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Army Eliminated White Helmets Photographer Linked To 2017 Khan Shaykhun Chemical Attack

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Anas Diab, a photographer for the White Helmets organization, was killed in a pinpoint airstrike by the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) on July 21.

According to several pro-opposition sources, Diab was visiting his hometown, Khan Shaykhun, in southern Idlib when a precision Syrian airstrike leveled his house. No one other was reportedly killed or injured in the airstrike.

Army Eliminated White Helmets Photographer Linked To 2017 Khan Shaykhun Chemical Attack

Anas Diab, Click to see full-size image

Syrian Military Capabilities, a pro-government Facebook page that’s known for its sources in the Syrian intelligence, claimed that Diab was assassinated due to his role in the alleged 2017 Khan Shaykhun chemical attack.

“He had a big rule in mobilizing the staged Khan Shaykhun CW attack,” a Twitter account affiliated with the Syrian Military Capabilities claimed.

The U.S. had accused Damascus of carrying out the alleged chemical attack and targeted Shayrat airbase with more than 50 cruise missiles as a response. The missile strike killed several Syrian service member and civilians, including children.

It remains unclear if Diab was indeed involved in any fabrications related to the alleged chemical attack. Nonetheless, this became one of the rare times when pro-government sources acknowledged the deliberate killing of an opposition media activist.

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He provided excuses for usa murderers and now he’s dead. Good.

AM Hants

One down, how many more to go?

Remind me, who funds the White Helmets and who screams loudest, with regards Chemical Weapons used in Syria?

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Excellent data!
Curious as to how much these “officers” of this scam are taking out personally by way of salaries, expense accounts, perks, etc. I would hazard a guess that they are doing ok as they say in the “scam trade.”

AM Hants

$billions, for a start, especially over the years.


May the rest of them die of food choke! Well these liars will never be able to swallow food the normal way, ever! The monies will not be spent enjoyably.

Robert Duran

and that just from “aid”..They also make a fortune from the smuggling of human organs..

AM Hants

So true, together with the kiddies.


More dead jihadist scum = good way to start or end the day. :)

Wolfgang Wolf

one asshole less.


did the article say his name was Anus or Anas?

Tudor Miron

Another rat is dead. Good.


Well done Syria. He looks like Zionist terrorist. Please don’t follow names look to the person action that how much he is anti human.


I will drink to that!!


amen. 4 shots of vodka for me!

Pete Middleton

Here’s hoping the smug prick who took selfies with those child beheaders has a fugging great bullseye on his back


nice work Syrian Military! you still got lots more to do though

James R

He is an intelligence asset of a hostile foreign power tasked with facilitating attacks on Syria by Western nations. He is not an opposition media activist. That is a joke.

Edvin R

You missed to add the 17 civilians that got killed in the same strike too…


Sorry, but it is hard to believe this propaganda.

Edvin R

True..SAA is famous for their high precision missiles and advanced bombers…

Stinky Man

This scum is responsible for many deaths. They should have killed his entire family and his friends and their families…..

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

ahhahahaah good, piece of scum

Mustafa Mehmet

they don’t mention same bombing they kill 18 civilian to..


Propaganda my friend.


Good news. Now, all the others.

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