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Artillery Fire Exchange Continues in Syria’s Greater Idlib (Map Update)

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Artillery Fire Exchange Continues in Syria's Greater Idlib (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria’s Greater Idlib:

  • SAA artillery shelled Turkish-backed militants’ positions in the Kabani are;
  • SAA artillery shelled Turkish-backed militants’ positions in the north of Lattakia province;
  • Turkish-backed militants’ artillery shelled SAA positions in the towns of Maarat al-Numan and Kafr Nubl;
  • Turkish-backed militants’ artillery shelled SAA positions in the city of Saraqib;
  • SAA artillery shelled Turkish-backed militants’ positions in the villages of al-Barah and Baylun;
  • Russian warplanes targeted Turkish-backed militants’ positions in the western countryside of Idlib.


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Artillery Fire Exchange Continues in Syria’s Greater Idlib while both valiant SAA soldiers and roach ISIS terrorists make exceptional care to NOT overstep into each others territory, preserving the Idlib Green Borders forever.


Do you know that for fact or you are randomly throwing accusations?!! Is it about some “secret” pact or about alleged cowardice without any proves? Yesterday we had article about particularly intensive Russian bombings. That was obvious sign that Russia wants terrorists out of Idlib dead or live. Before bombings like that was sign, a signal for SAA offensive in preparation. One thing is sure Russians and Turks haven’t agreed about anything recently and now is the time for bombs and canons to start talking ! The question is can SAA mount big offensive now or not and is there any help left from their “allays” on Idlib front?

Jens Holm

All is exhausted there. Assads has no military force to take anything. The rest are tired too, so they try to recover to fight again. How stupid.

The faster they kill each other the sooner a peace is possible, because the non fioghtings can go home and grow their farm or fill up the ruins whichh once was a kiosk.

Thats hpow it is.

And the idea that You can bombarde to peace makes no sense. For how long have they bombarded each other and how many tons of TNT and whatever is used – even fire to the fields is used.

You support madness. Me too, so they die and also never comes here.

Ehy not go back to stoneage when Syria has so many stones. Its overpopulatetd too. It must be. 50% had no jobs and its impossible assads can create any new jobs. The same goes for the rest.

All is used for war.

Assads hardly has any allies – Get it. He is a minority rappoot dressed up as a monkey in an Oblast, which only should be Latakia under Russian protection.

Jens Holm

Rodeoret has a very advanced minus here.

John Wallace

How come everyone tells you that you are a dumfukwit but you still fail to comprehend . Wow , mindless , unbelievably mindless.

Jens Holm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMNqIglrxl8 rewarded again

John Wallace

Is that the best you can do . Ancient propaganda video for the MSN and you are sucking on that almost as hard as you suck on Iron Pussy’s dick. Stick to making umbrellas. Umbrellas like the one you stick down the eye of your dick to scrape out the VD.. The verbal diarrhea you forever spew on the internet. Pound away Troll , that’s all you do , pound out diarrhea.

Jens Holm

It just won and Emmy for the best documetary in the whole world.

Maybee thats not Your world.

John Wallace

Dumb fukwit, It has nothing to do with female doctors in your country or any other country. like to see you come here and tell our women they are stupid. Ignorance and barking up the wrong tree you dumb fuk. That doco is nothing but pure propaganda for the sheep that support the MSM , just like the White Helmut’s last year was a load of horseshit for the morons like yourself. All you can do is rave on about the women in your country as an answer. Boy are you so out of touch with reality and you get paid to write all that shit on multiple sites . Are they so desperate that all they can come up with is YOU ???? . Keep on sucking Iron Zions dixk and see if you can come up with something better. Idiot.

Jens Holm

Actually the doctor in the movie is real and from there and telling it and is commented by a moron like You.

…And I do relate to here. We know women are as good in most things men are. In some matters they are not and in some they seemes to be a little clever(I am no me too).

Here its a facts we have conditions, which seemes impossible because You raise men and women different and that makes a lot of problems and few solutions.

And yes, If can contribute to decline Your stupidisme based on Samson and delilah in the still menthally being in the stone age, I will.

And yes tradtions for going to school learning usefull things and after that take educatioin accirding to Your skills and paid pr hour for all is a must to move away from being a poor urbanised man, women and child with no income and no sign of any income.

And Yes, Your incompetent family business crap is same thoing. You cant even give women jobs when they are better then men. And when men gets rewarded by their father they get a car. The women get rewarded by a bunch of flowers in their behind and often even being blamed for doing a good job.

Testing women IQ compared to men anytime say that they are about 10% dimmer then men in most muslim countries. So is it generics or inviroment.

If we test here we are the same IQ. Men are better in a few things and women are better in a few things.

We more or less has eroded that away and we can be mixted among each other all over not thinking in mixted room or protection in the streets for single women. Female Leaders are normal here too.

You show Your level well naming me as “Boy” and fx “sucking Iron Zions dixk”

Thats doku is a real doku from the real world. And You dont like it in a wrong way. It humanize You enemies, which You always talk down and afterwards surprice You, because You believe in all Yóur lies.

This could be any random war in the whole world.

News to me I support Jihadisme too. When did it happen.

I suport You clean Your own dirt from Your own house and stop blaming me and others for, what You do or dont. Help Yourself. But unfortunatly You are not learned to know how and are not learned to learn.

Its right here by You. You name this as propaganda.

John Wallace

What a load of horseshit. You still haven’t a clue what I am talking about. It has NOTHING to do with the ability of women so wipe that horseshit out of your little mind. It is ALL about propaganda against Assad and the bleeding hearts being sucked in like you have. Nowhere , NOWHERE have I said women are incapable of anything. Nowhere you clown. You ASSUME that I did out of ignorance. Just because you fail to accept women as your qual or better do not assume others are like you. Unbelievable how incredibly stupid you are. Who ever let you near a keyboard should be charged with child endangerment. I am sure they have second hand shops near you , go see if they have a second hand brain that would be a massive improvement on what you have , sorry don’t have , now,

Jens Holm

You are right. After making bad Governess for centuries showing what they can and cant, they also made war instead og Goverment change as they should.

And the ones daring to fight heavy armed Assads and his internal spysystems are the ones being not afraid to die, which are the Jihadists.

The documantery shows the REAL result very well. Its exact the same at the other side of the frontlines. A lot are killed for nothing.

And we do see one of Your main problems here, which is women are kept down by lawas and stupid traditions – and oftern much lower then Islam and for that matter local Christianity does.

And it is as I have written many times. If You systematicly by restrictions of the most stupid way keep girls and women isolated for the things men can and learn, they of course makes a much lower score. The are not even allowed to try.

And if I look at the education level in Syria its very, very low for men too. And I do know very well. We have emmigrants and refugees here and many say they have education. Almost everything which should be semilar is from old days and the job is done slowly inacurate and by people, which obvious has ni idea of tech. or we astually hs to use the repaored car to go to job with everyday and dnt go to work until they have taken their fingers out.

And its much worse with the women. They hardly know anything for real outside their homes, because they almost never is there unless they are shown things escorted by their father or brothers – which decide and keeep information away.

I name this as infirmation and a result of mismangemenets of the worst kinds.

This is not about “west” for for that matter “jews” . Its about You doing the opposit of what You need – And You even use us as excuse.

As written before my solution is You has to have Your own zoo with a wall around somewhere west of Istanbul and only food in and fuel out.

By that no cantact You might see whats Yours and whats Ours in those matters.

And when I try to write about it, I only get – NO CHANGE.

Things according Assads seemes to have to go back to the good old days of his father. And You even write Isupport people, which prefare to ge decades back.

You are ….

John Wallace

Wha wha Wha .. wha. Cry like a 2 year old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY2f9tI9xzA

John Wallace

Didn’t bother reading it , no point , just waffle as normal.

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