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Armenian Forces Repelled Two Azerbaijani Attacks On Southern Nagorno-Karabakh

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On October 8, Armenian forces repelled two attacks by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the southern part of the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The first attack started at 8:30 AM local time by a battalion-sized Azerbaijani force, according to Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. The attack was repelled by Armenian forces.

More than 20 Azerbaijani service members were allegedly killed in the failed attack. Three military vehicles were also destroyed.

At around 2 PM, the Azerbaijani forces launched a second attack on the Nagorno-Karabakh’s southern part, this time from two directions. However, Armenian forces repelled the attack, killing several Azerbaijani soldiers and destroying nine armored vehicles.

Armenian Forces Repelled Two Azerbaijani Attacks On Southern Nagorno-Karabakh

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The ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has not announced any new gains in Nagorno-Karabakh, yet. This indicates that the Armenian claims are truthful.

Azerbaijani forces captured a number of positions in Nagorno-Karabakh in the last few days. The situation changed on October 7. Armenian troops, backed by volunteers, carried out a number of successful counter-attacks in the region.


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To those all who think that Russia is siding with Armenia or they will save Armenia just because they are christians. No, Pashinyan does not obey Russia and Aliyev does. It is actually simple as that. Heydar Aliyev was a KGB member and he listened what Russia said and it is obvious that Ilham Aliyev wants to keep that policy as it is. On the other hand, Pashinyan brought to the power by protests. He lost the elections again and again, but still managed to get the power. He is trying to align his country with Western block and has liberal policies. He also jailed pro-Russian politicians. Russia is not happy about these obviously.

Now Russia supporting Azerbaijan by not interfering to the conflict. Because Azerbaijan simply more powerful than Armenia, at least quantitatively. Pashinyan already called Putin several times and probably asked him to stop Azerbaijan. Do not forget that all ex Soviet states are in the sphere of Russia, except Ukrain, I think that’s why they are taking full measure on Armenia issue. Sorry for those think that this is some kind of religious war, but Russia simply behaving as a father who rewards his boy listens him.


putin will not let armenian people die for the attitude of a single man. putin will just remove him if needed


Wake up from your dreams kid. Every world leader has a potential to let millions die because of their interests.


Putin removes Putin? You are so dumb…

Lone Ranger



comment image

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Alyev is a fascist on CIA payroll . The Russians don’t give a damn, they have bases in Armenia not in Azerbaijan. Do you understand or do you need to draw a sketch?
Azerbaijan conducts periodic military drills with NATO


Yeah man, Aliyev is a CIA agent whose father was also a CIA agent who was conducting undercover mission in KGB.


Yes, they are double agents….


I was being sarcastic.

Servet Köseoğlu

Putin is crystal clear with his statements but unfortunately people are wrapping reality..By the way If you argue with somebody on forum which involves more than 10 posts and you guys haven’t reach an agreement yet, then one of you are either biased or fanboying..its obvious not you:))


Yeah. He clearly refers NK as Azerbaijan territory and he will not help Armenia, period.


Strictly speaking and assuming the translation is accurate, Putin simply is denying that N-K is Armenian territory; but that wouldnt rule out N-K as being politically seperate from Azerbaijan…


You are right. But then what? NK is not Armenian land (for Russia) and they also don’t recognize it as a state. I think only two options remain. First one is, it is belong to Azerbaijan and second one is that it is just a disputed territory. Second one is also in advantage of Az. because of the UN decisions.


Let Putin “clearly” tell me the name of the Rosneft President and what is the relationship of BP with Stoldeberg …. and all this has to do with the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline…if he dares.!!

Servet Köseoğlu

Sometimes, things have a way of turning to your advantage by outside forces but deus-ex machina moment will not happen this time:))you live in the era where Roman soldiers were paid in salt…salary, ‘salarium’.)))


My question was clear !!! Let the Russians tell us the name of its president Rosneft President and what is the relationship of BP with Stoldeberg…
and all this has to do with the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline….
Do you know;;;


Just want to point out. Russia does not support any side since it does not see any benefit of supporting any sides. Yet Russia can benefit from all side by keeping the conflict going on and on.

By doing this, Russia can give Armenia a life-live and makes sure Armenia proper won’t be invaded by Azeris.

Russia can keep South Caucasus stable by reining in both Turkey and Azerbaijan. So they can control the Muslim extremists from causing troubles in that region. Russia still has business interests doing business with both Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Russia also keeps Iran happy for keeping status quo and leaves the conflict to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

And the last, Russia pretty much is forcing the West and US to do something. Russia knows so well that there is really nothing the West can do about this conflict. Only Russia is the savor of Armenia and this conflict.

So for Russia, the best action is no action.


I dont understand how you believe Russia can net benefit from this war dragging on…

“Russia can keep South Caucasus stable by reining in both Turkey and Azerbaijan.”

do tell…


Yeah, Russian hurrah patriots finaly showing their true faces, and one thing Ruskie, we will never, never ever forget that, where you Mofo stand, all this because of one man, whom runs one party, and that is then justifying the whole sale slaughter of an entire population, thanks Ruskie, for letting us know whom you really are, f…. scums.

This insane perseption is the somehow weird suport from some people that somehow finds just because of one man, whom sits on the top to be the representing the entire population, I find that so blody primitive that it makes me question some peoples sanity, like NavelGny is representing the enitre Russian population, but of course your scums would denie that, wont you.
Once, f…. Ruskie, when they have taken the entire Caucasus region, you will be the last in line, then, Ruskie of you continue behaving like you do, write like some do, comment like this one do, when the war comes, you will stand completely alone, but for now, I would let you scums clouth, and throw shit, but never forget this, mark my words, they wil, come for you and I can ashure you, that when that day arive, nobody will be with you again.


Anduin Lothar

Crimea river…

Marcus Lebon

Putin’s Russia is really no different from Trump’s America, both beholden to Zionists like money hungry whores! Putin wants obedience like he has with Assad. Notice Idlib is still occupied and Syria has not taken the opportunity to liberate its land all year because uncle Putin needs his Khazari Zio Turk “partners” to buy his horseshit!


“We”? Who are you? Armenians?

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Seems to be a Norwegian with US-Zionist patrotism.

Khazar Supremacy

Cry more armo, u shouldnt invade NK in 1990’s in the first place. And commit genocide in hojali. Even UN recognised NK as Azerbaijani land.


The increasing claims of the use of mercenaries in the Nagorno Karabahk conflict have been found to be fake news produced by Armenian social media users, according to research conducted by the Bulgaria-based think tank Caspian and Black Sea Analysis Foundation (CCBS).


To the end, Pashinyan’s government is going to collapse. Armenians will realize that it is a wet wild dream thinking the West can save them. They have to go back to its old master Russia for protection. Then all Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan will gain from this conflict. Armenia will get empty dream.

Karabakh will be under Azerbaijan control. It is not clear how many Artskins would want to stay in N-K even with the guarantee of Russia and Turkey. The goodwill has been totally damaged because of the 30-year war. I expect the mass exodus from N-K. It is not viable for those Artskins to continue to live with the Azeris. It is too much to bear for the war crimes for hitting Azeri civilian areas.

Those dumb Armenians should have negotiated much earlier without harboring hopes for the support of the West. Now they get nothing. Those Armenians diaspora will just trash Pashinyan.


true. why self upvote though? dont be like gayreek spammers man

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