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Arsenal Allegedly Prepared For Armed Rebelling In Venezuela Seized In Colombia


Arsenal Allegedly Prepared For Armed Rebelling In Venezuela Seized In Colombia

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On March 24th, Colombian police intercepted a large supply of weapons to Venezuela.

On one of the routes bordering the Bolivarian Republic of the region, security forces stopped a minivan, which contained a whole arsenal of weapons and modern equipment. The authorities seized the following:

  • 26 AR-15 automatic rifles with a caliber of 5.56 mm, American-made without serial numbers, and 36 magazines for them;
  • 28 AN/PVS7B night vision binoculars;
  • 9 AN/PVS14 night vision devices without serial numbers;
  • 8 baffleless gun suppressors;
  • 4 unmarked night vision binoculars;
  • 51 laser pointers for machine guns and sniper rifles;
  • 45 sights for machine guns and rifles;
  • 2 new radio stations Motorola XPR 3500;
  • 43 batteries for the Motorola radio stations;
  • 15 army ballistic helmets;
  • 3 body armor manufactured by Crye Precision.

In the van itself there was no other ammunition, which means that it could have been transferred earlier into Venezuela.

Caracas accused Colombia of delivering weapons to local gangs and rebels, as well as preparing an assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro said in a statement at the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas that a subject confessed these plans when he was detained when “he was moving from Barranquilla to Riohacha” with an “arsenal of weapons” and “tactical war teams” that were seized.

The Venezuelan president also assured that the Venezuelan authorities will give all the details “of a terrorist group that is training in Riohacha and is compiling weapons to attack Venezuela at any time.”

“The conspiracies continue. Yesterday, a person named Jorge Alberto Molinares Duque was captured on the Barranquilla-Riohacha highway, moving in a vehicle and carrying an arsenal of weapons there,” the president reported.

Likewise, the head of state denounced that terrorist groups are training in Colombia to generate violence in the country. “The captured man declared that the rifles were to be delivered to him by a man with the alias “Pantera,” who belongs to a terrorist group that is training between Barranquilla and Riohacha,” he added.

“Tomorrow, the Minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, will reveal all the details. I have to defend the peace and stability of all Venezuela we have information on terrorist sources that from Colombia and the United States want to attack the country,” he sentenced.

“All those rifles,” continued Maduro, were to be handed over to another subject, “alias Pantera,” whose details will be known later in the day, when communication minister Jorge Rodríguez, is expected to appear to elaborate more on the matter.

“I have been forced to alert our people to conspiracies that unfortunately continue … we have a lot of information, tomorrow we are going to reveal it in full,” he said.

“There is much hatred of those who give orders in the north and the authorities in Colombia who provide support for them (…) you have to be very miserable, have a lot of hatred to consider terrorist attacks (…) disturb peace and the effort for a national general union that our entire country is doing,” he said.

“We would first like to apologize to the Venezuelan people, that the information we are about to share will not be related to the epidemic.”

In his briefing, Jorge Rodriguez accused an individual from the Venezuelan military – Clíver Alcalá Cordones was responsible for organizing three destabilizing groups in Colombia.

In his opinion, attempts were made to introduce several assault groups to Venezuela to assassinate Nicolás Maduro and Diosdado Cabello [Current president of the Constituent Assembly].

“On March 23 they seized a huge arsenal in Colombia. Colombian traffic officials stopped a van that left Barranquilla for Ríohacha,” he said. He added that the purpose for the smuggling of this arsenal was to carry out selective assassinations.

“The truck left from Barranquilla to Ríohacha, from there to Paraguachón and then to Zulia,” he said.

Rodríguez indicated that as a consequence of this fact, the country’s officials are keeping their guard up, in addition to developing processes against the coronavirus.

“Even in the complex moments we are living, the attack against Venezuela has not stopped,” he said.

He assured that Alberto Molinares Duque, who was transporting the weapons, “said that a woman by the name of Álvarez gave him the weapons to take them to Ríohacha and then cross the border in Paraguachón.”

Rodríguez pointed out that training for the attacks was carried out in the Maicao, Barranquilla and Santa Marta camps, and that there were plans to place bombs in various areas of the country.




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