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Armenian Ombudsman Investigates Alleged Azerbaijani War Crimes

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Armenian Ombudsman Investigates Alleged Azerbaijani War Crimes

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On October 18th, the Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia received a signal that a few days ago the Azeri military beheaded an Armenian soldier.

The Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan urgently initiated an investigation into this message and published the results.

In the course of the commenced production, it turned out that on October 16, at about 13:00, a serviceman of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces called the brother of the Armenian soldier and said that the latter was with them, they beheaded him and intend to post the corresponding photo on the Internet.

[In ?? & ??]Այսօր Մարդու իրավունքների պաշտպանին ներկայացվեց ահազանգ այն մասին, որ Ադրբեջանի զինվորականները երկու օր…

Posted by Arman Tatoyan on Sunday, October 18, 2020

Subsequently, a few hours later, the brother of the killed Armenian soldier found his photo on his page on the social network.

“We are convinced that it was the servicemen of the Azerbaijani army who posted the picture of the Armenian soldier on his page on the social network. The brother of the deceased spoke twice on the phone with the Azerbaijani military, who mocked him, tried to humiliate him in every possible way, spoke the language of enmity and hatred. human rights brother of the deceased Armenian soldier, calls were made from the phone number of the deceased. These are cruel and barbaric, openly terrorist methods,” Tatoyan said.

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia also recorded other cases of torture and barbarism by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, work in this direction continues. All data are duly documented and will be submitted to the relevant international bodies.

“The perpetrators of such crimes must inevitably be punished to the fullest extent of international criminal law,” the Ombudsman said.

Earlier, the Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan stated that he had at his disposal two videos and photographs demonstrating the cruel, inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

As the human rights defender of Armenia noted, these footage shows how the Azerbaijani military humiliate people, and then kill them with special cynicism and cruelty.

The speech of the representatives of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces is filled with hatred of the Armenians.

These videos were replicated on the Internet by Azerbaijani sources, children and the elderly could see them.

Then the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan issued a denial, stating that the department had nothing to do with these videos.

After that, these records began to be deleted from Azerbaijani sources. However, the staff of the human rights defender of Armenia recorded all sources in a timely manner.

The experts of the ombudsman’s office have established the exact place and hour of the crimes committed by the Azerbaijani military.

As the Ombudsman noted, the videos and photographs are already considered irrefutable legal evidence of a war crime.

“Videos and photographs with the necessary description will be sent to international structures,” the message said.

What remained unmentioned is a video of two Armenian men being captured by Azerbaijani soldiers, tied with a flag and then killed.


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Proud Hindu

Rip soldier.Can Armenia avenge this attack?If Armenians had houthi genes they could have but it seems their army’s morale is down.Armenia was overconfident so it lost half of NK.

Proud Hindu

The Armenians didnt have an intelligence agency like cia it seems.Armenia should have strengthened their military.Remember this no nation will fight on behalf of your nation in the modern world.Armenia failed to understand this and so they are on the losing side now

Jens Holm

The same goes for the Azerbaidiani. Both parts are stupid. They finally get rid of Russia, Iran and Turkey and what do they do – kill each other for very old bad relations.

catalin zt

To remaind you the ottomans are arming the azeris at the order of anglo-saxons and jews!

Jens Holm

I dont take side.

Your accusations for they are ordered tells me, You dont think them have brains themselves.

A typical trick for a notorous liar. It makes sense to me good trade relations cn be oil for needs such as weapons. But facts also are both are armed to teath mainly by russian weapons and about 99%.

cechas vodobenikov

but little puppets like you are an amerikan colony…LOL

catalin zt

Told u,go and lick the upper cast feet to integrate in the tribe! If u are the upper cast then pray Vishnu the untouchables to remain stupid and not to cut your corrupt necks of parasitic upper class! Both will do!

Proud Hindu

Go worship the dead man hanging on a cross idiot

cechas vodobenikov

unfortunately correct

Jens Holm

Ombudsmand is a danish invented neutral instituition to clear up things as help mainly for extra Governes control. It has no power but is listened to very much by all as a parallel to Courts.

Our Goverments usually take colors from its advices, so w dont have to involve the whole constitution if a goverment kind of forget theirlimitations for power.

Porc Halal

you never stop surprising me with your theses … there is only one shortcoming though … I understand nothing from what you are trying to say!

“Our Goverments usually take colors from its advices”…what is that supposed to mean?!..,

Jens Holm

It says that “Ombudsman” is a neutral adding to the Democrasy/Parlamentarisme. Its a watchdog to if the Goverment and Parlament are inside the rules made by the Constitution or not – on purpose ot not.

Maybee You can compare it with a security alarm. When the alarm goes it dont say say something is terrible wrong. It says You should check up if anything might be wrong – or is.

All parties then look for needed corrections and find them, if their is any and can change things fast instead of spending years fx by the Surprime Court or an election for the whole country.

So its no theses. I just tell Armenia has that security alarm because most countries and people are not familiar with such a controller.

Several cases of theirs are about human rights. A Goverment should not kill enemy soldiers as well as civilians should not be victims, if it can be avoid.

Here the Ombudsman says: If We can prove those killings seemes to be correct, we have to find the responsible ones and find an explanation, which can be at single soldiers as well at the top of their polical and military systems.

I hope You undderstand better now.

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny—u r consistently wrong: ombudsman is by definition an advocate and an investigator of malfeasance..not neutral
do they have schools in Denmark?

Jens Holm

An Ombudsmand is a danish maybee norweigian invension. The definition says:

The Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman is a law graduate and is elected by the Danish Parliament, the Folketing, to investigate complaints about the public administration.

The Ombudsman may state criticism and recommend that the authorities reopen a case and perhaps change their decision, but the Ombudsman cannot himself make decisions. The Ombudsman may consider legal questions but not matters which require other specialist knowledge.

Over recent years the Ombudsman has received between 4,000 and 5,000 complaints annually from citizens who believe that a public authority has made mistakes.

The Ombudsman may also take up cases on his own initiative, such as issues which have been the focus of media attention.

link fx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ombudsman

Each year the Ombudsman’s Monitoring Division visits a large number of public institutions, such as prisons, psychiatric institutions and social care homes. The Ombudsman’s Children’s Division visits institutions for children and also processes complaints from both children and adults about conditions for children.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman employs about 100 staff members.

Jens Holm

And thats what the Azarbaidian – Armenia thing is about: Has any ordered killing of soldiers or for that matter civilians or is it a not govermental incident/accident.

And Yes. No layers in the Governess should be connected to the Mafia or fx take money as corruption.

And I am right. The Ombudsman recommend action but dont decide. Thats neutral to me.


Thats what a Syrian terrorist mob did when they phoned the mother of a Syrian soldier before they murdered him,these people are sick animals,they don’t deserve to walk the earth,even in war there should be a level of honour,these people don’t have any.

catalin zt

They are not even syrians are random scum from the sick muslim countries brought there by murica and israHell!


beheaded but why is there no blood on the clothes.

Porc Halal

You’re not only a retarded muslim but a sick retarded muslim… same as the animals who committed this horrible crime, in line with islam ideology…


I neither Muslim nor Christian. Christianity is worse a religion.

Porc Halal

“I neither Muslim nor Christian but Christianity is worse a religion” … hahahaha … right … I believe you … hahahaha !!!! … you are not a very good liar… you know that, right??…

catalin zt

For sure because Jesus was for PEACE not like the paedophile mohhamad for war and endless blood…nice one :)

catalin zt

And by the way the dirty white anglo-saxons ruling rthe World in chaos and blood by the orders of the zionists are not to be called cristians but mental,paedophiles muricans !

Potato Man

You a fuking moron to think is a islam ideology…human fight and kill for power. Under UN that land is part of Azer and Armenia are living for free…I see EU countries don’t like refugees, so in what fuking world Azer would let some outsider steal their land.

Armeina also killed Azer civilans you fuking retarded moron. You one of those moron people who blame one side only and talk shit only and nothing more…bitch fuk right off.
Hitler was great guy and didn’t like outsiders like Azer, it is funny because nor can Azer play the war crime card nor can Armenian…both side have done war crimes.

Porc Halal

I know, truth hurts…

the truth about islam makes muslims foam at the mouth of anger like you do, bitch …

Potato Man

LMFAO I talk to you moron before bitch…you good as those Wahhabi morons, (Muslims/Zion/Jews/christians) all of you morons blame the other side and nothing more…bitching is the best thing you can do LMFAO.

catalin zt

All the muslims i met in Europe are wahhabists,love for money and puss* !!! Nothing more!!! In short MONKEYS!

Jens Holm

You have never been in Europe for real.

Here we do work and are not lazybums. By that we owe money and by that we have a better livigstandard in a longer life.

Compared to Your kind many Wahabits are fine people.

Jens Holm

Tomato agin:(

Jens Holm

No its not.

catalin zt

Under the rule of my DICK i send u muslim goat lover in the asshole of muhammad the paedophile!

Jens Holm

You show Your low level very well. Impressing

catalin zt

UN is an fake institution under the anglo-saxonjewish control ,dear goat lover!

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly UN is not under Western Copntrol. It was a big mistake to take any of Your kind in.

We should male a new organisation. Its as You write not even wrk to protect You from Yourself. So go away.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans have murdered 30 million and displaced 60 million since WWII—they routinely torture prisoners of war

Jens Holm

Maybee the solution is many more should be removed like that and human should be redefined again.

catalin zt

Muslim trash you will be all thrown to the bin of history soon! Amen

Rhodium 10

And meanwhile AZ dogs( which have been executed civilians and soldiers beside attacks civilians hoses) crying because civilians were killed by Armenians in Ganja…


dog and cockroaches will burn the tide will turn


kill azari tuks and bury them with pig dicks in their mouths so they are ready for allah

Jens Holm

Pigs should not be compared with something like You and Your neighbors.

Under the conditions they are brighter, cleanser, speak better and smell less as well.

Now go back to Your mountain caves and tunnels and remember to close the door.

You all should be burried vertically with Your feet up and be ticled …


someone is bleeding from the nose lol.

arbutus andrachne


Armenian Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan?? Then the Armenians have ombudsmans for “human rights”, eh?
Where were these ombudsman Arman Tatoyan during the Khocaly massacraces?
Where were he when one million azeris were ethnically cleansed from karabakh?
Where were he when one million people lived like dogs in refugee camps for 30 years??
Or, when he says “human rights violation”, should we understand “armenian rights violations”?
A word for armenians: If you want love from your neighbours, dont do ethnic cleansing..
After this being said, Azeri military should of course find the perpetrators and punish them to the severest extent.. Türk töresi der ki “aman diyene vurulmaz. yere düşene vuran erkek değildir..”

Jens Holm

I am not involved in who is who in this. But You should react like “better then last time”.

And Your numbers as well as the rest is very biased and about 75% true or something. Whydont You read about it fx

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagorno-Karabakh_conflict or


There never was a million as well as none has been in camps for 30 years. Thats stopped 19 years ago.

An of course You not even has a comma for the the enemy displaced ones as well.

I do take side. You both are very stupid ones and You escalate the conflict instead of handling, whats wrong with You.

You finally as very small ones are free of Russians, Turks and Iranians – And then killl each other. Do You deserve Your own countries if You are barking mad like this.

Both of You can get a lot of support from many parts of the world for weapons. As long as You kill each other each one wont come here:(

Random Dude

Reminds be of how KGB beheaded relatives of the Hezbollah leader responsible for kidnapping of Russian diplomats.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Got good results. The diplomat was released immediately.

Fog of War

That was the Soviet Union nor Russia. The Soviet Union had more ” balls ” and as a result was feared and respected by all parties.

catalin zt

Indeed brother!

cechas vodobenikov

it was testicular removal not beheading—your primitive turkis false equivalence shows your pitiful educations—try a few classes in symbolic logic or basic rhetorical fallacy

Random Dude

you have pictured, or you have been there? or pulling out ideas from your butt early in the morning? I told you don’t drink until noon.

Potato Man

Funny did they forgot that it was Armenian that hit Azer city just some days ago as well?
Both side have done war crimes ofc…what is the point of it?
WWII….soldiers rape and beheaded other side LMFAO war is war…nothing changed.

catalin zt

Yes this ottoman,muslim,goat lover of muhammad the paedophile must be deleted for sure but first comes the anglo-saxonjewish SCUM on Earth ! The perverse instigators of the muslim garbage! Amen!

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