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JUNE 2021

Army Eliminates Terrorists In Northeastern Algeria

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Army Eliminates Terrorists In Northeastern Algeria

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On January 26, the Algerian Army announced in an official statement that its units had eliminated eight terrorists during a security operation in the town of Chechar in the northeastern Khenchela Province, near the border with Tunisia. During the operation, the Algerian Army also seized five pistols, three machine guns and four hand grenades, according to the statement.

The terrorism threat in Algeria has increased over the last few years due to the instability in the nearby Libya, that’s considered a regional heartland for many terrorist groups including ISIS and al-Qaeda.

In 2017, the Algerian Army announced that it killed 91 terrorists and captured 40 others in anti-terrorism operations all around the country. In the same year, 30 wanted terrorists surrendered to the Algerian security forces while 214 personals linked to various terrorist groups were arrested.

Algeria witnessed a brutal war between the Algerian Army and several terrorist groups between 1991 and 2002 in which tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed. Many observers believe that the Algerian Army was able to secure the country during the raise of terrorism in the Arab world thanks to the experience it gained from the ten years’ war in Algeria.

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You can call me Al

More violence next to Europe, so here we go again with the immigration – all pre-ordained and manipulated…..


These Yanker and 1 x World government scum need eliminating.

Ilies Bekhtaoui

we had 10 years of terrorism before .we are used to it . nothing will happen . europe have nothing to win . we practically have a clean relationship with the us , europe and russia

You can call me Al

“we practically have a clean relationship with the us , europe and Russia” – WHO ?

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