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JUNE 2023

Army Troops Entered Town Of Manbij: Syrian Defense Ministry

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Army Troops Entered Town Of Manbij: Syrian Defense Ministry


Troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the town of Manbij in the northern part of Aleppo province and raised Syrian flag over the town on December 28, the country’s state-run news agency SANA reported citing a statement by the Syrian General Staff.

On the same day, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released a statement inviting the SAA to take control of northern Syria areas from which YPG units had allegedly withdrawn. The reason of the decision is a threat of Turkish military operation in the area, which would be aimed against Kurdish armed groups.

Earlier, Russian and Syrian troops deployed in the village of Arima west of Manbij.

All these areas had been controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which mostly consist of YPG units. The SDF’s political wing, the Syrian Democratic Council, is mostly controlled by the YPG’s political wing, the YPD, and other YPG-linked entities.

It should be noted that the fact that the SAA had entered Manbij does not mean that members of the SDF’s Manbij Military Council will be expelled from the area. According to reports, the sides had agreed to establish a join control of the area in order to prevent a Turkish invasion.

Proo-government sources say that the Manbij agreement is only a first step of a wider deal between the SAA and the YPG (SDF, PYD, SDC) on the situation in northern Syria, which could be reached soon.


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We’ll see in short order just how treachorous these Turks really are.


The beginning of the end of the Would be New Kurdistan. And not before time.

Zionism = EVIL

The Kurds after Zionist scum are the most treacherous and hated puppets in the region and dumber than a rock as they always back losers. They would be better off buying a map to see how landlocked and demographically hopeless their pathetic position is. Did these dumbasses really think that they could carve out a “country” like Pisrael for their Zionist masters? The Kurd turds are in for a hammering by all sides.

alejandro casalegno

The syran kurds were good soldiers, the USA support was at the time the best option, the SAA and YPG were not all, but most times allies……now they have a future in Syria!!!!

Brother Ma

They werw good till they turned traitor to Syria once the US promised them independence. Then they bit the hand that fed them for over one hundred years. They deserve any harm that befalls them.


Good development!

Zionism = EVIL

Syrian Arab Army liberates Manbij with celebratory gunfire

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:40 A.M.) – The official spokesperson for the Syrian Armed Forces announced on Friday that the city of Manbij is officially under their control.

The spokesperson said that the Syrian military has taken over Manbij after they were called on by the people of the city to enter.

“The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces stresses the importance of making concerted efforts in maintaining national sovereignty,” the spokesperson said, adding that Damascus “reaffirms its determination to crush terrorism and defeat all invaders and occupiers from the soil of sacred Syria.”

“The Syrian Armed Forces guarantee the full security of all Syrian citizens and others present in the area,” they added.


Can’t wait for the map update! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd1958c9c3fd08277a8fa9ebdcb2ae1155c3b62bc94e38610bdd396be8b26225.jpg

Zionism = EVIL

I have been on SANA Arabic site and they are posting videos of SAA moving north and stating that all terrorists and illegal armed groups will be either destroyed or dismantled. So much for Turkey gaining hold of the rich agricultural lands of Idlib province. The Iraqis and SAA are also planning a major operation in Eastern Euphrates to liberate the oil fields. The Russian high command has voiced similar sentiments.


Sounds fookin great!

Bill Wilson

I wouldn’t say liberate since the Kurds consider the O&G fields to be Syrian government property and allow Damascus to operate ones where it’s safe to do. All the fields in that region are fucked up and need major repairs to get back into production. I can see the SDF withdrawing to the north so the SAA can take control of the east side once ISIS has been defeated. Most of the SDF militias there doing the fighting are Arabs from regional tribes so Assad may consider absorbing them into the SAA to keep them there on the job since the SAA is still woefully short on manpower.

Zionism = EVIL

All of Syria will be liberated from Wahhabi scum headchoppers and their Americunt masters. A lot of regional puppet dominoes will fall in the coming years. The steadfast Axis of Resistance has won and even puppet regimes are slowly acknowledging the hand writing on the wall.

Brother Ma

All wahab proxies to be torched or chucked out after a good punishment..Syria should not waste money feeding such scum prisoners. Killing or pushing into Jordan ,Israel and Turkey. Let them worry about them chopping their own children and feeding them.


That’s good news! Now it’s time for SAA to reclaim Raqqa, Hasakah, Qamishli, and Al-Omar oil fields before jihadis and turkish ottomans capture them!

Bill Wilson

The Kurds consider the oil & gas fields to be Syrian government property so have been allowing Damascus to operate those where it’s safe. Damascus pays the SDC a royalty on oil & gas sales that helps pay the salaries of the civil servants and the local Arab militias that guard the fields. Damascus can’t complain about that since those are expenses they’d be liable for anyways if the SAA had full control of those regions.


very thanks erdogan !!!lol

alejandro casalegno

At last the kurdish forces listen the reason………..the only future possible is INSIDE the syrian state!!!


Fake news. I don’t like SouthFront making fake news. Then you are no different than BBC, NYT, WP, DW etc.

People still don’t seem to understand the fact that PKK’s main goal is the creation of a pro-Israel country. There is literally no reason for them to give up any land to SAA. The only way to get these lands back from them is to kill them. Weither SAA likes it or not; a war with PKK is inevitaible.

Brother Ma

Very true.


So SANA, Southfront and most other sources are now “fake news”, because the reality is developing different to what your dogma would say would happen? lol poor you.


I did not say Sana and Southfront is making fake news. I basically stated that THIS particular news is false. So far SAA has only entered Arimah and its surroundings. They are not in the center of the city or north of the city. US soldiers are still there.

And what do you know about my “dogma”? Do you even know the meaning of the word? I don’t control my life by dogmas. Facts with evidences IS my dogma.

I and many other people come to SouthFront because what they write is most of the time turns out to be CORRECT. If they are going to abandon this mentality; then i may as well stop reading SF or start reading the news outlets i mentioned above.


calm down….look, SAA is beiing very smart here…..the most imporatant FIRST step for SAA is to get a foothold in the eastern, and northern parts of syria again.THUS, russia can now take the “wind “out of turkeys/erdogans kurdish terror threat and make any campaign of TAF against SAA also a campaign against russias airforce and air defences.If this part of the war is concluded, (and i dont see erdogan going against putins wishes for a wide variety of reasons) then SAA can finish (and believe me this aint gonna be a picknick for them kurdish rats) the job regarding the kurds.Dont forget, the kurds have only 1 friend left in the middle east.ISRAEL.and their leverage on the eastern parts of syria, or south turkey,or north iraq, or east iran is close to zero right now. In iraq the story is very much the same…us forces protecting kurdsh rats since gulf war 1991…thus the kurds have a “as close as one can get” own nation in nation setup.Their own army, self governance to 100%, taxes,own currency. It seems that trumps visit to iraq will just increase the speed of us withdrawl there too.And in Iraq its probably even easier due to the “democracticlly” elected “free” governmnet.Their parlament will soon bring out a “immediate us withdrawl” legislature.It will be very difficult if not impossible for the usa governmnet NOT to follow suit.Again , once they leave, the kurds will have a rough time there too.Right now, last infformation on iraq parlament and the withdrawl legislature is, that the us governmnet is putting loads of money into various peoples hands so that the vote can be postponed indefinetly.but again, trumps visit did nor help the us or their proxies in iraq to postpone the vote on the withdrawl.

I am Jaziel

What about the US troops that are still there…

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