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Arranging The Middle East Narrative To Push The Agenda Forward

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The United States is returning to a level of activity in the Middle East unseen in nearly 4 years. This development has become obvious over the weeks since Joe Biden became US President, firstly with a large deployment into Syria, and subsequently with smaller ones.

On February 9th, the Pentagon said that it was no longer in Syria to protect and exploit oil fields.

It is now back to hunting ISIS. Back to the square one of 2014 and the Obama era. ISIS somehow obliged by ramping up their activities throughout Syria.

It is a mystery that they were able to make such a sharp and sudden resurgence. It should also be noted that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces allegedly have about 10,000 ISIS terrorists imprisoned.

This statement of intent denotes a massive shift in posture for the US.  When defending the oil fields the US troops were mostly static, when hunting ISIS they can, once again, roam around and carry out various operations.

It appears likely that Idlib is now also in focus – US combat drones were observed surveying Greater Idlib. Idlib is a mixed bag – it has Turkish troops, Russians, the Syrian Arab Army along with terrorists and the moderate opposition, although confusing these two groups can be forgiven. The newest, future, US ally is there – the soon-to-be-rebranded Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

An indication of expected escalations and attacks are the Russian and Syrian military drills being carried out near Aleppo during effective wartime. Russia, separately, carried out a naval drill near Tartus.

And, as if by design, long-range missiles attempted to strike Russia’s forces at the Hmeimim Air Base. Drones occasionally attempt to infiltrate its airspace, but missiles are a rare sight.

Meanwhile in Western Daraa, the rebel leaders submitted to Damascus, likely fearing the upcoming chaos and wanting to choose a side.

Finally, the Biden administration is also working to secure Israeli support. The State Department said it doesn’t endorse Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, but doesn’t oppose it. It also provided a $9bn weapon sale as consolation. Tel Aviv is likely to use these weapons to counter its nemesis – Iran. It does so by targeting alleged Iranian interests in Syria.

Syria remains the lynchpin of US Middle East policy but the US posture in Iraq and Afghanistan has also changed. Withdrawing from the region is now out of the question – ISIS is making a resurgence, and there are other groups targeting American forces and convoys.

In Afghanistan, specifically, if the withdrawal does not move forward, the Taliban are also likely to begin targeting the US again.

The democrats are back in control and back to spreading democracy in the Middle East.

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johnny rotten

They will soon say that they want to defend the Uyghurs of Tahrir al-Sham from Assad’s genocide, it is their convoluted and fraudolent logic.

Jens Holm

They hs told, they do support the old Qaidas more. Many others then those are there among the local jihadists.

Pave Way IV

I hope everyone noticed how Biden softballed Israel for the first week or two, then immediately devolved back to his native state: zio-facist Israeli backer (as long as ‘the chief’ gets his 10% off the top). NOBODY is in charge in Washington D.C., and certainly not Biden. It seems like random fountains of sewage periodically spew from deep inside the neocon swamp and – collectively – we call that ‘policy’.

Jens Holm

Its just back to Obama. The random populsme is gone.

Right now the expelled and even sold Syrian Jews has Golan as compensation and are looking at You:)

Pave Way IV

Syrian Jews are looking at me? What… now? Do you mean they’re in my frickin’ house?? FFS, do you SEE why I’m so paranoid? Now, where’d I hide the damn Mossberg?

Jens Holm

Syrian Jews was forced to leave, emmigrated and expelled from Syria and donaters even had to buy those out, which were hostages.

The ones living in Israel today as children. grandchildren a.s.o. are 115.000

The Syrian Jewish diaspora today is:
Israel 115,000
United States 75,000
Argentina 40,000
Mexico 16,000
Panama 10,000
Brazil 7,000

Read whats censured away fx here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Jews

Tommy Jensen

If nothing else people can see the difference between the Democrats racism and fascism, and Trump’s four years of moderate policy.
There is and was a difference with Trump as Captain.


At least Trump was honest about why America was in Syria (for oil). But the deep state goes right back to the old ‘fighting ISIS’ lie.

Jens Holm

What a joke relying in what Trump says. He made americans happy telling they at least had an income there and not only minus.

Trump honest haha.

He retreated some to save money. It had nothing to do with anyone living there but american voters.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, big hearted Obama deceived the World, back then. ISIS is no more, so everyone knows why are they there. Oil.

Jens Holm

It is a mystery that they were able to make such a sharp and sudden resurgence is highly incorrect.

They easy has the ressources and Biden continue the “Obama Care” way.

Its also easy to see ISIS has kind of regained too much and Russia cant or wont do more, then they already do.

I dont see it as if USA has forgotten, that Syrians has to have no income b oil and expeact a moderate expansion fx by high tech for finding and eliminating the ISIS leftovers better and faster.

So far we have seen no sign for USA will stay until some kind of agreement is made between Assads and SDF. That was what Obama/McCain told them.

Ivan Grozny

Excuse me, who the h*ll said that Dr. Assad should have “a deal” with SDF? Why, I pray you answer, should SDF have ANY say at all??
SDF is bought and paid for, be the $nakes! The pretext being, that they are curds – a problem for Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and many others. One deal – in Syria – is needed, for the U$ to claim the need for “protection.” Simple, brutal, dumb and criminal. All to please the Zionazi

Jens Holm

USA does, which also says they are not for some SDF state or very high independensy. Obama said it like that: We wil, stay until we are sure those SDFs somehow can live in peace and no revenge.

Those Kurds and Co was no problem until they were divided into 4 and all 4 very different from them demanded them to be Turks, Arabs and whatever.

You here totally ignore Your version of Doolittle had no Syria since about 1258, when mongols eliinated the Bagdad Khalifat.

You even ignóre, that Syria hardly was Aleppo and Raqqa provinces at all and obivous only know the new created history book, where many in Syria hardly can have their own names for theself and places, where they live.

Syria is from 1946 and about 30% was not arabs. Even so its named as an arabic state. You relaly get nothing of that.

I see no relations between Kurds and Jews in this apart from others had to buy out Jews from Syria, where they more or less was is housearrest forever.

I kind of smale about Golan for that. Up there he Syrian Jews are compensated by Syrian land.

Syria is no country. It hardly produce anything apart from dades for Christmas, and it not even try to devellop itself, so the corrupters can get more themself.

Ypu also ignore the USA enemy number one was Assads until ISIS came out of hand. Here Kurds and SDFs are secpnd choise and have their own agenda.

Here Ypu also ignore they didnt attack Assads. The Jihadists did. And next the ISIS did, because US saw them as last chance(by Hillary).

Syria is a primitive ineffective Sovejet Oblast and should not exist as it is. One of three socalled Syrian are not erven in that land of darkness. 500.000 or 1 million is a succes ? 1 leg ???

cechas vodobenikov

jensy taking another urine shower —strange rehab method to address your drug problems

Icarus Tanović

Zionistic Wahhabi Satanists.

cechas vodobenikov

jens on LSD; USA already created quasi Kurd state in northern Iraq
same strategy US has employed routinely—most famously in Yugoslavia
I understand that u r stupid and lonely—the best explanation for your comments


hahahahaha they might not have noticed but the usa has lost its soft power and btw how about the situation in washington dc what do they think they can do while they behave like hitler at home


the usa will be kicked out of west asia or do they believe that they can survive these 1000s of cuts because what they are is a bleeding mess by now


american stay in the red sea and the indian ocean has no future


the west thinks its so smart but its not and they will see how stupid they are when we push them towards loss and loss again


american attempt to reactivate daesh was sooo obviously foreseeable


the usa will be screaming foul and laying on the ground and whining aswell as screaming like a child when the issue is done


Iran will bleed harder in Syria now, Trump was mostly talkings but Biden is a man of business. I expect an even closer cooperation now between the U.S army and the IDF.

cechas vodobenikov

It is obvious that the ascending nations –Russia, China, Iran have exposed the declining societies to be decayed and impotent—anglo-covid empire and vassal states now wield little influence–they are similar to atheistic mosquitos …irritating bloodsuckers

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