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Armenian Ombudsman Investigates Azerbaijani War Crimes, Baku Plays Victim

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Armenian Ombudsman Investigates Azerbaijani War Crimes, Baku Plays Victim

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On November 22nd, the Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia received a signal that a few days prior the Azeri military beheaded an Armenian soldier.

The Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan urgently initiated an investigation into this report and published the results.

In the course of the commenced production, it turned out that on October 16, at about 13:00, a serviceman of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces called the brother of the Armenian soldier and said that the latter was with them, they beheaded him and intend to post the corresponding photo on the Internet.

Subsequently, a few hours later, the brother of the killed Armenian soldier found the deceased’s photo published on his page on the social network.

“We are convinced that it was the servicemen of the Azerbaijani army who posted the picture of the Armenian soldier on his page on the social network. The brother of the deceased spoke twice on the phone with the Azerbaijani military, who mocked him, tried to humiliate him in every possible way, spoke the language of enmity and hatred. human rights brother of the deceased Armenian soldier, calls were made from the phone number of the deceased. These are cruel and barbaric, openly terrorist methods,” Tatoyan said.

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia also recorded other cases of torture and barbarism by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, and work in this direction continues. All data are duly documented and will be submitted to the relevant international bodies.

“The perpetrators of such crimes must inevitably be punished to the fullest extent of international criminal law,” the Ombudsman said.

Earlier, the Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan stated that he had at his disposal two videos and photographs demonstrating the cruel, inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

As the defender of human rights of Armenia noted, these footage shows how the Azerbaijani military humiliate people, and then kill them with special cynicism and cruelty. The speech of the representatives of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces is filled with hatred of the Armenians.

These videos were replicated on the Internet by Azerbaijani sources, children and elderly people could see them.

Then, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry issued a denial, stating that the department had nothing to do with these videos.

After that, these records began to be deleted from Azerbaijani sources. However, the staff of the human rights defender of Armenia recorded all sources in a timely manner.

The experts of the ombudsman’s office have established the exact place and hour of the crimes committed by the Azerbaijani military. As the Ombudsman noted, videos and photographs are already considered incontrovertible legal evidence of a war crime.

“Video recordings and photographs with the necessary description will be sent to international structures,” the ombudsman said in a statement.

Separately, to prove that the Armenian side was also cruel with the Azerbaijani soldiers, a video was released purportedly showing an Azerbaijani soldier being tortured.

The video shows a bloodied Azerbaijani soldier being slapped so as not to black out by medical personnel.

The part of the video that’s shown makes it appear as if he is being treated roughly.

The entire video, however, is a report by Anna News in which it is shown how the Azerbaijani soldier is provided with medical aid.

Purely due to coincidence, of course, Anna News is now entirely banned for access from Azerbaijan soil.


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Zionism = EVIL

Armenian losers lost a lot of international sympathy by indiscriminately firing missiles into Ganja and other Azeri cities, and like in the Iran-Iraq war, pissing off civilians is not a good idea. That just made the Azeris more determined to liberate all of NK. The Americunt cowards, Zionist parasites and their Eurotrash and Aussie convict arselicking loser patsies have made enemies from Afghanistan to Yemen by killing civilians.The Nazis made the Soviets even more determined after indiscriminately killing civilians. Instead of fighting like soldiers, the Armenians were using missiles on border cities. Shameless war criminals and cowards.



im sad that armenia did not use iskanders to hit azeri schools and kill the next generation to. fucking rats

Random Dude

Absolutely!! Armenia should have done that. There is plenty of money they have for compensation payments. I wonder if they already gathered 50bln$ for the reparation of the 1st war…


Begone sic poof:

Random Dude

Why in the beginning of the video his face is fine, and by the middle blood is coming from eyebrow?

boris yeltsin

If you think medically assisting a POW is a war crime then maybe you are bleeding from the brain.

Random Dude

That doesn’t answer my question.

Potato Man

WTF is war crime?


to kill prisoners?

Potato Man

No, I meant it means nothing…committing war crimes nowadays is “okay”.
NATO (UK/US) killed hundreds of prisoners in Iraq/Syria, and the talk of the show Afghanistan with SAS (Australian) killing civilians and prisoners.
What came out of their war crimes? Nothing.
What the fuk people think gonna happen? Nothing…US is running around committing war crimes left and right…and no one care to say anything. In case of Azer it is the same…no one cared to help Armenia…no one.

Azer is with Turkey – Zion – Sunni brotherhood block….they openly committing war crimes, Turkey stealing land and supporting Wahhabi Sunnis and Zion state are the same.
Speaking of Zion….they been killing civilians 24/7 kids/women/old people…did anyone stop them? No, can someone stop them? No

The point I’m trying to make is…they have committed war crime, yes…but what gonna happen to them?…they get most welcomed party of all time to join Zion-NATO club.


Cia sas knows all about that,but in the lands of anti gun laws they are now packing sht now,not the real grown ups:


Here we go another homosexual affiliate ombundsman from the goymz of incest/nwo + co,
white helmet soros/hired gimp,trying to ramp up more anti muslim where infact the deep state french affilates were as per fkn usual the ones who inspired such deep fake,worse yet isis drug addicts to do their bidding,either way these 4th reicht goons going nowhere but straight to hell with their masks:

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