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Profitable Business: Syrian Mercenary Unveiled Details Of Recruitment To Nagorno-Karabakh (Video)


Armenian forces have captured another Syrian mercenary who was supporting the ongoing Azerbaijani attack on the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

On November 1, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia shared the confessions of the mercenary, who identified himself as Yusuf Alaabed al-Haji, a father of five from the town of al-Zyadiyah in the northwestern Syrian governorate of Idlib.

Al-Haji said he was promised a monthly salary of $2,000 for fighting as a mercenary in the ranks of Azerbaijani forces against Armenian troops in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“We came here to behead the infidels,” the mercenary said answering a question on why they came to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to al-Haji, Syrians who came to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh were also promised a reward of $100 for every “infidel” they behead.

Al-Haji is the second mercenary to be captured by Armenian forces since the outbreak of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27. The first mercenary, who was captured earlier this week, was identified as Mehred Muhammad Alshkher from Syria’s Hama.

More than 2,000 Syrian mercenaries were reportedly deployed by Turkey in Nagorno-Karabakh in order to support the Azerbaijani attack on the region. The deployed of militants is still ongoing, according to some sources.




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