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Artsakh President Announced Major Counter-Attack (Video)

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On October 7, President of the de-facto state of Artsakh [Nagorno-Karabakh] Arayik Harutyunyan announced that his forces had launched a major counter attack against the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

This video shows Armenian strikes on positions of Azerbaijani forces and their impact:

In an official statement, Harutyunyan said his forces had, thus far, recaptured a position and lift the siege of 19 soldiers who had been fighting on their own for several days.

“The Azerbaijanis were soundly routed as a result of this combined operation, leaving behind military equipment, armour and over 100 dead,” Harutyunyan said in the statement, without providing any additional details.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia released videos showing some of the heavy losses Azerbaijani forces sustained in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Today, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in his interview with Russian edition RBK spoke about the success of the Karabakh army in the Jabrayil front. According to him, the Azerbaijani side faced a crushing blow there.

“Taking into account the information that came in the early morning, we can say that the tactic used by the Karabakh military leaders worked — they took tactical steps in the South, left the corridor and lured the Azerbaijani military corps there,” the Armenian Prime Minister said.

Azerbaijan called these claims “unfounded and false”.

Armenian sources are sharing more footage now. A new video that surfaced on social media shows the bodies of three dead Azerbaijani soldiers near an abandoned battle tank in an unspecified position that was recently recaptured.

In the last few days, Azerbaijani forces advanced in Nagorno-Karabakh capturing several towns and villages. Armenian forces sustained heavy losses.

Now, Armenian forces, backed by hundreds of volunteers, are attempting to push Azerbaijani troops back. This will not likely be an easy task.


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In order to give Armenians a lesson, Putin is agreing with Erdogan to bring Syrian mercenaries in Kaukasus, what a scumbag.


Yes, a bunch losers, gamblers and game players….

Those Artskins are getting played like a chess piece. But only as a pawn.



Yeah, he’s playing chess in his covid bunker.


comment image


Russia is greater than Putin and same is applicable Pashinyan vs Armenia not to mention Rouhani vs Iran.There lies your problem Azeris.No N.K,not even a corridor to Turkey.Not in our times period.

Kalle Sändare

Why would the Armenians deserve a lesson?


I’m not familiar with the situation but some Russians acuse him of betryal for wanting to trade with the EU, like Ukraine.


Evidence for that Bollocks?


Putin lied his old allies: Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, etc. that he will build a greater trade union than EU, it will be called Eurasia! When they started to wake up that Russia can’t survive by itself without selling gas to EU, they hurried to take the free trade deal with EU, that made the midget red. This is my prove for ya :)


The Kremlin can’t even come to an agreement with Iran to present a united front to try and put an end to this madness; instead of issuing joint statements with Ziocorporate terrorists Trump and Macron. A pro-EU Armenian regime and a ISISrael/Turkish-weaponised Azeri regime aren’t good for anyone, there’s been over 30 years to try and force them into negotiating in common ground but still nothing is being done.

Khazar Supremacy

Cuz we are right and ppl wants to unite under the righteous banner of Israel and Turkey not the genocidal armenians. Look what they have done to inncocent civilians in hojali genocide.

Vox Populi

It is mostly a border stalemated conflict so far, but Russian lack of action or even assertive policies is baffling. US department of defence released realistic casualty figures, that indicate that is is more of a propaganda war.

More than 360 people have been killed, including 320 military personnel
and 19 civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh, and 28 Azeri civilians. They are
the deadliest clashes since a 1991-94 war over Nagorno-Karabakh that
killed about 30,000.


Only Turkey and Azerbaijan have the common front. Russia, Iran, Georgia are all on different fronts. None of them want a powerful and West leaning Armenia. All of them want to contain Armenia and want to shut out Western countries like US, France etc….

So Armenia’s Pashinyan is doomed from the very beginning.


“Powerful”? lmao. Countries siding with the western imperialists just end up as impotent client states that only exist as a very cheap work force for western companies or to host American military bases or as springboards for further aggression against countries that are not yet western vassals. Though this is the same principle Erdoganian Turkey uses.


Still nobody sides with Russia.


Look at Pashinyan interview with BBC News. His noise is so bad.



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Nikol Pashinyan is saying, there is nothing he can do to fight the damned Turks and Azeris. They are too powerful. They are going to come to Armenia and kill us all. This is Genocide V2.00. The world needs to come to save us. Please, I beg you. Japanese, Chinese, all come. Help us….

comment image


comment image


Nikol Pashinyan was like a monkey who made noise and was terrified.

Europe hates America

Nice to see all this dead isis turks. Support from ?? my friend. But will be hard without russia


The Armenian was only able to show the corpses of dead soldiers not a victory in areas like Azerbaijan.

Europe hates America

True, but for u not that bad. I’m sure most of them are from syria and other jihadi foreigner. Saw a video how azeri military forced young ppl to go to war and they were crying on the streets. Soo…

Potato Man

Link me that video (P.s I need that) and this is gonna be a long war not a short war buddy, we have to see which one survive the winter and have more money to support their troops.

“But will be hard without russia”
Russia said they are not helping Armenia in N-K but only if Azer attack Armenia Russia comes in, Azer is only looking to take back N-K and kick Armenia out.

Read this:

Moscow should not act like a jealous husband who assumes his wife is having an affair just because she laughed at the joke of a man other than her husband.

LMFAO do you know why they are saying that hahahahahhahahahahahah

Indian Army & Israel

Will SDF come to their rescue by opening another front??I think this is d right time to attack Idlib…put pressure on TFSA and SDF also trying to drive out tfsa/turks from afrin…and haftar must again lead a seige against GNA using Egyptian support…dat will relieve some pressure on Armenia….and this time SDF wont be alone….pkk is dere plus Peshmerga will also fight bcos Turks bombed northern Iraq.

It should be joint co-ordinated effort against Turcko/mongol jehadis


My dear street shitting friend , you are so far from the realities.

Why sisi would interfere into a war with a Turkey and risk his reign unless East Libya is under Turkish threat ? PKK in Iraq is losing ground everyday as TAF is presenly 120 km inside Iraq bombing up to 200 km depth. Peshmerga will not ally with PKK , as there is strong conflict of interest between them , Peshmerga also apeons the way for TAF in Iraq. SDF can not move a finger without asking to the Yanks .

Moreover , if you are thinking that TR did not consult and agree with Russia before NK war , you have no ideas about what is going over there.

ME and Caucasian matters or too complex for you to understand , you better quit spending time with the things you have no clue about , but gear up before Chinese run over you and teach all of you mandarin as they have recently done .

Indian Army & Israel

Today’s war wont be country as a whole vs another country for relatively bigger countries….its about proxies and geographical advantage….if SiSI decides…he can support LNA and turk tont be able to do much due to logistics problem…egyptians r firmly in control of Sinai and those ISIS rats in Sinai r not a military force to stop Sisi from intervening in libya…its just dat while calculating cost benefit ratio…libyan conflict doesnt matters much for sisi and dats y he wants to keep himself aloof….moreover…more dan d Gna Lna strife…..d prospect of Russia attacking Idlib is much more real and dat will also change d dynamics in d region and Turks will be shown dere place if it happens…its just a matter of time…SAA is basically regrouping and engaged in clearup ops in d area already controlled by it…Idlib clash will be final,decisive and deadly…Russia and SAA just needs more time to prepare for it…
And yes…regarding India and China..at present we r teaching d slit eyes 4 ft jokers a lesson of deir life..and dey r staying in thermal tents rather dan coming out and fight a war..chinese r basically loudmouths and dey cant even take control of Taiwan leave aside Giant India with 1.4 billion people and a landmass of 32,87,263 sq.km….
And we have got the mightiest superpowers as our friend on our side….USA,Japan, Taiwan,Aussies, Rest of Nato, Asean countries…
And Russia and Israel as well in terms of weapon supply and material support..India and Russia r time tested frnds…
What does Plaaf have against Raptors ,Rafale,Eagles,falcons and B2 bombers???
Cheap copies of Su27 and 23 su35s?? And few J10c ???dey will get a bloody nose dis time…dey already got it galwan clash where we lost 21 soldiers but they lost over 35…let d slit eyes come…we 1.4 bilion Indians r enough for dose Lilliputian undeveloped faulty genetical bastards….we wont need usa boots on ground except technical and intelligence support


Alexander Lapshin
I’m not a military analyst and for sure Леонид Nersisyan and Ван Ambardzumyan will correct me if I’m wrong. But if you hold a parallel between the current war of Karabakh and the war of the doomsday in Israel from October 6 to October 24, 1973, the following parallels should be noted:
1. From 1 to 3 days of war, Egyptians and Syrians managed to break the Israeli defense line by 7-10 kilometers, but then, for 4-5 days, the Israelis were able to return the lost positions back.
2. On the 8th day of war, Egypt and Syria, who had hoped to hack the Israeli defense in a few days and failed, launched a repeated mass attack against Israel. But despite a significant advantage in the living force and technique, the offensive exhaled and the opponent suffered great losses. This was the last attempt by the Arab armies to break through the Israeli defense, the third push they didn’t have enough tanks and planes, nor the motivation of their own army, demoralized from huge losses.
3. On the 9th day of the war, Israel began to attack the enemy across the front line, both on the Syrian front and on the Egyptian on the Sinai peninsula.
4. On 12-13 days of war, Israel crossed the former border line and exiting directly in Egypt and Syria took new positions 35 km from the Syrian capital of Damascus and 100 km from Cairo in Egypt. Immediately after that, the USSR and the United States imposed a truce on the sides and the war ended with Israel’s absolute victory.
According to my observations, Ilham Aliyev precisely copies the actions of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat of the Arab-Israeli War of 1973 During the week of fights, Azerbaijan has not been able to seriously move into Karabakh and the fights are mostly positioned today. By the way, Egyptians also caused rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, as well as Azerbaijanis bomb Stepanakert. This is one of the indicators of the coming defeat, a kind of agony of a dictator who did not calculate his actions properly.
Perhaps today or tomorrow Azerbaijan will undertake a repeated mass attack, and it is driven by not so much common sense, but by the horror of Aliyev, who understands that if he loses the battle for Karabakh, he will end. The political end. And awaits his pension on Rublevka, next door to Askar Akaev. Or in Rostov on the Don, next to the opal Yanukovych. The anti-fighting clans inside Baku will not forgive Aliyeva’s defeat. Therefore, Aliyev’s actions are now a matter of his own political survival.
If the Armenians of Karabakh stop this second offensive that could happen today or tomorrow (and I believe they can do it, as Armenian soldiers are no worse than Jewish in the war of Doomsday in 1973), it will mean the end of the war.
After the second offensive of Azerbaijan, Armenian troops can try to enter Azerbaijan’s territory and take control of positions close to the large city of Ganja (the city itself) for control over the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, Ganja airport, highway, etc. to the ways of Baku-Tbilisi and Manchegivir HPP. Maybe I really hope that the Armenian troops will be able to end the war on the approaches of Ganja today and tomorrow on October 9-11
After that, Russia, the European Union and the United States will enter into the business and impose a truce on the sides.
P. P. S Udarov on Azerbaijani cities should be avoided in order not to give Aliyev a reason to show the world that Armenians are allegedly hitting the civilians. On the contrary, it is necessary to replicate the consequences of Aliyev’s strikes on Stepanakert more.


Armenians captured some Azeris

Also some lovely tanks and equipment:

Armenians don’t fight like heroes, heroes fight like Armenians!


Artskin counter? LOL. They still get ammunition and weapons?


19:55 GMT – Russia says defense pact does not apply to Karabakh
Commitments of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a military alliance of six former Soviet states, do not apply to the Upper Karabakh region, Russia’s presidential spokesman said.

Responding to a question on the possibility of Russia sending troops to the Upper Karabakh region, Dmitry Peskov said: “If a CSTO member country is exposed to some aggression, attack from the outside, in this case, the member states of the treaty have commitments to stand up for such a state.”

Armenia is never attached. So CSTO does not apply. Keep dreaming? Artskin?


11:46 GMT – Azerbaijan says ready for talks with Armenia when military conflict ends
Azeri President Ilham Aliyev said that his country would return to talks with Armenia after the acute phase of military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh region ends, Russian news agency TASS cited him as saying.

Aliyev, who spoke to Russian President Putin by phone, said in an interview with Russian state television that Turkey had the right to participate in mediation.


07:30 GMT – Death toll among Armenia-backed troops rises to 280
The defence ministry of the Nagorno-Karabakh region said it had recorded another 40 casualties among its Armenia-backed troops, pushing the military death toll to 280 since fighting with Azeri forces erupted, the Interfax news agency reported.


Russia rules out intervention in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict



Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Azerbaijan Says Talks With Armenia Useless | News Bulletin | Indus News



Armenia offers concessions on Nagorno Karabakh


James Adams

Apparently he as reaffirmed his commitment to defending Artsak. But if he wants to be a bitch he must go.

Armenia should attack Nakhichevan and bomb Azeri oil infrastructure !!!


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BBC News: Prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan warns of ‘genocide’ in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)



The Trump administration has said it does not consider the mass killings of Armenians in 1915 to be a genocide, rejecting votes in the US Congress.


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Azerbaijan vs Armenia war: Armenia vs Azerbaijan clash| Azerbaijan victory | Nagorno-Karabakh clash



Azerbaijan Army captured post and trophies from Armenian Army in Nagorno-Karabakh War



Azerbaijan vs Armenia war: Armenia vs Azerbaijan clash| Azerbaijan victory | Nagorno-Karabakh clash



Nagorno Karabakh conflict Turkey criticizes international calls for ceasefire as death toll rises


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