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Armenian Forces Repelled Azerbaijani Attack, Shot Down Drone (Videos)

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Armenian forces have responded to a number of ceasefire violations by the Azerbaijani side in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, on October 11, Azerbaijani troops launched a new attack in the northeastern part of Nagorno-Karabakh violating the humanitarian ceasefire that was agreed a day earlier.

Armenian forces repelled the attack. At least two vehicles of the Azerbaijani Armed forces were destroyed with artillery fire and anti-tank guided missiles.

During another ceasefire violation, the Azerbaijani military launched a loitering munition in the direction of Nagorno-Karabakh. However, the munition was downed by Armenian forces. It was identified as an Israeli-made IAI Harop.

Armenian forces were also accused of violating the ceasefire. Earlier today, an alleged Armenian drone was shot down near the Azerbaijani city of Mingachevir.

Moreover, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijani accused Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh of shelling the villages of Aghdam, Terter, Aghjabedi and Fizuli.

Armenian Forces Repelled Azerbaijani Attack, Shot Down Drone (Videos)

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Despite these violations, the humanitarian ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh is still holding for the most part. The ceasefire was reached after direct Azerbaijani-Armenian talks in the Russian capital, Moscow.


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SF likes to say all Azerbaijan violation. LOL.

No ceasefire. War will continue until we reach Stepanakert.


You can never reach Stepanakert. You’re a kid who don’t understand warfare.
Yes your drones have had devastating effects on Armenian weaponry and tanks…
But with rpg’s and anti tank weapons, each Armenian soldier is a tank… which if they organize well, with the help of the mountainous terrain and deep valleys, you will never reach anywhere

Brother Ma

Although I support Artsakh.,I am told the mountains are only in the centre of Artsakh, so making it harder for you to do that.

Pave Way IV

Artsakh is the mountains.

Brother Ma Rumi for Sencer

I’m sorry ,are you saying Artsakh is relatively mountainous ? If so I have been misnformed or misread what i was previously told by others here. If so,and it is mountainous then that is excellent for the Armenians . They can possibly wi or stall the enemy via guerilla warfare.


You are so over-confident. N-K is more than half empty. Artskins have severe supply problem. Also, any injured men can’t receive adequate medical care. So more will bleed to death. You think all Artskins are like thos pig farmers who want to get buried in N-K as unknown soldiers. No. Most do not want to die. But Mr. Parshinyan pushes them to fight and die for no cause.


Over confident? To date no major victory for Azerisikimistan!

Sikimistan has lost more than 25% of it’s armor and you still can’t do shit. Just wait till send all those rotten bodies home!

You lost the war while committing human rights crimes for the world to see who you are! You are just a coward just like the rest of your people cowards!


and incel revolution has begun..??


So much talkings Ali, relax man your heart might explode. Less threats and more actions please, my unit and I are ready to fry some Hezbos and Iranian proxy rats. Keep it cool, we are just waiting for a reason.


Ever since you mistakenly killed a hezbo soldier in Syria you and your coward units have stop patrolling the border with Lebanon.

SF must make a new story on the Lebanon occupied Palistine border


Wrong, we are still there. Hezbollah just seeks excuses not to do anything, they know why.


I agree Ali, but I hope you know you haven’t seen our bigger guns yet. The Lora is just one of them, so make sure to bring the largest force you can get, the more the better. Also, if Hezbollah do use rockets against civilians this time, then Lebanese will get the same treatment.


I wouldn’t count on that, plus you forget the U.S will enter the war and they have 6000 nukes to turn every one of you into dust. So let’s face it, the mullahs love to bark alot just like Bibi, they both feed on each other. Sure you can start a conflict, but it won’t last long before you would call the UN for a ceasefire because I don’t think the Lebanese would be ready for their daily casualties even without nukes. So by all means Ali, bring every fighter you have let’s see how many of them can enter here. You love death afterall, we would be happy to give it to you. Cheers.


Arrow 3 is meant for every Shahab you have, check some youtube videos it might surprise you. Your only way to attack us are by using proxies at our borders, but they are not a match to the IDF. But I don’t realyl care, keep thinking you have the upper hand I’ll go with you. Goodluck.


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Was that in English? I lost you.


Do you want Jens to tell you what he is posting?


I understand him actually.


you dont like it jimmyRAT

catalin zt

Go to the HELL who created you,dirty zionist RAT!

catalin zt

U bloody,cursed khazarians have no “civilians” only zionist RATS!

catalin zt

Amen! I hope God is hearing you brother!

Free man

They just bark like scared dogs. They won’t do anything on their own initiative. But Israel should help when Azerbaijan absorbs the Azeri territories when they are liberate themselves. from Iranian rule .

catalin zt

Dirty Khazarian genocidal, paedophile,satanic,demon u are all that dirty jew race…spit on u all

Lazy Gamer

Israel is still resupplying? So that was why it was only a verbal assurance. lol

John Brown

Israel will stop resupplying when they are sold out.

catalin zt

What are you expecting from this SCUM of Humanity??? The anglo-saxons too…

cechas vodobenikov

as this unfolds it seems apparent that Azeris cannot defeat Armenians—-the 5 year war that ended w Azeri defeat in 1994 is being repeated


The war is not over … neither of them have achieved victory

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