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Armenians Fight Back Against Azerbaijani Advance, Strike Key Oil Pipeline

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Armenian forces launched a missile attack on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline, according to Azerbaijan. The country’s prosecutors said that Armenian forces had carried out the attack, which was prevented by the Azerbaijani military, on the pipeline in Yevlah at around 9 p.m. local time on October 6. The incident was described as a “terrorist act”.

The BTC pipeline delivers Azeri light crude oil (mainly from the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli field) through Georgia to Turkey’s Mediterranean port of Ceyhan for export via tankers. Another crucial Azerbaijani energy infrastructure object, which could become a potential target of Armenian attacks is the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, which connects the giant Shah Deniz gas field with Europe through Georgia and Turkey. The Armenian side denounced the Azerbaijani report as fake news. Both Azerbaijan and Armenia regularly accuse each other of striking civilian and infrastructure objects on their sovereign territory and denounce the opponent’s claims as propaganda and fakes.

It is interesting to note that just a few hours earlier Vahram Poghosyan, the press secretary of the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) President, claimed that Armenian forces had delivered powerful missile and rocket strikes on military objects in large Azerbaijani towns destroying multiple pieces of equipment and eliminating the enemy. The Azerbaijani official narrative provides a similar position that Azerbaijani forces are pulverizing Armenian military targets.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov threatened Armenia with “using the weapons with great destructive power” to deliver strikes on “the military-strategic infrastructure” of Armenia if it employs its Iskander operational-tactical missile systems against Azerbaijani forces.

However, it does not seem that the Armenian political leadership is ready to employ all the variety of its means and forces to fight back in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. Instead, the government of Nikol Pashinyan is now mostly focused on the diplomatic campaign in Western media in an attempt to convince the so-called international community to help it to keep control over Karabakh. Mr. Pashinyan, who just a few days ago was promising to inflict a military defeat on what he called the Azerbaijani-Turkish terror alliance even declared that Armenia is ready for mutual concessions. Nonetheless, Baku and Ankara do not seem to be ready for a new ceasefire and the resumption of negotiations at the present time.

On the frontline in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region itself, the main hot point is the district of Jabrayil. Using the worsening weather conditions (fog and thick clouds), which complicate the work of Azerbaijani combat drones, Armenian forces were able to stabilize the frontline and prevent further gains of the Azerbaijani military in this part of Karabakh. On October 7, Armenia even claimed that a large-scale Azerbaijani attack had been repelled in the area. The Defense Ministry claimed that over 60 dead and multiple equipment pieces were left by Azerbaijan on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Armenian forces and cities of the region are still subjected to intense artillery bombardment by the Azerbaijani military. Heavy destruction was inflicted on the city of Stepanakert. As soon as the weather improves, Azerbaijan with help from Turkey will likely resume active drone strikes and launch a new phase of the ground offensive along the contact line.

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Samuel Vanguard

about hightime Armenians used every war strategy they got against neo ottoman backed Azerbaijan

Hatred Incarnate

This is a war for survival. When the enemy is trying to genocide you, the only sensible response is to genocide them right back. I hope this war becomes the end of turkish ambitions.

Kishan Chali

Scorched earth would be the best tactic. It would work well against their powerful opponent.


On the one side he (Erdogan) talks about restoring the integrity of a country ( azarbidjan) on the other hand he is destroying the integrity of countries, invading, or at trying it: Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Armenia, Turkey. How do you call somebody that hypocrite? Anyway nobody you can trust. And that is what he proofs; everything he touches is decaying, nothing works anymore now you need 8 turkish lira for 1 dollar. He is de opposite from Midas, but Midas was of course a Greek and erdogan is but a turk.


The Erdogan touch: It turns to turd. :)

Антон С

“How do you call somebody that hypocrite?”
It’s obvious hutspa (or chutzpah) – super-impudence.

Ryan Glantz

He’s a partner with the draco reptilians, just like hitler and stalan and mao were. And just look at the strategic position of the nation called turkey, they’re sitting on the silk road, and they’re nomads that squandered the amazing construction that is Constantinople from a prior civilization more advanced. Turkey is a nation of mafia and criminals largely. How many drugs and humans get trafficked through this corridor of the world?

catalin zt

Murica and israHell also partners with Draco,Reptilians and Grey’s! Main underground base is Dulce,New Mexico, Archuleta Mesa with shuttle to Los Alamos! Russia with the Nordic Blonds! Next war will be between Pleyades, Nordic Blonds the whole Galactic Federation of Light against Draco-Reptilians!

Ryan Glantz

You may not realize yet, but the only reason the US Navy has 12+ starfleet battlegroups is thanks to the Nordics who are helping the positive US forces.
There are factions of Russia, China, and America that are working together in a united fashion in space against the reptilians and germans.


is a kzar false jew what you espected…….!


Oh, who could have ever thought it might be about hydrocarbon pipes…


Its about Iran!!!

Fog of War

Now you’re talking, the folks here dont seem to understand that. Smoke and mirrors.


germany wants the 4th reich and control europe, erdogan wants the ottoman empire.2, israel want s the big israel, the USA want the whole world ……
at least all the chinese want is trade …..
and russia to be left alone …but too rich a country not to keep others salivating


Germany controls Europe? Hmm, Germany pays for Europe.

Fog of War

And for Israhell. Oh the irony !!

catalin zt

Scam not “payment”!

Ryan Glantz

US Navy has an intergalactic Star Fleet. So we already have the Galaxy.
And we’re fighting the Dark Fleet SS Nacht Waffen German breakaway civilization that allied themselves with the draco reptilians.
What side do you choose?

catalin zt

True! The anglo-saxon evil dark fleet is helping Draco-Reptilians in space to screw other civilisations…. Jews and anglo-saxons the most terrible genocidals this World have seen! This two satanic races need to be EXTERMINATED for the Humanity to be able to exist! Amen

Ryan Glantz

Let me correct you by saying that communism has killed more than anything else.



Ryan Glantz

This video shows a US Navy Starship Battlecruiser.
Of course a former CNN employee working for fact checking services has dismissed this as the “JEM ICS Exposed Facility (ICS-EF).”
The problem is that what we see in the footage looks nothing like the “JEM ICS EF.”
The object the ISS live feed recorded and tracked, was multi-planar, like some stealth jet profiles.

Here is a side by side for easier comparison.
#secretspaceprogram #nasacoverup #fulldisclosure #wwg1wga

And here is quoted text from your former CNN fact checker analyst working for fakebook and transhumanist scum.

“In other words, the object in question was a component, known as the JEM ICS Exposed Facility (ICS-EF), a part of the Kibo Inter-Orbit Communication System. It was being disposed of and jettisoned into space. This site features an image of the ICS-EF.
The flying object seen in the video was definitely not unidentified. The ISS knew which component it had released into space.”
-Ryan Cooper, a staff writer and fact-checker for Lead Stories, is the former Director of Programming at CNN International, where he helped shape the network’s daily newscasts broadcast to more than 280 million households around the world. He was based at the network’s Los Angeles Bureau. There, he managed the team responsible for a three-hour nightly program, Newsroom LA.

comment image comment image comment image comment image
comment image

Ryan Glantz

Hehehe – you must be a comedian.

Ryan Glantz
Ryan Glantz

Looks like a peace of plumbing! No real details shown. Hahaha…

Fog of War

The camera seemed very interested in that piece of plumbing.

Kishan Chali

Considering that they don’t have a military strength that is equal to Azeris, Armenia should resort as much as to scorched earth tactics, i.e.: inflict heavy damage on the Azeris for every inch they gain.
Russia can help with EM jamming. That would make it difficult for the Azeris to use their drones.


Russia is not even jamming Israels war planes over Syria and Russia gave all the codes of the air defense it supplied to Syria to Israel. I don’t understand why Russia is still in Syria? May be it is a training and test area for them.


Strange the EU accused Turkey of a 100 year old genocide! Now not a word is coming from the EU! Israel is supplying weapons to Azerbaijan – no problem! In fact Israel does Saudi Arabia’s bidding.

Bobby Twoshoes

Was this the attack where Israeli cluster bombs were offered as evidence by the Azeris? The pipelines should be a priority target though, currently Azerbaijan’s main advantage is cash but the paradox of wealth is that more income promotes more credit. They have made significant commitments already based on projected income from the pipelines so if they are disrupted for too long the Azeri economy is in for a shock. If Artsakh can stop the pipelines from their territory they can not only level the playing field but turn the enemy’s strength to weakness. Turkey will fume and make threats but for all the Dönmeh bluster nobody wants to trigger the CSTO by attacking Armenia proper.

Wang Dung Chung

Good insight Bob!

Fog of War

I dont think creating a potential environmental disaster is a wise idea. Additionally, what civilian infrastructure should Azerbaijan , attack in Armenia ? Nuclear power plant maybe ? Water treatment facilities ? Highways and railroads ? Once you go down the non-military path all bets are off.

Bobby Twoshoes

Point 1: War is good for the environment otherwise? Anyone who would give up victory to avoid some soil contamination will never achieve command to do so.
Point 2: If Artsakh uses their territory there is no casus belli against Armenia proper, also civil infrastructure in Artsakh is already being hit, if not targeted. As I said; If Turkey and/or Azerbaijan decide to attack Armenia proper then the CSTO is triggered and WW3 starts (that’s not hyperbole), Erdogan has backed down from much less.

Fog of War

If Russia attacks Turkey, unprovoked, then Turkey can invoke its NATO treaties. Of course that slipped your ” strategic ” thinking hasnt it. Have you ever heard of WW1 ?

Mr. Saddam

Just like WW3 is not going to be triggered by Russian invading the Baltics….
WWW3 will not start over Armenia.
The thought (of either one) is simply laughable!!!

Bobby Twoshoes

Did you even read my comment? That’s basically what I said; if Turkey and/or Azerbaijan attack Armenia proper the CSTO treaty is triggered and Russia is obligated to enter on the side of Armenia, which means that they must then declare war on Turkey which then in turn triggers the NATO treaty and WW3 starts. There’s no need to get personal, even if I am stupid as you imply you have failed to refute (or even actually read) my argument so what does that imply about you?

Fog of War

Slow down cupcake, show me where I called you ” stupid ” , thats right no where. It seems its your preemptive low self esteem talking. As far as Turkey goes, they wont nor do they have to attack Armenia proper. That is why Russia is trapped in a bind and Armenia is trying everything to get itself attacked. Also, the NATO articles wont get triggered if Turkey strikes first, and its too smart to do that. You never mentioned this minor fact in your theory.

Additionally, it seems you need to read my comment better, as I stated:

” If Russia attacks Turkey, unprovoked, then Turkey can invoke its NATO treaties. ”

Dont be so sensitive and grow a thicker skin.

Bobby Twoshoes

Show me where I said you “called” me stupid… I’m not going to play these childish semantic games with you, I said “imply” because I meant “imply” not “called”. Honestly this whole thread is getting stupid, you have clearly misunderstood my comment and now you’re too emotional to have a rational debate; you’re basically just reiterating my arguments back at me with one or two words changed and adding needless personal insults. If we go any further you’re going to start calling me Hitler so I’ll bid you farewell now.

Wang Dung Chung

Go team Armenia!


This is fake news, the photos clearly show Isreali cluster munitions which Armenia doesn’t possess. Just more fake reports trying to make up for their losses and bogged down advance.


that video needs to be made viral worldwide.. please post that video here..

so many turko “Experts” there claiming that armenia is an invader.
Aliev was also saying he only wanted to “Restore” their historical lands.
but azerbaijan never exist as a country with borders defined and embassies before soviet union times. while armenia exist for more than 2000 years.

cechas vodobenikov

unreliable reports from all sources; let’s see what occurs in 4 weeks

thomas malthaus

It’s a wise, strategic move to target Azerbaijani and Turkish oil infrastructure. To shut down an economic lifeline is also to shut down or severely damage their equity markets.

Will Erdogan create a narrative where Armenian forces have invaded Turkey to do considerably more harm to electrical and water infrastructure?


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