Venezuelan energy over to the Government? Doesn’t it make up 49% of Venezuela’ primary oil producer?

        1. John says:


    3. AM Hants says:

      Russia and China are working with Venezuela.

      1. occupybacon says:

        And that’s why Venezuelans are starving

        1. AM Hants says:

          .no, they are starving owing to sanctions, which include the little people being denied medicine, food, energy and so much more. Oligarchs never feel the pain of sanctions, now do they? Just your average little person, who is expected to take the hit.

  2. klove and light says:

    total psychopaths………These fucking Zionist slaves nations have become total psychopaths….

    this reminds me of a social test Experiment by a renowned University in the USA.
    they made a social test with 10 murderous hardend criminals and
    10 men that work in the Banking Industry ie. stock brokers….

    the result was amazing……….the 10 bankers had far lower social results ie. would not help if not asked etc… but amazingly 30% got the lowest result meaning…. ” a social Psychopath”

    hence this brings me back to the Leaders of the USA UK FRANCE………….total psychopaths

  3. Assad must stay says:

    Venezuelan military needs to go escort them right now, not until they enter their waters

    1. John says:

      Hey Assad, I tend to agree with you. I think Iran already has security on the tankers. That gives each ship a lot of protection vs. boarding. I will go as far to say that security could consist of IRGC personnel. Anybody trying to set foot on that ship wihtout being invited, will in my estimation be on the receiving end of defensive action from some very skilled and flat out extremely tough individuals. This is a Trump, Pompeo thing, not DoD. They don´t want a bunch of stuff blown out of the air, sent to the bottom and delivered to the morgue. We are about to see how stupid it gets. My take, I wish a good weekend to you.

      1. Assad must stay says:

        Thank you mister john I agree with you fully, a good weekend to you as well :)

      2. The Objective says:

        What a childish reasoning. These are oil tankers with no offensive or defensive weapons against the U.S navy. If the U.S decides to intercept the shipments, it can do so with little or no losses even if the Venezuelan navy escorts the ships.

        The biggest deterrence to America is the reciprocal actions Iran will take on their oil tankers in the Middle east. Should America interdict those tankers, Iran will do likewise on American tankers. The U.S navy may try to protect those tankers, and this can lead to a clash with the IRGC navy. If the U.S does not interdict those tankers, Trump loses face. Right now, he’s between a rock and a hard place.

        This is a very daring move by Iran. To me, they seem to be telling America they are ready for war. This does not look good. not at all.

        1. John says:

          You sound like the latest DoD troll to come on the site. Childish indeed. It sounds like I hit bingo with you, to get such a strong reaction.

          From what you posted, I think you are clueless. We will all see how it pans out soon tinker. Welcome to SouthFront, hold on to your hat.

          1. verner says:

            nah he’s one of the leper colony writing on behalf of the jews in tel aviv only out to confuse and disrupt the orderly function of these commentators.

          2. John says:


          3. The Objective says:

            When Gibraltar seized an Iranian ship, was there a firefight with the ship’s security personnel on board? I strongly believe the security personnel on ships are meant against pirates not navies.

          4. John says:

            Moot point, 1st ship already arrived.

        2. BegpaH says:

          Yeah, IRGC with snorkels will neutralise couple of NATO subs… One thing is to be objective, another thing is to wish something….

        3. Jim Allen says:

          What not any better childish reasoning(?) Have you forgotten Iran has allies ? Very powerful allies, one has US military outgunned currently.
          The former head of Israeli intelligence services, stated US military can’t defeat Iran in conventional war. This was around six months ago. Iran is a strong regional power, able to reach out, and slap it’s enemy’s. Hard ! It’s got an attitude towards US Government, and rightfully so, given the way US Government has treated Iran in the past 100 years. If you’re thinking Iran will attack the US civilian population, you’re mistaken. Only US/NATO attack civilians. Iran hates US Government, not US citizens.
          US Government is arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics. There’s a fair chance it will do something stupid.

          1. The Objective says:

            I agree with you on the point that Iran hates the U.S government not people. But I disagree that Iran will refrain from attacking U.S civilians should America kill a large number of Iranian civilians with a nuke. Khomeinei made it clear: Iran will attack its enemies at THE SAME LEVEL as they attack Iran.

        4. purplelibraryguy says:

          Luckily, Trump never seems to care about losing face. He just switches 180 degrees to tell the opposite lie to the one he was telling before, and his supporters never seem to notice. In a weird way it’s one of his few redeeming features–he says tons of stupid things, but unlike most American presidents he doesn’t feel the need to actually follow through on them just because he said them.

      3. Jim Allen says:

        Quite possibly some assets of Russian Navy, and there’s two Tu-160’s in Venezuela. Submarines off both coasts, and the Caribbean. All carrying hypersonic weapons. Extremely difficult to track.
        Venezuela uses Russian military technology, and hardware, all have the latest upgrades installed, it’s S-300 is set-up, upgraded, crews trained, and training upgrades for all it’s forces.

        US/NATO forces have about the same chances of prevailing against Russia, and allies as US military, and it’s allies of prevailing against Germany in WWII. The allies figured out pretty quick they couldn’t defeat the Germans, and talked Russia into doing it. US keeps reminding the world it has the biggest military in the world. It’s not the biggest, China is. The general condition of US military is not good as it’s cracked up to be. 8 year’s of deferred maintenance during the Obummer Presidency, two more under, Trumps.
        US frigates are not the armored strong ships as US had in the past, these are cheap unarmored fuel burners, they do carry a lot of weapons, yet are vulnerable to attack from US enemy action, and container ships. Aircraft aren’t new, F-16, FA-18, fighters, some are being upgraded. F-35 is pitiful.
        There’s other issues.

    2. Alberto Garza says:

      the veneuzelan navy has no chance against the u.s. navy that is why they are only operating very close to mainland .

      1. Assad must stay says:

        Think again long shanks, you’d be unpleasantly surprised, when was the last time US navy won a battle?

      2. AM Hants says:

        Remind me, but, what happened to those green berets who were working for Guiado?

      3. Jim Allen says:

        How is it that all the comments have forgotten Iran has allies. Badass allies, long time allies, like 1,500 year long allies.

  4. King Cliff says:

    The United states of America military will not take actions against the shipment ,its obvious the Iranians would have to respond if the ships were to be seize and its boat that’s loaded liquid gas it’s like a bomb….You can just try to lend on it and ignite a fire fight with the security team on board. The Iranians military has already take plan and map all the scenarios that might play and they ready to take actions. The trump administration has be warned against starting a war with Iran and it’s best if he played by rules cause not only it will destroy is presidency, it might just impeached him for illegal warfare for real.

    1. verner says:

      and behind the scene you have the palestinian jews screaming for action just waiting for the chance to unload a few of their nukes on teheran and other places in Iran. what is missing is the right point in time and they sure as a klucking bell are desperate to use their nukes! thus the jews are better put on the red list of things that are extinct, asap.

  5. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

    It’s about time the UN issued a statement to the effect that only they can authorise a military action against another member state.
    Otherwise, why bother giving them funding, if they allow the imperialist warmongers of the FUKUS to maintain their reign of terror over the world.

    Hitler, Mussolini and Japan had the decency to leave the League of Nations before they started to invade, but the FUKUS are shameless killers who use their cheerleaders of the media to tell a false narrative.

    1. Cronos Sin Apellidos says:

      Still, US went to war in Irak without their permission. “With us, or against us”, said George W. Bush.

      1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

        Grenada, Panama, Syria, Libya, Sudan, no UN authorisation.

        My point is, get rid of the UN, rather than every nation on Earth paying this talking shop monies for its running. That would include WHO and all the other bodies that the US foist upon the worlds media to portray US enemies as being against the “international rules order”.

    2. verner says:

      and sanctions can only be imposed by the UNSC and unilateral sanctions without the UNSC confirmation are illegal (which would make asshole pompeo and major moron trump war criminals but since they already are war criminals according to any interpretation of the concept, it doesn’t make much of a difference). unfortunately the rest of the lapdogs, like uk france etc, don’t want to upset the idiots in washington dc and are thus ardent followers of the disjointed states of A, down on its uppers.

    3. Zionism = EVIL says:

      It is all hot air, the first tanker just entered Venezuelan waters escorted by a destroyer and SU-30MKV and the other 4 are a few hours behind.

    4. ali says:

      UN is a joke and an unfunny one at that. i wonder how politically involved people fail to see how UN is a tool created by US to serve it and authorize it’s world expansion while attacking it’s enemies. be smarter than this.

      1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

        Who would have thought that the US made a tool of the UN!

  6. AJ says:

    If any tanker is seized I would expect Iran to do the same with some US registered ship in the Hormuz, they already did it after the Gibraltar incident

    1. Alberto Garza says:

      it was a british ship

      1. AJ says:

        Yes I know it was british, the point was they retaliated with the same action

  7. jade villaceran says:

    i always think funny at the same time irritated that the us will always boast that they were supported by any nation what ever they want to take actions with, just like in this page which is supoorted by 22 countries

    funny because they cant take action with out any backers if have which they always pays or intimidate.

    irritatwd because many country still buy this criminal actions

    1. Alberto Garza says:

      the u.s. does not need the help of any country to crush venezuela .

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        The US has been murdering in Afghanistan for 21 years and ‘victory ‘ is still a mirage.

      2. AM Hants says:

        Riddle me this:

        The US has only had 17 years peace in total, since 4 July 1776. Yet, last century, it only managed to win one battle. Even the pig farmers in Vietnam beat the young US. There again, they did have a lot of help from John Mc Cain. How long did it take the US to beat the tiny Island of Grenada, to take out the only nation they beat in the 20th century?

      3. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:


        Who would have thought that. Maybe the French Mistrals, Dutch frigates and British assault ships should go back to their own countries so.

    2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

      190 or so nations in the UN, and the US has 60 or so who do not recognise Maduro.

      The UNSC do recognise Maduro as the legally elected president though, and with the other 130 nations who do not agree with the US and its minions.

  8. LaRata says:

    The Rise of the new Empire has begun …

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      *Reich. Waiting for the Goose-Steppig Morons to march along Pennsylvania Avenue.

  9. MikeH says:

    A few years back, Russia released a video of the potential of a cruise missle complex contained in pods that looked like standard container units. I see no reason that same idea couldn’t be applied to anti-ship missiles as well.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      True. But once used it’s Go-Time. No turning back afterwards.

  10. jm74 says:

    Let the US capture the Iranian ships and hopefully the Iranians were clever enough to hide detonators on board that will be activated when at some us port.

    1. Cronos Sin Apellidos says:

      No. That would be catastrofic for the caribean enviroment and waters.

      1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

        The US would be responsible for the clean up.
        The US has no legal right to interfere with other states transactions, so Venezuela and Iran cannot put off these shipments because of a potential oil spill, peoples lives are at risk in Venezuela due to US sanctions already.

        1. Cronos Sin Apellidos says:

          US don`t clean.
          US has no right, and Venezuela and Iran should keep trading. Still, the solution is not contaminating regional waters as an option.

  11. SnowCatzor says:

    Isn’t Venezuela a petro-state? Why does it want Iranian fuel?

    1. Nowruz says:

      It’s about developing/strengthening trade relations with one another despite the false allegations the US tries to portray through the Zionist backed MSM. More importantly, Venezuela depends heavily on oil exports for their GDP which accounts for more than 95%. US sanctions have limited its ability to maintain sufficient chemicals, and components such as dispersants, deflocculates, corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers, solvents, surfactants, etc. Venezuela is also lacking a lot of required maintenance to help for drilling oil. I’m sure the tankers in route to Venezuela has some of these components to help the heavily sanctioned oil industry.

    2. Cronos Sin Apellidos says:

      Venezuela was owner of Citgo, in US. As US was for decades main buyer of oil, they constructed their main refinaries there. US took control, illegaly, of Citgo and those refineries. Now they don`t receive their gasoline. So they cannot process gasoline in great quantities in Venezuela either. They have crude oil, but very few refined.

      During Hugo Chávez prsidency, they planned to build a new refinery in association with Petrobras. But as Brazil fell into right wing govermments, that proyect died.

    3. AM Hants says:

      There oil is too heavy for domestic use.

    4. good american says:

      I thought it had to do with parts for the equipment. Wasn’t that what the Iranians were flying in on the planes that got Pompeo all upset?

  12. AM Hants says:

    Article on Russia Today, Venezuela is warming up some Russian toys, for a ‘meet and greet’ party. Should the US try anything stupid.

  13. JIMI JAMES says:

    Bit of a wierd one,considering both nations have lots of oil,conversely the oil prices have stabilised after some serious negotiations,I can’t imagine usa whom along with canada were the most vulnerable and hardest hit from the russian all systems go (lets see mr big,how great usa you are) backhander,so why would they wan’t to upset the current state of worldwide energy stability? Maybe the test of negotiations?

  14. Lone Ranger says:

    So the U.S. Navy has officially turned into pirates.

  15. Brian Michael Bo Pedersen says:

    “According to oil and security analysts, Iran’s shipment of 5 gasoline-laden ships to Venezuela could generate a scenario of unprecedented confrontation with US-led allied forces in the Caribbean.”

    Wrong, the eternal US bullying and greed, is the cause of all this.

  16. Jim Bim says:

    Corporate robbery payed by taxpayers.

  17. verner says:

    to have an idiot in the white house is bad enough but have an erratic idiot lacking any rationale and structured thinking is infinitely worse.

  18. Tommy Jensen says:

    We have everything under controle. We are taking over the oil because its against International usury rules.

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