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JUNE 2021

Armenian President Calls For Government Resignation, As Azerbaijan Move Into Lachin Under Russian Supervision

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Armenian President Calls For Government Resignation, As Azerbaijan Move Into Lachin Under Russian Supervision

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On November 30th, Azerbaijan’s armed forces entered the Lachin district, as the deadline for Armenia to vacate it ran out.

“According to the trilateral statement signed by the presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation and the prime minister of the Republic of Armenia, units of the Azerbaijan Army entered the Lachin region on Dec. 01,” the Azerbaijan Defense Ministry said.


Azerbaijan also apparently found a way to deploy some Turkish troops to Nagorno-Karabakh, since the peace deal didn’t include any Turkish peacekeepers, only Russian ones.

The Turkish Armed Forces’ specialists on the disposal of mines and improvised explosive devices have begun to provide assistance to the Azerbaijan Army in liberated from occupation territories.

Turkish military specialists will carry out work on demining and clearing these areas from explosive devices, as well as organize training sessions for our engineering units.

Armenian President Calls For Government Resignation, As Azerbaijan Move Into Lachin Under Russian Supervision

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Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan gave some words of encouragement for the citizens.

“I urge you to unite and get out of this situation with joint efforts. President of Artsakh. In this extremely difficult period for our Motherland, I have started political consultations with a wide range of political and public circles”, Harutyunyan said.

There is some controversy regarding the settlement of Berdzor. It is unknown if Azerbaijan’s troops will enter it or not.

The Lachin corridor, linking Armenia with Artsakh, runs through Berdzor, which in turn is located in the Kashatagh (the Artsakh name of Lachin) province – which has come under Azeri control under the terms of the Karabakh armistice. But the fate of the town remains vague.

According to the mayor, the Russian peacekeepers told them yesterday that they have to lower the flag of Artsakh, and that the flag of neither side should be raised there.

“Nevertheless the Russian peacekeepers didn’t specify whether or not the Azeri armed forces would enter Berdzor. It’s possible that women and children have left the town due to safety concerns, but many have stayed. Regarding the rumors alleging that only 200 residents should remain in the town as service staff for the peacekeepers – I don’t have any information on this. Anyhow, right now the number of residents who stayed in Berdzor is a lot more than 200. I myself am in Berdzor,” the mayor said.

The Russian peacekeepers are now stationed in Berdzor, while the local residents are waiting for further developments.

The situation is stable with refugees safely passing through the Lachin corridor, and there being no escalations.

A video was released showing Russian peacekeepers guarantee safe passage through Berdzor.

Armenian Minister of Defense Vagharshak Harutyunyan received US Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy.

At the request of the Ambassador, the Minister presented the implementation of the agreements reached after the cessation of hostilities. The issue of returning the captives, finding the missing and exchanging the bodies of killed was pointed out as a priority. The possibilities of giving a new impetus to the Armenian-American cooperation in the field of defense were also discussed.

In Armenia, pressure on Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan appears to be mounting, as the Armenian President is also calling for early elections.

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian spoke at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community of Russia during his private trip to Moscow.

The main things he said are the following:

  • Armenia can get out of the post – war crisis in Karabakh by working together, through early elections.
  • Emotions are now filling the hearts of not only the residents of Artsakh and Armenia, but of Armenians all over the world.
  • Armenians need to stop dividing each other into “black and white”, learn from mistakes and create a country that everyone will be proud of, as well as an army that will win.
  • In any country where such a tragedy has occurred, the government must go.
  • Armenia needs early elections, and before that-the formation of a government of popular consent.
  • The Constitution of Armenia did not create a system of checks and balances for the balance of power.
  • Reconstruction should be done together, with the support of friends and allies, primarily Russia.


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The Objective

Russia is an occupying force not a peacekeeping force. What peace does Russia want to keep in a territory legally recognized worldwide as Azerbaijan territory?

In the meantime, another General and commander in the IRGC of Iran just got zapped by a US drone in Iraq on Sunday. That makes two high-profile killings against Iran over the past week.

Alekai Mordechai

Sleep tighter with these good news.


So you are obviously boss to President Aliev and not stupid c*nt blabbing his mouth in anti-Russian runt.
Go tell your subordinate Aliev that you want Russians out immediately and see what will happen, you miserable Turdogan’s twat.
Zio-jihadist celebrating Jew crimes against Iran, what is new in all that

Rhodium 10

Fake news …even pro Israeli web have delate that new of supposed drone attack

The Objective

Things will clear up soon


Are you gai dumb or both?


Armenian president talks to Americans while calling for elections.
Pashiniyan is to be dumped so that they can put less compromised replacement for him and continue business as usual in making cooperation with the West ever more deep and distancing Russia…


One or the other,my moneys on complete draing the cia swamp of soros incest uniteds:


All for it if it ever works….still waiting….


Attempts Being Made to Undermine Karabakh Trilateral Agreement, Azerbaijani President Aliyev Says


this is russia taking care of armenian sellout government by showing to armenians how incompetent treasonous this government is


As long as Russian troupes are in Nagorno Karabakh and as long those people there really want Russsian protection. Nobody will kick Russian troops out of the region, doesn’t matter how far Armenians go down the American arse .. Karabakh will be under Russian control!
So if Armenias are so stupid not to see traitors from “sellout government” as traitors, than that is only their problem.

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