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Arrow 3 Exoatmospheric Hypersonic Anti-Ballistic Missile (Infographics)

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Arrow 3 Exoatmospheric Hypersonic Anti-Ballistic Missile (Infographics)

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The Arriw 3 is anexoatmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile jointly developed and produced by Israel and the United States. The project is run by Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing under control of the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s “Homa” administration and the US Missile Defense Agency.

The missile is designed for exoatmospheric interception of ballistic missiles and reportedly could serve as an anti-satellite weapon.


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better clear the jews off the face of this world – can’t have them running around building nuke capable missiles nilly willy if Iran isn’t allowed. thus, the jews need to be obliterated fast and finally.

klove and light

spot on

Zionism = EVIL

Too late, bitch. Israel has nukes. We all know it. Now why don’t you move to downtown Teheran an see what happens when the ayatollahs start a war (here’s a clue – the Iranians are scared to fight a war directly after getting crushed in the war with Iraq. All they do is use proxies bc they are cowards like you


delirious ranting by simpletons like yourself – we’ve seen too much of that so why don’t you ask momma for a cookie and some lemonade and calm down. simpletons are 13 on the dozen so these threads don’t need another one!


Ok, Adolf, whatever you say.


He is not German, he is a Palestinian living in Jordan


You spelled it wrong. It’s paLIEstinian

Lone Ranger

Russia, Israel, India and China makes the best rockets and missiles.
Also in case of China they mostly copy the first 3…

Rafik Chauhan

include iran now bcuz thier pace of developing missile under sanction. is good. and also accurate.

Zionism = EVIL
Ashok Varma

Only Russian, Chinese and UK missiles have been tested in battle. The French Exocet sank several British ships in the Malvinas conflict, while Russian supplied Styx missile on OSA class missile boats destroyed most of Pakistan navy in 1971 while Hezbollah scored the last successful SSM strike with a Chinese C-802 copy of a Russian missile.


US missiles have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is overkill against the Taliban. And the only way to defeat the Taliban is to civilize the rural population to deviate from Islamic fundamentalism to secularism. I wouldn’t suspect Russia or any of Afghanistan’s neighbours would take kindly to the Taliban taking over the country again, as they oppose modernization. This could also encourage more Islamic terrorism in neighbouring countries, forming another obstacle to the Belt & Road project. The only problem I would have with the Belt & Road is that Israel has invested in it and it would be used to funnel more mass migration to Russia and all of Europe.


Israel uses American and European missile technology, India doesn’t have much of an independent arms industry and mainly copies missiles from Russia and NATO. China uses a combination of NATO and Russian military technology, and some original weapons designed in China; Israel and international )ewry have a long history of passing over military secrets and technology from western hands to Russia, China, and other countries.

Russia undoubtedly has the best missile technology in the world, though the size of its armed forces prohibits large-scale offensives the Soviet Union was capable of pulling off. Russia is mainly restricted to strategic strikes, defensive operations, special operations, counter-insurgency, military consultancy, and offensive wars against almost any country that shares a border with Russia. The only exception is China or any country apart of NATO, as that could lead to a Third World War.


Only the U.S and Israel has the Arrow3, one of the best missiles to ever be created. It can shoot down Iran’s long ranged missiles before it even comes close, and also take down their military satellite.

Zionism = EVIL

LOL, dumbass teenage PUNK, liar arsehole yesterday claimed he was in the navy, and last week was in Zionist child killers “special forces” killing children in Gaza. This week he is driving Zionist ships onto land. This Iron Zion fuckwit is retarded hasbara teenage punk living with hooked nosed mommy.

Bob Smith

Hahaha maybe the 1st one what about the rest of 1000s coming your way. Best to learn swimming asap

Ashok Varma

The pride of of the Zionist fleet Hanit was taken out by a single Hezbollah 1950’s Soviet era Chinese seersucker C-802 missile in 2006 war, which the Zionists lost totally. India sank most of the Pakistani navy with Russian Styx missiles in 1971. This silly fool has no idea about Russian technology.


You are Indian like I am a Pali, you Paki Islamic terrorist.


I know how to swim, but you can come and try to remove us.

Ashok Varma

You are a bored silly Zionist delinquent lad and a terrible liar. One day you are a sailor, the next a commando, but I think you are just a hasbara tinkerbell.


When have I said I am a sailor? I said I am a reserve in the Navy Commando you dumb Pakistani. Soon to hunt down you Hamas friends, Gantz is the new DM.

Zionism = EVIL

More Jew cunts and Americunt bullshit. Meanwhile, in the real world

Iran’s IRGC to receive new stealth drone with 2,000km range



Still just a big talker. When you stepping up?

Assad must stay

Why do i feel like this is going to end up as yet another failed over budget over schedule overbloated project like that flop-35 lmao


Israel working with Boeing, the maker of the latest disaster in commercial aviation, employing $8/hr ‘engineers’? not much to fear there. But, then again for an important project like this, they probably used $10/hr help, ya know, to build the good stuff. :P

Lazy Gamer

Israel and the US may have already resigned themselves to the fact that Iran is now a nuclear state. lol Europe however has the better approach than Israel.


The interception animation at the end of the video is not credible. All CGI.

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