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Armenian-Azerbaijani War: Military Situation In Nagorno-Karabakh On November 3, 2020

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Armenian-Azerbaijani War: Military Situation In Nagorno-Karabakh On November 3, 2020

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A brief overview of the recent developments in the Armenian-Azerbaijani war:

  • On October 3, Pro Turkish sources claimed that Azerbaijan army captured the village of Dasalti south of Shusha;
  • On October 3, Azerbaijan army captured the village of Dasalti south of Shusha, pro-Turkish sources claimed;
  • On October 3, Armenian artillery shelled the town of Fuzuli with MLRS Smerch rockets;
  • On October 3, Armenian artillery reportedly shelled Dashisyan, Gedabek and Tovuz areas;
  • On October 2, Armenian forces reportedly repelled the Azerbaijani army attack south of Martuni;
  • On October 2, fierce battles have been taking place on the plain south of the Lachin area, Armenia confirms;
  • On October 2, a civilian was reportedly killed and 2 were injured as a result of shelling on David Bek village inside Armenia;
  • On October 2, Azerbaijani Army reportedly captured Chaprand, Haji Isaqli, Gosha Bulag of Jabrayil region, Dere Gilatag, Boyuk Gilatag of Zangilan region, Ishigli, Muradkhanli, Milanli villages of Qubadli region.


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Great Khan

Armeni loser fini,,,,Great Khan know everything hahaha,,,,,


khan mutter

comment image


Ali… do you think this offensive would happen without the green light of Iran? :)
Losing Armenia to West would damage who most, after Russia Ali?

Jihadi Colin

Armenian artillery shelled Fuzuli? Wasn’t Armeniganda claiming that Azerbaijan hadn’t captured Fuzuli? Are the Armenians shelling themselves?

Rhodium 10

No1..AZ claimed that they have destroyed Armenian artillery…but at the same time AZ told that 5 AZ cities and another 4 NK have been attacked by Armenian artillery…

Jihadi Colin

Did they at any time claim to have destroyed all Armenia’s artillery?

Porc Halal

Lol, the AZ lies have short legs…

Ida Acobian

No idiots, it’s your beloved mercs imported from Syria are complaining about lying scum turks are for not paying them. Turkey (economy and turkish lira is at all time low) and azericuntistan is toast and you know it.

Jihadi Colin

What did I ask?

Did I ask about headchopper pay?

Your total non sequitur answer speaks for itself.


Great progress every day. Some spammers will continue to deny it until Azerbaijani flag raised in the center of Shusha.

Solute to the brave Azerbaijani army.

Rhodium 10

Great progress everyday?…AZ always “captured” the same villages around areas of south part which were captured weeks ago…..AZ scout groups and special forces are failing to advance towards capital and cities around!…they can win the air..but on ground and in guerrilla warfare NK troops hunt them like lame Deers!


Sure. Azerbaijan wants to capture Shusha everyday. They will do that every day and drive away those Artskins….


Why don’t you show some courage and go die in battle like the Turkish whore you are? :)


I battle the spammers like you!

Ice Icegold

Just die then… Lol

thomas malthaus


MK Bhadrakumar’s piece covers all the bases. Iran is a positive force and the US certainly isn’t. As in Syria, this appears like a deliberate US effort to force Russia to expend financial and human resources while the US will presumably pick up the pieces when the fighting substantially relents or stops.

If this war extends into winter, thousands of civilian and military casualties appear certain. Mass homelessness goes without saying.

Porc Halal

The “religion of peace” strikes again!

This time in Austria…



Surprise surprise. Pashinyan warned them as well that they will arrive in Vienna.

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