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MARCH 2021

Armenian President: Turkey Supports Azerbaijani Advance With F-16s, Drones, Advisers And Mercenaries


Turkey is assisting Azerbaijan in the war against the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic with advisers, mercenaries and even F-16 fighters, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said at the opening of the international forum CYBERSEC2020.

“A NATO member, Turkey, provides full assistance to Azerbaijan in the form of drones, cyberattacks, advisers, mercenaries and even F-16 fighters,” Sargsyan said via videoconference.

He added that the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is still possible through dialogue.

“There is a platform – the OSCE Minsk Group with the participation of Russia, the United States and France. We must return to dialogue,” he said.

The President emphasized that the Armenian nation cannot allow the return of the past.

“105 years ago, the Ottoman Empire carried out the genocide of the Armenians. In no case can we allow this genocide to be repeated,” Sargsyan said.

Meanwhile, the Armenian side confirmed that 28 more of its soldiers were killed in clashes with Azerbaijan. Thus, the confirmed number of Armenian casualties is 59. The Azerbaijani military claims that over 550 Armenian soldiers were killed. This number is called ‘fake news’ by the Armenian media and military. At the same time, the gains declared by Azerbaijan on the ground are also yet to be confirmed by any video evidence. Most of videos released by Azerbaijan show artillery and drone strikes on Armenian positions. This raises concerns among supporters of the Azerbaijani advance on the Nagorno-Karabakh region that the ground advances were mostly, or at least partly, a media forgery.

Armenians burn Azerbaijani military equipment on the frontline:

Azerbaijani artillery and combat drones in action:




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