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Armenian Forces Lost 16 New Settlements In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Armenian Forces Lost 16 New Settlements In Nagorno-Karabakh

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On November 7th, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces resumed their advance in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, capturing 16 new settlements from Armenian forces.

In an official statement, President Ilham Aliyev confirmed that his troops had entered the following settlements:

  • Yukhari Veysalli, Yukhari Seyidahmadli, Gorgan, Uchunju Mahmudlu, Gajar, Divanaliliar of Fuzuli district;
  • Yukhari Mazra, Yanarhaj of Jabrayil district:
  • Gazyan, Balasoltanli, Mardanli of Gubadli district:
  • Beshdali of Zangilan district:
  • Garabulag, Moshkhmaat of Khojali district:
  • Atagut, Tsakuri of Khojavand district.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan claimed that heavy human and material losses had been inflicted on the Armenian 6th Mountain Rifle Regiment, the 3rd Artillery Battery, the 22nd Special Forces group and the 178th independent Reconnaissance Battalion.

For the last two days, the fierce resistance of Armenian forces prevented Azerbaijani troops from making any gains in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijani forces are currently situated less than 6 km to the south of the city of Shushi and at least 10 km away from Stepanakert city, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh.


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comment image

Samuel Vanguard

armenians are praying for russian intervention


Toork scum have lost at lest 11 high ranking officers confirmed today alone. The only one praying are the turks! Except they don’t answer praying in Hell!

Potato Man

I don’t think so…Biden won the election as of now….NATO-Zion block would be happy to see their freedom fighters in N-K.

Random Dude

Decreasing number of pro-Armenian comments kinda shows that the reality started to sink in. They moved on from denial stage.


they are in deep depression:))…it must be hard for them to get used to azeri victories…their only hopes are some news about ambushes which have no significant effect or meaningless news implying russian/iranian intervention…no its not happening in the near future xD


comment image They are too stupid to know! Here is another siktirigi that is KIA another high ranking officer.

The list seems endless today.

İbrahimov İsrafil

Random Dude

Love the sentence: “Azerbaijan failed to win in the ground and like cowards are killing the Armenian soldiers with drones”
With that logic all countries must move back to bows and arrows:))))))


Going all according to pashinyan plan huh? and when this is all over i’m sure they’ll claim how Russia betrayed Armenia and it was the right move to go to the west

The Objective

which is a good thing for all

John Brown

Turkey will never let Armenia join ZATO and if they try more crap Russia and Iran will give Azer the green light and also them to take what is left of rump Armenia.


Today is another glorious day of battle. Where the Armenian shows what he is made of. The following list is high ranking Azeri’s that are to put it in mildly KIA. In reality we all know that pigs find them very tasty.

Welcome to hell!

Babayev Nihad

Agayev Ramin Mardan oglu

Ganimatov Atraf Oktay oglu

Markhamat Akhmado

Aligismat Yagublu Mukafat oglu

Kazimov Elvin

Javadov Jalil Agaddin

Akbarov Amrah.

Fərəc Kərimli

Maharramov Vusal

The Objective

Even if you tell the truth, ten people is worth the gain of liberating 16 villages


LOL 16 villages, what daydreams have you come from. These are only the officers dumbass, not the rank and file.

16 villages…ROTFLMAO Keep coming and I will continue to post more KIA’s It has gotten so bad they are making up names of villages that don’t exist. You people are beyond stupid!

Fog of War

How many Armenians died in the same time frame ?


Are you this stupid? This are high ranking officers only! Not regular troops. Hundreds more are pig food you moron!


Another high ranking officer bites the dust!

İbrahimov İsrafil

comment image

İbrahimov İsrafil

Fog of War

Answer the question or STFU . Thanks


You STFU and say hello to your mom while you are at it!

at least 11 confirmed high ranking officers DEAD DEAD DEAD!

More pig food. GO FUCK YOURSELF…Thanks!

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