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As De-Escalation Deal Collapses, Syrian Defense Minister Vows To Liberate Idlib

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As De-Escalation Deal Collapses, Syrian Defense Minister Vows To Liberate Idlib

Click to see full-size image, By the SANA

Syria’s Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub said on October 25 that the governorate of Idlib, which is controlled by several radical militant groups, is a Syrian territory and it will return to the Syrian state in the end.

“The governorate of Idlib is like any other Syria region and will return to the Syrian state whether those who don’t wish well for Syria accept this or not,” Maj. Gen. Ayoub said during a speech in the Syrian Parliament, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Furthermore, Maj. Gen Ayoub stressed that the Syrian state will deal with the remaining areas, which the U.S. is still betting on, either by local reconciliations or by military operations.

“Washington has been losing its cards in Syria after most areas in Homs, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Eastern Ghouta, Darra and al-Quneitra, had been liberated from terrorism and returned to Syria’s sovereignty,” Maj. Gen Ayoub said.

The Syrian defense minister statement indicates that the Damascus government didn’t give up on Idlib after the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement. Previously, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad called the agreement a “temporary measure.”

In the last few weeks, radical and Turkish-backed groups violated the deconfliction agreement multiple times. If these violations continue, the Damascus and its allies may indeed launch a military operation to liberate Idlib by force.

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Zo Fu

Surprise, surprise. The same outcome as in Aleppo 2 years ago.
As I said before, Putin-Lavrov are culprits behind fail of every deal they made with ISIS-FUKUS-ISRAEL coalition. They must know that every new “deal” with “partners” will fail with 100% probability.
Why are they doing them ?
A, they are utterly naive and stupid (not likely)
B, they don’t want quick and decisive victory in Syria (likely)
C, they want keep US “partners” happy with not showing Russian military force muscles too much, spare lives of Russian soldiers and sacrificing lives of Syria civilians and soldiers instead (very likely).

And this is something that South Front never catch. For SF everything made by Russia is SAINT and everything made by FUKUS-ISRAEL is DEVIL.

But it is not the case. We are in grey zone and war crimes are caused by both sides, primarily by the FUKUS coalition but Russia is to be blamed as well. Nobody is SAINT in the Syria war. Everybody pushes his own dirty agenda there.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It seems that Assad, most of his government, and all the top SAA commanders have finally gotten sick and tired of Putin making too many outrageous concessions on their behalf, I think we’re starting to hear what they really think about Putin’s unhelpful compromises.
When the refugees at Al-Tanf are finally allowed to leave their camp [prison] there’ll be no reason for the US to remain in the south of Syria, hopefully that won’t take too much longer, and then the south of Syria will be totally free from all terrorists.
I wonder if the trouble the Saudi prince is embroiled in at the moment, will also affect his financial backing for HTS, hopefully it does and he has to stop support for them altogether, they’d probably implode in no time if they weren’t getting those regular paychecks from the butcher prince.

Mustafa Mehmet

Without putin’s help .Syrian Minority government will doom quickly

Mustafa Mehmet

go go go ali go go kill the bastart ali go go go 1 more star for you

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