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JULY 2020

As Lebanon Celebrates 20 Years Since End Of Israeli Occupation, Resistance Forces Spread And Multiply


As Lebanon Celebrates 20 Years Since End Of Israeli Occupation, Resistance Forces Spread And Multiply

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the end of Israel’s occupation of Lebanon, the second-in-command of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem, has hailed the liberation of southern Lebanon from the Israeli occupation in 2000 as a “turning point” in the history of the Middle East, saying the victory shattered the Israeli military’s myth of invincibility.   

Lebanon celebrates Resistance and Liberation Day on the 25th of May each year. In May 2000, the Israeli regime was forced by Hezbollah to withdraw its troops from Lebanon, ending nearly two decades of occupation of the country’s south. Hezbollah was established following the 1982 Israeli invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon. Since then, the movement has grown into a powerful military force, as proven by Hezbollah’s successful resistance to Israel’s failed invasion attempt during the 33-day war in July 2006.

The years of assisting the Syrian people during the ferocious armed conflict that has ravaged the country in recent years have given the resistance movement’s fighters extensive combat experience as well as an opportunity to upgrade their already formidable arsenal of defensive and offensive weapons.

In comments reported by Lebanon’s Arabic-language al-Manar television network, Qassem said the liberation of southern Lebanon opened the way for the subsequent victories of Lebanon, Palestine and the people of the entire region against the Zionist regime and US plots and intrigue, which many in the region suspect includes the creation of the Daesh terror group.

The historic triumphs of 2000 and 2006 also helped strengthen the faith of the young generations in resistance and fighting for the liberation of Palestine from the Israeli occupiers.

“We are currently in the midst of a war and there is still a need for resistance,” said the Hezbollah official, emphasizing the necessity for the resistance front to stay fully prepared for any future scenario, adding that events in the region over the past years have proved that the purported solutions offered for regional conflicts by Israel and its legion of pro-Israeli Western powers cannot be trusted.

The Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement also described Israel’s expulsion from southern Lebanon as a major “turning point,” for the region, adding that the defeat deepened the Israeli regime’s existential crisis.

The comments of Hezbollah’s second in command are supported by other developments, both in the troubled Middle East as well as further afield.

As reported by South Front over the last week, ‘the Resistance’ is spreading from its cradle in Lebanon and the Middle East to find formidable allies in other regions as Israel’s and the US’ reckless and extremely dangerous threats and military and paramilitary attacks against other countries are drawing increasingly determined and coordinated responses from the victims. The statements of Venezuela’s foreign minister as Iran’s fuel shipments to that country approached are one example of this, as he declared:

“Venezuela and Iran continue to be points of reference for revolutionary processes in Latin America and the world. We are sure that with the cooperation and solidarity of the Iranian people we will advance together to guarantee the full freedom and happiness of our sister nations.”

Venezuela has borne the brunt of the US Southern Command’s provocations in Latin America as the US leadership persists with its efforts to overthrow the Venezuelan government and install a compliant regime. The plans are described in detail in SouthCom’s strategic document ‘Master Stroke – Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan dictatorship’, leaked by the press 2 years ago (first reported by Stella Calloni at Voltaire Network).

Apart from the economic and financial blockade and an assassination attempt by two drones against the Venezuelan president in 2018 as he attended a military parade, Venezuela has suffered frequent sabotage attacks against key infrastructure such as the national electricity grid and oil refineries, incursions, well-organized contraband activities and armed attacks by Colombian paramilitary groups (one of which even escorted self-declared ‘president’ Guiado across the border last year where he was met in Colombia by members of the Colombian president’s security detail and flown to Cucuta by helicopter for the staged ‘humanitarian’ intervention), and earlier this month the failed maritime mercenary incursion (which followed the US offering a reward of $15 million for Maduro’s capture, presumably a motivating factor behind the failed maritime attack).

The provocative US actions and their readiness to flagrantly violate international laws and norms make a reduction in tensions in both regions extremely unlikely, as is apparent from the Iranian leader’s statement last week that it is inevitable that the US will be forced to retreat from Syria and Iraq if they do not leave voluntarily.

Meanwhile, the latter remarks received further confirmation yesterday in Iraq as the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), better known by the Arabic name Hashd al-Sha’abi, once again denounced the US military presence in the country, adding:

“There is a national and courageous will, which rejects the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil. There have been talks of US intentions to withdraw from Iraq, but we doubt them,” Qais al-Khazali, leader of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, which is part of the PMU, was quoted as saying by Iraq’s Arabic-language al-Ahad TV network on Monday.

He added, “The US [military] presence in Iraq is meant to protect the security and interests of the Israeli regime. Neither are we warlords nor thirsty for blood, but rather patriots concerned about the dignity and sovereignty of the Iraqi nation.”

The spokesman for the PMU also praised the sacrifices made by Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy head of PMU, who were assassinated along with their companions in a US airstrike authorized by President Donald Trump near Baghdad International Airport early on 3 January 2020.

Iraqi lawmakers unanimously approved a bill two days later, demanding the withdrawal of all foreign military forces led by the United States from the country. On the 9th of January, former Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi called on the United States to send a delegation to Baghdad tasked with formulating a mechanism for the move. The 78-year-old politician said Iraq rejected any violation of its sovereignty, particularly the US military’s violation of Iraqi airspace in the assassination airstrike.

In a related development, a member of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defence Committee has stressed the need for drawing up a roadmap aimed at the pullout of US military forces.

“American forces view Iraq and its military bases from a strategic perspective, which best serves their interests in the entire Middle East region,” Karim Allawi said in an interview with Arabic-language Baghdad Today news website on Monday.

He also declared that “the exit of US troops [from Iraq] is impossible without pressure from multiple sides…There must be a roadmap in order to get them out, the first stage of which is to lodge a complaint to the United Nations, reiterate the fact that Iraq is in a situation that does not need the presence of any foreign forces, and that the threat of Daesh is restricted to certain areas, which security forces can confront and defeat.”

Other complementary measures could include filing a complaint with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Meetings should be held as well with [officials from] Arab and regional countries to expedite the pullout of US forces, and people should be prepared to support the diplomatic measures through massive peaceful demonstrations.

“If American forces do not take heed of peaceful means with regards to their withdrawal from Iraq, we will resort to resistance. This is a legal and legitimate right, which no one opposes. The Iraqi nation will not accept the presence of any foreign troops against its will,” Allawi also stated.




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  • Jens Holm

    If this is succes, what is fiasco?

    • Zionism = EVIL
      • Jens Holm

        Haha. And as long as You get more and more and not use them, Yu will bew more and more happy.

        I was in Lebanon once many years ago. It seemes You have changed a lot, what progress is.

        More and more live like bums and more and more hardly has food and even the mild climate has been replaced by smoking and stinking dieselsgenerators.

        Even Hesbollah owned by Assad has declined everything and even living age and hight. Much like the Lebanse pound now is 50 gram too :(

        Men having only one leg saves a lot of shoes for demonstrations . . I wish You good luck. You need it very much as long as You dont use Your brains

      • SOF

        Cheap and effective works. In the end its about winning the war and making the empires built on blood and oppression give up. The image though is a bit too small to view the letters and numbers, although I can see the missile outlines fine. I found a bigger image, it should look clearer here:

        • <>

          All the rockets in the world won’t save them, don’t forget it.

    • Free man

      Don’t confuse them with facts.
      Some of the guys here think it’s a computer game. Guys who are frightened by a finger bleeding cut, write here about wars and thousands of dead.

      • Jens Holm

        Thank You for the advice. I might follow it better now and then.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The most important and tangible outcome of the Zionist cowards defeat in Lebanon and now Syria has been the creation of a powerful and unified Axis of Resistance that has now moved beyond old sectarian lines, the imperialists exploited and promoted. The Hezbollah model is a successful regional and global model from Iraq to Yemen. It also shattered the Zionist Hollywood created myth of “invincibility”. Hezbollah defeated the Zionist criminals in every encounter and really terrified them to the extent that they simply don’t want to tangle with Hezbollah or even the Axis of Resistance.

    Hezbollah is stronger than at any time since its inception, according to a recent analysis by western intelligence.This new strategic calculus comes on anniversary of a 2006 war with Israel, and
    in the ensuing 12 years Hezbollah is estimated to have significantly expanded its stockpile of weapons, including rockets and missile, as well as come out as a well disciplined and ferocious combat group with campaign feathers from Iraq to Yemen..

    Much of this increase in capability has taken place because of Hezbollah’s role in the Syrian conflict, where the Iran-backed group has its largest deployment outside of its own home ground Lebanon (between 7,000 to 10,000 fighters) and is fighting alongside Syrian, Russian, Armenian, Iranian and Iraqi military. According to the CIA and recent German intelligence analysis Hezbollah has increased its weapons reserves, better trained its members and improved its tactical, intelligence and operational skills during the conflict and now acts as a regional asymmetrical force. Indeed, during the recent broadcast, the indefatigable iconic Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced the group would “very soon” celebrate victory in Syria and defeat the Zionist cancer in the region.


    • Liberal guy

      The Saudis and for the zio Israelis the situation is getting worse day by day

      • Zionism = EVIL

        You are probably younger than me, my friend. Indeed, I think I will see the end of these miserable Wahhabi pimps, Zionist parasites and Americunt morons in my remaining lifetime. I have seen the hubris filled paper tigers fall steadily and that is very good feeling for someone who has stood up to arrogance and evil all their life.

  • LR captain

    look guys Hezbollah is going blow up every road airstrips and every tank as well as any naval assets.
    But Israel will still throw 65K-85K at south Lebanon and when that goes bully up they will accept Russian offer to end the war and return to prewar conditions.

    The only land that is up negotiation is the Golan. (only if Syria demands it such case risks causing a wider front. But as IDF suffer losses they only around 650K that be willing to fight. with Syria Hezbollah and Iranian back forces making up 700K with a casualty ratio of 2.4 to 1 or 3.6 to 1 the IDF will eventually hand over the Golan)

    Israel is not going fall but contract and loose troops and equipment.

    • Ashok Varma

      The Zionist regime does not have the manpower to sustain the long conflicts we have seen in the region. Hezbollah and its allies fight a more deadly and different type of war.

      • LR captain

        Syria is a tap for Iranian forces Russia can tell Assad no.
        even with 3 IDF dead for Hezbollah member dead that is still 180K out of 650K
        Sure it may start slow but the IDF will pour more and more into that fight.
        sometimes i fear that IDF are too motivated to die for their country. That they no longer know the difference between sacrifice or suicide.


        • Ashok Varma

          Hopefully, Putin will refrain from making more deals with Turkish backed terrorists and protecting the Zionists. Syria should liberate the Golan.

        • Swift Laggard II

          [sometimes i fear that IDF are too motivated to die for their country. That they no longer know the difference between sacrifice or suicide.]…..where did you see this?

          • Superfly

            Zionists are chicken, good at killing unarmed Palestinians.

          • LR captain

            why are you asking me that?

  • Black Waters

    The whole situation around the world it because of the U.S, they are trying to create a BIG conflict to AVOID paid their DEBT!!!

    • Ashok Varma

      Nazi Germany did the same and we all know how well that ended.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The fucking Nazi morons like the arrogant Zionist cunts also wanted to control humanity. It sure worked out well :) for the 1000 year Reich.

    • Jimmy Jim


  • Ashok Varma

    Hezbollah has ensured that the Zionist regime never “wins” even against unarmed people anymore. Nothing but respect and admiration for the resistance.

    • <>

      They only ensured that the state of Lebanon will go down the toliet along with them. Carpet bombing of Lebanon will start if Hezbollah makes any move. I dare them to try us. Also, don’t tell me what we can or can not do, I live here not you Paki.

      • Garga

        Calm down, Hezbollah (and the rest of the axis of resistance) never start any war, so it doesn’t matter how many times you “dare” them, it’s not going to happen because they are mature and wise and the Shi’a principle is against attacking others unprovoked.

        But, it doesn’t mean they won’t respond to attacks and provocations of a stupid and bloodthirsty enemy. They always did and always succeed to kick the enemy’s butt out of their lands and borders.

        So, you’d better pray that your criminal PM doesn’t start a war you can’t possibly win in order to deflect attention from his crimes.

        PS. You live there on other people’s land. I wish it was not the case. And carpet bombing is a war crime, not that it matters the least to you.

        • <>

          Few points:
          1. They live on my land, all my history is in the ME, I am an Iraqi descent.
          2. We will annex the Jordan Valleyn in July as it is an historic part of Israel, it doesn’t belong to any Arab that took it from us.
          3. Our war is with Hezbollah and not the state of Lebanon, but, since they’ve decided to use Lebanon’s infrastructures and be part of their governemnt to work against our security, then they will both be targeted if another war starts. You claim they will win, I say otherwise and I am willing to risk my life if it comes to that. They lost in 2006 because they started a war and din’t predict our harsh response, now it will be even bigger.

          • Garga

            1- Then you have a claim to somewhere in Iraq where you were born, not anywhere else. Being born in Iraq (or Poland or Russia) doesn’t give anybody any right to the Palestinian lands.

            2- We’ll see about that and its consequences, but even the presence of Jews in Palestine before Cyrus the great is under debate. Israelit (the real ancient ones) might came from the south of Arabia/northern Yemen. Hey! Don’t get any ideas dude!
            Even if Jews lived there, it gives them (and only them) a right, not some random guy from Iraq or Poland. The latter haven’t got any claim.

            3- That is a bald-faced lie. Israel invaded Lebanon long before Hezbollah even existed. Heck, Hezbollah exists only because of Israeli invasion and atrocities in Lebanon.
            Anyway, if you target their civilians and infrastructure, they’ll probably do the same. It will not be like the past, there will be consequences. If you decide to attack their country and destroy their things, it’s only fair if they return the favour and since you started the war, they probably hit back harder. You might even convince the Lebanese army to join the party with their small number and force.

            Yes I do say they will win, like the last time they grabbed IDF by the tail and kicked it off to the south. If you are willing to risk your life that’s your decision. All I can say is that the other side is the same and is fighting their enemy “on” their soil.

            I hope no war started and you (and other potential casualties of that war) get to do something right and useful with your life, a long and prosperous life full of contribution to humanity.

          • <>

            Thank you Garga, even if we disagree I respect your comments. Just one thing, the way me and many other Israelis see the situation, is that God gave us this land and this is our place to live and die. I am not saying the Palis have no right to live here too, I do support giving them a state but they can not have our border with Jordan. We should give them other land in return, also exchange populations if it helps.

          • Garga

            So it’s based on an order by god, right?

            You either accept a god and follow the god’s rules or you don’t.
            The same god that you say promised you a piece of other people’s land, also absolutely forbade you from ever having a country of your own and ordered you to remain stateless until such day that the god sees fit and sends a Messiah that you accept.

          • <>

            That’s not what it says, part of God’s plan is to return the Jews into Israel so we can build the Third Temple when the time comes, so ofcourse we need to have a state. Israelis and Palis need to live on this small land together, that’s our destiny if we like it or not. The only question remains is which lands go to them, and which ones we keep to ourselves.

          • Free man

            You are interacting with an Israeli. Isn’t it illegal in the mullahs’ land ? What a rebel you are.

          • Free man

            “I hope no war started and you (and other potential casualties of that war) get to do something right and useful with your life, a long and prosperous life full of contribution to humanity.” – Nice words.
            Simple question – do you think Israel has a right to exist? Or it should be destroyed as Supreme Leader and Sayyid Nasrallah says.

          • Garga

            ‘baiting, eh?
            I believe in a referendum with participation of all inhabitants of that land to decide their fate. Who is inhabitant, you ask? Simple, someone who’s family lived there for just 100 years easily qualifies.
            I’m that nice. So are Mr. Khamenei and Nasrollah. Now go along and bait someone else.

          • Free man

            You’re probably a smart, decent guy in your private life. But I don’t like hypocrites. You, like them, want the destruction of the State of Israel, but in a nice way. LOL.
            Only when people like you realize that you guys can’t decide who can live in the Middle East and what God they should believe or don’t believe, there will be no peace in the Middle East.
            Live and let live.

  • SOF

    Congratulations to them for giving Zionists a well-deserved bloody nose, and job well done for filling in the decimated ranks of the Syrian Government Forces when it was needed the most.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The SAA recruitment pool is smaller now as the Salafist cowards and their sympathizers took off for Europe rather than fight for their country. However, the SAA which was very cumbersome as a conventional force and is now much more effective, leaner and meaner. The over 120,000 Shia, Christian and Sunni militias like Palestinians, Druze and PFLP have created very effective and motivated light mobile mechanized units that will give the Zionist child killing cowards a lot of grief as they have been fighting the NATO sponsored terrorists for 10 years now and winning. Give me one example of any nation that has withstood the combined armies of Americunts, NATO, Zionists, Turkeys and Wahhabi cunts for 10 years now. The SAA and its allies have done very well and have come out as a formidable fighting force as the Turkeys and NATO cunts and their headchopper cowards have thrown every thing at the SAA, Hezbollah and Iranians short of the kitchen sink and failed to even dent them. The last Zionist long range stand off Delilah ARM airstrike on Homs was a disaster and an embarrassment as the SAA shot down 80% of the missiles, capturing 5 intact and sending them to Iran. For over a month now the Zionist cunts have not tried it again.

      • SOF

        As an add on to what you said about the ‘Salafist cowards’, I don’t follow much news these days related to Libya, but if I recall correctly quite a few Syrians not loyal to Assad went to Libya and became dog food there.

        If they were that eager to fight they should have fought on President Assad’s behalf in Idlib which has some imposing highlands for their country

        I had an insight the other day that in peacetime, any army acts like an inefficient government bureaucracy. In war, if it survives, it becomes like an efficient private company that discards inefficient protocol developed during peacetime, like saluting officers in the battlefield which might tell the enemy snipers who to shoot.

        Its rare that justice prevails, for Lebanon and Syria. Despite negative propaganda, Lebanon is as secular as they come, with a great nightlife, so I heard.

      • Jens Holm

        As You have treated people they dont feel its their country anymore. Thats why so many has left and also many Christians.

        You systematicly has grown resisustance making people emmigrate and even comming back armed.

        Ypu really dont get it. If Syria wasnt a Russian Oblast The Assads hardly was Emirs of Latakia.

  • <>

    Good picture of Beirut, we will meet again.

    • Ashok Varma

      Mum’s gone to work and left you alone with your fantasies. Silly chit of a boy!

      • SOF

        They are entertaining though once you get past taking them seriously.

      • <>

        I already proved here that I am an IDF reserve, so just shut up and go search for a clean water you Paki.

        • Garga

          Have I missed your proof? When did you do that?

          • <>

            Here is a picture I uploaded 2 days ago Garga, you can see my IDF uniform and 2 war signs I got during my service. I did it to keep people like Ashok quiet.

          • Garga

            Thank you, but is it really a proof? That is “a” picture of a folded uniform. I have my own, but it’s also possible that anybody buys one at the military shop. Any kind and even used ones.

          • <>

            Why would I buy uniform? if I did it and I got caught then I would go to jail as it is illegal (for obvious security reasons). Also, why would I hold an M16 Magazine and have 2 war signs? you can google them and see to which operations they belong.