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JUNE 2021

Armenian Opposition Prepares To Seize Power Following Mass Protests

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The political crisis in Armenia is developing. Opposition leaders and their supporters have remained on the streets urging the government to agree a transition of power, the UK news agency Guardian reported on April 25.

Following the protests in Yerevan that forced the prime minister Serzh Sargsyan to resign on April 23, the Armenian opposition leader, Nikol Pashinyan called for snap parliamentary elections during a rally, the run-state Armenia news reported.

On April 24, Pashinyan stated that no member of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) could become the prime minister as his goal is to combat the existing corruption in the country, which had been allegedly posed by the current government:

“Our movement was supported by 90% of the population of Armenia, as well as support for the diaspora. The candidate of RPA won’t be nominated for the prime minister’s post.  The era of RPA rule ended in Armenia.  In Armenia the era of board of RPA has ended. Attempts to revive this force won’t be crowned with success”.

Asked about his nomination for the Prime Minister’s post, Pashinyan said:

“If the people put such responsibility on me, I will not refuse. I think it will be so. We must ensure free elections in Armenia.”

Expected April 25 negotiations between Armenian acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and Nikol Pashinyan were cancelled. On April 24, Pashinyan proposed a list of participants from his side, stressing he would discuss exclusively his agenda. Karapetyan stated that “this does not mean negotiation or dialogue”.

Today morning, Armenia’s acting prime minister called on the country’s President Armen Sarkissian to hold snap parliamentary elections.

“This is a deadlock situation. Pashinyan declares that the acting premier should be a candidate of the people, and he is the one. I asked the country’s president to seek advice of political forces and set new parliamentary polls. If Armenia’s citizens want to elect Pashinyan, he will become the prime minister,” Karapetyan stated according to Russian news agency TASS.

Thousands of people have descended on Republic Square in Yerevan after a call from the opposition leader to resist the Karapetyan’s claim for the election.

Political Crisis In Armenia May Open Door For Military Escalation In Nagorno-Karabakh

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John Mason

If true then all hell will break out and the treacherous Kurds will lose out. Why Assad hasn’t taken away their citizenship is a wonder considering he gave it to them.


Goodbye Armenia!

John Mason

A pity but if people are that stupid and go down the same path as Ukraine then they deserve what they get.


Johny, thise peoiple have no choice. the amenian state is in ruins. they are at wall.


Shut up u turkey!



Miguel Redondo

Which connections exists between this “Opposition” and the US Embassy?

Brother Ma

Asymmetric blow to Russia from zionatos!

John Mason

Actually it could be Turkey’s problem.

Brother Ma

How David? Why would Turkey be afraid of this Turmoil? It suits Turkey to have the turmoil as they are their mortal enemies. Divide and conquer the armenian factions one by one!



the prorussian armenian army is also with protesters.

finally sf put a photo, where are also soldiers seen between demonstrants.

Richard M

The opposition sounds like the Dims in US. They love democracy, unless they lose. Then they riot and vandalize.

Brother Ma

I am actually a progressive but i do like your witty answer!

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