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JUNE 2023

Armenia’s President Rebuffs Pashinyan’s Order To Sack Army’s Chief Of Staff

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Armenia’s President Rebuffs Pashinyan’s Order To Sack Army's Chief Of Staff


On February 27, Armenian President Armen Sarkisian said that he had refused to sign the order of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to dismiss the army’s chief of staff.

Earlier, Pashinyan tried to dismiss top army officials after they had called on him to resign to resolve the developing internal political crisis.

Meanwhile, several thousand opposition protesters remained on the streets of Armenia’s capital Yerevan demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. MORE HERE


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Only in Soros sponsored banana republics PM can “dismiss” top army officers… Being Soros candidate (also) Armenia’s PRESIDENT loves his job more than he loves his political colleague Pashinyan. Soros Will not be happy because of this betrayal among his employees

So Pashinyan has Erdogan only as his last defender (which only confirms hoW big traitor he is)


All eastern block nations,including turkey yields to president not incumbent pm,lest be reiterated! Law of the land belongs to the peoples,not the media,nor fascist corporations,nor sly mi6 or eu-epp Mess with it,then they shall all fail in their own wake,prime ministers have no power there,ha,harr’


It would appear that his days are numbered.

Just Me

This a$$hole Pashinyan is a shameless creature, he is finished and even the spineless Armenians have had enough. What a pathetic country that lost the war and still has this treacherous Soros loser clinging on to power of a pip squeak donkey republic.

Kenny Jones ™

I think he will be gone in a few days, Arm people are smart and understand everything, this can be done without violence and bloodshed, just like in 2018, the mistake will be corrected


Lets hope you are right and that “replacement” is not only cosmetic one… with just another Soros candidate.


“Arm people are smart and understand everything” Well they kick ass at the chess board so there’s that. Still, I’m reminded of Olin’s line from Horizon Zero Dawn: “You asking me for advice? If I had a head for strategy, none of this mess would’ve happened.” To which Aloy responded “Fair point” IIRC.

Kenny Jones ™

We’re talking about the oldest Christian nation here


Wouldn’t the Syrians be right up there with them? Not that Syria as a whole claims to be a “Christian nation” of course. I actually have some respect for that, but we were talking about “smart”; being Christian, for me, neither proves nor disproves that.

In another respect I was less than charitable. About the ~2018 anti-Russian protests that brought Pashinyan to power, so much of the alt-media reporting was along the lines of “brainwashed by Soros”. Sure that played a role; but like with all advertising, you can only hammer home what people are inclined to believe already. Only recently I learned that Armenians were pretty pissed that Moscow was selling weapons to their Azerbaijan enemies; from their point of view they weren’t wrong that those weapons were a threat to them, as we have seen.

Why such double standards for Russian and American double-dealing? The Kremlin keeps wondering why so few allies come to Russia’s side, but most days of the week the answer is right in front of their nose.

Kenny Jones ™

Russia didn’t sell good weapons to both sides, Iskander missile and Su30 were only sold to one side and that is Russia’s ally in the region If you’re talking about tanks and artillery, so what, that’s nothing


“If you’re talking about tanks and artillery, so what, that’s nothing” Could easily feel different if that tank is shooting at you, instead of you sitting safely behind a keyboard I guess.

Not that I’m saying that Armenians are blameless in their own defeat of course. A bit too much prepared for the last war. A bit too smug vis-a-vis their muslim opponents; that self-image “oldest Christian nation” might be true and unhelpful. And a PM Pashinyan who feels only accountable to his (((paymasters))) just wasn’t good enough at the hour of truth. All of which leaves open this question if they ever should’ve ethnically cleansed Karabach to begin with.

Icarus Tanović

Armenian premier Recep Taip Erdogan.


Soros at it again


If Armenia was aligned with the West instead with Russia no one would ever dared to touch Nagorno-Karabakh. Not Azerbaijan, not Turkey! Example: nobody, including Russia or Turkey, dares to wade into eastern Syria where a negligible number of Americans is stationed. By being Russian ally Armenians shared the destiny of the Serbs, Cuba, Ukraine, Libya etc. Even after such a crushing defeat the number of people coming out against Pashinyan is very small because no sane Armenian wants to go back to the “friendship” with Russia despite the fact, I’m pretty sure, they feel desperate. Now it seems almost certain that Russia colluded with both Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenians. Where does today’s oligarchical, anti-Orthodox, Putinist Russia stands is very easy to figure out. Draw your own conclusions: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/10/30/russia-open-to-return-of-armenia-held-land-to-azerbaijan-putin-a71903 https://fort-russ.com/2020/10/russian-colonel-zhilin-this-is-erdogans-war-against-russia-for-the-caucasus/ https://sputniknews.com/world/202011091081108130-moscow-positively-assesses-fact-that-baku-admitted-its-responsibility-in-mi-24-helicopter-incident/ https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://stanjestvari.com/2020/10/30/anja-filimonova-ambasador-ruske-federacije-odao-postu-organizatorima-masovnih-ubistava/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0c37e4322e310413b86813c1bc39018cee996ca517c33b68f4eccebfcf364ed6.jpg


“nobody, including Russia or Turkey, dares to wade into eastern Syria where a negligible number of Americans is stationed.”

Lol, tell that to Erdogan. He assaults America’s Kurdish allies whenever he pleases. Take your NATO-phile BS elsewhere.


It tickled my fantasy when, according to the news report, Pashinyan called on “all of his supporters” to counter-protest. I was like “All three remaining ones? Is there even a square in Yerevan that can fit that crowd?”

Anybody knows how that went down?

Rodney Loder

The 2020 war was an orchestrated settlement, – a known outcome before the war began, – so the territory was a give away, , impossible to take back because the Armenian Allies were the ones who arrived at the political settlement before the war began. Trump is a similar deal in the overall scheme of things, a loser going somewhere to happen. This is the way it’s done nowadays. Pashinyan is a mug, same as Trump. Support Jesus Christ on Quora that’s me Terry Loder and I’ll straighten everything out, peace is possible just send the vermin Jews back to where they came from so the Armenians can take their proper place in history. Actually what happen was Pashinyan was and is being mind controlled by the Freemason maggots, furthermore while they keep me here they will use the Holy Ghost to deceive the good people of the World.

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