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JUNE 2023

Army Troops Push To Regain Control Of Tal Malah And Jubain From Militants (Map Update)

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On June 10, units of the Syrian Army and the Tiger Forces launched a new push to recapture the villages of Tal Malah and Jubain from militnats in northwestern Hama. These villages had been remaining contested since the launch of an advance by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its Turkish-backed allies last week.

According to appearing reports, over 100 militants and 100 pro-government fighters have been killed since the start of the clashes in the area. Both these numbers seem to be overestimated. Nonetheless, the intensity of clashes is very high.

Army Troops Push To Regain Control Of Tal Malah And Jubain From Militants (Map Update)

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This is disgusting war. Erdogan waisting his manpower on nonsense war. He is acting like CIA agent. At the end of the day as Erdogan lose power then he would repent on what he has done for CIA in the Mideast region.

Erdogan should work to unite nations in the Mideast region under their own governments to create trust. When there is peace then the political transition could be done by electronic and social media and not by attacking them. Even they can join Turkey on getting Turkish nationality.


Turkey is a NATO member and acts according to NATO policy (led by USA). I think (without clear evidence) that Turkey flirting with Russia is just to halt Russia in the middle east (planned by NATO-USA-Israel).


Turkey cannot win in Syria by acting like CIA and NATO agent. Look all militants have collected from whole country and brought to Idlib by green buses. Here these militants will decide for their future either they wanna surrender or wanna to die for CIA and NATO agenda.

Icarus Tanović

Not bad, not bad, my man.


Rob, forget your greater Turkish state by ‘soft annexations’. Annexations, soft or hard, are in crisis.


Syria is a state. No militants can fight with the state forces. This is not Libya. You are defeated in every village and town and finally brought to Idlib by green buses. If you still want to fight with the state then there is no any other option except to be killed on the basis of terrorism. You should drop weapons and surrender to the Syrian state forces whether you are local or foreigners.


Probably this fierce fighting is going to be decided by the fact that one side has air power and the other don’t have it. The takfiri determination (or the captagon) to fight isn’t superior to the syrian determination to recover their land. The intensity of the fight also explains all the time that was taken to prepare this campaign, the decisive one.

Smith Ricky

Ones Syria is fully liberated, Turkey must be annexed by Russian and Syrian forces.

╭∩╮( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)╭∩╮

Syria is garbage that is why they cannot enter idlib fully because of Turkey’s influence

Leon De Elias

Well Fuck you mate I wish that your fucking country would be destroyed by the US/Israeli terrorism,and got the Ottomans top of your head with all their terrorists..


You do realize trash-talk trolls are the garbage of the internet.


Annexations blocked.


All these deaths and all this blood is on the hands of the filthy turk Erdogan. Turkey’s role in this war will not be forgotten and their comeuppance will be obtained.

Rhodium 10

One thing is to fight vs SAA&SAF..another thing is to fight vs RUAF…we are not in the 80S…nowdays..Russian forces have sofisticate weapons….satellite, aircrafts, Drones which scan terrorist walking through olive fields in a row next to the trees planted 10×10 ( squared) or 7×7 ( clover)…Russia know its glonass position at all times…and meanwhile aircraft are on air or guide artillery on ground…therefore they just have to attack glonass coordinates and destroy terrorist, vehicles, weapons….one after another..day by day….


That is why Erdogan’s terrorists are attacking. They know that they will be just picked off until there’s no one left, so they fight suicidal battles instead and kill many people in the process.

Erdogan should be dragged naked through Damascus when this is over.

Icarus Tanović

And Zionistic/USA Mossad Cia resources are almost limitless, and that is exactly what theyre looking for stalmate. We need to hit them hard with real deal, carpet bombing, Napalm or Grand Slam style bombs. And chemistry, so opcw can go and fuck it self. No one believes lies and crocodile tears of Cnn, Bbc, fox and all other bs networks. We need to hit them roads, so it would be hardier to move and bring fresh infantry from Iraq, Afganistan and all around the wahhabized world.

The Saint

All this unnecessary bloodshed is on the head of Turkey and Erdogan, and they will reap the whirlwind soon enough.

Leon De Elias

Fucking Ottomans..They should be isolated from the whole fucking world for this..

Tommy Jensen

We did it again. US now controle Taj Mahal also, and you guys cant do a sh.t because we did the hit, and you are on the run because we have the sun……………………………..LMAOL.

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