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Artillery Division commander mysteriously assassinated in Daraa


Artillery Division commander mysteriously assassinated in Daraa

AlMasdarNews reports:  On the road linking the town of Tal Shehab and the militant-controlled section of Dara’a Al-Balad, one of the most notable commanders of the Artillery Division of the Southern Front rebel conglomeration Jihad Ziyab was assassinated by an IED planted by unknown assailants.

Dubbed Abu Zaid by his peers, he was responsible for the projectile-targeting of government-held neighborhoods in the provincial capital.

Artillery Division commander mysteriously assassinated in Daraa

The identity of his assassins remains unknown as tensions between jihadist factions in southern Syria escalate. ISIS sleeper cell actions have been on the rise as ISIS-affiliated Jaish Khaled Ibn Al-Walid faction continues battling with the Southern Front factions near Tasil. It is also likely that  government intelligence operatives were behind this targeted attack on the highly-valuable insurgent engineer.

It must be noted however that quarrels have increased between the relatively-moderate Southern Front alliance and the Islamist factions of Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham with jihadists blaming the MOK-backed Southern Front for the betrayal of Daraya and the increasingly stale Dara’a fronts. A failed coup was carried out against against one of the Southern Front factions in Busra Al-Sham a few days ago as preachers like Muheisni have begun issuing fatwas against the “betrayful” groups.



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  • opereta

    Who cares if the pig is dead !! Let God sort it out, we, the earth bound, need to worry about terminating his replacement ASAP !! NEXT !!

  • SOF

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • mohib khan

    one less to eliminate I guess this is good news