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Army Troops Find Israeli, Jordanian Drugs In Militant Hospital In Suthern Syria: State Media

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Troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) found a field hospital and a medicine depot, which had belonged to militants in the village of Nabaa al-Sakhar in southern Syria, according to the state-run news agency SANA.

The facilities, which are located in about 16km southeast of the city of Quneitra, included “operating rooms, laboratory, medical equipment and a cache containing large amounts of medicines, some of which are made in Israel and Jordan”.

According to the SANA, militants the field hospital was lcoated in one of the schools in Nabaa al-Sakhar.

Army Troops Find Israeli, Jordanian Drugs In Militant Hospital In Suthern Syria: State Media

Click to see the full-size image

Army Troops Find Israeli, Jordanian Drugs In Militant Hospital In Suthern Syria: State Media

Click to see the full-size image

Army Troops Find Israeli, Jordanian Drugs In Militant Hospital In Suthern Syria: State Media

Click to see the full-size image

Army Troops Find Israeli, Jordanian Drugs In Militant Hospital In Suthern Syria: State Media

Click to see the full-size image

Army Troops Find Israeli, Jordanian Drugs In Militant Hospital In Suthern Syria: State Media

Click to see the full-size image

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Keep marching to Amman.


Canadian authorities identified the gunman who killed two people and injured 13 others in a lively Toronto neighborhood Sunday night as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain.
– The followers of the religion of peace at it again.


The White Helmets will soon be in Canada . Their experience in a war zone will doubtless be useful :)

Allah Snackbar.

Lena Jones

I can’t believe a single Canadian would want them for a neighbor. It’s like the good people of Canada support Bashar but their gov supports the jihadi terrorists. Backlash for this stupid move will be felt at the ballot box.


The White helmets and families should all be moved into houses close to Canadian ‘libtard’ politicians :)


Na Brudda.
It’s Wahhabism cuz.
That’s gotta go!

Luke Hemmming

More than likely some miss-guided idiot thinking he is doing it for ISIS which as we all know is CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabian creation. Maybe a intelligence agencies patsy to keep the money flowing to the military industrial machine.

Lena Jones

LOL you think you can distract from EVIDENCE of israeli terrorism with you islamophobia? Why don’t we instead talk about all the pedo activity in jewish communities? How about the FACT that 87% of perv perps outed by #metoo are jews lol!


Nothing wrong with doctors supplying medicine to wounded in conflict area, some of them may be civs, It does not matter where it comes from, the blockade of N Yemen by SA will not be forgiven.


This is hardly news, Israel has stated flatly that they’ve provided medical services to non-threatening Arabs. They also give away food and tents to civilians in the demilitarized zone while the battle below dies down.

We are all human here.

Promitheas Apollonious

self flattery will take you no where.


“non-threatening Arabs”
You mean they only cut the throats of Muslim boys, and take money from the Jewish master race.


Israel’s war to annexe parts of Syria has been an expensive failure.
The good news is Israel doesn’t have to pay the bill, the Jewish States of America paid for everything, good old Uncle Samuel.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

great find SAA!!!



Professor of Middle East and Mediterranean Studies at King’s College London, director of the Middle East Forum (Philadelphia) and author, most recently, of Palestine Betrayed.

It was the Palestinian terror organization that invented the apartheid canard in the mid-1960s, years before Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

This charge, of course, is not only completely false but the inverse of the truth. If apartheid is indeed a crime against humanity, Israel actually is the only apartheid-free state in the Middle East – a state whose Arab population enjoys full equality before the law and more prerogatives than most ethnic minorities in the free world, from the designation of Arabic as an official language to the recognition of non-Jewish religious holidays as legal days of rest.

By contrast, apartheid has been an integral part of the Middle East for over a millennium, and its Arab and Muslim nations continue to legally, politically and socially enforce this discriminatory practice against their hapless minorities.

Arab/Muslim apartheid comes in many forms, and some victims have been subjected to more than one.

• Religious intolerance:

Muslims historically viewed themselves as distinct from, and superior to, all others living under Muslim rule, known as “dhimmis.” They have been loath to give up this privileged status in modern times. Christians, Jews and Baha’is remain second-class citizens throughout the Arab/Muslim world.

• Ethnic inequality:

This historic legacy of intolerance extends well beyond the religious sphere. As longtime imperial masters, Arabs, Turks and Iranians continue to treat long-converted populations, notably Kurds and Berbers, that retained their language, culture and social customs, as inferior.

• Racism:

The Middle East has become the foremost purveyor of anti-Semitic incitement in the world with the medieval blood libel widely circulated alongside a string of modern canards (notably The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) depicting Jews as the source of all evil.

Likewise, Africans of sub-Saharan descent are held in deep contempt, a vestige of the region’s historic role as epicenter of the international slave trade.

• Gender discrimination:

Legal and social discrimination against women is pervasive throughout the Arab-Islamic world, accounting for rampant violence (for example domestic violence or spousal rape are not criminalized) and scores of executions every year, both legal and extra-judicial (i.e. honor killings). Discrimination against homosexuals is even worse.

• Denial of citizenship:

The withholding of citizenship and attendant rights from a large segment of the native-born population is common. Palestinian communities in the Arab states offer the starkest example of this discrimination. The Bidun in the Gulf states, and hundreds of thousands of Kurds in Syria have been subjected to similar discrimination.

• Labor inequality:

Mistreatment of foreign workers (especially household servants), ranging from sexual abuse to virtual imprisonment and outright murder, is widely tolerated throughout the Middle East, especially in oil-exporting countries that host large expatriate labor forces.

• Slavery:

The Arabic-speaking countries remain the world’s foremost refuge of slavery, from child and sex trafficking in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states to actual chattel slavery in Sudan and Mauritania. Indeed, Islamists throughout the Middle East have had no qualms advocating the legalization of slavery.

• Political Oppression:

Many Middle Eastern regimes are little more than elaborate repressive systems aimed at perpetuating apartheid-style domination by a small minority: Alawites in Syria; Tikritis in Saddam’s Iraq; the Saudi royal family; the Hashemite dynasty in Jordan.

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