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Armenian-Azerbaijani(Turkish) War Shows No Prospects For Ceasfire (Photos, Videos)

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Fierce clashes between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces continue in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, where Azerbaijan seeks to dismantle the Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (a unrecognized independent state affiliated with Armenia).

The Azerbaijani military gained the air dominance and exploiting the numerical superiority and advantage in heavy weapons continue developing their offensive. As of October 6, the Azerbaijani military captured three more villages from Armenian forces in the Jabrayil district in the southern part of the contested region.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev personally announced that “Azerbaijan’s Army liberated the villages of Shikhali Agali, Sarijali, and Mezre in the Jabrayil district and several strategic heights in various directions. Successful operation of our glorious Army is ongoing. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”

Earlier, the Azerbaijani leadership claimed that Amrenian forces lost the settlements of Karkhulu, Shukurbeyli, Cherekan, Dashkasan, Horovlu, Mahmudlu, Jafarabad, Yuxari Maralyan and Dejal, also in the Jabrayil district.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry also provided some fresh details regarding the alleged losses of the Armenian side.

“During the battles in various directions of the front, 2 MLRS BM-21 Grad of the Armenian army were destroyed. The multiple launch rocket systems BM-21 Grad, standing at the firing positions of the 41st Artillery Regiment, were destroyed by a strike of the Azerbaijani army. Moreover, D-20 howitzers and their combat crews, standing at the firing position of the 42nd Artillery Regiment, were destroyed by precise fire from our units, “the defense ministry said on October 6 morning.

Armenian positions, weapons and equipment captured by Azerbaijani forces:

Azerbaijani and Turkish diplomats continue insisting that Armenia has been conducting strikes on civilian targets inside Azerbaijan. One of the key propaganda narratives of the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc is that the Azerbaijani push to capture Karabakh is needed to ‘protect civilians’. The expected ethnic cleansing of Armenians in the event of the Azerbaijani military victory is being presented by them as ‘Armenian propaganda’.

On October 6, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu once again claimed that alleged Armenian attacks on civilian settlements are crime against humanity, showing their desperation. The foreign minister also criticized OSCE Minsk Group saying that Azerbaijan is a ‘victim’ and can’t be grouped in with occupying Armenian forces. The Turkish side also emphasized that Ankara is ready to provide Baku any support that it needs.

Actions of Turkey and Azrebaijan in the public diplomatic sphere demonstrate that they are already almost sure in their military victory and have been working to set a diplomatic ground to secure the gains.

On October 5, the United States, Russia and France released a joint statement calling for the ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karabakh region:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France Jean-Yves Le Drian, and Secretary of State of the United States of America Michael R. Pompeo, representing the Co-Chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group, condemn in the strongest terms the unprecedented and dangerous escalation of violence in and outside of the Nagorno-Karabakh zone.

The Ministers stress unconditionally that recent attacks allegedly targeting civilian centers – both along the Line of Contact and on the territories of Azerbaijan and Armenia outside the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone – and the disproportionate nature of such attacks constitute an unacceptable threat to the stability of the region.

Recalling the October 1 statement of the Heads of State of the three Co-Chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group, the Ministers call once again upon the conflicting parties to accept an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. The Co-Chairing countries are determined to exercise fully their mandate, entrusted to them by the OSCE and the international community, with the contribution of the Minsk Group capitals. As such, they will firmly continue to advance their engagement with the sides, and urge them to commit now to resuming the settlement process on the basis of existing core principles and relevant international documents well-known by both parties.

This statement was in fact rejected by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Meanwhile, the official Armenian propaganda is trying to paint a different picture of the situation. On October 6 morning, the Armenian Unified Infocenter of the Armenian Defense Ministry released a statement saying that Azerbaijani forces continue suffering large-scale losses in the conflict.

In the period from September 27 to October 6, Azerbaijani forces allegedly lost 3,454 soldiers, 379 battle tanks, 4 rocket launchers, 17 military planes, 16 helicopters and 126 unmanned aerial vehicles.

In own turn, the Defense Ministry of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic claimed that Armenian forces have achieved some ‘position gains’ in the battle against Azerbaijan.

An example of the military propaganda of the Armenian Defense Ministry (Google translation from Armenian):

Heroic episodes of tank battles

On October 2, during the enemy’s attack on the defense zone of the AO, the battery commander, Captain Gegham Martikovich Martirosyan, correctly assessing the situation and the direction of the attack, hit seven enemy tanks with an error-free shot, forcing them to retreat in panic.

On October 2, during an enemy attack on the AO defense zone, the squadron commander, junior sergeant Sahak Vrezhovich Mkhitaryan shot down two tanks, and junior sergeant of the same squadron Ashot Yesayan shot down two tanks and two wheeled vehicles. The precise shots of the military personnel caused panic among the enemy and forced him to abandon the advance.

On October 2, in the defense zone of the AO during the enemy attack, Major Ayaser Kamoevich Dallakyan shot down two advanced tanks that stormed a tank column and, catching the enemy by surprise, prevented the advance of the tank unit

Nonetheless, the lack of video evidence indicates that the situation is in fact much worse than the Armenian military wants to admit. Photos and videos recently released by Armenian sources in social media were mostly focused on Azerbaijani strikes on civilian targets, including the  city of Stepanakert.

Journalists operating on the Armenain side of the frontline are now mostly in the area of Stepanakert. RUPTLY shows the destruction in the city of Stepanakert:

Armenian official media and ‘activists’ are now raging and crying demanding Russia to intervene in the Nagorno-Karabakh standoff on the side of Armenian forces. Among the main narratives is the claim that Russia should do this because Armenian is a part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) defense pact. The issue is that the CSTO pact could be activated only if Armenian sovereign territory comes under attack. The Nagorno-Karabakh region is not a part of Armenia even according to the official Armenian law itself. Erevan has made zero steps to initiate the recognition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic as an independent state or a part of Armenia. Instead, the modern Armenian government has been consistently undermining its defense and political ties with Russia.

On the other hand, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin warned on October 6 that members of Middle Eastern terrorist groups, including Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhat al-Nusra, formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) are being deployed to the Karabakh conflict zone.

“According to the information available for the SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service), mercenaries from the international terrorist organizations fighting in the Middle East, in particular, Jabhat al-Nusra, Firkat Hamza, Sultan Murad, as well as extremist Kurdish groups, are actively moving into the conflict zone. Hundreds and even thousands of radicals hope to make money on the new Karabakh war, “Naryshkin said.

“We have no doubt that, with the assistance of the international community, the parties to the conflict will eventually stop using force and sit down at the negotiating table.”

At the same time, Sergey Naryshkin noted:

“However, we cannot but be concerned that the Transcaucasia could become a new springboard for international terrorist organizations, from where militants can subsequently infiltrate into states adjacent to Azerbaijan and Armenia, including Russia.”

Contrary to the Armenian propaganda, the presence of radical militant groups in Karabakh is the factor that will not be ignored by Russia. If the situation continues developing in this direction, Russia will likely consider employing more active measures to prevent attempts to turn Karabakh into the new terrorist hotbed.


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Great Khan

Azerbaijan brother win, Armeni kishmish.


nah no chance u mongoloid gypsies are getting whiped out everywere like roaches…sorry that you were born like this

Kenny Jones ™

Prepare your new home in Mongolia


its time to use iskander missiles and destroy all azerbaijan airports, ammunition dumps, oil refineries and gas pipes and use the remaining missiles to hit turkey. show them who is in charge


Technically possible, but will further alienate already small number of supporting countries.


every nation in the western world supports armenia but recognizes it is russias sphere and do not want to step on russian toes, however if russia does not act fast the west will act even without the us. the foreskin eaters and donkey rapists have made a fatal error in judgement


that is not how it looks like from the side. but anyways best of luck


Completely not true. The world already gets tired of Israel. Too many problems…

Romeo Pesiao

There’s one state were already tired of hiding and running from the missiles of Israel targeting their military assets.


It is funny aggressor and invader Erdogan makes a lot of noise and promises example ( Jerrusalem is ours) but does not dare to attack Israel. Erdogan is a wind bag who invades if he can let stupid idiots fight for him for a cause he always can feel from. He will never fight real enemies on his own like Israel, Russia, Europe, US. Look at Greece and Egypt in lybia when it comes to play chicken he backs off. I always get sad from whining muslim states regarding Israel n the case of Turkey he has 80 million Turks against 10 million Israel but still he knows he will lose. Not to talk about the + 500 million muslims around Israel are that all Erdogan pussies or are they only whining to get more free support from the west as Turkey the biggest begger who get more money from Europe as any other third world country?


You do not even know how to say Libya… LOL

What a laughing stock….


You should just drop dead on your way to Baku… LOL.


Backing Armenia over Azerbaijan? lol

That’s nobody’s fault EXCEPT Armenia

I hope Armenia gets their aXXes whooped … let the killings go on for decades …. I could give a sh Xt



I do not know what countries support Armenia and N-K.

All Muslim countries are against Armenia’s aggression. All Asian countries are against Armenia.


Who told you that nonsens? Erdogan- Turkish media? You could read international media and papers or are they censored in heavenly Turkey?


No. I’m in the free world…


Humm….India is an asian country, with 1.5 billion people nonetheless, and they are definitely, absolutely pro-Armenia.

From what I see, only Pakistan is clearly anti-Armenia. China is neutral. But they don’t root for the establishment of a muslim sultanate in the Caucasus, which could spark the revolt of the uyghurs.

From what I read online, it seems that Russia has started sending the famous Wagner mercenaries.

The current events in Kirghizistan are really unfortunate for Azerbaijan, because they could be interpreted by Russia as part of a broader NATO-Turkey plot to undermine russian security in the south.

So, beware what you people do. A bit of war between AZ and AR is tolerable in Moscow. Total subversion of the Caucasus is not. And Iran will join the fray. It is even possible that the gloves will go off and Iran will outrightly attack Israel.

Indian Army & Israel

Indian people r with Armenia..but d problem is India need support of Islamic countries to lobby for a permanent seat in unsc plus we depend heavily on arabs for oil supply plus Indian workers working dere in huge numbers….morally Indians r against all kind of Sunni radical jehadi elements…we fight them in our country on a daily basis…we r with every non islamic country who r protecting itself against radical sunni jehadi genocidal hydra headed monster and turkish mass murderers

Romeo Pesiao

Preserving sovereignty is an obligation, alienation is a different issue .

Nenad Vojinovic

Do Armenia have Baku in range of Iskander missiles?


How far is Yerevan from Turkish border???

Nenad Vojinovic

Baku is not capital of Turkey but of Azerbaijan. You can’t get enough of killing Armenians? One million and half of them wasn’t enough?


Blame on UK, France an Americans. They robed the land of the old Ottoman. It left the Turks nowhere to go. So they expelled the poor Armenians.

The world is never so fair. Look at all the messes created by the dissolve of Ottoman. Many wars. Turks can enjoy the killings from the sidelines.

And those great powers of US, Russia, UK, France can only watch too. They did nothing.

You can keep crying genocide. Did any of the great power do anything to stop it???? No one. No one really cared about you Armenians. They only care about their own interests. Russian will never sacrifice Russians to save Armenians. Russia will only want Armenia to spend its $$$ to buy its obsolete weapons. It supplies weapons to Azerbaijan too.

Do not be fool any longer.


This is why those Armenians get poorer and poorer everyday. The balance of power clearly shifted away from Armenia to Azerbaijan. And yet those dumb ass Armenians were sleeping and kept dreaming of its “Great Armenia” with the help of the outsider powers.

Look at the Kurds. And look at yourself Armenians. Do not harbor any more dreams of outside powers…


yeah , same goes to Turkish people , they get poorer and poorer, desperated to be shmuggled to europe in trucks like animals by Ukrainian and Polish border on daily basis – based on statistics from Ukrainian and Polish border security. They want to open kebab bar in Germany :D Thats why erdogani dictator need to show some war to brainwashed population. Its oldest dictators tactic. Always ends up in same way ;)




Sure, go ahead if you dare. How much of such missiles do you get? Turkey already moved its S-400 to the front. Turkey also gets its own artillery ready too.

There could be two fronted wars from Nakhchivan with Turkish regular army. Then N-K will be done in days. And Armenian government will fall.


you think russia cannot disable its own missile system you inbred?


You dumb ass. Turkey is not even against Russia. If Russia dares to mess with the S-400, no one will buy Russian weapons any longer. China, India, Iran etc. Then Russia is done.


you think russia would put millions of dollars of aircraft at risk for a few turkish shekels? you are one retarded foreskin eater


You are the Armenian foreskin… LOL.

Go to raise 8 Armenian baby pigs in N-K and other occupied Azeri land. The land is so rich that your baby pigs can grow to 300 lbs easily.


The problem is that Turkey is against everybody and now has no friends anymore or one should call Azarbiadjan or Qatar real notice worthy nations. Sonce some years What ever Erdogan does, he is shooting in his own food. A few months from now Turks will starve from hunger, no jobs, cold, no money ( worthy money), no worthy objective media, no science , no justice, no education, no health and no thrust in the Turkish governement or institutions, no trust in religion. Happy new Year.


You fool. Is Turkey against Azerbaijan? LOL.

Turkey is doing business with everyone and doing quite well. Turkey is dealing with Russia, China, Israel and US. Erdogan is good friend of Trump. West Europeans do not like Turkey, but they can’t rid of them.


They can’t ride him or they can’t get rid of him? Anyway they can do bought with him but they actually are struggling him slowly. So when he is gone they will pick up where he started. And Turkey will need huge help to be rebuild the chaos this lunatic created. If he continuos to play the bully you can take poison on it that he will be crushed.
And you did not react on Erdogans Hugh fear to attack Israel? As I said; windbags, cowards, fear. As the Germans say” be no Turk” they mean loud, lazy, cowardly if they are not in the majority, and against the jews they are in the majority and still they wed their pants.

Romeo Pesiao

I read some articles that the S-400 of Turkey are plague by several electronic defects that only Russian technician can only fix the problem therefore it is out of action.

Kenny Jones ™

Russia can just as easily disable its own S-400 as they deployed it there, and Azeristan doesn’t even have that


Ah… another keyboard warrior.


JDAM is a dumb ass….


That’s why I blocked the bastard, waste of air.


I blocked SevenMoons lol such a troll


yes true i bash yids over the head with my keyboard and feed the cockroach carcass to the dogs


I expect the same performance from you… in the NK front.


i will be in baku chopping heads


Yep, for sure.


Ah …

So YOU admit you live in a hovel where there are cockroaches … eh goy?



Republic of Artsakh the only party at war with Azerbaijan does not have Iskander. Only Armenia does who are not in this war. Armenia only supplies some low tech munitions. Some volunteers from Armenia may go to help Artsahk. Armenia give no air cover, no SAM defense, no strategic reach with Iskander, no official troops, maybe not even any advisors.

Republic of Artsakh not recognised by anyone, 150k people only, is totally outmatched by Azerbaijan forces in terms of numbers and especially military tech. Artsakh defends bravely and the hilly terrain gives some defender advantage but, as some other posts have already said, the total military collapse of Artsakh is coming.


Hitting outside the conflict zone of NK would be a HUGE escalation … lol

Be careful what you wish for ….

Indian Army & Israel

Absolutely….these radical genocidal turk cult must be shown its place..and Armenia must respond with full force…Death to Radical Sunni salafi jehadism and turk tult as a whole irrespective of sunni or shia


This is one of the fairest article published by SF….

Clearly Armenia faked the news on the battlefront….

Peter Jennings

On a side note, anyone recommend a good combat boot?


Those losers in Armenia and N-K not are crying for peace….

You get 30 years to achieve peace. Yet, you dreaming of your “Greater Armenia”.

Even Armenians do not want to stay in Armenia or N-K. Only those poor bastards stay there. All the “elites” already left for better life in US, UK and even Russia.

Only those pigs stay in N-K and make 8 baby pigs. They try to hold onto Azeri land and homes. Shame on them.


I do not know how Armenians can be this low. Hitting residential area when they are losing on the battlefront. Complete losers. Some of the people here on the board are losers too. They want to hit civilians. Cowards and bastards. They should be smashed like cockroaches.

The West has no respect to those people. The barbarian acts will turn West decidedly against Armenia for hitting civilian targets like dam and power stations.

Servet Köseoğlu

Da Fuq? Show must go on..Deus ex machina is busy somewhere yet…

Kenny Jones ™

Ganja will be taken in the counter offensive soon, now it’s just a matter of letting the enemy attack and exhaust its forces, heard they already brought reserves in

Servet Köseoğlu

of course Armenian army is omnipotent…

Lazy Gamer

Turkey is going to plane in more jihadis…. Somebody on the airport must be ready to get evidence

johnny rotten

How there are so many people discussing war as if they were talking about a sporting event is too distant from me, hearing the arguments between sports factions is repulsive already, but using the same insane method to discuss war is the real sign, of the barbarism and of the loss of civilization of our times.


too much video games , twitter spam and TRT tv propaganda


Secret playground for adults, where you can meet different people – https://cutt.ly/MgwFKME


no thanks , i prefer turkish boys

Ice Icegold



This was a political thread once , now it is crawling with pedos who openly say they like boys.

Romeo Pesiao

Members of OSCE appealed several times for secession of hostilities. Armenia already accepted the offer, however Azeris and Turks turned it down and said they accept the ceasefire if Armenia withdraw all their forces from NK. If Armenian forces out of NK, it is a manifestation of surrender and absolutely no need of ceasefire to be happen.


Of course, because you are losing. So you want ceasefire. How stupid is this?

Do not see what the Armenians can do other than unconditionally surrender. Or all the Armenians will be expelled, just like what they did to the Azeris.

Kenny Jones ™

comment image



More Armenian dreams. You should form alliance with those poor Kurds.

Pave Way IV

Sounds like the U.S. underpants gnome geopolitical strategy:

1. Spread chaos and death
2. ?
3. Profit

Kenny Jones ™

Desperate attempts to save face while facing collapse, the US will fall, no more cia sponsored degenerate lgbtq+++ color revolution, last day in kyrgyzstan they struck again, this will soon end


Azerbaijan is determined. Armenia still does not give up on the occupation.


its not an occupation, stalin had no authority to give armenia away


No. Armenians are just like those poor Kurds. They are dreamers….

Jihadi Colin

“…Armenia has been conducting strikes on civilian targets inside Azerbaijan”

And if necessary the Azeri-Ottoman-headchopper alliance will manufacture said strikes to show you.

There is no explanation for Pashinyan’s failure to either annex or recognise Artsakh except that he’s decided to lose the territory. If he’s made that decision then he’s certainly been promised a quid pro quo. Russia most definitely will have made no such promise. So who has and what will it be?

Lazy Gamer

Turkey read CSTO right. It even spied/shelled? an Armenian city in the first few days. lol
P.S. Im not lobbying for Russia to intervene by that statement.


Rest assured. Russia wants to wait until Armenia wants to settle. So Russia negotiates a deal with Turkey to control Armenia. Then Armenians dream of going West will just evaporate.

Russia is smart. Divide and conquer.


Turkey will settle syrian hajat terorist in karabah and turn it in another terrorist shithole.


That would be good. So Assad can have a better time. LOL.


Now look back of the history. All this started from the WW I. The great powers of British, France, Russia, with the help of Americans dismantled and dismembered Ottoman Empire in favor of nationalism. They were so afraid of the power of Germens, Austria and Ottoman. So they divided the empires and carved out so many small countries. This is typical divide and conquer. This opened the Pandora boxes and many wars broke out from the ash of the dead Ottoman Empire.

And yet Turkey rose from the ash of the dead Ottoman. It was so angry and thirsty. The world power robbed of its land and people. So it turned to its own victims. Armenians and Kurds are so unfortunate people. The “Great Powers” did not care about them. They knew so well that the world power mis-treated the Turks. They felt guilty. So they decided not to act for Turkish actions on Armenians and Kurds. Kurds are still Muslim people. But Armenians are Christians. Armenians did not play good role in WW I.

Strategically Armenia is weak. It is landlocked country and lacks any natural resources. Its survival is solely because of the support of Russia. Armenia and the rest of the South Caucasus is under the sphere of Russian influence. So other world powers like US and France have little incentive to compete with Russia on that front. US is entirely focused on China and the East. Trump even talked about pulling out of NATO.

Turkey is very assertive and relentless in its support of its close kin of Azerbaijan. Russia knows so well that the international community is not on the side of Armenia. Armenian occupation of N-K is illegal and never recognized by international community. Its ethnic cleansing of Azeris from their land was war crime, just like the war crime committed by the Turks at the end of WW I.

The stubborn and hardline approach adopted by the successive Armenian leadership has blocked all peace negotiation. So many peace opportunities have come and gone. During the meantime, the balance of power has gradually shifted toward Azerbaijan. Armenian leadership still keep dreaming of its “Greater Armenia” and supported by both Russia and Western allies.

The assertive approach from Turkey sure popped the “Greater Armenia” dream. The world powers have no stomach for another “war” in South Caucasus. The world has been consumed the pandemic. And the world knows so well that Armenians are the aggressor this time against the Azeris. This is just the opposite of the “genocide” committed by the Turks. No one will want to help Armenia to complete its ethnic cleansing.

The sad thing is that, Armenians still “wait” for the world power to save them. Its desperate move to bomb civilian targets will only backfire and stop any world powers to even verbally help Armenia. And this will only harden the resolves from both Turkey and Azerbaijan. There won’t be any more goodwill from them.

Armenians are just as stubborn as the Kurds. Kurds also harbors great hope of its Kurdistan. They constantly seek powerful masters to boost its dreams. Its alliance with US will only dooms its political positions within Syria.

Armenian leadership should really decide to stop the military actions and start political negotiation as long as possible. So it can salvage whatever they can from the negotiation. The longer they wait, the less they get out of the settlement.


Reporter of Musavat newspaper Ilkin Muradov publishes on his Facebook: We have returned to Fizuli

This is really big….

Those Armenians are so desperate now.

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